140+ Funny Puns About Writing

Writing can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Here are some puns about writing that will surely make you smile and maybe even inspire you to write more.

Writing can be hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun, especially when you can indulge in some puns about writing! Whether you’re a professional writer or just someone who enjoys putting words on paper, these puns are sure to make you chuckle. So grab your pen and paper and get ready to laugh!

Best Puns About Writing

1. Spreading good wordsmithery around here.

2.  You’ve definitely got a knack for writing.

3.  A bar welcomed the past, present, and future, creating tension.

4.  Do you often use commas in this way?

5.  May the power of metaphors be with you.

6.  Writers always seem to be cold, surrounded by numerous drafts.

7.  Once, my teacher asked me to name two pronouns. I replied, “Who, me?”

8.  Can we agree to let poets handle poetry writing?

9.  Crafting a time travel story demands creativity beyond timekeeping.

10.  I opened my journal, unsure which page to use – the right or left.

11.  I inscribe notes on my toes, using them as footnotes.

12.  My autograph is always in cursive, a signature move of mine.

13.  Currently, I’m authoring a book on reverse psychology, but I don’t recommend purchasing it.

14.  I’ve been working on a dad joke about herbs; specifically, it’s a pun on thyme.

15.  Although it’s still in draft form, I’ve started drafting a book about a tornado disaster.

16.  Recently, I’ve taken up the craft of composing German poetry, which could be considered verse.

17.  As a writer, I’m always on the move, constantly exercising my mind to generate new ideas.

18.  Farmers would make exceptional writers, given their expertise in cultivating a story.

19.  In an effort to add some excitement to my autobiography, I plan on killing off a few characters.

20.  While typing a message, Autocorrect changed “killed” to “kilt.” Well played, phone. Well played.

21.  I’ve finally passed my writing proficiency exam. Good riddance to me!

22.  Rumor has it that Optimus Prime is penning an autobiography.

23.  When I inquired with a literary agent about the highest-paid writing gig, he joked, “Ransom notes.”

24. It occurred to me that I should write a book about procrastination.

25.  However, as a poor writer, I doubt I’ll follow through.

26.  One of my pals writes songs about sewing machines. You might say he’s a “Singer” songwriter, or sew it seems.

Best Puns About Writing

Funny Puns About Writing

Are you a writer in search of some laughter and inspiration? Well, look no further because we’ve got a whole list of puns about writing that will surely brighten your day.

From clever wordplay to witty one-liners, these puns are sure to put a smile on any writer’s face.

27.  During my visit to Barcelona, I acquired a pen that glides smoothly on paper.

28.  The pen creates the thinnest of lines, impressing everyone who sees it.

29. The precision of the Spanish ink catches people off guard.

30.  My wife thinks my habit of writing V’s as B’s is Russian, but I might as well be Soviet.

31.  Roman numerals have escaped my memory, leaving me feeling furious.

32.  My phone’s Autocorrect changed “killed” to “kilt” in a text message. Nice plaid, phone.

33.  The pen I received from Starbucks only writes in Javascript, which is quite disappointing.

34.  I am currently drafting a book about a devastating tornado event.

35.  I have begun experimenting with writing German poetry; it could turn into something beautiful.

36.  In my writing project, I have made the decision to eliminate some of the characters.

37.  In my book, I’ve decided to eliminate some characters – it will add a thrilling twist to my autobiography.

38.  My girlfriend, who was a cavewoman, recently ended our relationship, and I should have seen the warning signs.

39.  My dad helped me write a sentence using the word “irony” – I licked a golf club, and it had an ironic taste.

40.  I’ve been working on a musical that revolves around puns – it’s a play on words.

41.  I aced my writing skills test – good riddance!

42.  I’m thinking about writing a book on reverse psychology, but please don’t buy it.

43.  For my next book, I plan to write about a man named Jack, who converses with his food.

44.  I can’t decide whether to write “YES” on my left hand and “NO” on my right hand.

45.  I’m finally crafting a dad joke about spices, and it’s about time.

46.  In my paper comparing various versions of the Bible, there’s a lot of cross-referencing involved.

Funny Puns About Writing

Unique Writer Puns

Writing can be a tough and tedious task, but sometimes a good pun can lighten the mood and make the process a little more enjoyable.

Whether you’re a professional writer or just someone who enjoys jotting down their thoughts, here are some puns about writing that are sure to make you smile.

47.  That’s a wrap!

48.  It became my trademark.

49.  In the past, I was a grappler.

50.  I soothe my nerves by gaming on my Christ Box 360.

51.  My move was to etch my name on my opponent’s forehead with a headlock.

52.  If I had superpowers, I’d be Typo Man.

53.  My mission: to correct all wrongs.

54.  I just finished crafting my tortilla quip.

55.  My daughter hurt her arm and now wears a sling.

56.  I responded, “It’s even harder to leave with your right.”

57.  I’m endeavoring to compose an unofficial Harry Potter tale set at Platform 9 and 3/4.

58.  But it feels like I’m hitting a barrier.

59.  It bugs me when modern youngsters spell “angel” as “angel.”

60.  They’re just being trendy.

61.  Why can’t a vampire write a memoir?

62.  They’re not good at introspection.

63.  I misplaced my notes for “1,001 ways to cure an itch.”

64.  I mistakenly glued myself to a novel I just completed.

65.  Well, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

66.  I attempted to write a poem about poultry.

67.  But my skills in fowl verse are lacking.

68.  Can a trout create melodies? No, but a guitar can’t strum.

69.  Why are her mouth fresheners so precious?  Because they’re in perfect peppermint state.

70.  My nephew said he was pursued by a chipmunk. I quipped, “Maybe it believes you’re acorns!”

71.  My husband was longing for me last month, but now he’s hitting the bull’s eye!

72.  Does February march? No, but May and April sure do dance.

Writing Jokes One Liners

Are you a lover of language, a fan of funny quips, and a writer at heart? If so, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of puns about writing that will have you laughing out loud and maybe even inspire your next masterpiece.

73.  How can a writer catch a fish?  By using their plot hook.

74.  Why do writers always carry a thesaurus?  To find the perfect nodosaur.

75.  What do you call a writer’s favorite snack?  Punctuation marks.

76.  How does a writer stay in shape? By doing full drafts.

77.  What do you call a writer who’s also a ninja?  A pen-sword-fighter.

78.  What do you call a writer who’s always procrastinating?  A delayed scribe.

79.  Why do writers love coffee? Because it helps them brew ideas.

80.  How do writers spice up their stories?  By adding a dash of adjectives.

81.  How do you describe a writer with medical coverage? BWedded.

82.  What’s the number of Buzzfeed writers required to operate an electric chair?  It’s ten. But brace yourself for number four.

83.  Why did Shakespeare refrain from using pencils?  The question of 2B or not 2B was too much to handle.

84.  What do you name an author who identifies as a writer?  Transcribe.

85.  Why couldn’t the failed writer create another book with his pencil?  It was a futile effort.

86.  How do you refer to a ranking of writers?  An authority structure.

87.  Which state boasts the highest number of writers?  Pennsylvania or Pencil-vania.

88.  What is the experience of a budding writer like?  It’s challenging to articulate.

89.  What do you label a well-fed and well-rested writer?  A content writer.

90.  What is the preferred camera brand for fan fiction authors?  A Canon.

91.  What kind of bike is used for writing letters?  A stationary bike.

92.  Why are writers proficient in coding?  They are passionate about proper grammar.

Writing Jokes One Liner

Best Writing Jokes

Whether you’re a novelist, blogger, poet, or journalist, there’s no denying the power of a good joke to captivate your readers and leave them with a smile on their faces.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best jokes and puns about writing that are sure to tickle your funny bone and inspire your inner wordsmith.

93.  What do you call a musical zombie?  A decomposer.

94.  Did you know that Tristan was initially a nickname?  People were tired of writing Stanstanstan repeatedly.

95.  Have you ever wondered why Shakespeare only wrote in ink?  Pencils were a conundrum – to be 2B or not 2B

96.  Do you know which author has the highest words-per-minute typing speed?  Perhaps Stephen King, the type-writer.

97.  What did the novelist say when asked if she could share her book’s ending?  Sorry, I can’t give away the plot-twist.

98.  What does a writer hope to find in a fortune cookie?  An inspiration-fortune!

99.  How does a novelist catch the reader’s attention?  With a gripping opener.

100.  Did you hear about the author who switched careers and became a chef?  He cooked up some great stories, but now he’s sautéing onions.

101.  What’s another name for a writer who can’t stop editing? Manuscript-iac.

102.  Who was the writer who always had writer’s block? William Shakes-n-block.

103.  What’s the best advice for a novice writer? Just keep writing!

104.  What do you call it when a writer leaves readers in suspense at the end of a chapter?  A page-turner.

105.  What do you call an uncredited writer in Hollywood? A ghost-screenwriter.

106.  What do procrastination and a writer’s block have in common? They delay the story, but not the deadline.

107.  Did you hear about the novelist who was accused of plagiarism? He claimed it was just a case of parallel thinking.

108.  What do you call a writer who only writes in rhymes? A poet.

109.  Have you heard about the author who united two rival gangs?  He had a way with words.

110.  What’s a creeper’s favorite author?  Stalker.

111.  Do you know the famous writer who passed away during the Civil War? I’m not sure, but I’m Civil War-y it’s not Walt Whitman.

112.  Why do you call a writer who identifies as a different gender? Trans-script.

113.  Why was the wrapped-up Egyptian scribbling a note to the mischievous spirit?  It received a phantom message.

114.  Why did Friedrich Nietzsche use lowercase letters?  He despised conventions.

115.  Did you hear about the new sports car owned by Holden Caulfield? It was a real catcher with the ladies.

116.  What did Plato prefer to make out of clay?  Ideal forms (Eidos).

 117. Why is the book “1984” so widely read?  Orwell-originality.

118.  How did Voltaire like his pears? Jellied (Candide).

119.  What happened when the reader tried to read a book about helium? They couldn’t put it down, it was too light-hearted.

Funny Writing Puns

120.  Lab frogs were granted immortality through the removal of their vocal cords, rendering them unable to croak.

121.  Horses possess emotional tranquility due to their nature as stable animals.

122.  In a race between two silkworms, they both finished simultaneously resulting in a tie.

123.  The grounded nature of coffee beans contributes to their humble and realistic demeanor.

124.  Radiologists possess an inability to be deceived as they can see through one’s body.

125.  Teddy bears do not require sustenance as they are already stuffed.

126.  Dogs and commas share a similarity: dogs possess claws at the end of their paws while commas represent a pause at the end of a clause.

127.  Shakespeare only wrote in ink due to the conundrum pencils posed: to be 2B or not 2B?

128.  The former world tongue-twister champion was recently arrested and is anticipated to receive a severe sentence.

129.  A run-on sentence believed it was pregnant because its period was delayed.

130.  The period warned the sentence, “We should halt now!”

131.  The art of grammar can be made seductive through the “comma sutra.”

132.  “Do you come here often?” can also apply to the usage of commas.

133.  Improper spelling makes me feel sick.

134.  Skilled writers can achieve thrilling climaxes in their work.

135.  The lack of puns over the course of seven days results in weakened comedic ability.

136.  The bar became tense when the past, present, and future walked in.

137.  May the force of metaphors be with you.

138.  Synonym rolls: reminiscent of grammar’s past.

139.  Words and punctuation find themselves in court to be sentenced.

140.  Broken pencils are pointless and unusable.

141.  Safety while texting can be ensured through the usage of commas.

142.  Which dinosaur is most knowledgeable regarding synonyms? The thesaurus.

Some Final Talk

Writing can be a serious business, but there’s always room for some lighthearted humor. These puns about writing are just a small reminder to not take ourselves too seriously and to enjoy the journey of putting words on paper. Happy writing, and happy punning!

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