Out-of-This-World Laughs: 160+ Funny Alien Captions For Instagram Adventures

Can you believe it? We found some alien captions for Instagram. We can’t believe they were hiding under our noses this whole time! Read them here.

There has been a lot of talk about alien invasions and alien sightings in the last few years. If you’ve heard any of these tales, make sure to read our alien captions. It’s a great way to have some fun with your friends and family! Check out these hilarious captions about Aliens, from acute aliens to ones that can be used for a photo of a UFO. you will also love to read about angel captions for Instagram.

Best Alien Hentai Instagram Captions 

  • Some aliens just want to watch the world go up in flames.
  • “I’m not an alien, I’m just from a different galaxy” -Us
  • We come in peace.
  • I am from another planet. It’s true.
  • Looking for an intergalactic experience? Try these out. 🌌
  • Wanna take this home? 😈
  • Please send your prayers for the safety of our planet. #alien #extraterrestrial #aliens
  • The future is here. Let’s make it awesome. #makeisawesome
  • My species is known for our exceptional negotiation skills.
  • The aliens are on their way! The aliens are on their way!
  • You can call me a space cadet.
  • Are you an alien? Because I just got abducted by your good looks 
  • Reality is mysterious, and nothing is more real than our origins. #aliens #ufos
  • We will have to have a serious conversation about your wardrobe choices. #aliencaptions
  • Why hello there, little green man. 👽
  • This planet is so hot right now #aliens #intelligentlifeforms
  • No one can hear you scream in space.🚀
  • We are from another planet, but we come in peace.
  • We came in peace and have no intentions of harming you.
  • I’m not just an alien, I’m THE alien
Alien captions for instagram

Funny Alien Captions for Instagram

  • Oh, little green man, where are you from?
  • This planet is so hot right now #aliens #intelligentlifeforms
  • I’m not an alien. I’m your brother from another mother.
  • “UFOs are real”
  • Do you believe in alien life?
  • My species is known for our exceptional negotiation skills.
  • Aliens have arrived on Earth. 
  • The Aliens have landed!
  • I’m a traveler from another planet.
  • I’m an alien from outer space. If you can read this, then call the Men in Black. I want to go home.
  • We took the alien ship to another level with a 1″ body lift, 35” tires, and Mamba-style wheels.
  • I am all the aliens.
  • This week we answer the question: What is it like to actually be on Mars?
  • The galaxy is full of conceivable wonders and we are lucky to have the opportunity to explore it.
  • Swirling through the Cosmos.
  •  It’s launch day. Are you ready for the next step in your journey?
  •  Consume the pure energy of nature and the intergalactic universe.

Cute Alien Captions for Instagram

  • Daylight savings of the mind.
  • If your idea of a great bike ride is an alien invasion, you’ve come to the right place.
  • At first, the universe seemed like a pretty big place. But then I discovered how many other people were on board.
  • Even when life feels like it’s moving at light speed, there is always time to take a moment and enjoy the stars.
  • From our world to the next, we don’t always understand each other but we should always try.
  • Space is a place where you can’t breathe or hear.
  • The future is yours to create.
  • home is where I came from, and maybe that’s where I’m going.
  • Shout out to my alien friends!
  • The truth is out there. #AlienDay
  • It’s an alien. It’s a bird. It’s flying. No, it’s a UFO in the sky!
  • We are here to make you happy and entertain you.
  • Hovering around the world today like a Traveler.
  • Earth is full of charms and wonders, but I will be ready when it is time to come back to our home Mars.
  • This #WorldAlienDay we look back at some of our most iconic aliens—including the original.
  • Are there really such aliens? What happened to them? What are they good for?
  • Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at our next performance.
  • Our next show is going to be out of this world.
  • Welcome back to our Dark Side

Astronaut Costume Instagram Captions

  • My powers are in space with unbelievable limits.
  • “She walks in like a winking emoji, out like a shooting star.”
  • Our planet might be boring so I hope they visit something soon.
  • I am an alien in disguise.
  • I know what you’re thinking. Why is there a dinosaur in this spaceship?
  • “I woke up like this.I think I’ll sleep like this as well.”
  • 🐜 The only way to go is OUT THERE.
  • “I am the queen of this planet 👸🏼”
  • I’m a little bit of a galaxy, a little bit of a star.
  • I’m ready to party, are you?
  • If we make eye contact, do you think he will take us with him?
  • We’re from another world.
  • Did you ever notice that aliens always have three fingers? Where did they get that idea?
  • Just landed…how do you do, fellow Earthlings?
  • I’m an alien in a human’s body on planet Earth to explore and learn.
  • We are not alone.
  • If they don’t believe in aliens, they probably don’t believe in you.
  • You’re in a strange town, with strange people. Who are you?
  • UFO you believe?

Alien Halloween Captions For Instagram

Here are some funny alien captions for your Halloween photos. They will make you and your friends laugh, and they can be used to share on social media.

  • “It’s not a bug… it’s an alien” 👽 
  • They’re coming to take us away.
  • I came, I saw, I conquered.
  • “I’ll be back” . . . as an alien . . .
  • We’re sending out an S.O.S. because Halloween is coming.
  • I’ve been watching you, you know.
  • Don’t be afraid. We’re Aliens, not monsters. 🔬
  • Whoooooo will you call for your next Halloween party?
  • There’s something about space that makes it a good place for aliens to hang out.
  • The aliens inhabit the planet live in peace and harmony
  • Down here, we have a saying. Everyone deserves a home
  • Your next adventure is waiting for you.
  • We are the only beings on this planet.
  • By natural forces, we are pushed and pulled.
  • Not everyone who wanders is lost.

Space Captions Instagram

  • This Halloween, you don’t have to travel light years to look cool. 
  • Have you ever heard that sound .
  • We’re going to space.
  • A spaceman and an alien walk into a bar.
  • Two worlds, two species, one party.
  • This is the best day of our lives. 
  • Mars, here we come. 
  • “I come in peace” .
  • “You are a child of the universe. No less than the trees and the stars you have a right to be here.”
  • They say that space is the final frontier; we say it’s where you want to be. 

Good Alien Captions for Instagram

  • These captions will surely make your friends laugh! Read more here.
  • He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake.
  • I found a new planet and it’s perfect.
  • It’s a good alien, bad alien world.
  • Oh you’re an alien. Cool cool cool.
  • Be prepared to be abducted by this alien.
  • Alien: “I’ve been sent to earth because your planet is dying”.
  • Why did I even come to earth? 🚀
  • We’re getting ready for the day when aliens finally arrive. #alien 
  • I’m not saying where I was, who I was with, or what I was doing. But I am saying this is not my planet. 🌍
  • So scroll down and choose the one you like.
  • They look like they’re having a great time.
  • “Cute alien”. This weekend only.
  • We’re the cute alien your coworkers warned you about. #aliens
  • They look like they’re having a great time. ☀
  • Let’s be friends because we’re too cute to be enemies.
  • We came in peace. Just kidding, we came for the .
  • I got 99 Instagram captions and a space alien is one of them
  • “What if we weren’t meant to be together, but we were fated to meet?”
  • I can read minds. And yours is boring.

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