150+ Sorority Bid Day Instagram Captions & Quotes

Bid Day Instagram Captions are the best way to share your feelings on this special day. Bid Day is the last day of school at a university or college before students leave for their summer vacation, and it’s one of the most exciting days of the year!

If you’re looking for some cute Bid Day captions for your Instagram pictures, we’ve got you covered.

Bid Day is a special day for everyone. It’s the day when you officially become a member of a sorority and get to meet all your sisters. But before that, you’re going to have to go through Bid Day!

Bid Day is a day where girls who were invited to join the sorority are asked to give their bids. The person who gets the most votes is considered the winner of that round!

The process of giving out bids can be really exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time! You’re not sure if you’re going to make it or not but it’s still fun nonetheless!

You don’t have to stress over finding the perfect Bid Day Instagram captions because we got them all covered! These funny and cute Bid Day captions will help you make your Instagram post even better so go ahead and check them out:

Bid Day Instagram Captions

Bid day is a very special day for the bride and groom and their family members. It is a day when the bride and groom bid farewell to their families and start their new life together.

Here are some Bid day Instagram captions for you.

  • “It’s time for me to become the woman I am today.”
  • “I’m ready for what comes next!”
  • “Senioritis is real”
  • “I’m going to miss you so much!”
  • “You’re going to be missed.”
  • “So proud of my little one!
  • “Our future is bright!
  • “I’m so proud of my baby girl.”
  • “She’s ready for the next chapter.”
  • “Congrats on going off to college!”
  • “We love you, we cherish you, and we will always be proud of you.”
  • “Don’t limit yourself; most people do.” – Richard Branson
  • “If you don’t like how things are, change it!” – Gandhi/Gandhi (book)
  • “I’m so excited to find out what my new family will be!”
  • “I’m about to go on the best adventure.”
  • “I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.”
  • “Picking a house is like picking a friendship partner…who I’ll spend every weekend with for the next four years!”
  • “Bid Day: The day when all of our dreams come true…or not.”
  • “I can’t believe how much I’ve grown from my freshman year to now.”
  • “May you find your own place to stand and may you never be afraid to do so.” – Unknown
  • “Graduation isn’t just about the end of school, it’s also about the beginning of new beginnings!”
  • “I’m going to miss you so much, but I know that wherever you go, you’ll always be my best friend.”

Best Bid Day Captions for Instagram

So, if you’re heading to Bid Day this year, here’s a list of some awesome Instagram captions that will help you capture all the fun that goes down at this incredible event.

  • I know you can do it.
  • You are going to be so happy.
  • I am so proud of you.
  • So grab a cute outfit and start snapping those pics!
  • “The sun may set, but my love will never fade.”
  • “I think I’m ready to take on this new chapter in my life.”
  • But don’t worry, we’ve got some fun Instagram captions for bid day that will help you commemorate this special moment in your life!
  • “Congrats!” This is the most common bid day caption. It’s simple, but it conveys your love for your child.
  • The saddest thing about life is that it ends so soon. But then again, if it didn’t end, we would never appreciate all that we have right now!
  • It’s not what happens in life that matters, it’s how you choose to react to it! So keep smiling and keep being awesome!
  • Best wishes for today and every day from me! Hope you will always stay happy and cheerful no matter what happens in

Sorority Bid Day Instagram Captions

 It’s bid day! This is a day that every sorority girl looks forward to. It’s the day she gets to meet her sisters and pledge her loyalty.

If you’re looking for some great Sorority Bid Day Instagram captions, we’ve got you covered. Check out these fun and funny captions ideas for your next sorority sister photo.

  • “I’m so excited for tomorrow! I can’t wait for my big day.”
  • “We’re celebrating my big day with family and friends.”
  • “I hope we all have a great time at the party tonight.”
  • “The best day ever.”
  • Welcome to the sorority. We’re so happy you’re here!
  • We are sisters for life, and we love you.
  • “It’s time to get this party started.”
  • “As a sister, I promise to be there for you through it all.”
  • “Pledge class, let’s get this party started!” – Rachel
  • “Life is about stepping out on faith and taking risks for what we believe in!”
  • “I cannot teach anyone anything; I can only make them think – Socrates”
  • “Big Sis, I’m so excited to begin my journey with you.” – Rachel
  • “Raise your hand if you’re ready for Bid Day!!” – Rachel
  • “Can’t wait to see what today holds for us all.” – Rachel
  • “I am beyond excited for this new chapter in my life and can’t wait to spend it with these beautiful girls.” – Rachel
  • “Friends will help me move out all my furniture; I’ll just ask them to leave it in the driveway.” – Dave Barry
  • “The best things in life aren’t things.” – Unknown
  • “Celebrate the beginning of your sorority journey. These next few years are going to be some of the most memorable in your life.”
  • “I can’t wait until I get to go back home and tell my parents about my college acceptances!”

Instagram Captions for Sorority Bid Day

It’s the moment when one chapter of her life ends and another begins, and it’s an exciting time for her girlfriends and family as well. So it’s only right that she should document this special occasion!

We’ve put together some fun Sorority Bid Day Instagram captions that are sure to make you smile.

  • Finally found my girls, can’t wait for Bid Day!
  • Sorority Bid Day is tomorrow!! Can’t wait!!
  • “Bid day is finally here!” – The Sisterhood
  • “It was worth it.” – Keep Going, They’re Worth It
  • “I can’t believe it!” – So Happy For You!
  • “I just got my bid! #sororitybidday”
  • “Pinch me, I must be dreaming!”
  • “I’m so happy right now!”
  • “I’m so grateful for this incredible opportunity!”
  • “Can’t wait to go Greek!”
  • “The best day of your life.”
  • “This is a day we will remember forever.”
  • “It’s all about love, friendship, and sisterhood.”
  • “This day means so much to me and my sisters. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”
  • It’s the moment when one chapter of her life ends and another begins, and it’s an exciting time for her girlfriends and family as well.
  • I’m so excited for Bid Day tomorrow! I’ve met some amazing people on this journey and can’t wait to see what happens next!
  • So it’s only right that she should document this special occasion!
  • We’ve put together some fun Sorority Bid Day Instagram captions that are sure to make you smile.
  • “Friends don’t let friends go to sleep without a goodnight text.” -Megan Amram
  • “I’m not afraid of heights, I’m afraid of widths.” -Steve Martin
  • This is the best day ever! I am officially part of such an awesome group of girls and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!
  • The sun isn’t even out today but I’m still so happy because today is the first day of my life as a sister!
  • “Life is a journey, not a destination.”
  • “I cannot teach anyone anything; I can only make them think – Socrates”

How to come up with a Sorority Bid Day Instagram Captions

Your bid day is finally here! You can’t wait to join this amazing sorority, but first, you need to come up with a caption for your photos. It seems like everyone has a great caption for their bid day photos, so where do you start?

First of all, don’t stress out about coming up with the perfect caption because there isn’t one. There is no wrong way to share your excitement and joy with the world. Instead of worrying about what other people will think, just be yourself and enjoy the moment!

Here are some tips to help you come up with an Instagram caption that reflects who you are:

1. Use emojis

2. Tell them where they can find you on campus

3. Tell them what you’re excited about

4. Be creative!

5. Share your feelings about being accepted into a chapter that fits your personality best!

6. Let them know what they can expect from this chapter!

Some final words

Whether you spent an afternoon picking out that perfect dress or have had your outfit laid out since Kindergarten, posing for the Bid Day Instagram photo with your friends has now become a Hopson High School tradition. So make sure to don your Bid Day finest and join in the fun by using one of these bid day captions!

We hope you enjoyed our Bid Day Instagram Captions! Be sure to repin, tweet, and share this post with your fellow gals! Stay tuned for Bid Day one-liners coming soon! Follow us on Pinterest too.

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