130+ Funny Tuesday Jokes

Here are some Jokes About Tuesday and the best puns about Tuesday to crack you up. These jokes about Tuesday are great for kids and adults.

Ah, Tuesdays. The day that’s not quite Monday, but still a long way from Friday. It’s the day that seems to drag on forever, leaving you feeling drained and uninspired.

But fear not, dear reader, because we’ve got just the thing to brighten up your day – Funny Tuesday Jokes! So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh your socks off with these hilarious one-liners and puns.

Funny Jokes About Tuesday

1. Why were my neighbors strolling barefoot in their yards?

 They were celebrating “Open Tuesday”!

2.  How many days did it take for Wednesday to arrive after Sunday?

Only “Twosday”!

3.  Why couldn’t Tuesday be enjoyable with friends?

 It was too far from the weekend.

4.  What’s better than a “Happy Monday”?

A “Very Happy Tuesday”!

5.  How do you celebrate the first time a baby chews food on a Tuesday?

 You name it “Chewsday”.

6.  What do eggs and Tuesday have in common?

 One can make a scrambled breakfast, and the other can scramble your entire week!

7.  How do tacos talk about their scary experiences until Tuesday?

 “…and then came the savior, Tuesday!”

8.  What do you do when Tuesday is waiting outside your bathroom door?

Let it “sink in”.

9.  How can you make Tuesday better?

Just “Choose(Tues)day” and go with it until Friday.

10.  Why is it impossible to alter the seal’s decision that “Tuesdays are the best”?

It’s an official stamp of approval.

11.  Why do airplanes appear to be fewer on Tuesdays?

They’re typically grounded after a long weekend.

12.  Why did the taco experience sadness on a Tuesday, which is supposed to be “Taco Tuesday”?

Because a nacho told it, “I am no longer your friend.”

13.  Why should you avoid eating a kid’s meal on Tuesdays?

You should avoid it every day to avoid upsetting their mother!

14.  What did the employees say to their boss when he couldn’t find them on Tuesdays?

 They simply smiled and stated, “Good employees are hard to come by, especially on weekdays.”

15.  What does a clean Tuesday signify?

A clutter-free upcoming weekend!

16.  How can you keep your dreams alive on Tuesdays?

By hitting the snooze button.

17.  How can people appreciate Tuesdays?

 By considering it the farthest day from the upcoming Monday.

18.  Why can’t children take a ferry to school on Tuesdays?

They need to use the roadway to get there.

19.  Why are Sundays considered more powerful than Tuesdays?

 Tuesday is just a “weak day.”

20.  Need some Tuesday motivation?

Imagine a taco out there in the universe thinking of you!

Funny Tuesday Jokes for Work

Are you ready for some midweek humor? Look no further than these hilarious Tuesday jokes to brighten up your day!

21.  What’s a unique Tuesday motivation?

 Imagining a cupcake, somewhere in the world, with your name on it!

22.  What similarity do Tuesday mornings and stress balls share?

 They both offer a chance to relieve tension after a hectic Monday.

23.  Why did the employee dread his Friday plans on a Tuesday morning?

Because he still had a long week ahead.

24.  What did the vegetable salad exclaim to the fruit juice on a Tuesday morning?

 “Happy TossedDay to us!”

25.  Why is it hard to distinguish between Monday and Tuesday mornings for some people?

They feel equally challenged.

26.  What’s the term for a rough start to the week on a Tuesday?

It’s just a recurring issue.

27.  Why can Tuesday mornings be seen in a positive light?

They signify that Monday has been conquered.

28.  Why did the employee happily leave the office on a Tuesday morning?

 Because his boss wished him a great day.

29.  What’s the benefit of having mints during Tuesday morning meals?

 They provide an extra boost of motivation to get through the week.

30.  Why did the teacher avoid reading the news on a Tuesday morning?

 She wanted to avoid any further Tuesday blues.

31.  Why did the Mexican eatery receive an excellent review on Tuesday?

It was a remarkable Taco Tuesday!

32.  What is the meaning of waking up on Tuesday morning?

You have successfully passed another Monday!

33.  What day should you wear flip-flops?

On Tuesday!

34.  When is it not advisable to irritate a lawyer?

 On Tuesday.

35.  Why didn’t Superman eat the nachos during the Taco Tuesday dinner?

He was scared of that chip tonight.

36.  When is the scariest day of the week?


37.  Which day of the week do golfers cherish the most?


38.  Why was everyone searching for Lipton?

 It was Tuesday, after all.

39.  When did Sherlock Holmes solve the mystery?

 On a Cluesday.

40.  Why didn’t Pugsley’s sister compete in races?

Tuesday always preceded Wednesday for her.

Funny Jokes Tuesday Jokes

Looking for a good laugh on a Tuesday? Look no further than these hilarious jokes to brighten up your day!

41.  Why is Wednesday called “hump day”?

Because it’s the day that marks the middle of the work week.

42.  Why do people love Fridays?

Because it’s the end of the work week and the start of the weekend.

43.  What’s the best day to go shopping?

Bargain day, because there are usually great deals and discounts.

44.  Why is Monday considered the least favorite day of the week?

Because it’s the start of the work week and people are often still recovering from the weekend.

45.  What’s the best day to have a picnic?

Sunny day, because you can enjoy the outdoors and soak up some sun.

46.  Why do people often have a case of the “Mondays”?

Because they’re still getting back into the routine of the work week after the weekend.

47.  What’s the best day to have a movie night?

Cinema day, because you can catch the latest releases on the big screen.

48.  Why is Thursday often called “little Friday”?

Because it’s the day that’s closest to Friday and people are already looking forward to the weekend.

49.  Did you hear about the DMV director who stepped down?

He mistakenly waited in the wrong line for his resignation on Monday.

50.  Which days start with the letter “T” and are for drinking?

 Tuesday, Thursday, and the weekends Today, Tomorrow, Saturday, and Thursday.

51.  What day comes after Tuesday?


52.  What’s the downside of Fridays?

Realizing it’s only Tuesday.

53.  What’s a mathematician’s preferred day?


54.  What’s the calendar’s response after Monday and Tuesday?


55.  What’s Tuesday’s best feature?

 It’s the furthest from Monday.

56.  When is it appropriate to wear flip-flops?

On Tuesday!

57.  Why was the employee repeatedly late?

 It was only Tuesday.

58.  Which day would golfers prefer?


59.  Why isn’t Tuesday the most depressing day?

Because there are four sadder days ahead.

60.  What did the executioner say on Tuesday morning?

 It’s time to head to work.

61.  Why was the computer tardy on Tuesday?

 It had a hard drive.

62.  What is Tuesday if Wednesday is Hump Day?

 Foreplay day.

63.  Why can’t children take a ferry on Tuesdays to school?

They must use the “Toosday” roadway.

64.  What’s special about Tuesday?

 It’s the day to procrastinate Monday’s unfinished work until Wednesday.

65.  If each day of the week were a family member, what would Tuesday be?

Monday’s unattractive sibling.

Funny Jokes for Tuesday

Are you having a case of the Tuesday blues? Fear not, for we have compiled a list of hilarious jokes to brighten up your day!

66.  What is a preferred day for a pirate?

Matey, it’s Tuesdays that they admire.

67.  Why are 1 and 3 envious of 2?

Because it’s Tuesday – a fact that remains true.

68.  On which day do monsters feast on humans?

It’s Chewsday when their cravings bloom.

69.  Why did the skeleton not find Tuesday jokes funny?

She didn’t find them humerus, it’s not even sunny.

70.  Why are Sundays mightier than Tuesdays?

Tuesdays are weak, and Sundays are better in every way.

71.  What do procrastinators do on Tuesdays?

They plan to stop procrastinating next Tuesday, hoping it will bring them some new.

72.  Which day would golfers choose as their favorite?

It’s Tee-sday; they’ll find the perfect course to play with.

73.  Why did Tuesday begin hitting the gym?

It was a weak day, and she wanted to be fit and trim.

74.  What’s the most annoying sound on Tuesday mornings?

It’s the alarm clock, a sound that brings groaning.

75.  How can someone like Tuesdays?

By thinking that it’s the furthest day from Monday’s blues.

76.  What do Tuesday mornings and stress balls share?

They’re both less hectic than Monday mornings, and that’s rare.

77.  What follows Taco Tuesday?

It’s Taco Tuesday; let’s hope the smell doesn’t cause dismay.

78.  When doesn’t Tuesday start with a “T”?

When it’s Yesterday, and that’s okay.

79.  What’s another name for Tuesday?

It’s the second day of the hostage situation, a fact that’s not up for discussion.

80.  What’s the best motivation for Tuesday?

Knowing that there’s a taco out there thinking of you; that’s a happy breakthrough.

81.  What did dad say when mom asked him to buy groceries?

You have to come with me; it’s Twosday, a fact that’s not a fallacy.

82.  What follows Taco Tuesday?

 Wet Wipe Wednesday.

83.  When did the monarch hold jousting competitions?

 On Tuesday Knight.

84.  How can you speed up time on Tuesday?

 Toss a clock.

85.  Why was the staff member frequently tardy?

It was solely Tuesday.

86.  Why was the landscaper strolling shoeless outdoors?

 They were commemorating Tuesday.

Funny Jokes Tuesday Jokes

Are you ready to start your Tuesday off with a laugh? Look no further because we have a collection of hilarious jokes to brighten up your day!

87.  When does Tuesday feel like Monday?

 On a two-faced day.

88.  What does waking up on Tuesday mean?

 That you survived another Monday.

89.  Why did the DMV employee resign on Tuesday?

 She stood in the wrong line on Monday.

90.  What did the executioner say on Tuesday morning?

 “It’s time to get to work.”

91.  Why isn’t Tuesday the most depressing day of the week?

 Because there are sadder days later in the week.

92.  What’s a bad Monday called a Tuesday?

 A pre-existing condition.

93.  What can be a bummer on Friday?

Discovering it’s actually Tuesday.

94.  What does Taco Tuesday tell Dunkin Donuts?

 “I’ve got fillings too.”

95.  What’s a ballerina’s favorite day with a stutter?

Tu-Tu Tuesday.

96.  What’s big on weekends but small on Tuesday to Thursday, and disappears on Monday?

The letter “S”.

97.  What comes after Tuesday?


98.  What does a taxidermist usually do on Tuesdays?

The regular stuff.

99.  Why was Taco Tuesday introduced?

So we could discuss it all week.

100.  Why was everyone searching for Earl Grey?

It was Tuesday.

101.  Why was the computer delayed for work on Tuesday?

 It had a hard drive issue.

102.  How many days does it take to get from Sunday to Wednesday?

 Two days.

103.  What’s the positive aspect of Tuesday?

It occurs only once a week.

104.  How can you keep your dreams alive on Tuesdays?

 By hitting the snooze button.

105.  Why did the neighbors celebrate in their garden barefoot?

 To commemorate Open Tuesday!

106.  What’s a taxidermist’s agenda on Tuesdays?

 Just the routine stuff, nothing unusual.

107.  What does a tidy Tuesday indicate?

 A weekend without any mess!

108.  What’s your trick to keep the dreams alive on Tuesdays?

Hitting the snooze button.

109.  Why is Tuesday a less favored day for air travel?

 Because Tuesdays are meant to be spent on the ground.

110.  What’s common between Tuesday mornings and stress balls?

They’re both less hectic than Monday mornings.

Tuesday Joke of the Day

111.  Why did the cat refuse to attend the party on Tuesday?

Because he was feline tired.

112.  Why is Tuesday the favorite day of mathematicians?

Because it’s a prime day.

114.  What did the coffee say to Tuesday morning?

Where have you been all my life?

115.  Why did the musician refuse to play on Tuesdays?

Because he had a case of the Tuesday blues.

116.  Why did the soccer ball refuse to play on Tuesdays?

Because it needed a midweek break.

117.  Why did the chef prepare a special dish for Tuesday?

Because it was taco Tuesday.

118.  Why did the clock feel sad on Tuesday?

Because it was tick-tock Tuesday.

119.  What did the dog say to Tuesday?

Let’s paws for a moment and enjoy the day.

120.  What caused the employee’s concern about Friday?

It was still Tuesday morning.

121.  What prevents changing the seal’s decision that “Tuesdays are the best”?

It has been approved by the seal.

122.  What makes Tuesday appealing to people?

The belief that it is furthest from the impending Monday.

123.  How many days does Sunday need to reach Wednesday?

Two, so it’s “Twosday.”

124.  Why couldn’t Tuesday hang out with friends?

Because the weekend was never in sight.

125.  What’s better than a “happy Monday”?

 A very “happy Tuesday” indeed.

126.  What do you call it when a baby chews food for the first time on Tuesday?


127.  Why can’t students take a ferry to school on Tuesdays?

They need to use the roadway or “Tuesday (to-use-da).”

128.  What is Tuesday known for?

Blaming Mondays.

129.  How can you motivate yourself on Tuesdays?

Think of a taco out there in the universe, thinking of you too!

130.  What makes Tuesdays special?

It’s a chance to start fresh and make the most of the week ahead.

131.  Why should Tuesdays be celebrated?

Because every day is a gift and a chance to create something amazing.

132.  What’s the best way to spend a Tuesday?

By doing something you love and enjoying every moment of it.

133.  Why are Tuesdays a great day for self-care?

Because taking care of yourself is important and Tuesday is the perfect day to start.

134.  How can you make the most of your Tuesdays?

By being productive, staying positive, and embracing new opportunities.

135.  Why should we appreciate Tuesdays?

Because every day is a blessing and Tuesdays are a reminder to make the most of them.

Some Final Talk

Hopefully these Tuesday jokes brought a smile to your face and helped make your day a little brighter. Remember, laughter is the best medicine, so keep the jokes coming!

These jokes are guaranteed to make you chuckle, no matter how tough your Tuesday might be. Share them with your friends and family to spread the laughter and brighten up their day too!

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