90+ Best Jokes About Baths

Soak up the laughter with our collection of hilarious jokes about baths. From bubbly puns to playful wordplay, these jokes will have you giggling in the tub. Whether you enjoy a relaxing soak or simply appreciate a good laugh, these bath-themed jokes are sure to add some humor to your day.

Share a laugh with friends and family as you dive into a world of cleanliness and comedy. Get ready to scrub away your worries and enjoy a good chuckle with these light-hearted jokes.

Funny Jokes About Baths

1. Where do goats go for their hygiene needs?

To a baaa-throom.

2.  Do you want to hear a joke that’s squeaky clean?

 I just finished washing up with bubbles.

3.  Why did the illusionist decide to shower?

 To spruce up his performance.

4.  What do you call a pachyderm that despises bathing?

 A stinkadon.

5.  Why did the burglars cleanse themselves before stealing from the bank?

 Because they wanted a spotless getaway.

6.  What does an owl require after bathing?

 A towel to dry off.

7.  Which type of dog adores bubble baths?

 A shampooch.

8.  How is matrimony similar to a warm soak?

 Once you’re acclimated, it’s not so intense.

9.  Why was the lady vociferously complaining about her restroom fan at the store?

 Because she needed to air her grievances.

10.  Why did Cleopatra immerse herself in milk?

She couldn’t find a bovine tall enough to accommodate a shower.

11.  Why did the pig decide to cleanse itself?

The farmer scoffed, “Nonsense!”

12.  Which feathered creatures are notorious for stealing soap from the tub?

Thieving ducks.

13.  Why were there floating balloons inside the washroom?

 It was a celebration on the commode.

14.  What was the man’s reaction after he accidentally swallowed a timepiece and headed to the restroom?

“Look out!”

15.  Did you know that soaking your legs in cow’s milk is beneficial?

After all, it was originally created for calves.

16.  What’s the result of purchasing a bigger bathtub?

You gain more bathing space but lose the bathroom area.

17.  When is it appropriate to catch some Z’s in a bathtub?

 When you’re exhausted.

18.  What do paired-up serpents have on their bath towels?

 “Hiss,” and “Herss.”

19.  What do you exclaim when you awaken in a tub filled with ice?

 “You’re kidding me.”

20.  What happens when you buy a container of drain cleaner to fix your blocked tub?

 $10 down the drain.

21.  What residue do earthworms leave in their tubs?

The scum of the ground.

22.  What is one reason people have beans for dinner?

 So they can enjoy bubbly baths.

23.  What was the reason for the dinosaur’s bath time?

 To deodorize and become ex-stinked.

24.  Why did the mind decline to take a bath?

It didn’t want to be brainwashed.

Funny Jokes About Baths

Best Jokes About Baths

Baths – some people love them, some people hate them, and others just can’t stop making jokes about them. From bath bombs to rubber duckies, there’s no shortage of humor to be found in the world of baths.

So, if you’re in need of a good laugh or just want to take a break from your daily routine, here are some of the best jokes about baths.

25.  Is it true that pigs bathe twice a day?

No, that’s just a tall tale.

26.  What animal do you resemble when you take a bath?

I resemble a little bear, all cozy and clean.

27.  What scent do elephants have after their bath?

They have a refreshing, damp scent.

28.  What’s written on a snake’s bath towel?

“Hiss and Hers,” of course!

29.  What do you call a fairy who avoids baths?

A grubby fairy.

30.  Which dog breed loves to take bubble baths?

A shampoodle, without a doubt.

31.  After a kid takes a bath, what’s still dirty?

The bathtub needs good scrubbing!

32.  Where does a vampire go to bathe?

In the bathroom, of course.

33.  Why did the thief steal a bathtub?

He wanted a clean getaway.

34.  What did Archimedes exclaim when he peed in the bath?


35.  What did the philosopher say after his bath?

“I swam, therefore I don’t stink.”

36.  How does a French lawyer take a bath?

In a J’Accuse tub, naturally!

37.  Why must people air dry after bathing in Afghanistan?

Because towels are banned there.

38.  What’s a shower sponge that doesn’t like showers or baths called?

An aloofa, obviously.

39.  How do baseball players know it’s time to shower?

When they hit foul balls.

40.  What type of swimsuit did Luffy suggest Nami wear?

A unique One Piece.

41.  What kind of bath bomb is a favorite of Emos?

One that reminds them of their toaster.

42.  When is the best time to take a bath in Ireland?

When you’re feeling too dirty.

43.  What does Ironman do before getting in the bathtub?

He gets completely Stark naked!

44.  What flavor of ice cream would you put in a bird bath?

Baskin Robbins, of course!

45.  Why did the pirates avoid bathing before walking the plank?

They expected to wash up on shore later.

46.  What breed of dog loves taking baths?

A lovable Shampoodle.

Best Jokes About Baths

Bath Jokes One Liners

Baths are one of the most relaxing activities one can do. There’s just something about the warm water and the bubbles that make you feel like all your problems are melting away.

But baths can also be a source of humor and entertainment. That’s right, there are jokes about baths! In this post, we’ll explore some of the funniest jokes about baths.

47.  What breed of dog loves taking baths?

A lovable Shampoodle.

48.  Have you heard about the Polish terrorist who went to the spa?

He had bath bombs strapped to his chest, which caused quite a blast.

49.  What type of flatulence does Sigourney Weaver release while bathing?


50.  What was the purpose of inventing the two-piece bathing suit?

To keep the dairy and meat sections separate, of course.

51.  If an epileptic has a seizure in the bathtub, what should you do?

 Toss in your dirty clothes for a quick wash.

52.  What is Mike Tyson’s preferred way of enjoying a bath?

 Grilled, just like his opponents.

53.  How do vampire football players clean themselves after a game?

 By hopping into the bathtub.

54.  Here’s another bath joke for you: What do you call thieving ducks that steal soap from the bathtub?

Rubber ducks.

55.  Are you planning to bathe?

 No, I’m leaving it as is.

56.  What type of bath doesn’t require water?

A sunbath.

57.  Why is the bathtub still dirty after a grubby child takes a bath?

Because the child is still dirty.

58.  Where does a vampire freshen up?

 In the bathroom.

59.  Which criminal never takes showers?

A filthy crook.

60.  Why did the thief take a shower?

So he could make a clean escape.

61.  What do you call the residue that worms leave behind in the bathtub?

The “scum of the earth!”

62.  What type of dog enjoys bubble baths?

A “shampoodle.”

63.  What animal do you resemble when you enter the bathtub?

A small bear.

64.  Which bird steals soap from the tub?

“Rubber ducks!”

65.  How do you know if there’s a monster in your bath?

You can’t close the shower curtain.

66.  What happened to the tiger who took three baths a day?

 After a week, the tiger was immaculate.

Funny Bathtub Jokes

67.  Why did the rubber duckie refuse to get in the bathtub?

 It didn’t want to be all washed up.

68.  What do you call a bathtub that’s not well behaved?

A rebel-tub.

69.  Why don’t cats like taking baths?

They don’t want to wash their paws.

70.  What’s a pirate’s favorite place to take a bath?

In a tub-arrrr.

71.  Why did the man bring a boat into the bathtub with him?

 He wanted to take a cruise in his own tub.

72.  What’s a bathtub’s favorite TV show?

“The Big Drain Theory.”

73.  What did the bathtub say to the toilet?

 “You look flushed.”

74.  Why did the grape jump into the bathtub?

 It wanted to become a raisin.

75.  Why was the bathtub always cold?

Because it had cold feet.

76.  Why did the bathtub go to the bank?

To get a loan for a tub upgrade!

77.  Why did the duck refuse to get into the bathtub?

 It was already quacked!

78.  Why did the bathtub go to the doctor?

 It was feeling a little soap-pressed!

79.  What did the bathtub say to the plumber?

 You can’t run from me, I’ve got you surrounded!

80.  Why did the bathtub call the police?

Because there was a rubber duckie-napping!

81.  How do you know if a bathtub is shy?

 It’s always hiding under the soap suds!

82.  Why did the bathtub cross the road?

To get to the other side of the bathroom!

83.  Why did the bathtub break up with the toilet?

It was tired of being used for all the dirty work!

84.  Why did the bathtub go to the bank?

 To check its balance!

85.  Why don’t sharks like to take baths?

They prefer to stay in the tuba.

86.  What do you call a bathtub that’s afraid of water?

A washout!

87.  Why did the tomato turn red in the bathtub?

 Because it saw the faucet!

89.  Why did the cookie take a bath?

Because it felt crummy!

90.  What do you call a pirate in the bathtub?

Cap’n Scrub-a-Dub!

91.  Why did the bathtub get cold?

Because someone left the shampoo open!

92.  How does a bathtub say hello?

“Hey, Tubby!”

93.  Why was the bathtub so nervous?

It had a sinking feeling.

Funny Bathtub Jokes

Bath Puns for Instagram:

94.”Splish-splash, I’m takin’ a bath! #BathTimeBliss”

95.”Rub-a-dub-dub, it’s bath time for this scrub! #BathGoals”

96.”Soaking up the suds and good vibes. #BathTherapy”

97.Bath time: the best way to wash away your worries and get ‘tub’-solutely relaxed!

98.”I’m all about that bath, ’bout that bath, no trouble! #BathLover”

99.”Turning water into instant happiness, one bubble bath at a time. #BubbleBathFun”

100.”When life gets hectic, take a bath and let your troubles ‘suds’-side down the drain!

Jokes About Bubble Baths

Certainly, here are some jokes about bubble baths:

101.”Why did the rubber duckie refuse to take a bubble bath? Because it was afraid of getting ‘quacked’!”

102.”What did one bubble say to the other in the bath? ‘I’ve got my eyes on you!'”

103.”Why did the shampoo and conditioner break up? Because they couldn’t agree on the ‘relationship bubbles’!”

104.”What do you call a person who takes a lot of bubble baths? A ‘bath-a-holic’!”

105.”Why did the soap get in trouble during the bubble bath? It just couldn’t keep its ‘lather’ mouth shut!”

106.”How do you make a tissue dance in the bath? Put a little ‘boogie’ in the water!”

107.”What’s a bubble’s favorite type of music? Pop, of course – they love to burst into song!”

Jokes About Taking a Bath

Certainly, here are some jokes about taking a bath:

108.”Why did the computer take a bath? Because it had a lot of dirty cookies in its cache!”

109.”I tried taking a bath with my phone once, but now it won’t stop calling me ‘Sud-scriber’!”

110.”Why don’t skeletons take baths? Because they’re afraid they’ll wash off their skin and bones!”

111.”What did one bathtub say to the other? ‘I think I’m going to drain you of all your secrets!'”

112.”Why did the tomato refuse to take a bath? It saw the salad dressing and got nervous!”

113.”What’s a pirate’s favorite part of taking a bath? The ‘arrrrrrr’ in the water!”

115.”I used to be a baker, but I switched to taking baths for a living. Now I’m a ‘loaf cleaner’!”

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, folks – some of the best jokes about baths to brighten up your day. Whether you’re a bath fan or not, these jokes are sure to make you smile.

So, when you’re soaking in the tub or just need a good laugh, remember these jokes and share them with your friends and family. After all, laughter is the best medicine, even in the world of baths!

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