101  Badass Feminist Captions for Instagram with Quotes

Feminist captions are a form of feminist activism on Instagram. This is where one posts a photo with accompanying text that critiques society’s view on gender and encourages the viewer to rethink their own perspective.

The caption is an integral part of the image, which means it cannot be overlooked when creating feminist images. It allows for an opportunity for people to see themselves in the image and view it from a different angle.

Feminist captions are used in social media as a way to promote feminist beliefs and values. They can also be used as educational tools or simply as self-expression.

With the rise of social media, feminism has become more prevalent in our lives. In fact, a study found that many people are using Instagram to express their feminist views.

Feminism is a movement that focuses on equality and justice for all genders. It is important to have captions that represent these values on Instagram. This article will give you some suggestions for feminist captions.

So let’s start!

Funny Feminist Captions For Instagram 

Are you tired of the same old captions? Check out feminist captions on Instagram, which are funny and thought-provoking. With these funny captions, your feed will look great.

  • I’m not your property.
  • I am a woman who hears me roar.
  • A truly progressive company, we are inspired by every woman willing to TakePurpose and give back.
  • You can be anything you want to be when you grow up, so stand up for what you believe in.
  • I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good excuse to get out there and do something exciting! 😉
  • Stay woke and respectful to every woman out there who is fighting for the acceptance of all women.
  • Women are full of power, and we are simply stronger together.
  • Women are falling asleep on a daily basis because they are equal in all areas.
  • We love being a girl boss and we won’t hide it.
  • You are fiercely independent. You are unapologetically you, and for that, we love you. Happy International Women’s Day!
  • “I will not have my life narrowed down. I will not bow down to somebody else’s whim or to someone else’s ignorance.” -bell hooks.
  • You might think she’s too shy to say hi, but she’s probably just sizing you up.
  • You don’t have to wait for someone to give you permission to be bold and make your own rules.
  • If you know a badass feminist, send her this and let her know that feminism is for everyone.
  • It’s time we stop treating female superheroes as sidekicks.
  • “It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.”  —Madeleine Albright
  • And you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself.
  • Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe that you must become its soul. ~Coretta Scott King
  •  “Be a voice, not an echo.” —Albert Einstein
  • A voice for all women, each and every one of us is our own battle flag. In this brave new world, there is no room for patriarchy.
  • I look like the feminist that I am 😊
  • I love that women are the most powerful people on earth. That doesn’t change their need to be heard & supported. ☀
  • Encouraging, supportive, and empowering.
  • She said she appreciated my dress, I felt really confident in it.
  • You are powerful, you are beautiful. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Baddass Feminist Captions for Instagram

This section discusses how feminist captions can make social media more inclusive and diverse.

Badass Feminist Captions

Gender-positive captions on Instagram are able to attract a wider audience and put a spotlight on female issues. This means that the interactions take place between the users, instead of relying solely on the potential for likes or comments.

These badass feminist captions are used by many people who want to come up with content ideas or just see what others are doing with their photo posts. 

There are also women’s social groups that use it as well in order to generate content ideas for their own Instagram pages.

  • I’ll use my own voice to speak up for myself and all other women.
  • The future is female and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Women’s rights are human rights.
  • You have to be a woman to know how to make them like you. It’s an art.
  • If you don’t fight for your women’s rights, who will?
  • Women who inspire encourage you to change the world.
  • I’m not bossy, I just have leadership skills.
  • If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.
  • Creative women get the job done. We might be a little skeptical of you, but we are always on your side.
  • To show us there is no glass ceiling—when we’re women when we’re men.
  • It is our choice to go barefoot in solidarity with women who CHOOSE to wear heels.
  • Waking up, brushing teeth, and making coffee—are the three things I do every single morning.
  • Now go forth and make our world a better place.
  • Every day is a good day to be a feminist.
  • Of course, I’m a feminist. I believe women are capable of anything men are.
  • Powerful, brave, and compassionate women surround me, and for that I am grateful.
  • Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings.
  • I’m strong, I’m beautiful, I am enough.
  • If you want to know who really empowers me, it’s you.
  • Go ahead and stop mansplaining cause I’m not listening.
  • Empowering people; change the world ✊
  • If you come for one of us, you come for all of us. 
  • Women aren’t here to change the world. They’re on a journey of self-discovery and that’s OK. 
  • Girls, I’m proud of you because you are smart, kind, and challenging stereotypes that others may have imposed on you.
  • Every little girl dreams of being a princess. But we can hardly give them that fantasy. So, let’s make it real!
  • You don’t have to be the only one.

Short Feminist Captions for Instagram

Feminist captions for instagram

This section is meant to be a quick reference guide on some of the most popular and most used short feminist captions for Instagram.

 I will break down the majority of these into a list so that you can find what you are looking for more easily.

  • Females are like: ‘I wake up looking this good.
  • Take up space. Be loud. Demand love and respect and attention.
  • Feminism is the idea that women are human beings.
  • A woman’s place is wherever she wants to be.
  •  Well-behaved women rarely make history.
  • Women are like teabags. We don’t know our true strength until we are in hot water.
  • Yes! We’re going out tonight and you better keep up!
  • She believed she could, so she did.
  • We can’t be what we can’t see.
  • Men of Quality Raise the Standard.
  • Rise and rise again until lambs become lions
  • Never stop being a warrior. Change begins with you. 
  • A strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.
  • Yes, you. I see you. I can relate to the laughter and the pain.
  • If you don’t like being a woman, don’t be one. Do something else.”
  • I think we could all learn something from each other and men can be very sweet.
  • A woman’s worth is not measured by the number of men she can please, but by the number of things she can change.
  • The future is female and intersectional.
  • Women are made of stories and secrets.
  • My voice is not for everyone. It is mine.
  • Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
  • We are strong, not because we can do things alone, but because we can work together.
  • Whatever you do, be fearless.
  • Never trashy, never stupid. 
  • You’re shining bright like a diamond in the social media sea. Keep it up!
  • Soon enough, she’ll be a woman, the rest of us will be proud.
  • We don’t last forever. It’s our bodies, our hearts, and our minds that should be celebrated.
  •  I’m on a quest for my “sassy yellow shoes” today.
  • You can’t care about things you don’t understand, get involved and join a movement, no matter how small!

Why are feminist captions important?

Feminist captions are important because they help in increasing the visibility of women and other marginalized groups. They also help in combating sexism.

They are important because they help in increasing the visibility of women and other marginalized groups. They also help in combating sexism.

How to take your Instagram to the next level with feminism

The use of feminism in Instagram has become a hot topic. And it’s not just because it’s a social media platform that is known for its female-centric content.

You can use feminism as a tool to get more followers, build your brand, and attract new followers.

The most important thing when it comes to using feminism in your Instagram posts is knowing what kind of content you want to share and what kind of audience you are targeting.

The Best Feminism Captions for Your Instagram Feeds!

The best feminism captions for your Instagram feed are those that make you laugh, think, and feel. They’re the ones that make you feel empowered and proud to be a feminist.

There are many different kinds of feminism – some focus on women’s rights, others focus on equality for all genders. But what’s important is to know what kind of feminism you want to promote in your Instagram feed.

How to Make Your Instagram Captions Feminist-Friendly

The first step to making your Instagram captions feminist-friendly is to be aware of the words you use. You should avoid using phrases like “I’m just saying” or “I’m not trying to be a feminist.”

 Instead, try using phrases like “I believe in equality and respect,” “I believe that women should be treated equally.

The second step is to make sure your caption is more than just about the person who posted it. 

For example, you might say something like: “A woman posted this photo of her son and I love seeing how proud she looks.”

Conclusion: Feminist Captions for Instagram

A New Era of Feminism on Social Media: Feminism is a movement to advance social, political, and economic equality for women. It is mainly defined by the belief that women should have equal rights and opportunities to men.

The rise of social media has brought about a new era of feminism. Social media has created an environment where women can express their opinions openly without fear of being shamed or criticized. 

This has given rise to the #MeToo movement, which has encouraged women to speak out against sexual harassment and assault.

Social media platforms such as Instagram have also been used by feminists as a platform for activism. 

Women are using memes and hashtags on Instagram in order to spread awareness about topics such as body-shaming, domestic violence, and sexism on college campuses.

We hope you find this blog post more helpful to understand the concept of feminism on social media and also find the best caption for your Instagram post. 

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