300+ Cute Married Couple Captions for Instagram

Look no further if you’re looking for the perfect Married couple captions for your next Instagram post! Whether you’re celebrating your own marriage or that of a loved one, these captions will add a touch of love and levity to your photos.

A married couple can use Instagram to share photos and captions that express their love for each other.

They can also use the platform to document their life together, share funny moments, and give glimpses into their day-to-day lives. By doing so, they can provide their followers with a glimpse into their relationship and what it’s like to be married.

No matter what your relationship status, these captions are sure to make your Instagram followers smile. So go ahead and share that beautiful photo of you and your spouse – and don’t forget to add a sweet caption!

Instagram Captions for Married Couples

There’s nothing quite like being married to your best friend. You can always count on them to be there for you, no matter what. And what better way to show your love for them than with a heartfelt Instagram caption?

No matter what kind of married couple you are, we hope you can find a caption that perfectly captures your relationship.

You make the air that I breathe, complete.

The best is yet to come.

Not gonna lie, I’m in love with this guy.

We’re married and we look great.

Sunday mornings are made for pancakes.

Married life is better with a good breakfast in bed.

I’m married to my soulmate #blessed

We’re in love with each other #luckycharm

Being a happy couple is like a dance. You’ve got to learn the steps and trust your partner.

When you love someone it’s easy to take their hand and walk together.

Better together, forever.

He is her perfect match.

The perfect match.

They say they’re stronger together. It’s true.

If you know you know. #MarriedCouple

We’ve successfully tied the knot.

The perfect couple. ( I may be biased )

A marriage of style and soul.

We’re the type of married couple that can spend an entire day at Ikea and not speak a word to each other #marriedcouplegoals

A wedding is coming, it’s time to put a ring on it!

I love you more than coffee and avocados.

He’s the King of my castle.

The happiest of happy endings.

The story of a girl who found her prince, and the prince who found his princess.

We’re planning our next.

It’s true love when you’re still able to find your partner cute even after they’ve eaten a whole cake by themselves.

How many people have you married today?

I’m not a superhero, but I’m here to  the day!

Sharing a moment.

Us against the world.

Chillin’ with my favorite person.

Marrying my best friend.

My better half.

Instagram Captions for Newly Married Couple

Newlyweds are always looking for the perfect Instagram caption to capture their love. If you’re a newlywed, or about to be, here are some of the best Instagram captions for newly married couples.

Instagram Captions for Newly Married Couple

It’s true love when you’re still able to find your partner cute even after they’ve eaten a whole cake by themselves.

We’re happy to announce the marriage of…

The newlyweds climbed into an Instagram wedding cake and someone pushed the button #happilyeverafter

“We’ve outgrown our clothes, but not our friendship.”

We’ve been together for 8 years and it’s been the best ride. Happy Anniversary sweetheart!

When you’re in love, you can do anything.

We’re going strong.

What’s better than celebrating a wedding with your favorite people?

We’re having a baby, we’re getting married, AND we’re selling our house.

They said it wouldn’t last. But here we are, celebrating our half a decade!

We’re a married couple which means we’re better at everything.

We’ve been wearing our wedding rings for 22 years. ☮

Because we’re married and we’re in love.

Some things never change.

The happiest day of our lives!

Our wedding was perfect, but it’s nothing compared to today.

The best is yet to come #wedding

It’s a match made in heaven.

“Where there is love, there is life.” – Gandhi #wedding

Happily Ever After Is Now.

The love of my life.

Wifey, I love you.

Doting on my favorite Valentine.

We are one year closer to being 90.

“I’ve never been on a date with someone as nice as you.” – him

“Our love story is the kind of love story everyone dreams of. We’re a perfect couple in every way, but especially in bed” .

We do. We really do.

There’s a reason why we’re the best looking couple in town. It’s all because of these shirts.

Funny Married Couple Captions for Instagram

Looking for the perfect caption for your next Instagram post with your spouse? Check out our list of funny married couple captions for Instagram below!

Whether you’re celebrating your anniversary, sharing a funny moment, or just showing off your love, these captions will add some fun and personality to your post. So scroll down, find your favorite, and post away!

We’ve been together for a while now. And we’re never getting divorced.

One day we’ll be celebrating 10 years of marriage.

“The two most important days in your life Are the day you were born And the day you find out why”

Didn’t know happiness could feel like this.

You’re the one thing that makes everything better.

Yes, we’re married. Yes, we’re happy. No, you can’t borrow my husband.

Married Couple’s Caption: “We have our problems, but we have a wonderful time”

Married couple caption: “We are on the same page and that’s page 1 of the dictionary”

It’s our anniversary, but it’s also the anniversary of another important day in our relationship. When we met.

It’s a beautiful day for a beautiful couple.

We’re going to tell you something and we want you to listen carefully. We really love you.

We’re all about that base game.

Love is a ring, friendship is a band, but only true love wears the crown.

This relationship was meant to be.

“We were both so young when we got married but what a journey it’s been so far. Happy Anniversary sweetie!

We’re writing wedding captions for the perfect couple tag.

Love you to the moon and back.

We’re the married couple you always wanted to be.

Your partner in crime.

A soulmate for life.

The happiest day of our lives.

How do you feel about getting married?

I think we should get married.

We’re ready to party.

We’re ready for the new season.

Wedding was so last year. Let’s elope.

Married since the dawn of time.

You can’t get any more basic than this.

The secret to a happy marriage? Two bathrooms.

The two of us, together forever.

The way she looks at me.

When you know you found the one.

When you’re with someone who makes you smile as big as you do together.

I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, My baby you’ll be.

Cute Married Couple Captions for Instagram

When you find that special someone, you want to share your life with them – and that includes your social media presence! These cute married couple captions for Instagram are the perfect way to show off your love for each other to the world.

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone like your first anniversary or simply sharing a sweet photo together, these captions will let everyone know that you’re head-over-heels in love.

I could never be happier than being your wife.

You and me forever.

If you like to read about people getting married, we have just the story for you.

We’ve got the best wedding gift ever.

A wedding gift for the happy couple.

The happiest day of our lives.

#TBT to the day we got married.

There’s only one #1 in our book.

The best part of waking up is the cute face next to you.

Two peas in a pod, forever & always.

The perfect couple

We’re the perfect couple

We’re the dream couple

We know. We’re cute.

The only thing better than one of us, is both of us together.

We’ve got the 1+1 shirt to keep you in the hearts of your fans.

If you find someone that smiles when they see you, hold on to them.

Sharing our last moments as a couple.

Sharing 5 Years of our life together. From the best moment of our life until now.

Things are good in the neighborhood.

It’s official. We’re each other’s better half.

Life is an adventure with the one who makes you smile.

We’ve been married for a year today. With the one who makes me smile every day.

Are you a married couple looking for creative and wedding caption ideas?

I’ve never felt more loved than when I look in your eyes.

Our love is like a river. Always changing, always flowing.

“We’re pretty sure this is how every married couple starts”.

Love is a beautiful thing.

Dreaming of the day I get to marry my best friend.

Married couple goals shirt.

It takes a village to raise a family. But only one t-shirt.

What’s a wedding without a little mischief?

Making memories, one photo at a time.

You and me together .

We’re celebrating our love with a weekend of wedded bliss.

Married couple goals.

#RelationshipGoals is our new favorite hashtag.

Best Married Couple Captions for Instagram

The best part of marriage is being a witness to your love. Cheers to the best decision you’ll ever make.

We’re so excited to be announcing our engagement.

Knew you were the one when I saw you dancing on the boardwalk.

Married couple goals.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” –Neil Gaiman

This is what you do when your wife is away.

“We’ve been together for a long time, we’re a team” – Married couple quotes

We’re celebrating our anniversary.

Feeling blessed to have found a partner in crime.

I’ve got the best partner in crime to ever exist.

Do you have a perfect match?

I’ve been in love with you for like 800 days now.

I’m so happy you said yes.

We’ll never grow tired of the view.

Putting a ring on it.

One day I looked at you and knew. Had to put a ring on it.

Happy anniversary to us.

Congratulations! We’re now celebrating an entire year of marriage. (happy anniversary!)

We are not just a married couple, we are the best team!

Let’s make every day feel like our wedding day.

We’ve been trying to find the right words to say how much we love each other… So we’ll just say it with hashtags.

And they lived happily ever after.

So we got married.

Yesterday, Today and Forever.

The best is yet to come.

In a world full of haters, we’re proud to be each other’s biggest fan.

I can see the wedding bells already #tbt

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I knew this moment would be perfect #wedding

Happy anniversary to my favorite person in the world.

Married couples that play together stay together.

Married couple goals.

We’re celebrating our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary by taking a vacation together.

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the day you decided to spend the rest of your life with someone.

Final Words  

When it comes to being romantic, it seems that men often need a little more help. That’s why we’ve created this blog which will help you with some Instagram captions for your loved one.

As you know, couples need to keep their love alive and the best way to do that is through words, which is why these captions for Instagram and Facebook will help you get to know each other better.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about Married couple captions for Instagram. We hope you found some captions that you can use as inspiration for your next Instagram post! If you liked this article, please share it with your friends and family! If you would like to see more articles like this in the future, please let us know in the comments!

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