65+ Funny Buffalo Bills Puns 2023

Get ready to have a laugh! We’ve got all your favorite Buffalo Bills puns and jokes right here. Enjoy them whether you’re a die-hard fan or just want a good laugh.

Are you ready to get your laugh on? If you’re a fan of the Buffalo Bills, then you’re going to love these puns! From players to the team itself, we’ve got the puns that will keep you chuckling all season long.

Funny Buffalo Bills Puns

1.  Bills fans will never buffalo you!

2.  The Buffalo Bills have a herd mentality!

3.  Get your game face on – the Buffalo Butts are playing today!

4.  I know a guy named Bill… which makes him a Buffalo-LONE Ranger!

5.  There’s no hoofing around when it comes to supporting the Buffalo Bills!

6.  You can buy Buffalo bills at the Checkout Express.

7.  A Bills fan always pays their dues…and Bills!

8.  The Derby Day for Buffalo Bills fans: The Run for a Touchdown Platter!

9.  Going to an event? Get in line and make some “Bills” as they shout “Go BuffaLO!”

10.  Step up your game with guaranteed winnings when you take out the BuffaLotto ticket.

11.  Buffalo Builders: A play on words to refer to the Bills’ fanbase.

12.  The Bison Brigade: Another pun for fans of the Buffalo Bills.

13.  Beast Mode #BuffaloStyle : Joking about the aggressive style of defense that the Bills tend to have.

14.  Have your cheese and eat it too : Making fun of one of their opponents, the Green Bay Packers, who are famous for their love of cheese!

15.  Buffalo Bill’s Steakhouse: Steakin’ Bills Fans With Flavor!

16.  Bills Fan running late? That’s a Penalty Drive.

17.  If you want to save some money, head to the Bills Store – They’ve got great discounts on buffalo wings and bills swag!

18.  Bills are a hoot, they just bison around instead of doing their work!

19.  I can’t tell if the Buffalo Bills use any tactics- it’s all trial and herd!

20.  The Buffalo Bills really know how to kick up some serious dust – they’re always ahead of the stampede!

Funny Buffalo Bills Puns

Clever Buffalo Bills Puns

Whether you’re tailgating with friends or cheering from your couch, these Buffalo Bills puns are sure to add some fun to your game-day experience.

So, go ahead and use these puns to show your love for the Bills and keep the laughs coming. Let’s go Buffalo!

21.  Billin’ it to Buffalo

22.  Believe in yourself!

23.  The Buffalo Bills are always Believing in themselves!

24.  The Buffalo Bills are so good, the only Bison we need to fear is Fear-son!

25.  Buffalo Bills fans have always been known for their “billin’ enthusiasm”!

26.  “The Buffalo Bills offense is a wild herd; they never know which way they’re going to stampede!”

27.  Buffalo is nimble, Buffalo Bills still have a chance to win the Super Bowl.

28.  Calling the Buffalo Bills “Bills-ify” – because they’re always setting off a new challenge!

29.  Buffalo Bills; Harder than a Tax Lien.

30.  A Bison’s No Joke, But You Can Take the Bills Out of It.

31.  Playing some Bills football is really a leap of faith – they could be the Buffalo Jump Offs at any moment!

32.  Believe it or not, the Buffalo Bills will be on the winning side!

33.  The Buffalo Bills sure are bison the competition.

34.  Buffalo Bills fans are no strangers to drought spells, but “Buffalo’s” persists!

35.  Believe in yourself: You can tackle any task with the perfect game plan.

36.  The Buffalo Bills are so unique, they make a mooooo-mentous impact on the lives of anyone who encounters them!

37.  Buffalo Bills are running so hard they’ll make you go Bills-y!

38.  There’s no BILL-ing around with the Buffalo Bills.

39.  Bills fans are “buffalos of a different feather”!

40.  The Buffalo Bills always know how to take charge; they never back Buffalo!

41.  The fans of the Buffalo Bills are as wild as corralled bison.

42.  When it comes to victory, the only herd that matters is the one in Orchard Park cheering on the Buffalo Bills.

43.  It’s not a stampede until those horns come out – make sure you’re ready for some serious hoofing when rooting for the Buffalo Bills!

Best Puns About Buffalo Bills

Are you a fan of puns and the Buffalo Bills? Well, then you’re in luck because we’ve got some pun-tastic jokes and puns for all you Buffalo Bills fans out there!

 44.  What did the Buffalo Bills fan say when he saw snow outside?”Looks like I have to Believe!”

45.  What time does the Buffalo Bills game start? Just after the buffaloes!

46.  Why did the buffalo bill go to college? He wanted to get his hailed degree!

47.  What did the Buffalo Bills say when they were stuck on a crowded bus? “Let’s Billy out of here!”

48.  Why are Buffalo Bill players so smart in their finances? Because they never buffalo any bills.

49.  What did the Buffalo Bills say when they heard that Christmas was coming?”Oh, snap, it’s Bill-hallelujah!”

50.  What did the Buffalo Bills say when they won their first game? “Bully for us!”

51.  What do you call a Buffalo Bills fan at the Super Bowl? A spectator.

52.  What do you call a Buffalo Bill on the sidelines? A: an instant replay!

53.  Did you hear the joke about the Buffalo Bills? It’s so bad, even their team members don’t get it!

54.  Why do the Buffalo Bills always keep losing? Because every time they get close to winning, someone says “Just wait ’til next year!”

55.  Why did the buffalo bills cross the field? To get to the other slide!

56.  What do you call a buffalo at the Superbowl? A Bills fan!

Best Puns About Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills Puns Reddit

57.  Why did the Buffalo Bills cross the road? To get to their own Super Bowl party!

58.  What do you call a Buffalo Bill that never gives up? The Eternally Optimistic Buffalo Bill.

59.  Why did the Buffalo Bills cross the field? To get to the quarterback on the other side!

60.  Why did the Buffalo Bills keep re-signing players they just cut? Because they kept throwing flags…get it?

61.  What do you call a Buffalo Bill in the Super Bowl? The ‘Same thing as always’ – Champion of disappointment!

62.  What do you call a half-heartedly attempted field goal from the Buffalo Bills? A cow Patty!”

63.  Why don’t the Buffalo Bills ever win at home? Because the other team always gets a first down.

64.  Why did the Buffalo Bills cross the road? To get to their second Super Bowl victory!

65.  What did the Buffalo Bill fan say when his team won their first game in years?”Believe it or not!”

66.  What did the Buffalo Bills say after winning the Super Bowl? Weeeeee made it!

Buffalo Bills Jokes

If you bleed blue and red, laugh loud with these hilarious jokes about your favorite football team. Browse these funniest Buffalo Bills Jokes to share with friends and family!

  • “Why did the Buffalo Bills fan bring a ladder to the game? They heard the seats were ‘uplifting’!”
  • “Why did the buffalo go to the Bills game? To catch the ‘tail’-gating action!”
  • “What did the Buffalo Bills fan say after their team’s victory? ‘I guess we really ‘billed’ ourselves up for that one!'”
  • “Why do Buffalo Bills players always carry a pencil? In case they want to ‘draw’ up a new play!”
  • “Why don’t Buffalo Bills fans ever get lost? Because they always follow the ‘Bills’board signs!”
  • “What do you call a Buffalo Bills fan with a Super Bowl ring? A time traveler!”
  • “Why was the Buffalo Bills’ playbook at the beach? They heard it was good for ‘sand’lot football!”
Buffalo Bills Jokes

Buffalo Bills Sayings

These sayings capture the loyalty and spirit of Buffalo Bills fans.”Bills by birth, fans by choice.”

  • “In the land of wings and snow, we bleed red, white, and Buffalo.”
  • “Sunday: a day of rest, except for Bills fans.”
  • “Buffalo pride runs deep, just like our love for the Bills.”
  • “We don’t rebuild, we Bills-build.”
  • “Through thick snow and thin wins, we stand with the Bills.”
  • “No matter the score, we roar for the Bills, forevermore.”


What is the Buffalo Bills catchphrase?

The Buffalo Bills’ catchphrase is “Go Bills!” This phrase is often used by fans to show support for the team.

What are the nicknames for Bills fans?

Bills fans are often referred to as the “Bills Mafia.” This nickname gained popularity due to the passionate and enthusiastic fan base supporting the team.

What is the nickname of the Buffalo Bills football team?

The Buffalo Bills football team is nicknamed the “Bills.”

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These puns are sure to make you laugh and show off your love for the Buffalo Bills. Share them with your friends and family, and spread the joy of football with these funny Buffalo Bills puns. Go Bills!

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