120+ Jokes About Forgiveness with Quotes

Forgiveness can be a tricky thing, but it can also be something that can bring us closer together. Whether it is something we give to another person or something we give ourselves, forgiveness can be an incredibly powerful tool. If you’re looking for a light-hearted take on the concept of forgiveness, here are some jokes about forgiveness that may make you laugh.

These Following jokes about forgiveness are sure to make you smile and remind you of the importance of forgiving others and yourself. Whether you’re forgiving yourself or someone else, don’t forget to take the time to forgive and learn from the experience. In the end, forgiving is a powerful act that can bring about peace and understanding.

Knock Knock Jokes About Forgiveness

1 .  Knock knock.

 Who’s there?


 Etch who?

 Bless you!

2.   Knock knock.

 Who’s there?


 Robin who?

 Robin you, give me all your money.

3.   Knock knock.

 Who’s there?


 Cash who?

 No thanks, I prefer peanuts.

4.   Knock knock.

 Who’s there?


 Mustache who?

 I’ll ask my question later, let me shave first.

5.   Knock knock.

 Who’s there?


 Tank who?

 You’re welcome.

6.   Knock knock.

 Who’s there?


 Odor who?

 Odor me, glad I didn’t say banana?

7.   Knock knock.

 Who’s there?

 I eat maps.

 I eat map who?

 That’s disgusting.

8.   Knock knock.

 Who’s there?


 Ya who?

 Yahoo, it’s great to see you!

9.   Knock knock.

 Who’s there?


 Candice who?

 Candice door open or what?

10.   Knock knock.

 Who’s there?


 Boo who?

 Don’t cry, it’s just a joke.

Best Jokes About Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a virtue that can often be hard to come by, but it’s also something that can bring a lot of peace and joy into our lives. That’s why it’s important to know how to laugh about it once in awhile, which is why we’ve gathered up some of our favorite jokes about forgiveness.

11.   What did the sock say when it was forgiven?

 “Sock ’em with kindness!”

12.   What did the traffic light say to the car that refused to stop?

 Don’t be mad – I’m just trying to give you a little forgiveness.

13.   How did the chicken forgive and forget?

 With an egg-cellent attitude!

14.   What did the judge say when he reduced a man’s sentence for theft?

 I’m going to be lenient, and let you off with a warning – “Don’t do it again”.

15.   What did the lake say after it forgave the river?

 Let bygones be water.

16.   What did the elephant say to the unforgiven mouse?

 Don’t worry, I forgive and forget.

17.   What’s the best medicine for an apology?

A good dose of forgiveness!

18.   What did the damaged record ask forgiveness for?


19.   What do you call someone who forgives an elephant?


20.   Why was the forgiven sailor so happy?

 He had just let go of a heavy anchor!

21.   How can you tell when someone has truly forgiven you?

 When they stop bringing it up.

22.   How do you forgive an elephant?

 With a peanut.

23.   Why did the burglar forgive the homeowner?

  Because he left the door unlocked and made it too easy.

24.   Why did the chicken forgive the farmer?

 Because he promised to let it run wild.

25.   Why did the librarian forgive the overdue book?

 Because it was a novel concept.

26.   Why did the computer forgive the user’s mistake?

 Because it had a backup plan.

27.   Why did the athlete forgive the coach’s harsh words?

 Because they understood it was tough love.

28.   Why did the tomato forgive the cucumber?

 Because it was a pickle situation.

29.   Why did the teacher forgive the student’s poor grade?

 Because they knew that learning was a process.

30.   Why did the tree forgive the lumberjack?

Because it understood that sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

31.   Why did the baker forgive the burned cake?

Because they knew that practice makes perfect, and mistakes can be the best teachers.

Clean Jokes About Forgiveness

Whether it is something we give to another person or something we give ourselves, forgiveness can be an incredibly powerful tool. If you’re looking for a lighthearted take on the concept of forgiveness, here are some jokes about forgiveness that may make you laugh.

32.   Why did the frog forgive the fly?

 Because it jumped to conclusions!

33.   Why did the baseball player forgive his glove?

 Because it made amends.

34.   How do you know when a joke has forgiven you?

 When it no longer has a punchline.

35.   Why did the tomato forgive the cucumber?

 Because it didn’t want ketchup later.

36.   How do you apologize to a mathematician?

  With a sign of remorse.

37.   Why did the bear forgive the hunter?

 Because he decided to give him a second chance.

38.   What do you call a robot that forgives?

 An apolo-bot.

39.   Why did the banana forgive the apple?

 Because it was the bigger fruit.

40.   How did the elephant forgive the mouse?

 I decided to put the past behind and move on.

41.   Why did the duck forgive the fox?

Because he quacked under pressure.

42.   How do you apologize to a flower?

With a bouquet of remorse.

43.   Why did the carpenter forgive the hammer?

 Because it nailed the apology.

44.   What do you call an apology from a horse?

  A neigh-pology.

45.   Why did the pizza forgive the oven?

 Because it was a hot-headed argument.

46.   How do you apologize to a fish?

 With a net of regret.

47.   Why did the bell forgive the ringer?

 Because it was tolerant.

48.   Why did the elephant forgive the snake?

 Because it didn’t want to hold a grudge.

49.   What do you call a sorry piece of cheese?


50.   Why did the dog forgive the cat?

 Because it was a paw-some friend.

51.   How do you apologize to a door?

With a knob of contrition.

52.   Why did the pencil forgive the eraser?

  Because it knew it made mistakes too.

53.   How do you apologize to a bird?

 With a feather of atonement.

54.   Why did the whale forgive the boat?

 Because it decided to let the waves of the past wash away.

Sermon Jokes About Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be difficult, but it is also a powerful tool that can bring us closer together. These jokes about forgiveness might not make the situation any easier, but they may bring a smile to your face.

55.   What did the preacher say when he was asked to forgive his enemies?

 He prayed for four-giveness.

56.   Why don’t angels ever forget anything?

 Because they have heavenly minds that always remember to forgive!

57.  What do you call a sermon where everyone can find redemption?

 A forgiveness festival!

58 .   What did the prodigal son bring home with him?

 His Father’s forgiveness.

59.   Why was it hard for the Pharisee to forgive others?

 He had a long memory!

60.   What did the son forgive his dad for?

 Not showing him grace.

61.   What do you call a bee that already forgave their offender?

 A honey-dun!

62.   Why did the preacher forgive his sheep for their sins?

Because it was within his flock-given rights!

63.   What did Jesus say to the adulterer on the beach?

 “Seas the day!”

64.   How do we truly prove that we forgive?

By not bringing up the past in every argument!

65.   Why did the pastor get mad when someone said he was forgiven?

 Because forgiveness is not a joke!

66.   Why didn’t Adam and Eve get punished for hiding from God in the Garden of Eden?

 Because He already knew where they were—He was a forgiving Father!

67.   What did God say to the cheese that asked for forgiveness?

I forgive you, du-Gouda!

68.   What did the fly say when apologizing to the spider?

 “My Forgiveness!”

69.   How do you know if a fish has forgiven you?

 When it stops waving its fin!

70.   Why did the prodigal son get punished for coming home late?

 Because he didn’t give his father enough notice!

71.   What did the pastor say when someone asked for forgiveness?

 “Let’s just forgive and forget-get it!”

72 .   What did the forgiving monk say to another monk who asked for forgiveness?

“That was absolved-ly unwise of you.”

73.   What did the preacher say when he was asked to preach about forgiveness?

 He replied, “I’m all for it-ness!”

74.   Why did the preacher forgive his former enemy?

Because he had forgiven and forgotten.

75.   What did the preacher say when he dropped his sermon notes on the floor?

 I must forgive and forget.

76.   What did the preacher say about forgiveness?

 The sermon was crystal clear — forgive and forget like a sinner at sea!

77.   What did Mary Magdalene say to Jesus when she asked him for forgiveness?

 “Lord, it’s me! Undo my sin!”

78.   Why did Paddy pray for forgiveness?

 Because he was always sinning and had to ask for an extra supply of grace!

79.   Why did the forgiven sinner jump for joy?

Because he had been given a reprieve!

Funny Jokes About Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a tricky topic. It’s not always easy to forgive someone when they have wronged you, but it’s also important to recognize that everyone makes mistakes. Here are some jokes about forgiveness that may lighten your mood and make it easier to forgive.

80.   What did the therapist say to the forgetful individual?

 It’s ok, let bygones be bygones!

81.   What did the elephant do after its mate forgave it?

It was trunkful!

82.   Why did the elephant forgive his friend?

 Because he was too heavy to hold a grudge!

83.   What did the tree say when it asked for forgiveness?

 Leave me alone!

84.  Why did the frog forgive the fly?

 Because he knew it was just a small matter.

85.  Why did the chicken forgive the farmer?

  Because he was a poultry-geist.

86.   Why did the sheep forgive the wolf?

 Because he was feeling sheepish.

88.   What do you call a person who forgives but doesn’t forget?

  A file cabinet – they never forget anything!

88.   Why did the tomato turn red?

 Because it saw the salad dressing forgive the lettuce!

89.   Why did the owl forgive the mouse?

 Because it knew it was just trying to “wing” it.

90.   Why did the banana forgive the apple?

Because it knew it was just a little fruit.

91.   Why did the chicken forgive the farmer?

 Because it knew it had egg on its face.

92.   Why did the frog forgive the fly?

Because it knew it was just a little bug.

93.   Why did the potato forgive the tomato?

  Because it knew it had a lot of potentials.

94.   What did the forgiveness-lover say when life handed them lemons?

 “Oh no, thank you for being so understanding!”

95.   What did the forgiving cow say?

 “It’s my mistake!”

96.   Why did the doctor forgive his patient’s bill?

 Because he was essentially practicing “debt-story”!

97.   What did the forgiving apple tree say to its children?

 “It’s okay, branch out!”

98.   What did the trapeze artist say after he made a mistake?

 “I’m sorry, I’ll never forget it again!”

99.   Why did the chicken forgive his adversary?

 Because they both needed to move on and coop.

100.    How do you forgive an elephant?

You don’t, it never forgets!

101.   Why did the chicken go to confession?

  To ask for forgiveness… of his crossing!

102.   Why did the chicken ask for forgiveness?

 Because I was afraid of being pardoned!

Forgiveness Jokes Quotes

103.   Excusing someone’s actions is not the same as forgiving them.

104.   Sometimes we forgive people not because they deserve it, but because we value our relationship with them.

105.    Forgiveness acknowledges that we all have both good and bad qualities, and that transformation is always possible.

106.    It’s unfair to expect loyalty from people who are unable to be honest with you.

107.    Forgiveness allows you to heal and move forward, ultimately leading to personal growth.

108.    You can forgive your enemies without forgetting their names.

109.    If you can’t forgive others for their mistakes, don’t expect them to forgive you for yours.

110.   Forgiveness can be painful, but it’s necessary for inner peace.

111.    Forgiveness is a commitment, not a feeling, to never hold someone’s past actions against them.

112.    Loving yourself means not letting others define your self-worth or destroy you.

113.   People make mistakes and should be judged by their overall character, not just one error.

114.   Sometimes we have to accept that some people will never apologize or see their wrongdoing.

115.    Forgiving someone means relinquishing the desire for revenge.

116.    When we hate ourselves, it’s usually because of our own actions, not just our mistakes.

117.   Those who have experienced deep pain can also experience profound joy.

118.    Forgiveness doesn’t change the past, but it opens up possibilities for the future.

119.   “Pardon your foes; their annoyance will be their own.”

120.   “Haunted by the past? It’s the inability to forgive that keeps the ghosts alive.”

121.   To forgive is to release a prisoner and discover that the true prisoner was within us. (Lewis B. Smedes)

122.    Forgiveness is like the sweet fragrance of violet, released by the very heel that crushed it. (Mark Twain)

123.    Courageous admission of mistakes is the first step toward forgiveness. (Bruce Lee)

124.    Forgiveness is a measure of our love. We can only forgive as much as we are willing to love. (Francois de La Rochefoucauld)

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No matter how hard it may be to forgive someone, these jokes can make it a little bit easier. Forgiveness is a powerful thing, and it can make a world of difference in a relationship. So, the next time someone asks for forgiveness, consider these jokes as a reminder of how important it is to forgive.

Forgiveness is an essential part of life, and these jokes are a great reminder of the importance of understanding and appreciating its power. Hopefully, these jokes will help to make forgiveness a little easier to understand.

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