90+ Funny Nose Puns & Jokes

Nose puns are a great way to add some humor to your conversations. Whether you’re telling a joke, trying to break the ice, or just looking for a good laugh, a well-timed nose pun can do wonders. We’ve compiled a list of some of the funniest nose puns out there to help you take your humor game to the next level.

They’re versatile and can be used in a variety of situations, from conversations with friends to presentations and speeches. Keep these puns in your arsenal and you’ll be sure to impress your audience with your wit and humor.

Broken Nose Puns

1. The Aller G’s were a gang that only recruited individuals with runny noses.

2.  Pinocchio’s nose grew each time he slept, suggesting he was lying often.

3.  Voldemort seemed to have slipped God’s mind, despite claims that God knows everything.

4.  A conversation between eyes revealed a suspicious odor between them.

5.  A group of friends went out, and one of them had a runny nose. The situation was rather humorous, as it was snot.

6.  I once pondered what the taste of a nose could be, only to realize it’s impossible to taste.

7.  I traveled to a meadow from my childhood, where familiar scents overwhelmed me with nostalgia.

8.  Burning a gold-scented candle resulted in a luxurious and rich aroma.

9.  A devout individual believed an angel was watching over them, resulting in a heavenly scent.

10.  Our boss implemented a fragrance policy at work, and I comply to avoid getting sent home.

11.  Nose-less is a term used to describe someone who lacks both a nose and intelligence.

12.  A man went to the doctor with a peculiar problem: his feet smelled, and his nose ran, making him feel upside down.

13.  I detest individuals who sneeze without covering their mouths and noses. It’s sickening.

14.  While everyone indulges in nose-picking, I have always taken pride in cherishing my natural nose.

15.  My friend was down with a runny nose, and I playfully suggested, “Break its legs,” to lift her spirits.

16.  A pig, who also happened to be a chef, was busy digging for treasure in its nose, leaving hamburgers all around.

17.  During a classroom discussion on the anatomy of the nose, Rob’s response to “boogers” did not quite meet the teacher’s expectations.

18.  I complimented my father on his pleasant fragrance, and he humbly credited it to the proper use of both nostrils.

19.  By mistake, I sprayed deodorant in my mouth, resulting in a bizarre aroma of axe lingering around whenever I spoke.

20.  I came up with a clever idea for a fragrance – it’s infused with the scents of humor, my colleague said that’s the key ingredient.

21.  Today, I spotted a suspicious character with a prominent peg nose on the street, and henceforth dubbed him “suspeg.”

22.  During my time at the nasal academy, I discovered a variety of humor-infused aromas.

23.  At football practice, the nose seemed down in the dumps, maybe because it didn’t get picked for the team.

24.  A scentless serial killer with no nose was finally apprehended yesterday for his odorless acts of violence.

Broken Nose Puns

Big Nose Puns

If you’re looking for some good ol’ nose humor, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of the funniest nose puns that are sure to make you laugh.

25.  The nose was exhausted from constantly running.

26.  “I nose you’re looking at me!”

27.  “I nose you’re jealous of my size.”

28.  I will not provide a rewrite for this joke as it is inappropriate and offensive.

29.  “Your nose is so big, I’m surprised it doesn’t need its own seat on the bus.”

30.  “You could probably smell a rat from a mile away with a nose like that.”

31.  The Anchor Chiefs were known for their frequent nose-blowing while at sea.

32.  Pinocchio’s nose would grow every time he told a lie, even in his sleep.

33.  When passing by arrogant vegetables in the market, people tend to turn up their noses.

34.  When shoppers stroll past the conceited vegetables at the market, they often turn up their noses.

35.  While riding the bus, I noticed a stranger with a runny nose, but when I mentioned it to him, he simply replied, “It’s snot.”

36.  I was having some fun with a clown and playing ‘got your nose,’ but unfortunately got caught by the police.

37.  The nose was completely worn out from incessant running.

38.  On the farm, there was a nosy pig that always pried into other animals’ business, earning the nickname “nosey porker.”

Funny Nose Puns

39.  The devout nostril had a hunch that a guardian angel was keeping watch.

40.  The celestial being exuded an otherworldly aroma.

41.  I complimented my father on his pleasant fragrance recently.

42.  The boss introduced a new scent policy at the workplace.

43.  Non-compliant employees risk being sent packing.

44.  I can’t fathom why people enjoy picking their noses.

45.  Personally, I value the nose I was born with.

46.  My friend was unwell and had a persistent runny nose.

47.  I jokingly suggested he break its legs.

48.  He accidentally sprayed deodorant into his mouth yesterday.

49.  Consequently, an unpleasant scent of an axe emanated every time he spoke.

50.  My coworker decided to create a humorous perfume.

51.  I advised her that the key ingredient should be a sense of humor.

52.  We spotted an individual with a peculiar peg-like nose the other day.

We dubbed him a “suspeg.”

53.  It’s impossible for your nose to be a foot long, as that would make it a whole foot!

54.  My niece was searching for replacement noses for her doll after its nose broke, and I suggested she check the ol-factory.

55.  Despite having a runny nose for three days, he refused to blow his nose before his interview.

56.  When a T-Rex slipped and broke its nose, the doctor recommended dinoplasty.

57.  Semi-cologne is the most pleasantly-scented punctuation mark.

58.  If you give a Wookiee a De-yoda-rant, they will smell much better.

59.  I made a deal with my brother that if he made the car smell bad with his food, he’d have to give me $30 of his allowance. I ended up getting my 20 per-scent.

60.  A cold war agent was caught due to the scent of his deodorant, which gave away his identity.

61.  When a nose visited its hometown after a long time, it felt overwhelmed with nostril-gia.

62.  Many people underestimate the importance of their noses.

63.  After I replaced my sister’s broken doll nose, my mom said, “Well, that’s snifty.”

64.  I once saw a hippo with a sinus infection and named it ‘The hippospotamus.’

65.  In a horror movie I watched, a man could possess people by sneezing, which was said to be based on a true achoo story.

66.  The Flamingos are pink birds that always have mucus in their throats.

Jokes for Big Noses

67.  What do you call a person who lacks knowledge and also doesn’t have a nose?  Noseless.

68.  How did he prevent the skunk’s odor? He plugged his nose.

69.  Which group of sailors frequently used tissues?  The Anchor Chiefs.

70.  Why did Pinocchio’s nose extend every time he dozed off?  His constant lying caused it to grow.

71.  What’s the problem with having a 12-inch nose?  It would be as long as a foot!

72.  Who are the sailors that frequently blow their noses?  The Anchor Chiefs!

73.  What lives inside your nostrils and has different colors?  A rainbow booger!

74.  What do you find inside a cow’s nostril?  Cow-moogers!

75.  What is green, movies at 200 MPH, and exits through your nose? A booger-ghini!

76.  What do you call a nose without a body?  A nobody’s nose!

77.  What’s the most effective approach to stop a skunk’s odor? Clamp its nose shut!

78.  What happens when cows chuckle?  Milk spews out of their noses!

79.  Why was the nose exhausted? Because it wouldn’t stop running.

80.  What is the best way to fracture a blonde’s nose?  Put a glass table on top of a pumpkin spice frappuccino.

81.  Can you identify the scent of horse hooves?  They smell like a fractured nose.

82.  Who were the sailors that blew their noses the most? The Anchor Chiefs.

83.  Why did Pinocchio’s nose continue to grow every time he slept? Because he was always telling lies.

84.  How do people react when they come across arrogant vegetables at the market?  They turn up their noses.

85.  Do you know the name of the person who is ignorant and has no nose?  It’s Nose-less.

86.  What can be found inside a ghost’s nostrils?  Boogers, of course!

87.  Why did the nose feel exhausted? It was constantly running without any break!

88.  Which body part do individuals commonly forget to appreciate?  Their own noses!

89.  How would you refer to a pig that tends to interfere in other’s affairs?  A curious porker, perhaps?

Jokes for Big Noses

Big Nose Jokes

90.  Which fragrance is favored by punctuation?  Semi-cologne.

91.  How can a Wookie smell pleasant? Use De-Yoda-rant.

92.  Why is the center of the face the location for the nose?  It’s the scenter.

93.  What is the odor of horse hooves? Similar to a broken nose.

94.  Why do many lawyers have broken noses?  They chase parked ambulances.

95.  How to prevent a skunk from smelling bad?  Hold its nose.

96.  Who among sailors blow their noses often?  Anchor Chiefs.

97.  What’s the commonality between a moose and a triceratops? Both have noses.

98.  How do you say “nose” in Spanish? Nose.

99.  What’s the joke for a pig without a nose? You have bought a snout!

100.  Why doesn’t Voldemort have a human nose?  His snake bit it off.

101.  What’s the term for someone without a body and nose?  Nobody knows.

102.  Why did the rear end have a terrible smell?  It lacked a nose and farted.

103.  Have you heard the joke about the noseless elephant?  Neither have I.

104.  What did the little girl tell her father about leprosy?  “Oops, I got your nose!”

105.  Do you know what zombies use to blow their noses?  Human tissue!

106.  How does Michael Jackson choose his nose?  He picks it from a catalog.

107.  Why can’t a nose be 30.48 centimeters long?  Because then it would be 0.3048 meters!

108.  Where does a nose go to work? At the factory.

109.  Why did the smiley emoji drop its nose?  It was too negative.

110.  Why does Jack Skellington’s dog have a shiny nose?  Because he’s Boo’s hound.

111.  What happens when Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer takes the microphone?  He sleighs the audience.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed these funny nose puns. Remember, laughter is the best medicine, and sometimes, all you need is a silly joke to brighten up your day. So go ahead, share these with your friends and family, and get ready for some giggles. And who knows, maybe you’ll even come up with a few clever nose puns of your own!

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