90+ Funny Jokes About Legs

Here are some Funny Jokes About Legs and the best puns about legs to crack you up. These jokes about legs are great for kids and adults.

Legs are one of the most important and functional parts of our body. They help us to stand, walk, run, jump, and do a lot of other things. But did you know that legs can also be a source of laughter and amusement?

Yes, you heard it right. There are some funny jokes about legs that can make you laugh out loud. In this blog, we have compiled some of the best jokes about legs that will tickle your funny bone.

Clean Jokes About Legs

1. Why do those legs look so sad?

Perhaps their parents split up.

2.  Looking for a charity to help those with poor legs?

 Consider Arch support.

3.  How did one leg propose to another?

 On bended knee, like everyone else.

4.  Why did the leg visit the doctor?

 It had a femur fever of 102 degrees.

5.  Where did the new legs’ parents put their baby?

In a stroller, of course!

6.  What’s the least favorite clothing item of a quadriplegic person?


7.  What do you get when you cross a busy road, a broken leg, and a blindfold?

 Hit, unfortunately.

8.  Which part of the leg is always at a 90-degree angle?

The right ankle.

9.  Where does a one-legged girl work?

 At IHOP, perhaps.

10.  Why do people wish theatre actors to break a leg?

 Because each performance has a cast.

11.  What’s a man’s best friend with four legs?

A couch, of course.

12.  What do you call a cow without legs?

 Ground beef, unfortunately.

13.  Do you know the name of a woman with one leg longer than the other?


14.  Why should you avoid joking about broken legs?

Because it’s not humorous.

15.  How do you refer to a Chinese man with a missing leg?

Tie won shu

16.  What is the preferred music band of a leg?

The Shins.

17.  Who is the favorite philosopher of a leg?


18.  Why did Achilles end up in prison?

He had a violent case of tendon-cies.

19.  Have you heard about the two legs who couldn’t tell lies?

 They couldn’t even fibula.

Jokes About Broken Legs

From skinny legs to thunder thighs, legs come in all shapes and sizes and there’s no shortage of hilarious jokes about them. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to laugh out loud at these funny jokes about legs.

20.  What is a Chornobyl child’s nickname when they have a fractured limb?

A glowing crutch.

21.  Why is it not advisable to make jests about fractures?

Because it’s a serious matter, not humorous.

22.  If you attempt to cross a busy road while blindfolded and with a fractured leg, what is likely to occur?

You’ll likely get hit.

23.  What is the term for a one-eyed deer with a broken leg?

I have no clue-deer.

24.  How do you provide care for a grown-up chicken that has a broken leg?

You make chicken soup for them.

25.  Who has broken arms, broken legs, and is submerged in a river?

Individuals who crack jokes about the Mafia.

26.  Did you catch the news about the competition between horses with fractures?

It was boring since they were all lame.

27.  Why did the penguin go to the desert?

 To chill out on the hot sand.

28.  Why did the tomato turn red?

 Because it saw the salad dressing.

29.  Why did the bicycle fall over?

 Because it was a kick-stand challenge.

30.  Did you know about the legs who pursued higher education?

They spent their time on the quad.

31.  What did the legs choose as their beachwear?

 A caftan.

32.  What is the favorite religion of a leg?


33.  What did the leg say to reconcile with its partner?

 “I need you.”

34.  Did you hear about the leg that went up to bat?

It walked.

35.  Why did the chicken need an X-ray?

 To check for any poultry fractures!

36.  How did the cast respond to the bone’s farewell message?

 “We’ll miss you too!”

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Jokes About Breaking a Leg

37.  Why did the actor break up with his girlfriend?

She kept telling him to “break a leg” before every performance, but he was getting tired of the constant pressure.

38.  Did you hear about the person who broke their leg in a cooking accident?

They tried to make Jello, but they forgot to add water.

39.  Why did the musician break his leg?

 He was playing some heavy metal.

40.  Why did the actor break up with his girlfriend?

She always told him to “break a leg,” but he was afraid of taking her advice too literally.

41.  What is a humorous nickname for a woman with only one leg?


42.  What furniture piece has four legs and is considered man’s best friend?

 A sofa.

43.  What is a quirky name for a three-legged donkey?

A Wonky.

44.  What did the injured cat say when it was in pain?

It cried “me-ow”.

45.  Why do pirates typically only have one hand and one leg?

 Because their ship cost them an arm and a leg.

46.  In what restaurant might you find a one-legged waitress working?


47.  When you stub your toe, where could you jokingly say you live?


48.  What song might a one-legged girl sing?

Lean On.

49.  Why are noses and feet considered opposites?

 Because noses run, and feet smell.

50.  What humorous name might you give to a new knee that engages in a rap battle?


51.  What is a funny name for a pig with no legs?

A groundhog.

52.  What might you say to a one-legged hitchhiker?

Hop in!

53.  What type of shoes might an artist wear?


54.  How might a frog feel if it had a broken foot?


55.  What type of shoes are edible?


56.  What type of shoes might an airplane wear?

High heels.

57.  What might a femur say to a patella?

 “I need you”.

58.  What is it called when a knee transplant fails?


59.  Why did someone put a party hat on someone’s knee?

They thought it would be funny.

60.  What part of your body might enjoy drinking milk?

Your calf.

61.  What might you call a sheep with no back legs and front legs?

A cloud.

62.  Who is the most famous footwear philosopher?


63.  Why did the soccer player break a leg?

He was trying to score a goal, but ended up scoring a fracture instead.

64.  Why did the pirate break a leg?

He got into a fight with a peg-legged opponent and things got a little out of hand.

65.  Why did the math teacher break a leg?

She was trying to demonstrate the concept of “division by zero” and accidentally tripped over her own feet.

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Best Jokes About Legs

Legs are an essential part of our body, and without them, we wouldn’t be able to walk, run, or dance.

However, they are also a common subject of jokes and puns. Whether you have long legs, short legs, or even no legs, these funny jokes about legs will definitely tickle your funny bone.

66.  How do you wrap a gift filled with body parts?

With legs for bows.

67.  What’s a leg’s preferred method of protest?

 Holding a sit-in.

68.  What do you call a child from Chernobyl with a broken leg?

 A glowing crutch.

69.  What has broken limbs and is at the bottom of a river?

People who make Mafia jokes.

70.  What has two legs but can’t walk?

A pair of trousers.

71.  What do you call a Smurf without arms or legs?

A blueberry.

72.  What did the leg use to cook with?

 A wok.

73.  Did you hear about the knees that were incredibly wealthy?

They had no salary limit.

74.  What’s an insect’s preferred leg workout?

The butterfly stroke.

75.  Do you know where you can find an elephant with no legs?

 Right, where you left it!

76.  Have you heard the one about the man who is all right now after he cut off his left leg?

Here’s a real knee-slapper for you: a joke about legs.

77.  Do you know why ET is short?

Because he only has tiny legs!

78.  What’s the name of a three-legged donkey?

A wonk.

79.  Why couldn’t the med student pass anatomy?

She couldn’t make the cut.

80.  Where do hippopotamuses study medicine?

The Hippocampus.

81.  What caused the student to fail in anatomy?

 The professor was too stern.

82.  Which bone is the least trustworthy?

 The fibula.

83.  When does a skeleton find something funny?

 When you tickle its funny bone.

84.  Even though he disliked his friend, why did the man go to his new house?

His wife insisted.

85.  When the cat hurt its leg, what did it say?


86.  Why do pirates have only one leg and one arm?

Their ship cost them an arm and a leg.

87.  Where does a waitress with one leg work?


88.  Where do you go when you stub your toe?


89.  What song does a girl with one leg sing?

 Lean On.

90.  Why are feet and noses opposites?

 Feet smell, but noses run.

91.  What has two legs but cannot walk?


92.  Why do milking stools have three legs?

 Because the cow has the udder one.

Final Thoughts

These jokes about legs and other funny puns are guaranteed to make you laugh. Share them with your friends and family and spread the joy. Remember that laughter is the best medicine, and it can make your day better, regardless of how you’re feeling.

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