90+ Best Hanging up Jokes

Hanging up Jokes: A Humorous Way to Decorate Your Home Decorating your home is not just about creating a beautiful space, it’s also about reflecting your personality and sense of humor. If you’re someone who loves to laugh and make others laugh, hanging up jokes around your home is a great way to do so.

Jokes have been a form of entertainment for centuries, and they come in all shapes and sizes. From witty one-liners to clever puns, there’s a joke out there that’s perfect for you.

So why not showcase your favorite jokes around your home and create a space that’s both stylish and humorous? Here are some ideas for hanging up jokes around your home:

Funny Hang up Jokes

1. Why did Minnie end the call on Mickey?

She was feeling silly at the moment.

2.  What distinguishes Jesus from a painting of Jesus?

To hang it up, you only need one nail, but for Jesus, it took three.

3.  How many Redditors are required to hang up a sign successfully?

There’s no definitive number; they’ll keep reposting it indefinitely.

4.  Why don’t comedians enjoy spending time with Will Smith?

He’s always improving their jokes.

5.  Why does Jesus seem so despondent?

His disciples left him hanging after a double high-five.

6.  What do you name an Irishman who’s suspended from the ceiling?

“Sean D’Olier” … And what do you call his wife? “Crystal.”

7.  Why doesn’t gallows humor always have a punchline?

To keep you hanging, sometimes they prefer not to deliver a punchline.

8.  Why were bats congregating outside the Gates of Hell?

To see Meatloaf.

9.  Why did the computer dump its printer?

 It found a better connection with the scanner!

10.  What did the keyboard say to the mouse?

You click with me!

11.  Why did the laptop refuse to turn on?

It needed to recharge its batteries!

12.  Why did the tablet go to therapy?

It had an app addiction!

13.  What do you call a computer that sings?


14.  Why did the monitor feel lonely?

Because it had no one to pixel with!

15.  Why did the printer go to the art museum?

 To improve its color scheme!

Funny Hang up Jokes

Hang up Jokes

16.  What did the hard drive say to the flash drive?

 You’re so small and portable, I envy you!

17.  Have you ever seen sausages hung up in a butcher’s shop?

 No, I haven’t. I’ve only seen them hung down.

18.  Where do people hang their clothes in the Middle East?

 In Iraq? No, that’s not correct.

19.  What does a visually impaired person do for a living?

They hang up blinds for people.

20.  Why didn’t the Japanese guy receive a high five?

 Because Logan Paul left him hanging.

21.  Why do adolescent girls prefer hanging out in odd-numbered groups?

They can’t even.

22.  Why do white teenage girls always hang out in groups of three, five, or seven?

They just can’t even, like, even.

23.  Why did the eye doctor get a referral?

He needed another point of view!

24.  Why did the Olympian cross the road?

 To get to the other podium!

25.  What did the cheetah say after it hung up the phone?

“That was a fast call!”

26.  What did the hang up say to the other hang up?

 I’m always here for you.

27.  Why don’t scientists trust atoms?

 Because they make up everything!

28.  What did the wall say to the other wall?

 “I’ll meet you at the corner!”

29.  How did the rope burn its neck?

 It was too embarrassing to hang itself!

30.  How do astronauts hang up their laundry?

With a satellite!

Clever Hanging up Jokes

31.  Why did the scarecrow win an award?

Because he was outstanding in his field!

32.  Why don’t scientists trust atoms?

 Because they make up everything!

33.  Why did the scarecrow win an award?

Because he was outstanding in his field!

34.  What did the paintings say when they got taken off the wall?

 They were frame-y to go!

35.  Did you hear about the criminal who tried to hang himself?

 He was caught in the act!

36.  What did one spider say to the other when they were on a date?

 “Let’s hang out sometime.”

37.  How do you make a hotdog stand?

Get a pair of buns and throw in the wiener!

38.  What do you call someone who hangs around until 8am in the morning?

 A Tardy Riser.

39.  How do you embarrass an archaeologist?

 You give them a used tampon and ask them what period it came from.

40.  Why did the chicken cross the road?

 To get to the hanging jokes store!

41.  How do you make a hotdog stand?

 Get a pair of buns and throw in the wiener!

42.  Why did the bicycle fall over?

 It was two tired.

43.  How do you get a squirrel to like your jokes?

 Hang around in the tree until he cracks one of them!

Best Hang up Jokes

44.  What distinguishes Jesus from a depiction of him?

One nail is sufficient to secure the picture on the wall.

45.  Why was the Japanese man denied a high five?

Logan Paul left him hanging.

46.  What’s the reason behind teenage girls’ preference for odd-numbered groups?

Because even numbers are simply unacceptable.

47.  Why do white teenage girls always form groups consisting of 3, 5, or 7 individuals?

The answer is simple: they just can’t even.

48.  Does anyone know of a place where one can find a companion to share a beer and a conversation with?

Asking on behalf of a friend.

49.  Why do acrobats like hanging out with gymnasts?

Because they always have a good balance.

50.  Where do ghosts like to hang out?

In the boooooo-kyard.

Best Hang up Jokes

51.  Why don’t spiders hang out in libraries?

Because they prefer the world wide web.

52.  What do you call a group of birds hanging out together?

A feathered flock.

53.  Why do chefs like hanging out with bakers?

Because they love to rise to the occasion.

54.  Why don’t vampires hang out in the sun?

Because they don’t want to get burned.

55.  What do you call a group of cows hanging out together?

A herd of heifers.

56.  Why do bees like hanging out with flowers?

Because they can’t resist their sweet nectar.

57.  What do you call a group of monkeys hanging out together?

A troop of primates.

Funny Jokes to Hang up the Phone

58.  “Why was the math book sad?

Because it had too many problems!”

59.  “Why don’t scientists trust atoms?

Because they make up everything!”

60.  “Why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other slide!”

61.  “Why don’t oysters give to charity?

Because they’re shellfish!”

62.  “Why did the cookie go to the doctor?

Because it was feeling crumbly!”

63.  What’s the reason the Japanese man couldn’t high-five?

He was wearing a sumo suit and couldn’t reach his hand up.

64.  How do people who contemplate suicide spend their free time?

By engaging in mindfulness practices, connecting with nature, or pursuing creative hobbies.

65.  What was the rope’s pickup line?

 “Hey, want to knot-tice me?”

66.  Why did the Chinese woman end the call?

Because she dialed the wrong number and reached someone who only spoke Russian.

67.  Why did the duck call a hotline?

 He wanted to talk about his problems quack!

68.  “Why did the lifeguard go home early?

 He saw too many red flags!”

69.  “Why don’t scientists trust atoms?

Because they make up everything.”

70.  “Where does Napoleon keep his armies?

In his sleevies! “

71.  Why did the chicken cross the playground?

 To get to the other slide!

72.  Why did the skeleton go to the spa?

To get some bone-afide rest and relaxation!

Hang up the Phone Prank

Engaging in pranks should always be done with consideration for others and their feelings. Harmless and light-hearted pranks can be fun, but it’s important to ensure they don’t cross any boundaries or cause distress. Here are seven lines for a light-hearted “hang up the phone” prank:

73.”Hey, can you hold on for a second? I think I left my coffee brewing.”

74.”Sorry, I’ve got to hang up briefly to answer the door. I’ll be right back!”

75.”I need to check on dinner in the oven. Mind if I call you right back?”

76.”Oh, I just spotted my lost sock across the room. I’ll ring you in a minute!”

Hang up the Phone Prank

77.”I heard my cat knocking things over in the other room. Gotta go see what’s happening.”

78.”Hold the line for a moment; I have to quiet down my barking dog.”

79.”Oops, my phone’s about to die! I’ll call you back once I plug it in.”

    Cute Ways to End a Phone Call

    80.”I hate to say goodbye, but I can’t wait for our next chat. Take care!”

    81.”You make my day brighter. Chat with you soon, okay?”

    82.”Sending you a virtual hug through the phone. Bye for now!”

    83.”I’m going to miss hearing your voice until next time. Bye, cutie!”

    84.”Our conversations are the best part of my day. Talk to you later!”

    85.”It’s always a treat talking to you. Let’s do it again soon!”

    86.”Remember, I’m just a phone call away if you ever need anything. Take care and talk to you soon!”

    Cool Hanging Jokes

    87.”Why did the coat go to therapy? It had too many issues with hanging!”

    88.”I tried to hang up my calendar, but the dates kept falling off. I guess it couldn’t find a good hangout.”

    89.”I told my friend I’m good at hanging out, and they thought I meant I’m great at hanging curtains!”

    90.”My cat thinks it’s a master of hanging by its claws from the curtains. It’s become quite the ‘purr-former.'”

    91.”I hung my painting on the wall, and it asked me, ‘Do I look frame-tastic?'”

    92.”Why did the scarecrow get an award? Because it was outstanding in its field, just hanging around!”

    97.”I heard the rope and the ladder had an argument about who’s better at hanging. It was a real ‘tied’ debate!”

    Final Thoughts

    Hanging up jokes may seem harmless and funny, but they can actually perpetuate harmful stereotypes and reinforce negative attitudes towards mental illness and suicide.

    It is important to be mindful of the impact our words and actions can have on others and to always strive towards creating a more compassionate and understanding society. Let’s replace hanging up jokes with humor that uplifts and brings joy, without causing harm or offense.

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