100+ Wisdom Teeth Puns Whimsies to Ease the Pain and Bring a Grin

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, can be a pain – both figuratively and literally. These teeth typically emerge in the late teens or early twenties, and their arrival is often accompanied by discomfort and potential complications. But in the world of dentistry, there is a lighter side to wisdom teeth – the world of puns!

Puns are a clever and humorous way to play with words and bring a smile to your face. And what better way to tackle the topic of wisdom teeth than with a playful collection of wisdom teeth puns? So sit back, relax, and get ready for a toothy adventure filled with laughter and dental wordplay.

Funny Wisdom Teeth Puns Captions

1.   My dentist told me I need to get my wisdom teeth extracted…I guess that means he’s finally wise enough to know what’s best for me.

2.   When I got my wisdom teeth out and the dentist asked how it went, I said “it was such a grind!”

3.   What did the tooth fairy give for removing all four of someone’s wisdom teeth at once? Quadruple-the-pain bucks!

4.   My dentist told me that it’s time to get my wisdom teeth pulled out, so I said “Okie Dokie Loki!”

5.   Going to the dentist for a wisdom tooth extraction made me feel like screaming: “Aaaaaaaahhhh CHOMP!”

6.   Tooth fairy left me money when I lost my baby teeth. Will she leave something special if I lose my Wisdom Teeth?

7.   I’m afraid of getting all four wisdom teeth pulled at once – quadruple haunting!

8.   I’m just a tooth behind the times.

9.    My dentist said I have an amazing smile… he was jaws impressed!

10.   Waffle you brush your teeth or stay scattered?

11.   If one bad apple doesn’t spoil the bunch, why does one tooth decay my whole mouth?

12.   Too many cavities to count.

13.   “Who needs wisdom teeth when you have Google?”

Funny Wisdom Teeth Puns

Jestful Jaws: Funny Wisdom Teeth Puns Jokes

14.  Why did the wisdom tooth go to school? To get a degree in “Pain-thropology.”

15.   Why are wisdom teeth like old friends? You may not see them for years, but when they show up, they cause a lot of trouble.

16.   Why do wisdom teeth have such big roots? So they can “root” for themselves!

17.  What do you call a wisdom tooth that’s been pulled out? A “tooth that’s past its prime!”

18.   Why did the wisdom tooth go on a diet? It wanted to be a little more “toothpick”!

19.  What do you get when you cross a wisdom tooth with a drill? A “wisdom drill”!

20.   Why do wisdom teeth make such bad comedians? They always “wisdom-crack” bad jokes!

21.   Why do wisdom teeth make such good philosophers? They’re always contemplating the meaning of “tooth”!

22.   Why did the wisdom tooth go to the gym? To work on its “tooth-strength”!

23.   What did one wisdom tooth say to the other? “I’m really tooth-tired!”

24.   Why did the dentist put a crown on the wisdom tooth? Because it was “royal” pain!

25.    What do you call a group of wisdom teeth? A “think-tank”!

26.    Why did the wisdom tooth go to the bank? To get some “tooth-funds”!

27.   What do you call a wisdom tooth with a sense of humor? A “wisdom wit”!

28.   Why did the wisdom tooth go to the hair salon? To get a “tooth-fro”!

29.   What do you call a wisdom tooth with a bad attitude? A “wisdom grump”!

30.   Why did the wisdom tooth go on a shopping spree? It wanted to buy some “tooth accessories”!

31.   What do you call a wise old tooth? A “tooth-sage”!

32.   Why did the wisdom tooth go to the therapist? It had a “tooth-ache”!

33.   What do you call a wisdom tooth with a lot of cavities? A “tooth with baggage”!

34.   Why did the wisdom tooth break up with its girlfriend? She was too “tooth-some”!

35.   What do you call a wisdom tooth that’s always playing pranks? “tooth-jester”!

Extracting Giggles: Wisdom Teeth Removal Puns

36.   Did you hear about the dentist who collected all their patient’s old fillings? He was making a ransom teeth!

37.    I’m taking my wisdom teeth out next week – I guess it’s time to cash in on my tooth fairy savings!

 38.   The oral surgeon gave me three pieces of advice before removing my wisdom teeth: “Floss regulars, brush your gums, and keep an open mind.”

39.    My dentists warned me against procrastination – with future Wisdom Teeth Removals In Mind!

40.   I feel like I’m in “extraction heaven” after getting my wisdom teeth taken out!

41.   It’s time to extract the obvious solution.

42.   I’m ready to find a tooth-ful resolution.

43.   It looks like I need an oral extraction specialist!

44.   Let’s take out those troublesome molars!

45.   Time for me to pop this problem in the mouth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Puns

46.   I heard wisdom teeth removal wasn’t tooth much fun, but they said it was a great extraction!

47.   I just got my wisdom teeth out – so now there’s no more sage advice from me!

48.   There must be some kind of law against removing your own wisdom teeth. Tooth and nail, I’m telling you!

49.   Getting those pesky wisdom teeth removed was a toothsome decision!

50.    Don’t worry about losing that one funny tooth during your extraction — we still have plenty of wisdom coming your way!

51.   That dentist definitely had the “wisdom tooth fairy touch.”

52.   My surgery was a (teeth) chattering experience!

53.   It must have been a real “enlightening” experience for me to get all four of those removed!

54.    I was feeling so lost, then my wisdom teeth found me!

55.    Crocs always have the right answer—just ask your wisdom teeth.

56.   It’s wise to get rid of those extra teeth — take it from a pro!

57.    Throw away that toothbrush and brush off with some good old fashioned dental hygiene!

58.   “I had my wisdom teeth removed, but don’t worry, I’m still wise – I’ve just downsized my mouth.”

Funny Wisdom Gush: Wisdom Teeth Puns Captions

59.  “I finally got my wisdom teeth removed. I guess you could say I’ve been ‘enlightened’ now.”

60.   “Why do they call them wisdom teeth? Because they only come in when you’re old enough to know better.”

61.    Wisdom teeth are the sharpest tools in your dental toolbox.

62.   Get wisdom from your tooth, or you’ll be sure to pay the cost!

 63.   I got my wisdom too late – it should have been pulled out of date!

64.    A visit to the dentist for a wisdome-ectomy is no laughing matter!

65.   Wisdom teeth are the butt of many jokes, but here’s a few puns to get you tooth-ing:

66.   “You can never have too much wisdom”, or you might end up with four extra guests.

67.   If your wisdom is wise enough

68.    “it won’t ever be causing anyone strife!”

Funny Puns About Wisdom Teeth

69.   Your dentist will remind you that there’s no need to worry; when an uncomfortable situation arises they’ll tell you it’s just part of life!

70.   Wisdom teeth should be a pinch wiser; they always come in twos.

71.   Don’t forget to floss your wisdom teeth, or else the dentist will have the last laugh!

72.   It’s no use crying over spilled milk teeth… just put on a brave face and get those wisdom teeth out!

73.   I heard the dentist say: “When you get your wisdom teeth out, smile-you’ll be one step closer to being smart!”

74.   Once a person got their wisdom teeth removed and all of his friends joked he was now two thirds less intelligent.

Wisdom Whispers: Wisdom Teeth Puns One Liners

75. “My wisdom teeth were so smart, they decided to ‘bite’ the dentist’s hand!”

76. “Why did the wisdom teeth break up with the molars? They needed some ‘space’!”

77. “Wisdom teeth: the brainiacs of the mouth!”

78. “My wisdom teeth had one job, and they couldn’t ‘tooth’ it!”

79. “Wisdom teeth are like distant relatives; they only show up when it’s inconvenient!”

80. “Why did the dentist make friends with the wisdom teeth? Because they had ‘enlightening’ conversations!”

81. “Wisdom teeth: the ultimate party crashers in your mouth!”

A Play on Wisdom: Celebrating the Removal with (Double Entendre Puns)

82. Let’s get those wisdom teeth wigglin’ and have a jaw-dropping celebration!

83. Time to shake off the wisdom and stir up the laughter – it’s a dental dance extravaganza!

84. Don’t be a wisdom teeth downer; join the grin-inducing gala!

85. Celebrate like a molar – twist and shout without a wisdom care in the world!

86. Are you ready to cut loose from those wisdom constraints and dance freely?

87. Let’s make this extraction celebration one for the dental history books!

88. This festivity is off the wisdom chart – get ready for a toothsome time!

89. Time to dance away the wisdom woes and make moves that’ll leave you smiling!

90. Keep calm and celebrate the wisdom-free grin – it’s worth rejoicing!

91. Get ready to have a blast – no wisdom involved, just pure dental delight!

92. Let’s turn up the joy and have a sizzling good time, leaving wisdom behind!

93. Get your grin on; the revelry’s just getting started, and those wisdom teeth are outta here!

Wisdom Bites: Starting the Pun Extraction (Pun Juxtaposition)

94. The balloon couldn’t join the wisdom teeth celebration because it didn’t have enough hot air.

95. The music at the wisdom teeth gathering was unbearable, it was a total “disco-inferno.”

96. The magician at the wisdom teeth event was really enjoying himself, he was having a wand-erful time.

97. The karaoke machine at the wisdom teeth soiree was out of tune, it was a microwave.

98. The cake at the wisdom teeth celebration was a piece of resistance.

99. The bartender at the wisdom teeth event was feeling spirited.

100. The skeleton couldn’t attend the wisdom teeth gathering because he didn’t have the guts to do it.

101. During the wisdom teeth soiree, the clock was on a time-out.

102. The guests at the wisdom teeth event were on happy trails.

103. The food at the wisdom teeth gathering was mediocre, it was a snack-ident.

104. The wisdom teeth decorations were a real cell-abration.

105. The host of the wisdom teeth event was feeling punchy.

Wisdom Teeth Puns: Spoonerism Symphony of Shenanigans

106. Dental wisdom is key so don’t lose your toof marbles.

107. I asked the dentist for tooth advice he said ‘brush and floss daily to keep the cavity gods at bay.’

108. When the wisdom teeth come knocking the pun-fun starts talking.

109. The oral surgeon’s motto: ‘Extracting wisdom not your last nerve.

110. My wisdom teeth told a joke it was a real molar roller.

111. Wisdom teeth party: where the puns are extracted and the laughter is filling.

112. Dentists love wisdom teeth puns they’re a real cavity filler.

113. The dental hygienist’s tip for wisdom teeth care: Floss wisely laugh heartily.

114. Wisdom teeth puns – a biting sense of humor you can really sink your teeth into.

Extracting Laughter: Oxymoronic Wisdom Teeth Puns That Bite Back

115. Painful Pleasure: Wisdom Teeth Removal Party

116. Jumbo Shrimp: Wisdom Teeth Size

117. Bitter Sweet: Wisdom Teeth Extraction Bash

118. Deafening Silence: Wisdom Teeth Recovery Playlist

119. Virtual Reality: Wisdom Teeth Hilarity

120. Seriously Funny: Wisdom Teeth Stand-Up Comedy

121. Temporary Permanence: Wisdom Teeth Farewell

122. Controlled Chaos: Wisdom Teeth Carnival

123. Happy Tears: Wisdom Teeth Extraction Celebration

124. Bright Darkness: Wisdom Teeth Surgery Soiree

wisdom teeth may be a pain in the mouth, but they provide plenty of comedic material in the form of puns. So the next time you’re experiencing discomfort from your wisdom teeth, try to see the humor in the situation and share some of these puns with your friends and family. It may not make the pain go away, but it will definitely make you smile.

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