115+ Puns About Mustaches 2023

Looking for mustache puns and jokes for Instagram? Get inspired and support men’s mental health with our collection of funny mustache puns and jokes. Grow with the flow and enjoy a good laugh!

Mustaches may seem like just a small patch of hair above the upper lip, but they have been a source of inspiration for punsters for decades. From silly to clever, mustache puns are sure to put a smile on your face. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some of the best puns about mustaches.

These clever and light-hearted puns play with words and meanings to create amusing phrases centered around mustaches. puns about mustaches offer a delightful way to add humor to conversations and entertain those around you.

Funny Puns About Mustaches

1).   When you have a mustache, everything you say is a pun.

2).  We all need some Mustache love in our lives.

3).   Mustaches make us laugh. Mustaches make us smile. Mustaches make us feel good.

4).  Nothing says “I’m ready to go out and have a great time” like the perfect mustache.

5).   You know you’re in the right place when you’re laughing at a mustache

6).  Mustaches are like. . . a gift from God? It’s true and you know it’s true because I told you so. #giftfromgod

7).   We must keep the mustache growing, to be prepared for the inevitable days of no sunshine.

8).   Reality sucks. And so does the mustache on the guy you just bumped into.

9).   Mustaches are like a good friend. You know when you need them to be there, but you don’t always need them to talk

10).   It’s always a good day when you don’t have to grow a mustache for that promotion

11).   Sometimes a mustache just speaks for itself.

12).  Mustaches are the best way to be bossy.

13).  A mustache that twirls is a smile with class.

14).  Mustaches on a plane, in your hair, and in your eyes!

15).  The best way to grow a mustache is to stop shaving.

16).   If a guy has a mustache, you can be sure he’s thinking about something important.

17).  No need to wax your mustache just let us do it for you.

18).   Don’t forget to brush up on your facial hair know-how before summer.

19).   A good mustache is like a good friend: dependable, always there for you, and never asks for anything in return.

20).   Man, if you can’t grow a mustache for your job, you might as well be chopped liver.

21).   I have a mustache. It’s a niche market.

22).   The only thing better than a mustache is the idea of a mustache.

23).  What’s better than a great mustache? Two great mustaches!

24).   We’re more than just a beard. The mustaches are where it all begins.

25).  All the things you love about mustaches are just as awesome on a guy’s chin.

26).  May your mustache always be on fleek.

27).   When your mustache is so full of life, you need a holiday to celebrate it. Happy Mustache Day!

28).  Don’t let your facial hair get in the way of a good time.

29 ).  If your mustache doesn’t match your face, then at least match your hair color

30 ).  If you don’t have a mustache, you might as well be a coyote.

31).   Ask a man with a mustache if he wants to go on a date, and you’ll get the answer, “NO.”

32).   If you’re not in the mood for a joke, let’s just say we’re going to have to up our game.

Funny Puns About Mustaches

Mustache Puns About Love

Whether it’s a thick handlebar or a thin pencil, mustaches have a way of making a statement.  

And what better way to celebrate this iconic facial hair than with a collection of puns? So sit back, stroke your stache, and enjoy these puns about mustaches.

33).   Love is a mustache made of felt

34).   The best way to find love is to give it a mustache

35).   The only thing better than a great mustache is a luxurious mustache. #MustachePuns

36).   A really cute mustache doesn’t mean a romance has to be doomed.

37).  When you’re dating someone who has a mustache you’re kind of dating yourself.

38).   Love is the greatest thing in the world, but it isn’t free.

39 ).  When you start a new relationship and your partner thinks you look good with a beard.

40 ).  The best thing about love is that it’s always there for you.

41).   No matter how you feel, there’s always a chance of love.

42).  Don’t worry if your heart is made of mustard, just keep it on a chip.

43).   The best way to show someone you care is to love them with a mustache.

44).   Sometimes love is like a perfectly arranged mustache.

45).   There’s something about the mustache on your face that makes us want to declare our love for you.

46).  Life is better when you’re in love.

47).   Love is a come-hither signal that says “Let’s get together and have some fun.”

48 ) .  Life is great with a mustache. Heck, Life is even better with both a mustache and a girlfriend: world domination!

49 ).   To love and be loved, that’s the whole of life.

50 ).   Life is a game of love, but it’s also a game of chance. So play it for the chance of a lifetime.

Mustache Puns One Liners

51).   When you’re with your boo and someone else walks by, do you feel:

52).   Nothing like a mustache to express your feelings

53).   Love is like a mustache, Grow it and develop it for yourself.

54).   Love is like a mustache; it’s always best when grown out.

55).   Some people think love is a noun, but it’s really a verb.

56).   Your love is the smell of fresh coffee and a warm country breeze.

57).   With love, you never know who you are talking to.

58).   I love you. But I don’t have time to grow it, so we’re going to settle for me simply loving you.

59).   Perfect for everyday conversations, good monologues, and chatty moments.

60 ). I love you, your mustache.

Mustache Puns One Liners

61).   Love is a great thing. It’s even better with a mustache.

62).  Love is a battle of wills. And you win! #MustachePuns

63).   Summer is the perfect time for a love story. It’s also the perfect time for some mustache puns about love.

64).  A mustache is an excellent accessory for any man. It can also be a sign of love and commitment.

65).  Love is a word that never stops. It’s like a mustache. A mustached word.

66).   When life hands you lemons, make lemonade and add a mustache

67).   Love is a gift that can’t be bought, but must be earned.

68).   All my love for you is for your hair, not for me.

69).   Love is like a cupcake. You can choose any flavor you want, but it’s still going to taste the same way

Mustache Dad Jokes

Mustaches have been a staple of men’s grooming for centuries. From Tom Selleck’s iconic ‘stache to Salvador Dali’s surreal masterpiece, mustaches have always been a symbol of masculinity and style.

But there’s more to mustaches than just their aesthetic appeal they also offer endless opportunities for puns and wordplay. So without further ado, here are some of the best mustache Dad jokes.

70 ).  Why did the dad with a mustache go to the bank?  He wanted to “mustache” the teller a question!

71).  Why did the dad with a mustache take up gardening.?  He wanted to grow a “mustache-turd”!

72).  How does a dad with a mustache keep his mustache tidy?   With a “whisker” away!

73).   Why did the dad’s mustache go to school?   It wanted to get a “handlebar” education!

74).   Why did the dad with a mustache go to the restaurant?   He wanted to “mustache” the waiter for a menu recommendation!

75).  What’s a dad’s favorite kind of mustache?   The “must-dash”!

76).  Why did the dad with a mustache become a detective?   He wanted to solve “whiskery” crimes!

77).   How do you spot a dad with a mustache at the beach?  Look for the “sun-stashed” tan line!

78).  Why did the dad with a mustache start a band?  He wanted to be the “facial hair” Monica!

79).   What’s a dad’s favorite style of mustache?  The “dad-stache”!

80).   Why did the dad’s mustache start a social media account?  It wanted to become an “Insta-stache” star!

81).   Why did the dad’s mustache join a gym?  It wanted to “curl” some attention!

82).  How does a dad with a mustache like his coffee?  “Whisker-y” strong!

83).  Why did the dad with a mustache become an artist?  He wanted to paint some “mustache pieces”!

84).   What do you call a mustache that sings?  A “mustache”!

85).   Why did the dad with a mustache become a chef?  He wanted to create “whisker-licking” dishes!

86).  What’s a dad’s favorite TV show about mustaches?  “Whisker-watch”!

87).    Why did the dad’s mustache get a promotion at work?  It was really good at “handlebars responsibilities!

88).   What’s a dad’s favorite game involving mustaches?  “MusTache” and Seek

Funny Moustache Puns

Mustaches are more than just facial hair. They are a statement, a symbol of masculinity, and a source of endless puns.

From the handlebar to the walrus, the mustache has been a staple of styles throughout history. And what better way to celebrate this iconic facial hair than with some of the best mustache puns around?

89).   The mustache game is strong in this man.

90).   You might be a mustache, but I’m no fool.

91).   Hey, we’re all about that mustache life.

92).   The only thing better than looking good with a mustache is making people laugh

93).   A Moustache that’s fit for a king is one that’s fit for you…

94).   When you’ve got a little bit of age and a lot of facial hair, you look like this.

95).   Every day is a good day when you can look at yourself and say, ‘I’m wearing a mustache.’

96).   You’ve got a little something there.

97).   When you grow a mustache for your job, you’re always in a good mood.

98).   My mustache droops because I’m cold. What’s your go-to disguise?

99).   When the Moustache becomes your best friend and is always up for a joke

100).   Moustache, I’ve been lusting after you for years!

101).   Life is too short for bad mustaches.

102).   Mustaches are always ready to go—when you’re not.

103).   The mustache is the only thing that can make a frown upside down.

104).   If you’re not ready to grow a mustache, then grow a mustache.

106).   When you’ve got a mustache and can’t find the bathroom…

Funny Moustache Puns

Mustache Puns Captions For Instagram

106).   Who said there’s just one way to style a mustache? There are many, and we’d love to experience all of them.

107).  You know you’ve got a good one when your coworkers are asking if you’re growing a mustache for the weekend

108).   So you want to be a badass? Here’s how:

109).  Mustaches make the world go round.

110).   A mustache that touches your cheek and makes you smile.

111).   Don’t worry, you’re not the only one with a mustache.

112).   Did you know you can find a mustache in your fridge?

113).   You’ll be back. We hope your mustache is well-groomed this mustache season.

114).   I’m so serious, I just can’t stop laughing

115).   Back to school…With a twist!

Final Words

There you have it, folks. Some of the best and most hilarious puns about mustaches that are sure to make you chuckle.

Whether you’re growing a mustache yourself or just appreciate the humor that comes with it, these jokes are a great way to get a good laugh. So go ahead and share these puns with your friends and family, and get ready for some serious mustache-related hilarity.

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