140+ Best Thursday Puns

Welcome to Thursday Puns, where we bring you a dose of laughter and entertainment to help you get through the rest of the week. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, take a break and enjoy these puns that are sure to put a smile on your face.

A Dose of Humor to Get You Through the Week Thursday marks the fourth day of the workweek, and for many people, it’s the day when they start feeling burnt out and exhausted.

The weekend is still a day away, and the workload is piling up. However, a little dose of humor can go a long way in brightening up your day and breaking the monotony of the week. And what better way to do that than with a collection of Thursday puns?

Thursday Puns for Instagram

1. Happy almost-Friday!

2.  Hooray, the week is almost over!

3.  Thursdays and a cup of joe are like two peas in a pod.

4.  Begin your Thursdays with a grin, it sets the tone for the day!

5.  Thursday vibes: happy, happy, happy!

6.  Let’s make this Thursday a productive one, shall we?

7.  Kick-starting Thursday on the right foot.

8.  Anticipating the day ahead, it’s Thursday after all.

9.  Improving every Thursday, one day at a time.

10.  Thursday mornings should begin with a purpose.

11.  Beauty is all around us, even on Thursdays.

12.  Transforming Thursdays into the highlight of the week.

13.  Sorry, can’t talk right now, I’m too busy celebrating that the weekend is near!

14.  My to-do list for today is all about Thursday.

15.  Just another Thursday, wishing it was Friday already.

16.  Kickstart every Thursday with a positive mindset.

17.  Friday’s almost here and I can hear the wine calling.

18.  Let’s call it Friday’s Eve instead of just Thursday.

19.  If I stay still, maybe Thursday won’t notice me.

20.  The end of the week is in sight, just stand on your tiptoes and see Friday!

21.  Thursdays should be optional, don’t you think?

22.  Happy New Thursday, Let’s set some new goals.

23.  Let’s rename Thursday as Friday’s Eve and celebrate accordingly.

24.  I won’t let the Thursday blues get me down today!

25.  Three magical words: Tomorrow is Friday!

26.  May your coffee be strong and your Thursday be brief.

27.  Let’s make today the most Thursday-like Thursday ever.

28.  Let’s embrace those Thursday feelings and make the most of the day!

Happy Thursday Puns

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means – it’s time for some puns! We’ve scoured the internet to bring you a collection of puns to make your day a little brighter. So sit back, relax, and prepare to groan.

29.  Wishing for a Friday repeat.

30.  Another Thursday surprise.

31.  Tackling Thursday step by step.

32.  A friendly visit from Thursday.

33.  The most Monday-like Thursday.

34.  Swimming through this Thursday.

35.  Take a well-deserved break today.

36.  Conquering the Thursday slump.

37.  Energy conservation, not laziness.

38.  NASA organizes a Thursday party by planet-ing.

39.  Cows go to the mooooooovies on Thursday nights.

40.  The skeleton didn’t laugh at Thursday jokes because he didn’t find them humorous.

41. On Thursday I started going to the gym because it was a weak day.

42.  Throwing a clock can make time go fast on Thursday.

43.  You drink the most water on Thursday.

44.  The King had his jousting contests on Thursday Knight.

Thursday Puns One Liners

45.  Yesterday, Thursday started with a “Y.”

46.  Thursdays are the most useless days because they exist only as a reminder that it’s been a long week and it’s not over yet.

47.  Let’s conjure up some magic on this fine Thursday!

48.  There’s no problem that a good rest in bed on a Thursday can’t solve.

49.  Thursday is a synonym for an overwhelming workload.

50.  Despite being a Thursday, I’m feeling the lazy vibes of a Sunday. What about you?

51.  Keep smiling, even on this Thursday.

52.  Make every day count, starting with this Happy Thursday.

53.  Why do Thursdays always seem so dreadful?  Cherish those moments that can’t be put into words, even on a Thursday.

54.  Wishing you positive vibes this Thursday morning!

55.  A day of victories, all starting with W.

56.  Hey there, good-looking Thursday.

57.  Weekend mindset, even on Thursday.

58.  Thursday, always making a comeback.

59.  Lovely reasons to appreciate Thursday.

60.  Positivity breeds productivity on Thursdays.

61.  Even great weeks include Thursday.

62.  Dear Thursday, I’m seeing you but dreaming of Friday. It’s time to move on.

Funny Thursday Puns

Thursday is a day that can be filled with anticipation and excitement, as we look forward to the end of the week. But what better way to make the day even more enjoyable than with some puns? Here are some puns to make your Thursday a little brighter:

63.  Thursdays are perfect for capturing unique selfies.

64.  Laughing is the key to unlocking the best of Thursdays.

65.  Confidence is taking a selfie on Thursdays without any edits.

66.  Thursday selfies aren’t always my thing, but when I do take them…

67.  Witness me in all my Thursday morning glory.

68.  On Thursdays, I cherish the small things in life.

69.  I’m unsubscribing from boring Thursdays.

70.  Just when you think you’ve got Thursday figured out, it surprises you.

71.  In case you forgot, today is Thursday.

72.  Avoid stirring up trouble on Thursdays, it’s not worth it.

73.  Let’s make every Thursday a happy one!

74.  It’s only Thursday, but let’s make the most of it.

75.  If Thursday is a gift, I’d like to exchange it.

Thursday Puns For Work

76.  Breaking up with Thursdays, it’s not me, it’s you.

77.  My hair may not be perfect, but on Thursdays, it’s pretty close.

78.  Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee on Thursdays.

79.  I plan on doing nothing and everything on Thursdays.

80.  Stand out this Thursday and be extraordinary.

81.  Leave the bad vibes behind on Thursdays.

82.  Create your own sunshine on some Thursdays.

83.  The best is yet to come, tomorrow, on Friday.

84.  This Thursday feels like the most “Thursday” Thursday that ever existed.

85.  If Thursdays have taught me anything, it’s to never skip the second cup of coffee.

86.  Life may not be perfect, but you can make this Thursday perfect.

87.  Those indescribable feelings that only a Thursday can bring.

88.  Unfortunately, I’m experiencing the “Thursday Blues” and not feeling my best.

89.  If only Thursdays had a fast-forward button to get through them quicker.

Funny Jokes About Thursday

90.  What do the English call Thanksgiving?  Thursday.

91.  In what book does Friday precede Thursday?  A reverse chronological one.

92.  Apart from Tuesday and Thursday, which other weekdays begin with the letter T?  None, only Today and Tomorrow do.

93.  How do the French refer to an extremely unpleasant Thursday?  As a trajeudi, or “three Thursdays”.

94.  Why was the worker concerned that his Friday was going to be ruined?

Because it was only Tuesday morning.

95.  What’s the worst thing that could happen on a Friday?  Realizing it’s only Thursday.

96.  How did your ear surgery go?

Thursday’s the only thing I remember.

97.  Would you like to have a sundae?

Sorry, I cannot, it is Thursday today.

98.  Why was the new member of the autopsy club thrilled about Thursday?

Because on Thursdays, they have open mic nights.

99.  Why is it not advisable to cut your hair on Wednesday?  Because Thursday is when your hair grows back.

100.  How can you perplex someone?

By placing ladders on a Thursday.

101.  Why do physicists struggle to determine the cause of their experiment failures from Monday to Thursday?  Because it’s casual Friday.

102.  Which day of the week has the highest soft drink sales?  Thursday is the day for soft drink sales.

103.  What happens when the heaviest person on Earth passes away?  Their cremation is scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

104.  Why are Thursdays often considered useless?  They serve as a reminder that the week’s been long, but it’s not over yet.

105.  What is another term for Thursday?  The fourth day of the hostage situation.

107.  Where does Friday appear before Thursday?  In a dictionary, of course.

108.  Besides Tuesday and Thursday, what other days begin with the letter “T”?  Today and tomorrow.

109.  What is “Thriday”?

That moment when Thursday starts to feel like it’s almost Friday.

110.  Why should Mother’s Day be on Thursday instead of Sunday?  So that moms can say, “It’s Thursday!”

111.  Why did Thursday seek therapy?

It was struggling with “almost Friday syndrome.”

112.  Which bird doesn’t fly on Fridays? One that died on a Thursday.

113.  Which day is the busiest for a chiropractor?  Throwback Thursday.

114.  What was Peter’s dilemma with his new girlfriend who works as a garbage collector?  He can’t remember if he was supposed to take her out on Wednesday or Thursday.

115.  When asked why he was late to work four times that week, what did the employee say?  “Because it’s only Thursday.”

Funny Thursday Jokes

116.  What is a clever name for a Thursday that lacks sunshine?  Gloomy Thursday.

117.  How do you celebrate the day when a baby starts chewing food for the first time on a Tuesday?  You make it a special ‘Chewsday’ occasion.

118.  What is a common habit of Tuesdays?  They tend to shift their problems onto Mondays.

119.  How do tacos talk about their frightening encounters leading up to Tuesday?  And then Tuesday arrived, their rescuer from the terror.

120.  What was the executioner’s comment on a Tuesday morning?  It’s time to start chopping off to work.

121.  Do you know which bird refrains from flying on Fridays?   The one that departed on Thursday…

122.  How can individuals develop an appreciation for Tuesday?  By recognizing that it is the furthest from the previous Monday.

123.  What do Tuesday mornings and stress balls share in common? They are both less hectic than Monday mornings.

124.  What did the headsman utter on a Tuesday morning?   It’s time to start executing my work.

125.  How do tacos recount their frightening tales leading up to Tuesday?  And then Tuesday arrived to save the day!

126.  Why are Sundays mightier and more commanding than Tuesdays? Because Tuesday is just a feeble day.

127.  How can a cowboy depart home on Thursday, spend four nights away, and then come back on Thursday? His horse, named Thursday, brought him back.

128.  In addition to Tuesday and Thursday, what other days commence with the letter T?  Today and Tomorrow?

129.  What is Loki’s most disliked day of the week?  Thor’s Day is his answer.

130.  Have you experienced Thursday? That moment when Thursday appears to be Friday.

131.  When do soft drink sales peak during the week?  On Thurst-day.

132.  What’s the positive side of Thursday?  It only comes once every seven days.

133.  What’s the most disheartening sound on Thursdays?  The sound of alarm clocks.

134.  Why did Han go shopping on Thursday?  Because the prices were Solo.

135.  What is Thursday also known as? Day 4 of the hostage situation.

136.  What kind of day is it when you run through a row of rose bushes? Thorns-Day.

137.  Where does Friday come before Thursday?  In a dictionary.

138.  How do you keep your dreams alive on Thursdays?  By hitting the snooze button.

139.  How does NASA throw a Thursday party? They are a planet.

140.  What do cows do on Thursday nights?  They go to the movies.

141.  Why didn’t the skeleton find Thursday jokes funny?  Because he didn’t find them humerus.

142.  Why did Thursday start going to the gym?  It was a weak day.

143.  How do you make time fly on Thursday?  Throw a clock.

144.  On which day of the week do you consume the most water?  Thursday.

145.  When did the King hold his jousting contests?  On Thursday Knight.

Thirsty Thursday Puns

Here are some funny Thirsty Thursday puns to quench your thirst for humor:

“Thirsty Thursday: Sip, Sip, Hooray!”

“Thursday: The gateway to the weekend and the fridge!”

“On Thursdays, we raise our glasses higher!”

“It’s ‘pour’ decision time – it’s Thirsty Thursday!”

“Thursday is like the weekend’s happy hour!”

“Sip, sip, hooray! Thursday’s here to play!”

“Thirsty Thursday: Because adulting can be tough!”

“Keep calm and drink on – it’s Thirsty Thursday!”

Thursday Food Puns

“It’s Thursday time to ‘carb’pe diem and indulge in your favorite pasta!”

“Thursday is ‘cheesy’ like a good pizza enjoy a slice!”

“Let’s ‘taco’ ’bout how awesome Thursday dinners are!”

“On Thursdays, we’re all about ‘rolling into the weekend with sushi!”

“Thursday is the ‘berry’ best day for a fruit salad!”

“Soup-recharge your Thursday with a hearty bowl of soup!”

“Don’t be ‘shellfish’ share your Thursday treats with friends!”

“Make Thursday ‘grate’ again with some delicious cheese!”

“Thursday calls for a ‘toast’ to the almost weekend!”

“Spice up your Thursday with a little ‘pasta-bility’!”

Thursday Dog Puns

“Paws and reflect, it’s Thursday!”

“On Thursdays, we wear our ‘fur-resistible’ smiles.”

“My dog says, ‘Every day is a ‘pawsome’ day, especially Thursday!'”

“Thursday: When ‘ruff’ mornings turn into tail-wagging afternoons!”

“I’m not ‘hound-ing’ you, but it’s Thursday – time for a treat!”

“When in doubt, let your dog lead the way on a Thursday stroll.”

“Thursday is the day to ‘unleash’ your inner joy!”

Final Words

Let’s spice up our Thursdays with a healthy dose of puns! Puns are like a secret weapon, adding a sprinkle of humor to brighten even the dullest days. They hold the power to bring us closer to our loved ones, creating unforgettable moments filled with laughter.

So, the next time Thursday rolls around, arm yourself with a handful of puns and get ready to unleash a wave of chuckles.

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