100+ Best Hurricane Puns and Jokes

Hurricane Puns: Weathering the Storm with a Laugh! Hurricanes can be terrifying and devastating natural disasters, causing widespread destruction and leaving communities in disarray.

However, in the face of such chaos and turmoil, sometimes all we can do is find humor in the situation. And what better way to do that than with a good old-fashioned pun? Here are some hurricane puns that are sure to make you smile:

Hurricane Of Puns

1. A politician visited a village after a hurricane and asked about their needs.

2.  The hurricane warned the palm tree, “Hold on tight, this is no ordinary storm.”

3.  The hurricane cautioned the coconut tree, “Hold on to your nuts, this is not your average storm.”

4.  The villagers required a doctor and phone service, which the politician promised to provide.

5.  Hurricane Tyrone had an interesting question as it made landfall – “Where the white beaches at?!?”

6.  The similarities between marriage and a hurricane continue, as in the beginning, you may feel blown away, but eventually, you can lose your home.

7.  Sailboats in a category 5 hurricane often suffer from mast destruction – a serious risk for any sailor.

8.  A hurricane tore off a quarter of my roof, leaving me to exclaim, “Oof!”

9.  The hurricane warned the coconut palm, “Batten down your nuts, this will be a quick blow.”

10.  People are worried about Hurricane Matthew’s wind speeds because they thought CAT4 was capped at 16Mbps.

11.  Hurricane Harvey and Harvey Weinstein share one thing in common: both massive bodies that devastated countless victims.

12.  After the hurricane, a well-intentioned but lazy pimp tweeted, “Sending my thots and prayers.”

13.  During a Jewish hurricane, be sure to watch out for the flying debris.

14.  Unfortunately, a picture I took of Hurricane Dorian didn’t turn out well and came out grey.

15.  The devastation caused by a hurricane can often leave people feeling down, almost like they have a tropical depression.

16.  A hurricane hitting New Jersey caused about $25,000 worth of improvements – an ironic twist on the usual destruction caused by these storms.

17.  The similarities between marriage and a hurricane are quite interesting – lots of blowing in the beginning, and in the end, you can lose your house.

18.  The comparison between a hurricane and a woman is often made, as both can be wet and wild when they arrive and take away your belongings when they leave.

19.  When Hurricane Matthew hit, it caused a significant amount of damage along the east coast, much like the attention-seeking antics of Kim Kardashian.

20.  After the hurricane, a quarter of my roof was missing… Leaving me with a “Roo” above my head.

Hurricane Ian Puns

As the hurricane season approaches, it’s important to stay prepared and stay safe. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with some hurricane puns! Here are some puns that will blow you away:

21.  By adopting that approach, you could eliminate any concern about their follow-through.

22.  The second matter was raised by him.

23.  Someone is bound to lose their mobile home.

24.  One gust strongly, and the other barely stirs.

25.  A gentleman enters a brothel and tells the proprietor that he seeks novelty and thrill.

26.  Half of my roof was blown away during the hurricane… Now I have a “Ro” left.

27.  A hurricane walks into a bar… The owner lacked insurance, leading to his life being ruined.

28.  A hurricane tore off half of my roof… Leaving me with only “of.”

29.  I caught a glimpse of a hurricane brewing in my kitchen while making tea… It seemed like there was a “Storm Brewing.”

30.  That way, we won’t have to worry about them actually following through with anything.

31.  Meteorologists have recently adjusted the categories of hurricanes, with Category 5 being the most devastating.

32.  The lack of insurance for the owner of the affected property means that their life has been severely impacted by the hurricane.

33.  I inquired of my Hindu friend whether they intended to evacuate in preparation for the hurricane.

34.  In the event that Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, and Alex Lifeson were killed in a hurricane crash, what would be the outcome?

35.  Take your time, there’s no need to rush…Why did the passenger hurricane from Warsaw to Moscow crash? There were poles on the right side of the storm.

36.  “You’re the worst hurricane driver ever,” my boss told me.

37.  “How many have you caused to derail this year?” I replied, “I’m not certain. It’s difficult to keep track.”

38.  After being bitten by a rattlesnake last summer, I experienced three days of excruciating hurricane, ultimately resulting in the snake’s demise.

39.  When the hurricane struck Alabama, it resulted in $10 million worth of repairs and upgrades.

40.  A sailboat caught in a category 5 hurricane will suffer from mast damage.

41.  Hurricanes are not called “himicanes” because they leave behind a trail of destruction that can’t be ignored.

42.  Hurricanes are given female names. It’s because they’re tempestuous and drenched upon arrival, and they’ll take your house and car on the way out.

Jokes About Hurricanes

The Perfect Way to Weather the Storm When a hurricane is approaching, it can be a stressful time for everyone. However, sometimes the best way to deal with a tough situation is to find a little bit of humor in it. That’s where hurricane puns come in!

Whether you’re a seasoned punster or new to the game, there’s no better time to embrace the pun than during a hurricane. Here are some of our favorite hurricane puns to help you weather the storm:

43.  What are the advantages of investing in property in the metaverse?  One benefit is the absence of natural disasters like hurricanes.

44.  Why are some hurricanes named after men?  Because they create chaos and destruction like a noisy and messy man.

45.  Why do hurricanes have unappealing names like Sandy?  Giving them intimidating names like Hurricane Death Megatron 900 would prompt people to take them more seriously.

46.  What happens to sailboats during a category 5 hurricane?  The mast may be destroyed due to the intense wind and waves.

47.  Where do squirrels go during hurricanes?  They scatter all over the place to find shelter.

48.  Why not name hurricanes after politicians?  This way, people wouldn’t have to worry about the politicians following through on their promises.

49.  What do you call a walking stick that speeds up your walking?  A hurricane.

50.  Have you heard about the mime that is performed during a hurricane?  It was a mind-blowing experience.

51.  What is the similarity between Kim Kardashian and Hurricane Sandy?  They both seek attention and will go to extreme measures to get on TV.

52.  Why did the hurricane break up with its girlfriend?  She was too clingy and always causing a storm.

53.  A hurricane and a tornado were having a conversation. The tornado asked, “Why do you always steal the spotlight?” “You’re gonna get blown away.”

54.  Why did the hurricane visit the psychiatrist?  To get its wind together.

55.  What do you call a hurricane that’s afraid of heights?  A low-pressure system.

56.  How do you know if a hurricane is lying?  Its winds are blowing in the wrong direction.

57.  Why did the hurricane go to the bar?  It needed a stiff drink.

58.  What do you call a group of hurricanes that form a band?  The Windy City Players.

59.  What do you call a hurricane that’s also a detective?  Sherlock Windes.

60.  Why did the hurricane go to the gym?  To work on its core.

61.  How do you know a hurricane is a big fan of comedy?  It always has a lot of wind-ups.

62.  What did the hurricane say to the hailstorm?  “You’re nothing but small talk.”

63.  What do you call a hurricane that’s also a superhero?  The Mighty Whirlwind.

Jokes About Hurricanes

Funny Jokes About Hurricanes

64.  What do you call a bovine caught in a tropical storm?  A bovine smoothie.

65.  What’s the similarity between Hurricane Sandy and Kim Kardashian?  They’ll both go to great lengths to make sure the whole East Coast is talking about them.

66.  Are you a hurricane?  Because at first, you were thrilling and unpredictable, but now you’ve destroyed my home and vehicle!

67.  Why do hurricanes have female names?  Because they’re unpredictable, destructive, and have the power to take everything you have.

68.  Why are people so concerned about Hurricane Matthew’s wind speeds?  Isn’t CAT4 supposed to have a maximum speed of 16 Mbps?

69.  Why don’t we name hurricanes something more intimidating than “Sandy”?  If we called them things like “Hurricane Death Megatron 900,” people would probably evacuate faster.

70.  Why are hurricanes named after women?  Because when they come in, they’re wild and exciting, but after they leave, they take half your stuff.

71.  Why was Batman in Texas trying to stop Hurricane Harvey?  Because it was causing chaos and destruction, just like Harvey Dent.

72.  Would a hurricane slam its doors in your face?  No, but a church might (referencing Lakewood Church not opening its doors to Hurricane Harvey evacuees).

73.  Why are hurricanes often given female names?  Because they come in hot and wet, but when they leave, half your stuff is gone.

74.  How do you locate the center of a hurricane?  Look for the letter “c”!

75.  Why are women like hurricanes?

They’re exciting and dangerous at first, but after they’re gone, you’re left with nothing.

76.  What’s the most inappropriate Halloween costume this year?  Hurricane Harvey Weinstein.

75.  Who caused more damage to Houston, Bobby Brown, or Hurricane Harvey?  Too soon to tell.

76.  Did you hear about the new drink called the Hurricane Dorian?  It’s a watered-down Bahama Mama.

77.  What do marriage and hurricanes have in common?  They both start with a lot of activity and destruction and in the end, you lose your house.

78.  Why are hurricanes always named after women?  Well, they come in wet and wild and leave with your car and house.

79.  Have you heard of the new Hurricane Sandy drink?  Apparently, it’s a watered-down Manhattan.

80.  Why do hurricanes always seem to have boring names?  Perhaps if they were called Hurricane Death Megatron 900, people would take them more seriously.

Hurricane Dad Jokes

81.  Why did the walker carry a stick during a hurricane?  Because it made them feel like they were flying.

82.  What do hurricanes and indecisive people have in common?  They’re always changing their minds.

83.  How did the coast respond to the hurricane’s threat?  They just shrugged it off.

84.  What was the vacationer’s reaction when they saw the hurricane?  They were blown away.

85.  Why did the cow need a straw during the hurricane?  To avoid getting a milk mustache.

86.  Why do some storms have low self-esteem?  Because they’re just “tropical depressions”.

87.  Have you heard about the magician who performed during a hurricane?  It was quite a whirlwind act.

88.  Where do birds go during a hurricane?  Anywhere they can find shelter.

89.  Why do hurricanes need therapy? Because they can be very destructive.

90.   What do you call a hurricane that can’t get its act together?  A “hurricane”.

91.  Why did the author never finish their book about hurricanes?  They got too distracted by the wind and waves.

92.  Why do hurricanes have such high-speed winds?  They would be too sluggish otherwise, turning into “Slowicanes.”

93.  What distinguishes a horse from a hurricane?  One is tamed, while the other unleashes a downpour.

94.  What are hurricanes with a dense overcast around the eye called?  They are called “Cataract Hurricanes.”

95.  How do hurricanes perceive their surroundings?  They use their single “eye.”

96.  Do you remember Hurricane Sandy that hit New York a few years back?… People created a cocktail in its name, a watered-down “Manhattan.”

97.  Why are female names given to hurricanes?  They’re untamed and wet, then they snatch away your abode.

98.  What was the hurricane’s message to the coconut palm?  “Clasp your nuts tight, I’ll be gone in a jiffy.”

99.  Did you catch wind of the latest drink called Hurricane Sandy?  Apparently, it’s a diluted Manhattan.

100.  What’s the reason behind naming hurricanes after women?  On arrival, they’re wild and drenched, and on departure, they carry off your vehicle and home.

Hurricane Dad Jokes

Final Thoughts

Hurricanes puns are a fun and lighthearted way to cope with the stress of a hurricane. Whether you’re hunkering down in your home or watching the storm from afar, these puns are sure to put a smile on your face.

So next time a hurricane is headed your way, remember a few hurricane puns and let out a chuckle. You might just feel a little bit better. I hope you enjoyed these hurricane puns!

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