99+ Best Dinosaur Birthday Puns

Looking for some pun-tastic ideas to make your little one’s dinosaur-themed birthday party a roaring success? Check out our collection of hilarious and clever dinosaur birthday puns that are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face! Don’t let your party fall flat – add some prehistoric puns to the mix!

Dinosaurs have long been a fascination for people of all ages. From movies to museums, we just can’t seem to get enough of these prehistoric creatures.

So, it’s no surprise that a dinosaur-themed birthday party is a popular choice for kids and adults alike. And what better way to add some fun to the celebration than with some dinosaur birthday puns?

Funny Dinosaur Birthday Puns

1).  A dinosaur’s birthday is a rich party indeed.

2).   Wishing a happy birthday to the most awesome dinosaur ever!

3).   You may be a dinosaur, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a birthday present from us.

4).   Happy dinosaur birthday! How did you get so big?

5).   Let’s all light a candle, raise our glasses and toast the celebration of a dino’s birthday!

6).   Your wish is a dinosaur’s command, but do you really want to be the one in charge of it?

7).  We’re just glad that you’ve come this far, baby

8).  Happy birthday to the funniest dinosaur you’ll ever see.

9).  A dinosaur is only as boring as his birthday party.

10).   Life is simpler when your dinosaur birthday is a surprise.

11).   Dinosaur Birthday wishes for a friend who is always there for you.

12).  Happy Birthday to you! You’re a big, mean dinosaur. Everyone LOVES you!

13).   Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear dinosaur. You’re the best friend we could ask for.

14).   You’re not too old for dinosaurs. You’re too old for kids.

14).   I’m not a dinosaur. I’m an old-school dinosaur.

15).   Happy birthday to the dinosaur who only likes eating dinosaurs.

16).   Happy birthday, you big goofy dino!

17).   Happy birthday to you! You’re bringing back the prehistoric fun of dinosaurs.

18).   Happy birthday to you! Today is also your special day. Happy (dinosaur) birthday.

19).   HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most lovable dinosaur you will ever meet!

20).  Happy birthday to you! You’re the coolest dinosaur ever.

21).   This dinosaur is so happy to see you.

22).   A short, but sweet way to wish someone a happy birthday.

23).   Happy birthday, dinosaur! Here’s wishing you a day filled with tickles and happy returns of the same

24).    It’s your birthday, so blow out the candles and throw some dinosaur bones in the air!

25).  When your best friend is a dinosaur, you know you’re gonna have a wild day. Happy Birthday!

26).   I thought it was a big deal when I turned .

Funny Dinosaur Birthday Puns

Dinosaur Puns Birthday

Are you planning a birthday party for a dino-loving kiddo and need some pun-tastic ideas? Look no further than these dinosaur birthday puns!

27).   Happy birthday, you big silly dinosaur

28).  Happy birthday to my favorite dinosaurs

29).   Happy birthday to this little guy.

30).   Happy Birthday to our best friends, dinosaurs. We hope you have a wonderful day and we love you to bits!

31).  Happy Birthday to the creature whose birthday is every year!

32).   Happy Birthday to the big guy who has always been there for you. You’re the best dinosaur in the world, so now let’s eat!

33).   Happy Birthday, big fella! You’re one of a kind.

34).   Let’s make a Wish for a birthday that’s full of surprises and great friends.

35).   Happy Birthday, dear friend! You are the best. We hope you have a very countable birthday!

36).  Let’s celebrate your birthday with this dinosaur pun-tastic birthday card.

37).   Happy Birthday to my favorite dinosaur

38).   Happy Birthday to my favorite dinosaur.

39).   The best thing about turning 25 is the dinosaur age.

40).   My Birthday is like a dino-tastic gift! I even get to say “Happy Birthday,” and it’s still my b-day.

41).   HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend and partner in crime, Tyrannosaurus Rex!

42).  Happy Birthday! The loneliest number is one {clearly, I’m not the only one.}.

43).   Happy Birthday to my favorite dinosaur.

44).   Happy Birthday to you! We’re wishing you a day filled with dinosaur puns and funny bones…

45).   Happy birthday to our favorite dinosaur puns. We hope you enjoy these dinos as much as we do.

46).  My Birthday is like a dino-tastic gift! I even get to say “Happy Birthday,” and it’s still my b-day.

47).   HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend and partner in crime, Tyrannosaurus Rex!

48).   There’s nothing more dinosaurs than a birthday cake that includes dinosaurs…

49).  The birthday of a dino, some cake and you’re ready to party!

50).   Happy Birthday to my favorite dinosaur, who is turning one today!

51).   We’ve got a special birthday greeting for you today.

52).  It’s a birthday party! Let’s make a wish.

53).   Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!

54).  It’s a birthday party, but every kid is in the mood to play.

Dinosaur Puns for Birthday

These puns are sure to make your guests chuckle and add some fun to your prehistoric party.

So, whether you’re planning a dinosaur-themed birthday bash or just looking for ways to add some humor to your celebration, these dino-mite puns are sure to do the trick!

55).  Dinosaur puns are a great way to make an impression on someone’s birthday.

56).  Birthday wishes from a dinosaur: Happy birthday!

57).   Nothing says you’re a true dinosaur like your birthday.

58).   Birthday Wishes are in like… the Jurassic era.

59).   Sorry, no dinosaurs in the office. But you will find these dinosaurs on your birthday!

60).  A birthday is a time to celebrate and grow. Let’s all make our own Jurassic World today!

61).   Happy Birthday! You’re the best, you know that?

62.)    Happy birthday! Here are some dinosaur-themed puns for your b-day card.

63).   Are you a dinosaur!? Yes, you are! Happy Birthday!

64).   When you’re a dinosaur, everything is funny. Happy Birthday!

65).   A dinosaur’s birthday is an event for all the kids to celebrate. Here’s wishing you a happy Jurassic Day!

66).   Dinosaur-sized party hats are the best way to celebrate your birthday.

67).   The birthday boy is big, bold, and a dinosaur. Which dinosaur will he be?

68).   Happy Birthday dear dinosaur, you are the star of your own story.

69).   The birthday cake is too big for you to eat. Oh, and don’t forget your dinosaur pun shirt!

Dinosaur Puns for Birthday

70).  Your birthday is the happiest day that’s ever been.

71).   Happy birthday, you’re the coolest dinosaur ever.

72).   Happy birthday to the coolest dinosaur you’ll ever meet.

73).   When you’re little and they say, “What a cute dinosaur!”

74).   A dinosaur’s job is to make you smile, but your job is to keep them guessing. Happy Birthday!

75).  Next year will be the year of the big dinosaur. Cheers to that.

76).   Birthday wishes to the most exciting and majestic birthday boy.

77).   Your birthday is coming up! Don’t be afraid to be extra silly on your special day.

Birthday Dinosaur Puns

78).   Hope your birthday isn’t dino-snores! Have a T-ROAR-ific time!”

79).   You haven’t seen the Jurassic age yet. Happy birthday, little dino!”

80).   “Wishing you a raptor-ous birthday! Don’t forget to tri-saur-tops your cake!”

81).   “Let’s dino-mite your birthday! Have a Stegosaurus-ly awesome day!”

82).   “Your birthday is rawr-some! I’m sure it will be pter-radactyl fun!”

83).   Happy Birthday, you big fat lovable dinosaur.

84).  When you’re a dinosaur but your birthday is April Fools Day. Happy Birthday, to the funniest person in my life!

85).   This is the best way to wish someone a happy birthday.

86).  Happy birthday, you big ole dinosaur. Hope your day is nothing but pterodactyls and excitement!

87).   Happy Birthday to you! You are a full-grown dinosaur, but you still love your mama hugs.

88).   Happy Birthday to you! You’re one of the best of all time.

89). Dinosaurs don’t need eyelid wipes. The tears on their face are enough

Dino Birthday Puns

90).  “Have a dino mite birthday!”

91).  “Wishing you a dino-mite day of celebration!”

92).  “Hope your birthday is dino-mite from head to tail!”

93) .   “You’re dino-mite! Have a roaring birthday!”

94).  “Have a rawr-some birthday!”

95).  “Have a stupendous birthday!”

96).  “Hope your birthday is triceratops!”

97).  “Have a t-rex-cellent birthday!”

98).  “Wishing you a dino-terrific birthday!”

99).   “Have a Jurassic birthday celebration!”

100).   “You’re dino-table! Have a fantastic birthday!”

101).   “Hope your birthday is dino-mite-ridiculously amazing!”

102).   “Have a roaring good time on your birthday!”

103).   “You’re the best-o-saurus! Happy birthday!”

104).  “Hope your birthday is a dino-sized celebration!”

105).   “Have a din-o-mite day filled with happiness and laughter!”

106).   “Wishing you a dino-mite birthday bash!”

107).  “Have a t-riffic birthday full of prehistoric fun!”

108).  “Hope your birthday is as awesome as a dinosaur fossil discovery!”

109).   “You’re dino-mite-signal! Have a fantastic birthday!”

100).   “Wishing you a birthday that’s dino-riffic and legendary!

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Final Thoughts

These above given dinosaur birthday puns are a fun way to add some humor and excitement to any dinosaur-themed birthday party. Whether you’re young or old, these puns are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face and make the party even more memorable. So, let’s get this party stegosaurus and have a roar-some time!