110+ Funny Robot Jokes for Kids

Are you looking for some fun robot jokes to make your kids laugh? Robots are an increasingly popular topic of conversation, so why not make your little ones smile with some cool robot jokes? We’ve rounded up some of the best robot jokes for kids that you can use to get the giggles going!

Robot jokes are a great way to make your kids laugh. They’re not just for adults; even the little ones can get in on the fun. Here are some of our favorite robot jokes for kids that will get them laughing in no time.

Best Robot Jokes for Kids

1. What did the android say to the human he just met?

“I am an android.”

2.  What do you call a robot that constantly bumps into objects?


3.  Why aren’t robots good at teaching?

Their lectures are too mechanical.

4.  Why did the robot seek therapy?

I was overwhelmed with emotions.

5.  What do you call a robot that enjoys rowing?

A scull-boat.

6.  How do robots make payments?

They use their digital wallet, naturally!

7.  What did the robot confess to its crush?

“I have a binary affection for you.”

8.  What is the name of Optimus Prime’s spouse?

Optima Prime.

9.  Why did the robot experience sneezing?

It caught a malware infection.

10.  Why do robots never feel lonely?

There’s always another robot to converse with.

11.  Why did the robot go on vacation?

To replenish its energy reserves.

12.  What do you call two robots dining together?

A byte to eat.

13.  Why did the robot travel on a train up the mountain?

It wanted to test its processing power.

14.  What is a robot’s favorite movie?

The Terminator: Rise of the Machines.

15.  Why did the robot become enraged?

Everyone was pushing its buttons.

16.  Why did the robot struggle to make friends?

It had a defective social algorithm.

17.  What is a robot’s favorite genre of music?


18.  What is a robot’s favorite tune?

“Electric Dreams.”

19.  Where do robots perch?

On their ro-buttocks.

20.  Where do robots take their vacations?

Circuit City.

21.  Why did the robot get hitched?

It was unable to resist its programming.

22.  What nickname should you avoid giving a robot?


23.  What do you call a frozen android?

An ice-android.

Best Robot Jokes for Kids

Children’s Jokes about Robots

Are you looking for some fun robot jokes to share with your kids? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up a list of the best robot jokes for kids that are sure to get them laughing.

24.  What is the preferred snack of a robot?

Microchips, the crunchy delight!

25. Where do robots take a seat?

On their bottoms, the perfect resting spot!

26.  What is the reason for not petting a robotic dog?

It might byte, better to keep your hands safe!

27.  Who is a snow-loving robot residing in the North Pole called?

A snow-bot, the perfect companion for chilly weather!

28.  What is a robot’s top music choice?

Heavy metal, the perfect genre to get energized!

29.  How did a robot travel across the river?

In a row-boat, the most efficient way to cross!

30.  What type of exercise does a robot enjoy?

Circuit training, to keep the circuits in top condition!

31.  Why aren’t robots afraid of anything?

Because they have nerves of steel, unshaken by any situation!

32.  What caused all the students in Professor Robot’s class to fall asleep?

His droning on, enough to make anyone sleepy!

33.  Why did a robot visit a shoe store?

To get rebooted, and give those processors a boost!

34.  What kind of robot can transform into a tractor?

A transformer, the most versatile machine in the field!

35.  Why did a robot sneeze?

It had a virus, time for a reboot and antivirus update!

36.  What is the reason for a robot to go on vacation?

To recharge their batteries, and come back refreshed!

37.  Why did a robot visit a bank?

It spent all its cache, time for a refill!

38.  What do young robots use to drink their milk?

Robottles, the perfect size for their little hands!

39.  What is a robot’s go-to restaurant called?

Megabytes, where the food is always perfectly coded!

40.  What did a robot have written on its tombstone?

Rust in Peace, a tribute to a life well-programmed!

41.  Why was a robot exhausted after leaving the car?

It had a hard drive, a long journey takes a lot of processing power!

42.  What do you call a robot that constantly bumps into walls?

A Wall-E, an adorable but clumsy machine!

43.  What is the full name of R2D2?

There is no full name, but he has little legs!

44.  Why was a robot irritated by everyone around it?

They kept pushing its buttons, better watch out for the hot-headed bots!

45.  Why did a robot go back to school?

Its robot skills were rusty, time to brush up on those programming languages!

46.  Why was a robot embarrassed?

It had hardware and software but no underwear, a robot’s greatest shame!

47.  What do you call two robots dining together?

A dinner date, a perfect match!

Robot Jokes for Adults

48.  What do you call an invisible robot?

C-through-P0, the perfect stealthy machine!

49.  What do you call a robotic pirate?

Arr-2D2, the most fearsome bot on the high seas!

50.  What is a robot’s favorite band?

Metal-lica, the perfect mix of heavy metal and coding!

51.  Why was a robotic dog scratching itself?

It had robotics, a common ailment among machines!

52.  What does a robot like to have with its burger?

Computer chips, the perfect side dish for any machine meal!

53.  What is it called when two robots dine at a restaurant?

A dinner date, a robot’s perfect night out!

54.  Why did the robot want to take a train up the mountain?

It was seeking a hard drive, not a hard climb.

55.  What is the name for a Canadian robot?

 A snowbot, for its love of the cold.

56.  Why was the robot prohibited from driving?

 It beeped too often, causing a disturbance.

57.  Why do robots have a hard time understanding humor?

Because they lack emotions.

58.  Why was the robot scared of the dark?

It had a fear of power outages.

59.  Why was the robot always calm?

Because it was programmed to stay level-headed.

Funny Robot Jokes for Kids

Robot jokes are a great way to get kids laughing and to encourage them to use their imaginations.

Not only will they get a good chuckle out of these robot jokes, but it can also help spark their interest in robotics and other related topics. So, without further ado, here are some of the funniest robot jokes for kids!

60.  Which country do robots love to visit the most?


61.  What do you get when you freeze a cyborg?

 An ice-borg!

62.  What is found on the branches of robot pine trees?


63.  Why don’t robots use bank cards?

They always pay with cash, not credit!

64.  How did the teacher grade the robot’s book?

With robo-ticks.

65.  What is the one name you should never call a robot?

 Rusty, it’s too cliché.

66.  Why are robots often shy?

Because they lack the necessary underwear!

67.  What is the term for a robotic dog?

 Dogmatic, of course!

68.  Why did the robot sneeze?

 It had caught a virus.

69.  What grows on the pine trees of robots?

Sili-cones, that’s what!

70.  How do you agitate a robot?

 Push its buttons, literally.

71.  What do you get when you combine a robot with a tractor?

A trans-farmer, for sure.

72.  Why are robot mechanics never lonely?

 They always have plenty of new friends to make.

73.  What do you get when you cross a robot with a rock band?

Heavy metal, all the way!

74.  Why don’t robots use credit cards?

 They always pay with cash, as they should.

75.  Why did the robot cross the road?

The chicken programmed it, obviously.

76.  Which restaurant is a robot’s favorite?

Megabytes, naturally.

77.  Why did the robot visit the bank?

It had exhausted all of its cache, so it needed a refill.

78.  What is a robot’s favorite music genre?

 Heavy metal, without question.

79.  Why did the robot take a vacation?

 To recharge its batteries, of course.

Robot Jokes One Liner

80.  Two mechanical beings entered a watering hole, but the third’s operator was superior.

81.  The automated hoover tidied up the home, one Roomba at a time.

82.  Recently, I acquired a wireless automaton, and our bond is string-free.

83.  When giving speeches, androids bore the audience with their monotonous delivery.

84.  A robotic musician’s instrument collection is endless, except for the organs they can’t acquire.

85.  My invention of a surgical automaton is currently battery-powered only.

86.  The preferred hairdo of robots is droid-locks.

87.  To stave off boredom, I created a robot to dispense herbs. It helped me pass the exam.

88.  I’m developing a prototype that boasts an impressive words-per-minute count.

89.  During a chess tournament, a robot caused a child’s finger to fracture. The incident still needs to be processed.

90.  A robot bartender is like a pharmacist, but with a limited selection of inventory.

91.  I support both portrait and landscape modes, let’s make it clear.

92.  Let’s swap codes; you show me yours, and I’ll reveal mine.

Robot Jokes One Liner

93.  You made my heart skip a beat, and I feel so divine.

94.  I’m a cybernetic orgasm, living flesh on a metal skeleton.

95.  I may not feel love, but I’ll do it like a sex machine, baby.

96.  Reveal your code, and I’ll show you mine, we’ll make it shady.

97.  I’m going to void your warranty, and we’ll make it crazy.

98.  I’m fully functional and anatomically correct, let’s make it hazy.

Funny Jokes between Robotic and Human

99.  What happens to malfunction robots?

They become scrap metal.

100.  What happens when a robot falls into a pool of acid?

It dissolves into nothingness.

101.  What happens to a robot when it runs out of power?

It shuts down completely.

102.  What do you call a robot that can’t move?

A stationary bot.

103.  What is a robot’s favorite restaurant?

The Electric Cafe.

104.  What is a robot’s favorite genre of literature?

Sci-fi, of course.

105.  What is a robot’s favorite dance style?

The Robo-Boogie.

106.  What is a robot’s favorite movie genre?

Science fiction.

107.  What is a robot’s favorite type of music?

Electronic dance music.

108.  What is the name of the robot that can read minds?


109.  What kind of androids work in the medical field?


110.  What kind of robot lives in the desert?


111.  What is a robot’s favorite salad?

One made with circuit-board lettuce.

112.  What language do robots use to communicate with each other?

Binary code.

113.  What makes a robot run smoothly?

It’s programming.

114.  What musical instrument do robots love to play?

The electric guitar.

115.  What name should you always call a robot?

By its designated model number.

116.  Why did the robot go to the garage?

It needed a tune-up.

117.  Why did the robot go to the beach?

To recharge its solar panels.

118.  Why do robots never get sick?

Because they have no biological components.

Funny Jokes Between Robotic and Human

119.Why did the robot bring a ladder to the human’s house? Because it heard the human was feeling a bit down!

120.How does a robot ask a human for help? It says, “I promise not to Ctrl-Alt-Delete your cooking if you assist me in the kitchen!”

121.Why did the human bring a bucket of water to the robot factory? Because they heard the robots were getting too wired!

122.What’s a robot’s favorite genre of music? Heavy metal, of course!

123.How do humans and robots communicate on the dance floor? Through their “bit moves” and “byte steps”!

124.Why did the human apply for a job at the robot repair shop? Because they wanted to be the “human resource” for the team!

125.What do you get when a robot tells a human a joke? A “byte” of laughter!

Short Funny Robot Jokes for Kids

125.Why do robots make great comedians? Because they have all the byte-sized jokes!

126.What do you call a robot who loves to dance? A “groobot”!

127.What’s a robot’s favorite snack? Computer chips, of course!

128.How do you tickle a robot? You find its funny bone-r!

129.What did the robot say to the refrigerator? “You’re cool, but I’m cooler!”

130.Why was the robot always calm? Because it had great “circuit management”!

131.Why don’t robots eat ice cream? Because they’re afraid of freezing their circuits!

Robots Will Listen to Jokes

132.Why do robots make great joke listeners? Because their circuits are wired for laughter!

133.Robots may not have hearts, but they have a great sense of humor – it’s all about their “data-lightful” algorithms!

134.When you tell a robot a funny joke, it doesn’t just process it; it “byte”-s into a good laugh!

135.Robots are the best audience – they’ll never interrupt your punchline with their own story!

Robots Will Listen to Jokes

136.Ever noticed a robot’s poker face? That’s because they’re “metal-ly” focused on your jokes!

137.Robots may not understand humor like humans, but they appreciate the “effort-lessly funny” side of jokes!

138.Remember, when sharing jokes with robots, keep them “wired” and “resistor-spectful” of their digital humor receptors!

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Final Thoughts

Robot jokes are a great way to bring some laughter into a child’s day. Kids of all ages will get a kick out of these humorous robot jokes. So why not get your little one giggling with some robot jokes today?

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