270+ Wig Captions for Instagram Cute & Funny wig party Quotes

Wig captions for Instagram are a great way to show some love for your hair. Wigs are a popular trend, so you’ll want to make sure that you can express how much you love your look.

Wigs are a great way to change your look for the day or night. They’re also a fun way to play with color, style, and personality. Whether you’re trying something new or just want some fresh ideas for wig captions, we’ve got you covered!

Wig captions for Instagram can be used with any type of wig. If you have a short wig on, then use a short wig caption. If you have a long wig on, then use a long wig caption.

If you’re looking for some inspiration when it comes to matching your wigs with your outfits, then look no further! These captions will help you make the right choice every time:

Best Wig Captions for Instagram

Wigs are one of the most fun ways to change your look. They’re also a great way to add some spice to your Instagram feed. But how do you caption a wig? Here are some ideas that will make your wig posts pop!

Whether you’re looking for funny wig captions or cute ones, we have them all here! Here are some ideas:

“I’m so fly with my new do.”

“You don’t know it but I’m wearing an afro right now.”

I am feeling fierce today!

I love being bad, but I love being good too!

Let’s get wiggy tonight!

I had a bad hair day yesterday so today I’m rocking this wig instead!

Wig life is always better than real life because this wig won’t get mad at me for eating everything in sight and blaming it on the dog!

Don’t hate on me because my hair game is strong!

Not all who wear wigs are divas…sometimes they’re just trying to keep the rain out of their faces!

This is my favorite wig, it’s so versatile and I can wear it anywhere.

My hair is dead but my wig game is strong.

I’m so happy to finally get a chance to wear this wig.

I’m so obsessed with my new wig!

I’ve wanted a wig forever and now I finally have one!

My new wig is so easy to style!

I love changing up my look with wigs!

I want a wig that can take me anywhere.

If you don’t like me right now, you will later.

I am not a diva, I just have a lot of hair.

I will not be ignored!

My wig is better than your wig.

Get out of my face, I am trying to get my life together and you are distracting me from this important task!

My natural hair is so thick that I need a wig to keep it under control sometimes.

I am the type of person who prefers to wear wigs instead of letting her natural hair out in public.

I have been wearing wigs for years because they are so much easier to manage than my natural hair.

These wigs are not playing with me today so I had to do this look myself and show y’all how it’s done.

My hair is on fleek more than the Kardashians at this point, don’t even try it fam!

“I’m not wearing this wig because I don’t want to be me anymore; I’m wearing it because I want to be somebody else.”

 “Wigs are great, but they’re not real hair. I think that’s why people wear them.”

“Sometimes when you wear so many wigs, you can’t even recognize yourself.”

“It’s not the length of your hair, it’s how you wear it.”

“A girl needs a good wig like a fish needs a bicycle.”

“I’m not bald, I’m just saving my hair for a rainy day.”

“Bye-bye bad hair days!”

Wig Party Captions for Instagram

Wig Party Captions for Instagram

“I’m going to be a little late… I’m on my way to a wig party!”

“I’m feeling like a new person… because I got a new wig!”

“I love my new wig so much that I decided to wear it to work today.”

“Wearing the same hairstyle for years is boring, but wearing a different hairstyle every day is exciting!”

Wigs are the best option for a quick, affordable, and fun hairstyle change.

If you are planning on wearing a wig for a party, here are some wig party captions for Instagram that you can use:

I love my new wig! It’s so soft and silky!

I am ready for the party tonight! I have my lovely wig on!

I am all dressed up in my new wig and matching earrings! The party is going to be so much fun tonight!

I’m not a party girl… I’m just here for the hair.

It’s not a party until the wig comes out!

I don’t know what to do with my hands so I’m just going to put them in my wig.

A girl can have too much hair on her head, but never enough in her life!

I’m just here for the hair… and maybe the drinks!

If I was a wig, I’d be a wig-a-majig.

You’re such a good friend that you’re my favorite wig.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Hate me because I’m better than you and it makes you uncomfortable.

Wigs are not accessories; they’re necessities.

“I’ve got a wig on, so I’m ready to party.”

“My hair is fake, but my personality is great.”

“A wig is just a wig, but if that wig looks like you then it’s a do.”

A wig party is a perfect way to spend a Saturday night.

I have a little black dress, but I love my fake hair.

This glamourous lass is just a wig away!

Wig party? I’ll be there with bells on!

 “I’m a wig party, you’re a wig party. Let’s get wiggy together.”

“Wig party! The best kind of party!”

“Let’s get wiggly with it!”

“This is my face when I wear a wig.”

Funny Wig Captions for Instagram

We have collected some of the best and most popular funny wig captions for Instagram, which will help you create more than one caption for your profile picture or bio.

If you want to make a caption that is related to your own life and things that are happening around you, then our collection of funny quotes would be perfect for you.

You can be a wig, but you don’t have to be a wig.

I’m not wearing a wig, I’m just letting my hair down.

The best thing about wigs is that they are like eyebrows, you can have many different looks in one day.

It’s time to change up your look!

I’m not wearing a wig, just my natural hair color.

My wig collection is so big that I have to take out a second mortgage on the house just to store them all!

My wig collection is so big that I had to rent an extra storage unit just to house them all!

This wig looks great on me because I took off my glasses first before putting it on!

I like this wig so much that when I put it on, it automatically makes me look ten years younger!

The only thing wrong with this wig is that it doesn’t come in other colors like green or blue or even neon yellow!

I was born with a full head of hair but I decided to cut it all off!

This is my favorite new look!

I am so over having long hair! It gets so tangled and messy… so now I have short hair! It’s so much easier to manage!

Going through some changes lately. but it’s all good because I love how I look right now! So happy with my new style!

“I don’t know how I got here but I’m sure by the time I leave I’ll find out.”

“When it comes to fashion, I’m not a trend-setter, cause they don’t let me out enough.”

“I’ve been working on my excellency.”

 I have a wig that looks just like yours.

My wig is the only one that understands me.

Wigs are so hot right now!

I’m not wearing a wig, but I wish I were.

“I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.”

“Because I am a blonde is not an excuse for everything like my hair.”

“The only thing that’s making me sad is that I don’t have the rest of my life to be happy.”

“I can’t feel anything but sorry for people who don’t drink.”

“If you love something, let it go…if it comes back to you it’s yours, if not it never was.”

“Life is too short for drama & those who cause it.”

Cute Instagram Captions for Wigs

Cute Instagram Captions for Wigs

Lying low? I’m laying low. I’m not even there.

I’m not just a girl, I’m a woman with big hair!

Do you see what I see? You look like me if I had a wig on and you didn’t.

Wigs are fabulous! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

I wear a wig because I have lice.

I’m not bald and I’m not a man. I’m just wearing a wig.

The only thing worse than waking up bald is waking up with no eyebrows.

My wig is my spirit animal.

I wear wigs so you can’t see how ugly my head looks without them!

You’re not really seeing me today… just my hair!

I’m not bald, I’m just saving my hair for a rainy day.

My hair is so long, I tie it up in a bun when I go to bed!

The only thing longer than my hair is my list of things to do today.

The world is coming to an end because all the good wigs have been taken by people like me!

I’m not bald, I’m just afraid to show my feelings.

I’m so bald that even the sun shines on me.

It’s like being born with a mop of hair, except much less fun and without the joy of watching it grow back in again.

“I’m taking wigs to the next level.”

“I don’t care if you like it, I love it!”

“The best part about wearing a wig is that you can be anyone you want.”

“No makeup, no filter, just me and my hair.”

Need a wig? I have some hair that might work…

When in doubt, always go with red!

I used to be bald until I found this amazing store called Wig World…

No one has seen my real hair in years!

“It’s not a wig, it’s a lifestyle.”

“It’s not a wig, it’s my real hair.”

Hair Wig Captions for Instagram

You can’t decide what to wear tomorrow? Try a new wig.

You can’t be serious, it’s just hair!

I want a glam life but I don’t want the hassle of a glam life.

I look like I’m about to walk out and catch the next flight to Vegas.

So many styles, so little time.

I’m not wearing this wig because I’m bald… I’m wearing this wig because I want an excuse to buy another one.

I’m not a hipster, I just like to try new things.

My hair is on fleek today!

The wig is the new lipstick, get it?

I have a wig addiction…I can’t stop!

Wiggin’ out tonight!

You can’t decide what to wear tomorrow? Try a new wig.

You can’t be serious, it’s just hair!

I want a glam life but I don’t want the hassle of a glam life.

I look like I’m about to walk out and catch the next flight to Vegas.

So many styles, so little time.

I’m not wearing this wig because I’m bald… I’m wearing this wig because I want an excuse to buy another one.

 I like my wigs like I like my men: big, bold, and sexy.

You can never be too fabulous.

Wigs are not just for Halloween.

It’s not what’s on the outside that counts, it’s what’s on the inside that counts… and I have a lot of hair.

I don’t always wear a wig but when I do it’s because I’m feeling myself so hard today.

I find your lack of wig disturbing.

When you’re ready to wig out, call me!

I’m not bald, I just have a thinning wig.

Wigs are my favorite accessory!

My wig is so big it’s a wonder it doesn’t get its own seat in the car.

Don’t be mad because your hair can’t get this look.

“Wigs are for the weak.”

“I’m just trying to hide my bald head.”

“Trying on wigs is like going through puberty all over again.”

“I finally found the perfect way to hide my receding hairline.”

Some Final Talk

Hopefully, the widget has helped you expand your options for producing those epic captions. Just remember, the key is to make sure that the wig caption suits you and doesn’t just sound like a hastily written generic caption. It’s all about finding your own style and keeping it strong. Good luck!

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