70+ Hilarious Traffic Cone Puns That Will Cone-fuse and Cone-tickle You

Need a break from the monotony? These funny traffic cone puns are just what you need to put a smile on your face. Don’t miss out on these cone-pletely hilarious jokes!

Traffic cones are a staple on the roads of every city, town, and village. They are an essential tool for directing traffic and keeping drivers and pedestrians safe. But did you know that these orange cones are also the source of some hilarious puns and jokes? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best traffic cone puns that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Hit the Road with Hilarity: Funny Traffic Cone Puns

1.    “I cone-fess, I’m obsessed with traffic safety.”

2.   “I consider myself a traffic cone-isseur.”

3.  “Cone on, let’s get this traffic moving!”

4.   “Cone-quer the road with traffic cones.”

5.  “I’m the cone-rstone of traffic safety.”

6.    It’s no cone-undrum why traffic cones are so popular – they’re always on the go!

7.  If you’re ever in a rush, make sure to turn at every orange cone-sequence!

8.    Don’t be coned by traffic patterns – observe and obey!

9.   Red means stop, yellow means caution and black is just for fun – don’t get too coned up when picking the right one!

10.    A smooth drive takes patience and skill – but don’t underestimate the power of street-cone fill!

11.   “Oh, the places those cones will go!”

12.   “Do you think these cones have road rage?”

13.   “This is a real detour-nation!”

14.   “I’m stuck behind all these stopandgoes.”

15.   “I’m a real road-cone artist!”

16.   “Traffic cones have orange you glad.”

17.   “I’m feeling congested with work right now!”

18.   “Cone gratulations, you made it through the cone zone!”

Funny Traffic Cone Puns

Funny Traffic Cone Jokes Ahead To Get Your Giggle On

19.   What do you call a traffic cone that’s a real hit at parties?   The cone of honor!

20.   Why did the traffic cone go to the doctor?   It was feeling coned-up!

21.   What do you call a traffic cone that’s gone rogue?   A cone-ninja!

22.   What do you call a traffic cone that’s lost its way?   A cone-fused cone!

23.   How do traffic cones stay in shape? They cone-tinue to exercise!

24.   What do you call a traffic cone that’s really fast?   A cone-ster!

25.  Why do traffic cones make bad pets?   They’re always cone-fused!

26.   What’s the difference between a traffic cone and a politician?   One is an empty vessel, and the other is a traffic cone.

27.   What do you call a traffic cone that’s had too much to drink?   A cone-niac!

28.   Why did the traffic cone break up with the traffic barrel?   It was too condescending.

29.   What did the traffic cone say to the car?   “Cone on, let’s share the road!”

30.   Why do traffic cones have a tough time making friends?   They always come off as a little bit cone-descending.

31.   What do you call a traffic cone that’s always late?   A conetard!

32.  Why don’t traffic cones make good detectives?   They’re always getting run over.

33.   What did the traffic cone say when it got tired of its job?   “I’m coned-out!”

34.   What do you call a traffic cone that’s been flattened by a car?   A cone-pancake!

35.  Why did the traffic cone go to the gym?   It wanted to get cone-fit!

36.   Why don’t traffic cones get bored on the job?   They have a cone-tinuous flow of cars to deal with.

37.   What do you call a traffic cone that’s really happy?   A cone-tent cone!

38.   Why do traffic cones love the beach? They get to feel like they’re on cone-vacation

Cone-quer the Chuckles: Traffic Cones Puns One Liners

39.   “Why did the traffic cone refuse to work?   It was feeling cone-tent with its current position!”

40.   Traffic cones are no joke! Here are some funny puns to help you get through a long day of road work:

41.   Traffic cones are great lane dividers – they go the extra mile!

42.   When traffic cones want a break, they just take a cone-tion vacation.

43.   What do you call two construction workers holding up a sign?    Signs of encouragement

44.   Why did the traffic cone go to church? To get conedened.

45.  “Why did the traffic cone get a ticket? It was standing in a no-cone zone!”

46.   “Why did the traffic cone cross the road?   To cone-fuse the drivers on the other side!”

47.   “Why did the traffic cone start a band? It wanted to be a cone-ductor!”

Traffic Cones Puns One Liners

Cuteness Overload: Sweet and Silly Traffic Cone Puns

48.   “I’m the one cone-fused here. Which way do I point?”

49.   “Cone on, let’s have some cone-versation.”

50.   You can always count on a traffic cone to make things more interesting.

51.    I know an orange furry creature that loves road work… Traffic Cone!

52.    Stop and smell the roses, or in this case stop and admire those traffic cones.

53.   Even when life’s curves get sharp, you can always rely on a trusty traffic cone for guidance.

54.   Stop in your tracks for the cutest traffic cone ever!

55.    Make sure to steer clear of bad puns and stay on the right track with these sweet cones!

56.    It’s time to slow down and enjoy the smooth curves ahead.

57.   No need to be cautious–these goodies will never put you in a jam!

58.   you cone stop traffic with these puns!

59.   Making light of rush hour? It will be a wheelie great idea if we use some silly jokes about traffic cones!

60.   Life is so much smoother in the fast lane!

61.   Watch out – I’m one cone-fident driver!

Caption This: Traffic Cones Puns Captions for Every Occasion

62.   Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s just a gentle curve in the road!

63.   Take caution when driving around here, things can get a little hairy at times!

64.   I’m making some major moves this summer with my new set of wheels!

65.    Go and make your dreams, don’t be afraid to go the extra mile…lighting that road with some cones of course!

66.    Make sure to keep it all together..even through rush hour by surrounding yourself with a few orange friends – Traffic Cones of course!

67.    Cone see why traffic cones are so popular – they’re a real cone-venience!

68.    You can’t beat the appeal of cute, decorative traffic cones – Cones really make a statement!

69.   Keep your eyes peeled for adorable little things on busy streets – Traffic Cones have it all wrapped up with style!

Traffic Cones Puns Captions

70.    Always be mindful when driving and watch out for those hard-working orange cones – It’s time to start giving them their con(e)st recognition!

71.   I’m on a roll with these traffic cone puns!

72.   Don’t be too alarmed – I’m just getting cones for the highway of life.

73.   Stay in your lane and don’t veer off course with another corny joke – let’s keep it safe out there!

74.   These ones might bring you to tears; they’re so full of zest, or should I say zest?!

We hope these traffic cone puns put a smile on your face and brightened up your day. Don’t forget to share these puns with your friends and family, and see if they can come up with some of their own. Remember, laughter is the best medicine, and these puns are just what the doctor ordered!

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