100+ Funny Basketball Puns

Looking for a way to add a little bit of humor to your day? Look no further than funny basketball puns! These puns are sure to put a smile on your face, even if you’re not a fan of basketball.

Basketball is not just a game, it’s a culture. The thrill of the game, the cheers of the crowd, and the competitiveness on the court create a unique atmosphere that is hard to replicate. But basketball is also known for something else that adds an extra layer of fun to the game puns!

Basketball puns are a great way to break the ice with your teammates, impress your friends, and even use them in your social media captions. So, whether you’re a seasoned baller or a newbie to the game, here are some of the best basketball puns to keep in your back pocket.

Best Basketball Puns

1. May your day be a slam dunk!

2.  It would be a swish if you were here.

3. Dunkin’ Donuts is the go-to spot for basketball players to dine.

4.  Dunking cookies is a favorite pastime of basketball players.

5.  Tennis and basketball had to go to court after a lawsuit.

6.  Basketball players cannot travel for vacation due to the rules.

7.  Winning monkey teams are known as chimp-ions.

8. Basketball is the perfect sport for those who cry easily.

9.  Only Swiss cheese can perform well in basketball.

10.  Basketball players are resilient in breakups because they rebound well.

11.  Robbers have the potential to be excellent basketball players since they know how to shoot, steal, and run.

12.  I hope to hoop with you again.

13.  A turkey that plays basketball says, “Double-double” after a successful shot.

14.  A bass fish loves to play bass-get-ball.

15.  Success in basketball requires assist-ym.

16.  A basketball joked that a triangle offense is pointless.

17.  In Hawaii, a basketball hoop is called a hula hoop.

18.  A basketball player took martial arts classes to learn the jab step.

19.  The only way to resolve a problem is to box out.

20.  Apple turnovers are a favorite dessert among basketball players.

21.  Fast breaks are the first meal of the day for basketball players.

22.  Basketball sued tennis for no reason.

23.  “Many basketball players fail their tests in school because they don’t want to pass the ball.”

24.  They really are people to look up to… from the stands.”

25.  “My father is really good at basketball. “Offensively, James Harden is outstanding.

26.  Defensively, he’s just outstanding there.”

27.  He’s always doing things the Hardaway.”

Funny Basketball Puns

Basketball is not just a game, it’s a way of life. For those of us who eat, sleep, and breathe basketball, it’s only natural to incorporate basketball puns into our everyday conversations.

From the court to the locker room, these puns are sure to score some laughs. Here are some of our favorite basketball puns:

28.  Let’s give it another go.

29.  It’s an open-casket funeral.

30.  I’m thrilled about my choice.

31.  I prefer net-ro cold brew coffee.

32.  Hand a basketball to a hunter, and they’ll shoot it.

33.  My parents are expecting a new baby, and I’ll be their assistant.

34.  Cats aren’t skilled at basketball; they shoot hairballs instead.

35.  For those who enjoy fighting, basket-brawl is the sport.

36.  The latest cocktail for basketball players is called slam dunk.

37.  San Antonio’s basketball team is spontaneous; they act on the spur of the moment.

38.  Can you pause the movie?  I’ll be right back.

39.  To encourage a basketball player, tell them to power forward.

40.  They are valuable members of the team.

41.  We’re organizing a block party for the best defensive players.

42.   A double foul is also known as chicken twins.

43.  Thank you for the opportunity.

44.  Division I basketball players receive scholarships.

45.  A basketball player who harms birds is a buzzer-beater.

46.  The basketball player made errors but felt no regret.

47.  I enjoy pranking people with hoop-ie cushions.

48.  We have a chance of winning the game.

Funny Basketball Puns

Basketball Food Puns

Basketball is not only a great sport to watch and play, but it is also a great source of puns. From slam dunks to 3-pointers, basketball has provided us with some truly amazing puns.

So, for all the ballers out there, here are some of the best basketball puns that will make you dribble with laughter.

49.  The basketball team never follows the baseball team, except for five after nine.

50.  Double or nothing?  Not this time.

51.  Wanting to learn how to make baskets, a basketball player joined a weaving club.

52.  A pig playing basketball is known as a ball hog.

53.  Your swish has been granted, congratulations!

54.  Fish are not fond of basketball, as they fear the nets.

55.  Whenever a basketball player misses, the word “Shoot!” is often exclaimed.

56.  A basketball player was once arrested for drunk driving.

57.  It’s quite challenging to get past you, tough net.

58.  Everyone, get ready! It’s time to ball aboard.

59.  Let’s have tea and baskets, shall we?

60.  What’s all the bracket about?  It’s a piece of dunk, easy peasy.

61.  If you’re looking for a fantasy show about basketball, check out Hooper-natural.

62.  The bulls seem to have a charging problem, receiving many violations.

63.  Cinderella wasn’t much of a basketball player, she was too scared of the ball.

64.  Unfortunately, the nose didn’t make it onto the basketball team, it wasn’t selected.

65.  Birds aren’t welcome to play basketball due to committing too many fowls.

66.  The basketball player visited a bank to address their bouncing checks.

67.  The basketball player failed their class because they chose not to pass.

68.  When a basketball player misses a dunk, it’s an alley whoop.

69.  Both an angry rabbit and a professional basketball player share the trait of having mad hops.

70.  After the game, the basketball arena gets hot due to the fans’ departure.

Short Basketball Puns

71.  I sense it in my grade.

72.  It’s a hassle in the rear.

73.  A hoop thief blocks shots.

74.  Someone at the center delivers a message.

75.  The DJ created a mix of the song.

76.  If a basketball player commits a foul, it’s a personal chicken.

77.  Don’t be a blockhead about it.

78.  I built a robot basketball player. You can shoot me questions.

79.  Let’s switch places and shoot some hoops.

80.  I love watching sunsets on the Pacific coast.

81.  We have an agreement in writing.

82.  My father is amazing at basketball.

83.  He always told me, “I’ve been dunking all my life!”

84.  I’m creating a remedy for basketball woes.

85.  I have to assist them. They’re in a bind.

86.  A basketball player’s favorite thing about astronomy is observing shooting stars.

87.  I enjoy hanging out on the balcony overlooking the court.

88.  We stood on the edge of the cliffs.

89.  Basketball players wear jerseys because they shoot hoops.

90.  Basketball players are always willing to share advice. They’ll give you pointers.

91.  Santa Claus now plays basketball. They call him Saint Swish.

92.  A basketball player’s favorite pastime is shooting hoops.

93.  I’ll navigate the shopping court.

94.  Basketball players sleep in bunk beds.

95.  Basketball players are always looking for a good pick-and-roll.

Short Basketball Puns

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Final Words

These puns are just a small sample of the many basketball puns out there. Whether you’re a player, coach, or avid fan, incorporating these puns into your conversations is sure to score some extra points with your teammates and friends. So next time you’re on the court, try dropping one of these puns and see if you can make your fellow players laugh.