90+ Funny Igloo Jokes

Step into the snowy world of laughter with our Igloo Jokes. These puns and jokes are sure to melt your heart, one chuckle at a time!

In this collection, we will explore the lighter side of icy living quarters, where every laugh is as refreshing as a cool breeze. Whether you’re shivering with laughter or just looking to heat up a conversation, Igloo Jokes are your ticket to a winter wonderland of humor.

So, grab your sense of humor, bundle up, and prepare to chill out with a selection of delightful and frosty jokes that will leave you chuckling. 

Best Igloo Jokes

1. Why don’t polar bears like igloos?  They find them un-bear-able.

2. Did you hear about the penguin who built an igloo out of marshmallows?  It was s’more-a-flying.

3. Why did the Eskimo refuse to upgrade his igloo?  He didn’t want to break the ice.

4. What do you call an igloo without a toilet?  A brrrrroom closet.

5. Why did the polar bear break into the igloo?  He was on a frozen food heist.

6. What do you get when you cross an igloo with a Christmas tree?  A frosty snow-dome.

7. How does an Eskimo keep his igloo warm?  He seals it with a kiss.

8. Why was the igloo in such bad shape?  It had an Eskimo-compo mold problem.

9. What’s the best thing to do when you get stuck in an igloo during a snowstorm?  Chill out.

10. What’s an igloo’s favorite drink?  Cold-caffè-latte.

11. Why did the igloo architect go out of business?  His designs always had a slippery slope.

12. How does an Eskimo check his email?  He opens his igloo windows.

13. What do you call a snowman in an igloo?  Frosty the Inuit.

14. Why don’t penguins use igloos?  They’re more comfortable on the rocks.

15. Why did the igloo look so confused?  It had a polar-ized worldview.

16. What’s an igloo’s favorite game?  Chilly con Carne.

17. Why don’t polar bears build igloos?  They prefer to live off the fat of the land.

18. How does an Eskimo play hide-and-seek in an igloo?  He seals himself up and waits for someone to break the ice.

19. What’s an igloo’s favorite book?  The Catcher in the Icicle.

20. Why don’t people live in igloos all year round?  They don’t want to risk catching Eskimo-virus.

21. How do you know if someone’s been living in your igloo?  You find Eskimo tracks in the snow.

22. What’s an igloo’s favorite band?  Coldplay.

Short Igloo Jokes

Discover a world of icy humor with our collection of Igloo Jokes! These frosty puns and jokes will have you cracking up in no time.

23. Why did the igloo hire a lawyer?  Because it wanted to have a good “ice” representation!

24. How do you spot an igloo owner at a party?  They’re usually chilling by the drinks, ice in hand.

25. What did one igloo say to the other igloo?  “Looks like we’ve got some cool neighbors!”.

26. How do igloos keep their homes cool in the summer?  They open the “fridge” door!

27. What kind of music do igloos like to listen to?  “Ice, Ice, Baby” by Vanilla Ice!

28. How did the igloo become famous?  It got a “snowcial” media account and went viral!

29. What’s an igloo’s favorite type of food?  “Chilli”!

30. Why was the igloo excited about going on vacation?  It was finally going to see a “sunny destination”!

31. How do you fix a cracked igloo?  With “snow” sealant, of course!

32. Why did the penguins move into the igloo?  Because the rent was “snow” cheap!

33. How does an igloo keep warm during the winter?  It uses “brrrr”icks for insulation!

34. What do you get if you cross an igloo and a taco?  A “chill”i igloo!

35. How do igloos throw parties?   They break out the “ice” cubes and have a blast!

36. What did the polar bear say when he visited the igloo?  “I’m feeling right at”ice “!”

37. Why did the igloo get mad at the snowstorm?  Because it was “flaking”ing out!

38. What do you call an igloo with a view?  An “ice” penthouse!

39. Why don’t you see many igloos in warmer climates?  They just can’t take the “heat”!

40. How does an igloo go on a diet?  It starts eating “light” snow!

41. Why don’t igloos ever get lost?   They’ve got “ice”-enough directions!

Igloo Jokes One Liners

Explore the humor hidden in the world of ice and snow with our Igloo Jokes and one liners. Laugh out loud and embrace the chill with these frosty jests!

42. Why do igloos always make people feel cold?  Because they’re just chilly constructions!

43. Why do Eskimos have such great built-in ice cube makers?   Because they live in igloos!

44. Why do igloos always have the coolest parties?  Because they’re always chilled out!

45. Why don’t igloos melt even on hot days?  Because they’re made of cold, hard snow!

46. What do you get when you cross an igloo and a skyscraper?  A freezing tall building!

47. Why did the Eskimo get lost in his own igloo?  Because he left the door a-jarred!

48. Why do Eskimos never need a heater in their igloos?  Because they’re already cold enough!

49. What did the snowman say to the igloo?  “Nice house!”

50. Why do igloos always make great hiding spots?  Because nobody will ever think to look inside a big block of ice!

51. Why don’t igloos have carpets?  Because they don’t want to feel snowed under!

52. How do you make an igloo cozy?  By putting in a polar bear rug!

53. What do you call an igloo without a roof?  A home that’s never over your head!

54. Why don’t penguins ever build igloos?  Because they prefer a cold hard nest!

55. How do you make an igloo look pretty?  By giving it a snow-white paint job!

56. What’s the best thing about an igloo?  The built-in ice box!

57. Why did the Eskimo build his igloo on the South Pole?  Because he was coldly going where no one had gone before!

58. How do you get rid of an igloo?  Just give it the cold shoulder!

59. What did the igloo say to the snow bank?  “I think we should take this relationship to a cooler level!”

60. What do you get when you cross a haunted house with an igloo?  A chilling experience!

61. Why did the igloo complain about his life?  Because it was all snow and no play!

62. Why don’t polar bears eat penguins in igloos?   Because they have too much insulation!

Funny Jokes About Igloo

Get ready to chill and laugh with our funny Igloo Jokes. Embrace the cold with humor as cool as an arctic breeze!

63.  Why did the Eskimo build his house out of ice blocks?  Because he wanted a cool place to live!

64.  How do you make an Igloo?  You Eskimo-ve some snow and start stacking!

65. What do you call an Eskimo cow?  An Eskimoo!

66. Why did the Igloo call the police? Because it got ice-jacked!

67. What do you call an Igloo with no toilet?  An “I-Don’t-Go!”

68. How do you throw a party in an Igloo?  You “snowball” everyone with invitations!

69. What’s an Igloo’s favorite type of music?  “Isolated tracks!

70..How do Igloos communicate?  They use an “icicle” phone!

71.  Why do Igloos have low insurance rates?  Because they have “isolated incidents!

72.  What did the Eskimo say after finishing a puzzle in his Igloo? “Snow problem, I’ve got this!”

73.  What do you call a frozen reindeer?  A “cold” deer!

74.  How Does an Eskimo fix his Igloo?  With “ig-glue”!

75.  Why don’t Igloos ever collapse? Because they have a strong support for “ice”!

76.  How do you know if an Igloo is occupied?  You see a “chill” sign on the door!

77.  What do you call an Igloo with a sunroof?  A no-“ski” lodge!

78.  How do you organize an Igloo party?  You “igloo-gather” your friends!

79. What do you call an Eskimo’s bed?  An “ice mattress”!

80. Why did the snowman build his house near the Igloo?  Because he wanted to be in the coolest neighborhood

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Knock Knock Igloo Jokes

81. Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Igloo. Igloo who?

Igloo all the way home because it’s freezing out here!

82. Knock, knock.

Who’s there? Snow. Snow who?

Snow use knocking, my igloo’s always open!

83. Knock, knock.

Who’s there? Alaska.

Alaska who?

Alaska you to let me in it’s too cold out here!

84. Knock, knock.

Who’s there? Ice cream.

Ice cream who?

Ice cream every time I see a polar bear outside my igloo!

85. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Frostbite. Frostbite who? Frostbite my tongue when I tried to lick the igloo!

86. Knock, knock.

Who’s there? Aurora.

Aurora who?

Aurora-nough room in my igloo for twocome on in!

87. Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Eskimo. Eskimo who?

Eskimo-nother one of those polar bear jokes!

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Igloo Puns For Instagram

88. “Living that igloo life: staying frosty and cozy!”

89. “Chillin’ in my little slice of ice paradise.”

90. “Home is where the igloo is! “

91. “Snow place like my igloo for a cool hangout!”

92. “Igloo, you, we all scream for ice cream!”

93. “Eskimo-ting some great times in my icy haven.”

94. “Igloo-rious views and frosty adventures await!”

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Some Final Talk

Igloo Jokes offer a delightful and chilly escape from the ordinary. Whether you’re looking to break the ice at a gathering or simply seeking a laugh on a cold day, Igloo Jokes provide the perfect blend of clever wordplay and frosty humor.

So, embrace the playfulness of these jokes, and let the laughter warm your heart even in the coldest of temperatures. 

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