80+ Best Jokes About Shrimp

Get ready to shrimply crack up with our collection of hilarious jokes about shrimp. From pun-filled punchlines to clever wordplay, these jokes will have you laughing from head to tail.

Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or simply enjoy a good laugh, these shrimp-themed jokes are sure to add some flavor to your day. Share a laugh with friends and family as you dive into a sea of humor and enjoy a shrimp-tactic time.

Funny Jokes About Shrimp

1. What is the term for a shrimp that kills its own kind?

Shrimp engaging in a killing spree.

2.  Why are shrimp reluctant to donate to charity?

Because they are inherently shellfish.

3.  What is the title given to someone who trades shrimp?

A prawn broker.

4.  Why don’t the shrimp in Broadway share?

They are known for being show shellfish.

5.  What is the uniform worn by shrimp in the kitchen?


6.  How do you describe a shrimp buffet?

An overkill all-you-can-eat shrimp dinner.

7.  What did the rice dish tell the shrimp in the pan?

Don’t work away from me!

8.  What did the shrimp contemplating suicide say?

Krill me, please.

9.  What is the preferred visual content of aroused shrimp?


10.  Where is the recommended establishment to purchase affordable shrimp?

A prawn shop.

11.  What is the reason for the shrimp’s unwillingness to share its treasure?

It’s being selfish.

12.  How do you describe a shrimp’s killing of another shrimp?

A killing spree.

13.  Where is the most economical location to buy shrimp?

A prawn shop.

14.  What is the term used for an unlimited shrimp feast?


15.  What is the action taken by a despondent shrimp to escape its misery?

It krills itself.

16.  What do crustaceans wear while cooking in the kitchen?


17.  Why did the mollusk couple end their marriage?

They were both shellfish.

18.  What did one despondent prawn say to another?

We’re all just shrimp.

19.  How did the crustacean manage to finish all the fish food?

In a shellfish manner.

20.  Why do shrimp refrain from making charitable donations?

Because they’re selfish.

21.  Why did the crustacean refuse to share its meal?

It was a shellfish.

22.  What do you call a shrimp that loves to dance?

A prawn-star.

23.  Why did the shrimp go to the gym?

 It wanted to build some muscle power.

24.  What do you call a shrimp that’s always happy?

A jolly shrimp.

25.  Why did the shrimp go to the doctor?

 It felt like a little shell.

26.  What do you call a shrimp that’s an expert in martial arts?

A karate-shrimp.

Clean Jokes About Shrimp

Shrimp are small, tasty, and have a unique texture that many people love. They’re also a popular ingredient in many dishes, from shrimp to stir-fry.

But did you know that there are also plenty of jokes and puns about shrimp? If you’re a fan of seafood humor, then you’ll definitely want to check out these jokes about shrimp.

27.  Why didn’t the prawn distribute its dessert?

The shrimp piece was too selfish.

28.  Have you heard the joke about the shrimp who attended a party with prawns?

He got a muscle pull. Battered shrimp isn’t justified.

29.  Why don’t the shrimp on Broadway share?

Because they show shellfish.

30.  Why wasn’t the young shrimp famous in Japanese cuisine?

Because of its short tempura.

31.  What’s the name for a bed of Japanese fried shrimp and vegetables?


32.  How can you predict the future with a shrimp?

By devising it.

33.  Have you heard about the conceited shrimp with a lisp?

He was very shellfish.

34.  Why was the fried shrimp happy after breaking up?

Because the pain was only temporary.

35.  What do you call a shrimp wearing a tie?


36.  Why don’t shrimp play basketball?

They’re scared of the net.

37.  What’s the best way to catch a shrimp?

 Have someone throw it at you.

38.  Why did the rice urge the shrimp not to leave?

Because I was wok-ing alone.

39.  What’s the similarity between Godzilla and shrimp?

They’re both crustaceans.

40.  What is necessary for the well-being of shrimp?

Vitamin Sea.

41.  How would you describe a group of drunken shrimp?

 A shrimp cocktail celebration.

42.  What do you call a shrimp without any eyes?

 A shrimp.

43.  What’s the name of an all-you-can-eat shrimp feast?


44.  On what day are shrimp not fans of?


45.  What’s the reason for prawn being more affordable than shrimp?

You can find them at the prawn shop.

46.  Do shrimp support charities?

No, they’re too selfish.

47.  What makes shrimp apprehensive about playing basketball?

 They’re scared of the net.

Clean Jokes About Shrimp

Funny Shrimp Puns

48.  This is a shrimp farm.

49.  It was a hasty shrimp decision.

50.  You’re significant to me, like a rare shrimp.

51.  Be cautious. It could explode like a shrimp bomb.

52.  That’s not a shrimp. It’s a shrimp impostor.

53.  I’m going to integrate that into my daily routine like shrimp seasoning.

54.  That’s a pragmatic shrimp approach.

55.  It’s absolutely necessary, like a crucial shrimp ingredient.

56.  You’re very responsible, like a mature shrimp.

57.  Don’t worry too much. It’s highly likely, like a probable shrimp outcome.

58.  If you’re seeking high-quality used seafood, visit the prawn merchant.

59.  After weeks at sea, a baby prawn was finally found last week.

60.  To calm down his nerves about his law exam, I advised my shrimp friend to relax and stay calm.

61.  Due to its low rank, the prawn is always defeated in chess.

62.  Codzilla is the top choice for a humorous shrimp movie night.

63.  Intima-sea phobia prevented the prawn from confiding in his sister about his troubles.

64.  Boiled shellfish and lobster were off-limits for the young boy with shellfish steam issues.

65.  Sparks flew between the prawn and the noodles as they argued over the burner stove, with the prawn threatening to work away if he didn’t get his way.

66.  At a prawn’s cocktail party, a shrimp cracked a joke and said, “I pulled a mussel!”.

67.  Eating battered shrimp is unacceptable.

68.  A shrimp that keeps getting hurt is known as an “Accident prawn”.

69.  Show shellfish are what you call Broadway shrimps who don’t share.

70.  Cameron Diez is made of so many shrimps!

71.  Young shrimp wasn’t popular in Japanese cuisine because it had short tempura.

72.  A bed of Japanese fried shrimp and vegetables is called Tempur-pedic.

73.  You can tell the future with a shrimp by devending it.

74.  An egotistical shrimp with a lisp was very shellfish.

75.  An egotistical shrimp with a lisp was very shellfish.

76.  The fried shrimp was happy after the breakup because his pain was only temporary!

77.  A shrimp wearing a tie is sophisticated.

78.  Shrimps don’t like playing basketball because they’re afraid of the net.

79.  The best way to catch a shrimp is to have someone throw it at you.

Best Jokes About Shrimp

Shrimp are a popular seafood in many parts of the world, but did you know that they can also be a source of laughter?

That’s right, there are plenty of jokes about shrimp that can put a smile on your face. Here are some of our favorites:

80.  What term describes a comedic shrimp?

 A crustacean-comedian.

81.  What word describes a lost shrimp?

 A meander-prawn.

82.  What’s the reason the shrimp declined to share?

It was too egocentric.

83.  What made the shrimp feel powerful?

 It possessed incredible shrimp abilities.

84.  What created a mystical ambiance for the shrimp?

 It stumbled upon a tiny mushroom in its size.

85.  Why did the shrimp refuse to share its meal?

Because it smelled like shellfish.

86.  What did the jumbo shrimp say to the crab in the restaurant?

“You’re quite the catch!”

87.  What do you call a group of shrimp playing instruments?

A shellaband.

88.  Why did the shrimp decide to keep all the treasure for itself?

Because it was feeling shell-greedy.

89.  What do you call a shrimp that’s good at singing?

A croon-prawn.

90.  Why did the shrimp refuse to join the party?

Because it was being shellclusive.

91.  What did the shrimp say to the snail?

“You’re moving at a snail’s pace!”

92.  Why did the shrimp refuse to let anyone else use the computer?

Because it was shell-protective of its data.

93.  Why did the shrimp decide to start a business?

Because I wanted to be self-employed.

94.  What do you call a shrimp that’s really into fitness?

A muscle-prawn.

95.  What’s worse than finding a shrimp on your piano?

 Discovering a crab on your organ.

96.  How does a sad shrimp cope with its suffering?

It takes its own life by Krilling itself.

97.  Why did the chef decide to fry the shrimp?

Because it was having a temper tantrum.

98.  What makes shrimps so selfish with their belongings?

 Their tendency to be shellfish.

99.  How do you refer to a shrimp that gets hit by a vehicle?

Road Krill.

100.  What is the reason behind the shrimp’s reluctance to share its snack?

It is too shellfish.

101.  Why did Barbie smell like fish?

Because Australians enjoy throwing prawns on her.

102.  What do you call a basketball-savvy shrimp?

Leprawn James.

103.  What dish combines chicken, shrimp, okra, and elephant sausage?


104.  How do you name a shrimp that meets its end under a car?

 Road Krill.

Best Jokes About Shrimp

Final Words

Jokes about shrimp are a lighthearted and playful way to bring humor to different settings and conversations. Whether you love shrimp as a food or you simply appreciate a good punchline, there are plenty of shrimp-related jokes out there to make you laugh.

Ultimately, if told in good taste and with respect, jokes about shrimp can serve as an amusing way to connect and find levity in everyday moments.