85+ Cruise Ship Puns & Jokes

Are you ready to set sail on the high seas of humor? Today, we’re going to explore the wonderful world of cruise ship puns. As you embark on your next adventure at sea, make sure to keep these puns in your back pocket for some laughs along the way.

Best Cruise Ship Puns

1. Smooth sailing ahead.

2.  Embarking on another voyage.

3.  Anxious to set sail once more.

4.  I once again find myself on the open sea.

5.  Please excuse my absence, I am currently on a cruise.

6.  Currently enjoying the sea breeze.

7.  Eagerly anticipating my next nautical adventure.

8.  The ocean is my happy place.

9.  It’s been too long since I last set sail.

10.  My eyes are fixed on the horizon.

11.  Feeling at home on the high seas.

13.  Cruising is my favorite way to travel.

14.  Cruising is my favorite way to travel.

15.  I’ll never tire of this breathtaking view.

16.  The all-inclusive buffets never disappoint.

17.  You’re guaranteed to have a blast on a cruise.

18.  I’ll never forget the memories made on this cruise.

19.  This ship was a dream come true.

20.  I’m afraid I’m here to stay in this floating paradise.

Cruise Ship Puns Funny

21.  Life is at its prime out at sea.

22.  I command the waves as the captain.

23.  Days of cruising and mesmerizing sunsets.

24.  Whoever claims money can’t bring happiness has not experienced a cruise.

25.  Those who wait for all risks to pass before setting sail will never do so.

26.  Roaming for distraction, but traveling for self-realization.

27.  Even a rough day at sea beats any day on land.

28.  Calories on a cruise don’t count – it’s a fact.

29.  Don’t mess with our crew, we rule the ship.

30.  Home is anywhere the anchor finds solace.

31.  All I crave is the rejuvenating vitamin sea.

32. If found, kindly return me to my floating paradise.

33.  Every man’s wish is aboard ships in the distance.

34.  Travel to embrace life, not to avoid it slipping away.

35.  Each coastal town we dock at captivates me, I could wander for months.

36.  There’s no in-between, life is either a bold adventure or mere existence.

37.  Whenever a ship sets sail, my heart sets off as a stowaway.

38.  By charting a new course, the world can expand before you.

39.  I greeted the morning sun with a smile upon waking.

40.  My cruises seem to book themselves, I have no control.

Cruise Ship Jokes

41.  Why did the pirate refuse to go on a cruise ship? Because he didn’t want to be “bored”!

42.  Why did the sailor wear a paper towel on his head? He wanted to be a “ship-wreck”!

43.  Why don’t astronauts go on cruises? Because they prefer “space” ships!

44.  Why did the passenger cross the deck of the cruise ship? To get to the “other tide”!

45.  What do you call a group of whales on a cruise ship? A “whale-watch”!

46.  Why did the captain of the cruise ship get a tattoo of an anchor on his arm? So he could say he had a “permanent mooring”!

47.  Why did the ghost go on a cruise? He wanted to be a “spirited” passenger!

48.  Why did the oceans wave to each other instead of talking?Trampolines on cruise ships are the latest craze, now everyone is bouncing on board!

49.  What do you name an azipod that isn’t working? A lazypod!

50.  Where does Santa go for vacation? Santa Cruz!

51.  Why do fish prefer swimming in salt water over pepper water?

52.  How do we know the ocean is friendly? It waves at us!

53.  What do ghosts eat on a haunted cruise? I-Scream!

54.  If the Bermuda Triangle had four corners, what would it be called? The Bermuda Wreck-Tangle.

55.  What kind of chocolate do they sell at the airport? The plane chocolate.

Cruising Puns

When it comes to cruising, there are plenty of reasons to set sail: the beautiful destinations, the endless buffets, the onboard activities…

But one thing that often goes overlooked is the opportunity for some good old-fashioned punnery. Yes, that’s right – cruising is the perfect setting for some truly cheesy, groan-worthy puns. Here are a few to get you started:

56.  My passion lies in cruise ships.

57.  Destined to cruise, compelled to toil.

58.  Kayaking away from my worries, paddling towards serenity.

59.  Bask in the sunshine, dive into the sea, inhale the untamed air.

60.  We journey, not to evade life, but to seize it before it evades us.

61.  Roaming for diversion, but voyaging for satisfaction.

62.  Life resembles a carnival, and sweet moments are the cotton candy.

63.  Let’s escape to the tropics, sip pina coladas, and I’ll take you there.

64.  Even a tough day at sea beats a good day at the office.

65.  When asked about a cruise ship, my response is always affirmative.

66.  When life becomes overwhelming, take a cruise.

67.  The perspective from this cruise ship is unmatched.

68.  Saltwater and a cruise can cure anything.

69.  Cruising has never been more enjoyable.

70.  “The view from this cruise is absolutely ship-tastic!”

Clever Cruise Ship Puns

71.  BAll it takes is a healthy dose of vitamin sea.

72.  The sea’s rhythm brings me back to me.

73.  My cruises have a mind of their own, no cruise control.

74.  Even a rough day at sea beats the best day at work.

75.  Sailors must have patience, it’s a key quality.

76.  The open sea reveals our true selves.

77.  I desire a vacation, but a cruise is a necessity.

78.  Once a man falls for sea life, life on land loses its appeal.

79.  My heart longs for a vacation, but a cruise satisfies me.

80.  Not everyone can handle the cruising life, it’s not for the majority.

81.  Distraction fuels our wandering, but fulfillment drives our travels.

82.  Land exists to provide docking spots for boats.

83.  Ships are built for adventure, not to remain in port.

84.  Sailing brings me close to heaven, no need to ponder.

85.  Harbors are safe, but ships aren’t made for safety only.

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Final Thoughts

After reading through all these hilarious Puns about Cruise ship We hope these puns have tickled your funny bone and made you laugh until you’re shipwrecked! Remember, a good pun is like a good wave – it always comes crashing down on you! Happy cruising!