Grin Your Way Through the Floor: 120+ Norman the Floorman Jokes

Welcome to the world of Norman the Floorman Jokes, where humor and flooring adventures collide. With clever wit and playful stories, these jokes offer a funny glimpse into the comical life of a fictional flooring specialist named Norman.

Get ready to laugh and enjoy the charm of Norman’s amusing encounters in the flooring industry.

Funny Norman the Floorman Jokes

1. We had to stop using floor polish at work. 

2. Some people walked around for days with tiles stuck to the bottoms of their shoes!

3. Hitchhikers were holding up pictures of mops! 

4. Norman the Floorman was so popular, everyone wanted a piece of his expertise.

5. Roosters were rushing into the hardware store and begging to use Norman’s power drill!

6. When I called the maintenance hotline, a recorded message said to phone back after Norman’s lunch break!

7. The optician was giving away free knee pads with every new pair of safety goggles, just in case Norman had another slip-up.

8. Kids were using a new excuse to stay up late “But Mom, Norman hasn’t finished mopping the floors yet!”

9. Richard Simmons started wearing work boots! 

10. A streaker froze in mid-stride in the middle of the hallway! 

11. The town council just stuck a “Caution Wet Floor” sign on him and pretended he was part of the cleaning crew until Norman arrived.

12. UN inspectors suddenly decided that dust bunnies might be hiding in the janitor’s closet!

13. Pickpockets were sticking their hands in Norman’s pockets just to borrow his key ring!

14. The squirrels in the park were throwing themselves at Norman’s mop bucket, hoping for a free ride!

15. I chipped a tooth on my lunch! Norman’s sandwiches are as tough as concrete!

16. My Dad was wearing a hard hat on both heads!

Funny Norman the Floorman Jokes

Funny Duck Jokes for Adults

17. The dogs were wearing Norman’s overalls! 

18. Starbucks was serving coffee in a bucket! 

19. People with dirty floors would plead guilty and beg for Norman’s mop and bucket!

20. Terrorists started to stockpile industrial-grade cleaning supplies!

21. Norman the Floorman started manufacturing self-cleaning floors! 

22. The rats were bribing Norman for a turn on his buffer.

23. We had to chop up the broom for firewood – but we only got two sweeps.

24. We had to carry around squeegees and buckets of water so we could get rid of the wet footprints Norman left behind!

25. Unless you’re Norman the Floorman and it’s a mop, nothing looks good hanging off your belt.

26. You can tell a lot about somebody based on how they react to a spill – Norman always springs into action!

27. If at first you don’t succeed, get a mop and try again. Norman’s motto for tackling any mess!

28. The janitor’s closet should be on every convention’s agenda. NormanCon should be on every floor!

29. Brooms and spills may break my floors, but Norman will always clean them up.

30. I heard Norman the Floorman is so efficient.

31. Yo mama’s so messy, she’s related to Norman the Floorman!

32. A floor doesn’t become spotless until it’s good and Norman-cleaned.

33. Floors are clean, hallways are swept, if you don’t like Norman the Floorman, there’s something wrong with you!

34. I tossed a spill at Norman the Floorman, and he cleaned it up faster than a Jedi with a lightsaber.

35. I don’t want to sound biased, but all janitors look the same to me – they all wear a heroic cape of cleanliness!

36. I don’t like non-absorbent floor mats…they’re a little too Norman-resistant.

37. I had a floor spill last night. Norman cleaned it up alright, but the floor was still a bit slippery.

38. Life would be better if instead of arguing, people let Norman handle the mess.

39. He cleaned a whole school cafeteria…in under an hour!

Best Norman the Floorman Jokes

40.  Why don’t ducks like social media? Because they prefer “quacking” in person!

41.  Why did the duck cross the road?  To prove he wasn’t a “chicken”!

42.  Why did Norman the Floorman get fired from the bowling alley? He kept picking up all the spare change.

43.  What do you call a Norman the Floorman who’s always late? A slow-mop.

44.  What do you call a Norman the Floorman who’s always getting into trouble? A carpet-astrophe.

45.  What do you call a Norman the Floorman who’s always telling jokes? A pun-isher.

46.  What do you call a Norman the Floorman who’s always getting lost? A floor against all odds.

47. “Why did Norman the Floorman go on a diet? He was tired of feeling floor’d after a long day on the job!”

48. Why did Norman the Floorman quit his job? Because he couldn’t handle the floorless jokes anymore!

49. How does Norman the Floorman keep his job exciting? By installing a new floor every week!

50. Why did Norman the Floorman always carry a tape measure? To measure up to his expectations!

51.  Why did the ghost choose Norman’s floor to haunt? Because it was perfectly level

52. How did Norman the Floorman become a flooring expert? He started from the ground up!

Best Norman the Floorman Jokes

53. Why did Norman the Floorman love carpet installations? Because it was his favorite weave of life!

54. Why did Norman the Floorman give up his dreams of becoming a chef? Because he always preferred floor planning over meal planning!

55. How did Norman the Floorman stay cool during a heatwave? By staying grounded on the floor!

Dirty Duck Jokes One Liner

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56. Why did the duck get kicked out of the park?  Because it was caught taking a quack!

57.  Why did the duck refuse to clean his room?  Because he wanted to keep it “quack” and dirty.

58.  Why did the duck get kicked out of the pond?  Because it was caught dipping its beak where it didn’t belong!

59.  Why did the duck cross the road?  To get to the dirty side.

60.  Why did the duck get in trouble with the police?  Because he was caught feathering his nest!

61.  Why did the duck bring a condom to the pond?  For safe quacks!

62. What do you call a duck that flashes other ducks?  A pecker-paddler!

63.  How do you know when a duck is feeling frisky?  It starts quacking off!

64. What did the duck say to the bartender?  “Put it on my bill!”

65.  Why did the duck go to the psychiatrist?  It had a case of “fowl” play!

66.  What did one duck say to the other while they were sharing a dirty joke?  “Let’s keep it quack-ly!”

67.  How does a duck ask for a date?  “Can I quack you out?”

68.  What’s a duck’s favorite TV show?  “Duck Dynasty”!

69.  What do you call a duck that loves to gamble?  A “lucky ducky”!

70.  How do ducks flirt?  They say, “Nice feathers, wanna quack?”

71.  What did the duck say to the naughty duckling?  “You’re grounded, no more pond action!”

72.  How do you catch a naughty duck?  You “decoy” it with some breadcrumbs!

73.  Why was the duck put in jail?  It was caught selling “quack” cocaine!

74.  What did one duck say to the other after telling a dirty joke?  ” You’re one “fowl” comedian!”

75. Why did the duck become a detective?  It wanted to quack the case!

76.  What did the duck say to the naughty goose?  “You’re really “fowle

Norman the Floorman Duck Jokes

77.  Why did Norman the Floorman Duck become a comedian?  Because he wanted to quack everyone up!

78.  How did Norman the Floorman Duck become an expert at fixing floors?  He had a quack for it!

79.  What tool does Norman the Floorman Duck use to fix floors?  A quack hammer!

80.  Why did Norman the Floorman Duck refuse to work on Saturdays? Because he needed a day to relax and have some quacks!

81.  Why did Norman the Floorman Duck refuse to work on a farm?  Because he was tired of hearing all the duck-related jokes!

82. How does Norman the Floorman Duck get to work every day?  He quacks his way there!

83.  What do you call a floor installed by Norman the Floorman Duck?  A quack-tile floor!

84. Why did Norman the Floorman Duck always bring a level to work?  Because he wanted to make sure everything was perfectly quack-ed!

85.  What did Norman the Floorman Duck say to the clumsy duck who kept tripping over the floorboards?  “You better quack up!”

86. Why did Norman the Floorman Duck refuse to install a carpet?  Because he believed in the beauty of natural quacks!

87.  What did Norman the Floorman Duck say when he discovered a squeaky floorboard?  “Time to give it a good quackdown!”

88.  Why did Norman the Floorman Duck become a fan of stand-up comedy?  Because he could relate to all the quack-up lines!

89.  What’s Norman the Floorman Duck’s favorite dance move?  The quackstep!

90.  Why did Norman the Floorman Duck bring a duck-shaped tape measure to work?  Because he liked to measure things the quack way!

91.  How did Norman the Floorman Duck react when he accidentally stepped on a wet floor?  He said, “Quack! I should have worn my quack-proof boots!”

92.  What did Norman the Floorman Duck say when he found a small crack in the floor? ” No worries, just a little quack in the armor!”

Norman the Floorman Duck Jokes

93.  Why did Norman the Floorman Duck always wear a tool belt?  So he could have quick access to all his quacktastic tools!

94.  Why did Norman the Floorman Duck refuse to work on a construction site near a pond?  He didn’t want any distractions from his fellow ducks!

95. What did Norman the Floorman Duck say when someone asked him if he had any flooring tips?  “Quack yes, I do!”

96.  Why did Norman the Floorman Duck throw a party for his coworkers?  Because he wanted to quacknowledge their hard work!

Norman the Floorman Math Jokes

97. Why did Norman the floorman bring a ladder to math class? Because he wanted to show his students the “high” way to solve equations!

98. Norman tried to teach his students about geometry, but it didn’t work out. They just couldn’t “figure” him out!

99. Norman told his class that he could count to 1,023 on his fingers. They were amazed until they realized he was counting in binary!

100.Norman’s favorite math book is about fractions because he can relate – he’s only half as tall as most people!

101. Why did Norman bring a ruler to the beach? He wanted to measure the sine of the times!

102. Norman’s math class is so fun that it’s divided into two groups: those who love math and those who will love math after they meet him!

103. Norman’s advice to his students: “Don’t be irrational – unless you’re solving for pi! That’s always a great idea!”

Norman Carpet Jokes

104. Norman the carpet guy loves his job because it really “ties the room together”!

105. Norman’s carpets are so soft that stepping on them is like walking on a cloud – a cloud with a great sense of style!

106. When people ask Norman if he has any carpet recommendations, he always replies, “I’ve got you covered!”

107. Norman’s carpets are so durable that they could withstand a stampede of elephants – but he doesn’t recommend testing that theory!

108. Norman once told a customer that his carpet was magic because it made all their worries “pile” up and disappear!

109. Why did Norman become a carpet expert? Because he wanted to “weave” his way into the world of interior design!

110. Norman’s motto: “Life’s a rollercoaster, but your carpet should always be smooth!”

Norman the Floorman Jokes Clean

111. Norman the floorman is so friendly that even the squeaky floors in his building feel comfortable around him!

112. Norman always knows the perfect time to visit – he’s like a human floor clock!

113. When Norman fixes a creaky floorboard, it’s like he’s performing a symphony for your feet.

114. Did you hear about the time Norman tried stand-up comedy? He said, “I’ve got a great career – I’m really floored by it!”

115. Norman’s favorite hobby is polishing floors. He says it’s his way of “bringing out the shine in people’s lives.”

Norman the floorman jokes clean

116. Norman once said, “I’ve learned a lot from floors – they may be stepped on, but they always bounce back!”

117. If you ever need a pick-me-up, just talk to Norman. He’ll remind you that even when life gets tough, you can always find your footing again.

Final Words

As we wrap up our journey through the world of Norman the Floorman jokes, we hope that you’ve found yourself chuckling and giggling your way through the workday. From his quirky antics to his hilarious mishaps, Norman has brought a dose of laughter to our daily grind. Whether you’re a fellow colleague or just someone looking for a good laugh, Norman’s adventures have surely brightened your day and added some humor to the monotony of the 9-5. So as you bid farewell to Norman and his floor-related escapades, remember to keep smiling, keep laughing, and always find joy in the little things – even if it’s just a funny joke about a fictional floorman. Until next time, keep the laughter flowing and may your workdays be filled with lightheartedness and merriment!

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