100+ Hilarious Mona Lisa Puns That Will Mona-Leave You Smiling

Discover a new perspective on the world’s most famous painting with these Mona Lisa Puns. These puns are like a whimsical frame around a masterpiece, adding a touch of wit to the Mona Lisa’s eternal charm.

Mona Lisa is undoubtedly one of the most famous paintings to have ever graced the walls of a museum. Painted by the great Leonardo da Vinci, this painting has been the subject of countless discussions, debates, and interpretations.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most popular Mona Lisa puns that have been tickling our funny bones for generations. Let’s dive into some of the best Mona Lisa puns that are sure to tickle your funny bone.

Mona Lisa Laughs: Get Ready to Crack a Smile with Funny Puns

1. Mona Lisa, you’re one “enlightened” artist!

2.  The Mona Lisa has the biggest “smileage”!

3.  No other painting can compare to Mona Lisa’s “da Vinci charm”.

4.  Mona Lisa’s smile is timelessly cheesy.

5.  She really has an age-old guacamole.

6.  The Mona Lisa made the world her oyster!

7.  Mona Lisa always had a passion for painting by numbers.

8.  When she was feeling down, Mona knew just how to brush it off.

9.  Nobody paints with more finesse than the iconic Mona Lisa. She really knows her art history!

10.  The Mona Lisa couldn’t resist a smile when a reporter cracked a joke.

11.  Shockingly, someone once pointed a finger at the Mona Lisa for a murder.

12.  A fascinating discovery awaited me at The Louvre – a hidden gem that caught my eye.

13.  Recently, my wife surprised me with a witty remark that left me speechless.

14.  Mona Lisa defended herself against accusations of not smiling by saying, “I’ve been falsely accused!”

15.  Mona Lisa refused to be arrested because she was set up by Da Vinci.

16.  While Mona Lisa is famous, her husband is often overlooked.

17.  Mona Lisa once faced murder charges but claimed she was framed.

18.  I used to find the Mona Lisa attractive, but then someone else caught my eye.

19.  To stay in shape, the Mona Lisa relies on paint thinner.

20.  Mona Lisa was wrongly arrested for loitering and claimed she was framed.

21.  A friend of mine believes that Van Gogh painted the Mona Lisa, but that’s not true.

Funny Mona Lisa Puns

Artistic Chuckles: Dive into Hilarity with Funny Mona Lisa Jokes

22.  Why did the Mona Lisa smile from ear to ear? It was a Leonardo da Vincheesy joke!

23.  What do you call a picture of someone who never smiles?  A Mona Lisa’s expression.

24.  How does the Mona Lisa stay so cool and collected under pressure?  She just brushes it off with her famous sMILEsage!

25.  What did Mona Lisa say when someone asked her to smile?  “Why, I already am!”

26.  What did Mona Lisa say when she looked in the mirror?  “Is it just me, or do I da Vinci?”

27.  What did the Mona Lisa say when she looked in the mirror?  That’s one da Vinci!

28.  Why did the Mona Lisa go to the dentist?  Because she wanted a smile that would last forever!

29.  What did Mona Lisa say when she asked the waiter for a to-go box?  “Take me home!”

30.  What did the Mona Lisa say when her painting was stolen?  Smile, stealers–you’ll never guess where I’m hiding!

31.  What did the Mona Lisa say when she looked in the mirror?  “Oh my, I’m a masterpiece!”

32.  How did the Mona Lisa keep a straight face?  She had her lips sealed!

33.  Why did the Mona Lisa only smile a little bit?  Because she was painting with limited mediums.

34.  What did Mona Lisa say when her painting was incomplete?  “It’s all just da Vinci.”

35.  What did the Mona Lisa say when someone said they liked her painting? She smiled and replied, “Why, thank you! I’m da Vinci!”

36.  What did Mona Lisa say when she looked in the mirror?  “Oh wow, I’m da Vinci!”

37.  Why did the Mona Lisa frown?  She was trying to frame a better smile for her portrait!

38.  What did the Mona Lisa say when she sat down to paint?  “Hope this comes out OK-ay!”

39.  What did the Mona Lisa say when she looked in the mirror?  “It’s me, da Vinci!”

40.  Why did Mona Lisa smile?  She had just heard the best Leonardo da Vinci joke ever!

41.  What was Mona Lisa really trying to say with her famous smile?  “I’m smiling on the inside!”

42.  What did Mona Lisa say when she looked in the mirror?  “Oh wow, Da Vinci knows how to paint!”

43.  What did Mona Lisa say when she looked in the mirror?  “It’s definitely time for a different painter!”

44.  What did the Mona Lisa say when she saw a fabulous painting in another gallery?  “I’ve got my eye on you!”

Adorably Artful: Cute Mona Lisa Puns

45.  Mona Lise it up a notch!

46.   The Mona Lisa’s so unique, you can’t duplicate it!

47.   Her smile really is the epitome of priceless!

48.  If they were awed by her beauty before – wait till they see her in a tiara!

49.   This painting may never be improved upon — it must surely stand alone-sa!

50.  Mona Lisa’s sayings can be quite sly-a.

51.  There are no daisies in Mona Lisa’s eye-uh!

52.  They called her the master of all posers: LeonarDa Vinci oil pay!

53.  Mona Lisa always knew when to keep it smiley cuz she’d only do so when it was worthwhile.

54.  Mona Lisa’s hobby is painting the town red.

55.  She always has a beaming smile, even when times are blue.

56.  The Mona Lisa never gives up on her art – she hues it to success!

57.  The Mona Lisa is a painting that really stands out from the crowd – it’s incomparable!

58.  The Mona thing was ever quite so mysterious as the smile on her face…

59.  No one does double takes like the Mona Lisa!

60.  That smile may be small, but it sure packs a lot of impact!

61.  Da Vinci undoubtedly put his heart and soul into painting this timeless masterpiece!

63.  A smile is worth a thousand words, and the Mona Lisa’s certainly carries enough to fill an encyclopedia!

64.  Staring at the Mona Lisa will make any viewer feel starry-eyed.

Cute Mona Lisa Puns

65.  People who study her face can’t help but have their mind da Vinci’s.

66.  If you ever get stuck in an art museum looking for inspiration, just remember: there’s no puzzle too big for the Mona Lisa to solve!

67.  Mona Lisa always has a smile on her face…that’s because she knows the best puns!

68.  No one can ever take her eye off of the Mona Lisa, it’s just too mesmerizing!

69.  She really framed that painting with perfection – what an intrigue-ing masterpiece!

70.  The art critics must be smiling’ when they look up at this legendary work of da Vinci!

71.  When no one else paints like her, you know it must be La Giocanda in action!

Captioning Mona: Witty Puns for Perfect Instagram Captions

72.  “Mona from me, you’re the best smile around!”

73.  “You’ve got a Leonardo da Vinci-ble personality!”

74.  Mona Lisa’s smile is always so enigmatic – She’s got a real “Cheshire Cat-alogue”!

75.  The Mona Lisa surely has eternal fame – Talk about the power of one great canvas name!

76.  Smile and the world will Monalisa you.

77.  Nobody could deny she had a genius for painting, it was totally Leonardo da Vinci!

78.  It’s no surprise that The Last Supper is famous… but let’s not forget about her supper too – ‘The First Dinner!

79.  My smiles can’t compare to the Mona Lisa’s! She sure has an enigmatic expression.

80.   She’s quite the Renaissance woman!

81.  That Mona Lisa has style for miles and miles – Her beauty will last until the end of time dials!

82.  From ear to ear, she always wears a mysterious smile – Mona Lisa’s Grinlisa

83.  The original “tween” queen – Regalia

84.  Her time capsule was an iconic masterpiece – Timelissa

85.  An enigma wrapped up in da Vinci’s brushstrokes – Mysterilissa

86.  Host of the most famous after party ever – Party Lisa

Clever Mona Lisa Puns

87.  Mona Lisa’s got a hint of sass! You can always count on her to make a witty remark.

88.  Life is no laughing matter for the Mona Lisa — she takes it all in stride with her trademark smiley face!

89.  They say when you look at the Mona Lisa, you get more than meets the eye… She looks like she knows something we don’t know!

90.  The Mona Lisa may keep quiet about herself, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t talking about her…

 91.  Everyone loves to embrace their inner art critic and talk about what makes this painting so mysterious and special!

92.  With eyes full of wisdom and mystery, they call her the “Mona-logue”—no one needs any other conversation partners besides La Gioconda!

One-Liners to Mona-ment: Quick and Clever Mona Lisa Puns

93.  Mona Lisa is quite a sight — she’s got everyone all aglow-sa!

94.  You could say the Mona Lisa painting is an old masterpiece– it’s been around for ages and never goes out of style!

95.  Everyone always talks about how spooky Mona Lisa looks with her enigmatic smile, but you can’t deny that she still makes onlookers smirk-aisle!

96.  Some call the famed da Vinci piece mysterious and strange; others know it best by its famous name: La Gioconda-da’ change!

97.  No matter what angle or viewpoint you take on this timeless work, just be sure not to let your eyes start to lakeshore blink!

98.  I don’t always smile, but when I do, I prefer to be in a museum with the Mona Lisa.

99.  A pearl of wisdom from the Mona Lisa: When life gives you lemons, put them in a smile!

100.   No matter what goals she sets out for herself, Mona Lisa still manages to keep that same spicy attitude!

These puns are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more Mona Lisa puns out there that will leave you in splits. While some of these puns might seem silly, they are a fun way to appreciate this iconic work of art. Leonardo da Vinci would have approved!

Mona Lisa is not just a painting; it’s a muse for puns that will make you laugh. So, When you visit a museum or see a Mona Lisa painting, remember these puns and share them with your friends. Who knows, you might just brighten up someone’s day with a good laugh.

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