200+ Mortal Kombat Jokes Los: Test Your Laugh Fatality!

Looking for a good laugh to brighten up your day? Look no further than these funny Mortal Kombat jokes! Mortal Kombat, the popular fighting game franchise, has not only entertained millions of gamers worldwide but has also inspired a multitude of hilarious jokes and memes. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for some lighthearted entertainment, these jokes are sure to tickle your funny bone. So sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy some rib-tickling humor from the world of Mortal Kombat!

Flawless Victory of Laughter: Best Mortal Kombat Jokes

1. Why did Sub-Zero join the army?  Because he wanted to serve cold justice.

2. How do you beat Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat?  Just be sure to take it one dragon kick at a time.

3. Why did Johnny Cage have trouble selling his car?  It had too many low kicks.

4. Why is Raiden a terrible DJ?  Because he can’t handle all the electric boogaloo.

5. Why is Sonya Blade the most popular fighter?  She always delivers that fatality finish.

6. What do you call a fatality by Scorpion?  A hot toasty surprise!

7. How do you beat Goro in Mortal Kombat?  You gotta be hands-down better.

8. What do you get when you cross a dog with Jax Briggs?  A “Bark Breaker” of course!

9. What do you call the backside of Baraka?  A Razor Edge Backlash.

10. Why is Shang Tsung such a good dresser?  He can wear anyone’s outfit!

11. What’s the easiest way to defeat Shao Kahn? Just steal his Shokan warrior contract.

12. Why is Kano such a good fisherman?  He always brings the metal hooks!

13. What’s the best thing about Noob Saibot?  You don’t have to deal with his reflection.

14. What do you call the scariest member of the Mortal Kombat franchise?  Fatalities. They always leave you cold.

15. How do you beat Kitana in Mortal Kombat ?  Make her kiss the canvas.

16. Why is Baraka so afraid of bathrooms?  He hates using Razor’s Edge!

17. What’s the difference between a fight with Kung Lao and a pimple?  One can be easily popped.

18. Why is Sub-Zero so obsessed with smoothies?  Because they are cold as ice.

19. Why is Mileena’s voice so low?  She likes to growl like a tiger.

Fatal Chuckles for Little Kombatants: Mortal Kombat Jokes for Kids

20. Why did Scorpion bring a ladder to the Mortal Kombat tournament?  Because he wanted to “get over here” without teleporting!

2. What do you call a friendly Mortal Kombat character?  “Kung Pals” instead of “Kung Lao”!

22. Why did Sub-Zero bring a jacket to the tournament?  Because he heard it was going to be “cool”!

23. What’s Scorpion’s favorite dessert?  “Toasty” marshmallows!

24. Why did Liu Kang get a job at a bakery?  Because he’s great at making “flawless” pastries!

25. What’s Shang Tsung’s favorite subject in school?  “Soul-cial” studies!

26. What do you get when you cross Mortal Kombat with a birthday party?  “Finish Him” cake!

27. Why did Kitana bring a map to the tournament?  Because she wanted to “Mileena-vigate” her way around!

28. What’s Jax’s favorite instrument?  The “Sonya”iphone!

29. How does Sub-Zero chill out after a long day of fighting?  He takes an “ice” bath!

30. What’s Reptile’s favorite game?  “Hide and Seek-tile”!

31. Why did Scorpion start a gardening club?  Because he’s great at “getting over here” and planting flowers!

32. How does Kano like his coffee?  With a “Kano-brew” and some “Kabal” creamer!

33. What did Johnny Cage say when he won a cooking competition?  “I guess my kicks aren’t the only thing that’s ‘flawless’!”

34. Why did Baraka become a barber?  Because he’s really good at giving people “sharp” haircuts!

35. What’s Noob Saibot’s favorite type of music?  “Shadowstep”!

36. What did Scorpion say when he entered the sushi restaurant?  “I’ve come for some ‘Get over here-amaki’!”

37.  Why did the Mortal Kombat character bring a ladder to school?  Because he wanted to go to “Finish Him” class!

Kombat Kackles Unleashed: Dive into the Mortal Kombat Jokes Reddit

38. What do you get when you mix Scorpion and Sub-Zero?  A freezer-burn.

39. Why did Sub-Zero break up with his girlfriend?  She just couldn’t handle his ice-cold personality.

40. What did Goro say to his opponent after he defeated him?  “I got four words for you: You’re dead, meat.”

41. How did Sonya Blade manage to take down a whole gang of criminals on her own?  She just showed them her moves.

42. What did Johnny Cage say to the actor who was playing his stunt double?  “Thanks for taking a punch for me.”

43. Why did Kano get fired from his job as a chef?  He kept trying to slice everything with his laser eye.

44. How many Reptiles does it take to change a lightbulb?  Just one, but he has to slither up the ladder.

45. What did Shang Tsung say to his mirror reflection?  “You can’t copy me!”

46. Why did the Mortal Kombat fighters go on a trip to Disneyland?  To experience a whole new world of battles.

47. What do you call a Sub-Zero with a cold?  An Icebreaker.

48. Why did Noob Saibot feel left out at the Mortal Kombat tournament?  Because he was always in the shadows.

49. What did Jade say when her friends asked her how she learned to use her bo staff so well?  “It’s all in the hip action.”

50. How did Baraka make his girlfriend’s heart skip a beat?  By showing her his chop chop chop move.

51. What did Cyrax say when he got invited to a dance party?  “I’m ready to break it down…with my bombs.”

52. What did Ermac say when his opponents underestimated him?  “You can’t defeat me. I am many!”

53. Why did Kitana break up with Liu Kang?  He just didn’t have the right finishing move.

Finish Him with Humor: Dirty Mortal Kombat Jokes Edition

54. What do you call a Mortal Kombat tournament for chefs? “Iron Chef: Mortal Kombat Edition.”

55. How does Sub-Zero like his coffee?  Ice, ice, baby!

5. Why did Liu Kang bring a ladder to the fight?  Because he wanted to “climb” the ranks!

47. What’s Raiden’s favorite fruit?  Thunder-melons!

58. Why did Johnny Cage become a movie star. ?  Because he wanted to “finish” his opponents in style!

59. What did Scorpion say when he opened a pizza restaurant?  “Get over here and try our ‘Toasty’ pizza!”

60. What’s Kitana’s favorite subject in school?  Fan-tastic art!

61. Why did Reptile get a job as a car mechanic?  Because he loves working with “kombat” engines!

62. How does Sub-Zero stay cool in the summer ?  He uses his “cool” fatalities!

63. Why did Kano start a music career?  Because he wanted to “kano” the charts!

64. Why don’t Mortal Kombat characters play hide and seek?  Because they can’t hide their special moves!

65. What’s Scorpion’s favorite type of music?  “Get over here” rock!

6. Why did Shang Tsung get a job as a makeup artist?  Because he can shape-shift his clients’ appearances!

67. Why did Jax open a gym?  Because he wanted to help people “fight” obesity!

68. What do you call a Mortal Kombat cooking show?  “Finish Him with Flavor!”

69. Why did Sub-Zero start a snow removal business? Because he can “ice” the competition!

70. What’s Goro’s favorite card game?  Four-card poker!

71.  What’s Shao Kahn’s favorite dance move?  The “Soul Stepper”!

Test Your Giggles: Funny Mortal Kombat Jokes Extravaganza

72. What did Sub-Zero say when he walked into a party?  “Ice to meet you all!”

73. Why did Johnny Cage become a professional magician?  Because he wanted to perform his FATALITY tricks on stage!

74. How do you know Liu Kang is great at math?  Because he’s always using his FIST-calculator!

75. What did Raiden say when he discovered a discounted electricity bill?  “Shocking, isn’t it?”

76. How many Shao Kahns does it take to change a light bulb?  Just one, but he’ll have to use his hammer!

77. What’s Ermac’s favorite toy?  A SOUL-o-coaster!

78. Why did Sonya Blade become a hairstylist?  She loves giving “hair-cuts” with her Kombat moves!

79. What’s Kung Lao’s favorite dish?  Hat-chos, served with a side of teleportation!

80. Why did Sub-Zero bring a ladder to the fight?  Because he wanted to “ice reach” his opponent’s uppercut!

81. How does Scorpion like his coffee?  Toasty!

82. What’s Jax’s favorite music genre?  Heavy METAL!

83. Why did Mileena open a pet shop ?  She wanted to sell her PURR-fectly crafted claws!

84. What happens when you tell a bad joke to Shinnok?  He’ll say, “You’re absolutely GRUESOME at comedy!”

85. Why did Reptile enroll in a dance class?  He wanted to improve his SNAKE-rhythms!

86. How does Goro style his hair?  With a FORe-arm gel!

87. Why did Kabal start a bakery?  He loves serving people his “Fast Food” Fatalities!

88.  What did Scorpion say when he won a hotdog eating contest ?  “GET over beer!”

Jestice League: Meet the Joke Characters of Mortal Kombat

89. Scorpion

90. Sub-Zero

91. Liu Kang

92. Raiden

93. Kitana

94. Johnny Cage

95. Sonya Blade

96. Kung Lao

97. Mileena

98. Shang Tsung

99. Jax Briggs

100. Baraka

101. Sindel

102. Shao Kahn

103. Kotal Kahn

104. Erron Black

105. Cassie Cage

107. Reptile

108. Noob Saibot

Flawless Pickup Lines: Mortal Kombat Edition for a Chuckle Kombat

109. “Are you Scorpion? Because every time I see you, my heart says ‘Get over here!'”

110. “Is your name Mileena? Because every time I look at you, I get a flawless victory in my heart.”

111. “Are you Liu Kang? Because you’ve got the fire that’s burning in my soul.”

112. “Is your love a Fatality? Because it’s finishing me off in the best way possible.”

113. “Are you a Sub-Zero player? Because you’ve frozen my heart, and I can’t resist your icy charm.”

114. “Is your love like Raiden’s lightning? Striking and electrifying, and I can’t get enough.”

115. “Are you Sonya Blade? Because you’ve captured my heart, and I’m ready to fight for you in any arena.”

Some Final Thoughts

With clever wordplay, playful puns, and humorous takes on characters and iconic moments, these jokes provide a refreshing break from the brutal battles and fatalities. So, let the laughter flow and embrace the humorous side of Mortal Kombat as these jokes provide a fun-filled journey through the realms.

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