90+ Jokes About Ingratitude

Laugh out loud with these funny jokes about ingratitude! Enjoy a wide variety of rib-tickling jokes about how ungrateful people can be in different situations. Share these jokes with your friends and family to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Ingratitude is often a source of frustration and annoyance. We can all relate to the feeling of being taken for granted or not given proper appreciation. It’s a universal human experience.

Fortunately, we can also find humor in the situation, and laughter is one of the best medicines. Here are some jokes about ingratitude to lighten up your day and make you smile.

Christian Jokes About Thankfulness

1.   Why did the pilgrim get arrested?

 He was caught giving thanks without a permit.

2.    What does a thankful Christian love more than anything?


3.    Why did Jonah thank the whale that swallowed him?

Because it was a whale of a Tale!

4.    What did the thankful 7 year old say when he finished his dinner?

 “Thankful be to God!”

5.    What did the scarecrow give thanks for on Thanksgiving?


6.    What do you call an ungrateful king?

 A thankless ruler.

7.    Why did the turkey join the Christian church?

 Because it was thankful.

8.    What did the thankful chicken say?

 “It’s egg-cellent to be here!”

9.    What did the thankful Christian say after dinner?

“Thank God for all his blessings!”

10.    Why did the Phillippians thank Jesus?

 Because He taught them to give thanks in all circumstances!

11.    What do you call a thankless Christian?

A grumbler!

12.    What did the thankful rabbit say?

 “Blessings and bunnies!”

13.    What did the pilgrim say when his family told him to be thankful?

 He said, “I am grateful!”

14.    What did the thankful Christian say at dinnertime?

 “Thank God for these blessings!”

15.    What do you call a thankful dinosaur?

A grateful-osaurus!

16.    Why is the thanksgiving turkey so grateful?

 Because he was given his freedom and a second chance!

Christian Jokes About Thankfulness

Sermon Jokes About Gratitude

Ingratitude is a common theme in jokes and humor. After all, many of us can relate to it in one way or another either having been an ungrateful recipient of a favor or have been on the giving end of something that went unappreciated.

And while it’s not always a laughing matter, sometimes it is! Here’s a collection of jokes about ingratitude that should bring a smile to your face.

17.    Why is it so difficult for a centipede to be thankful?

Because with so many feet, it’s hard to keep track of all the blessings!

18.    What did the preacher say when he thanked God for his blessings?

A doctrinal of gratitude!

19.   What did the preacher say when he thanked God?

“I give thanks!”

20.    Why was the preacher so thankful?

Because he had a congregation full of believers.

21.    Why did the bad sermon make people so thankful?

 Because it gave them something to be grateful for!

22.    What did the pilgrim say when he got two for one at the Thanksgiving buffet?

 “Grace and Gratitude!”

23.    What did the thankful farmer say to his cow?

 “I’m udderly grateful for you!”

24.    What did the preacher say when he lost his sermon notes?

 “Oh give thanks, for I surely am!”

25.    Why should you always be thankful?

Because it’s better to give than to receive!

26.   Why did the grass thank God?

Because he was always being cut.

27.    What did the tree say when it received a big hug from its neighbor?

 Thank You Wood!

28.    Where do priests go when they are feeling grateful?

To their thank-a-paltry!

29.    How can you tell if your pastor has been talking a lot about gratitude lately?

 If all his jokes start with “Thank God!”

30.    How do you know God is grateful for what He has created?

 Because He gives thanks each and every day!

31.    What did the preacher say when he thanked his congregation?

“I’m gra-toes in here!”

32.    What did the minister say to his congregation on Thanksgiving Day?

 Let us be thankful for what we have, and strive to get more!

33.    How did the preacher show his gratitude for a good sermon?

 He gave thanks with an encore.

34.    What did the preacher say when he saw the full moon?

 Let us give thanks to God, ’cause there ain’t no changin’ it!

35.    Why did the chicken cross the playground?

 To get to the other side of gratitude!

36.    What do you call a grateful elephant?

A thankful-phant!

37.    Why are Thanksgiving turkeys always so thankful?

 Because they’re constantly being reminded how good things could have been!

38.    What did the grateful pilgrim say after eating a big meal?

 “This is what I’m thankful for!”

39.    What did one plate say to the other plate at thanksgiving?

“Gravy you so much!”

40.    Why was the chicken thankful for its friend’s help in crossing the road?

 The chicken was grateful that it didn’t have to do it all alone!

41.    Why are Thanksgiving turkeys always so thankful?

 Because they’re constantly being reminded how good things could have been!

Short Gratitude Jokes

Ingratitude is an unfortunate character trait that many of us have experienced in our lives. Whether it be family, friends, or co-workers, it’s a behavior that can lead to a lot of hurt feelings.

While it’s never a good thing, sometimes we can find humor in it. Here are some of the funniest jokes about ingratitude.

42.    What did the preacher say when he thanked the

congregation for their generous donation?

 I’m deeply grateful!

43.    Why did the turkey give thanks?

 He was on his way to becoming someone’s dinner!

44.   What did the dolphin say after a successful jump?

 Thank you, sea!

45.    What do you call an ant that’s happy?

A cheer-ant!

46.   What does a tree say when it’s given blankets on a chilly day?

A: “I leaf you so much!”

47.    What did Captain America say after a tough battle?

“I’m so Thors for that!”

48.   What did the gratitude say after eating a good meal?

 It’s been a real blessing!

49.    What did the coconut say when it thanked its tree?

“Nuts to you!”

50.    What did one gratitude journal say to the other?

 We’ve got so much to be thankful for

51.   What did the meditation practitioner say when expressing gratitude?

 Namaste much!

52.    Why does the turkey smile so much?

It’s thankful for all its blessings!

53.    What did the tree say when it thanked a squirrel for giving her an acorn?

 “Thank you Oak much!”

Short Gratitude Jokes

54.   What did the tree say when someone hugged it?

“I bark gratitude!”

55.    What did the tree say when it was done being decorated?

Thanks for sprucing me up!

56.    Why did the farmer thank his tractor?

 Because it’s been a-maize-ing!

57.   What do trees give out on Halloween?


58.    Why did the turkey join Toastmasters?

To give thanks for all of its speech opportunities!

59.    What did the tree say to autumn?

 Leave me alone!

60.    What did the gratitude tree give out on Thanksgiving?

 An attitude of thankfulness!

61.    Why did the plant feel so grateful?

Because it was rooted in appreciation.

62.    Why did the duck say thank you?

 Because it was in a fowl mood.

63.    Why did the turkey join Toastmasters?

 To give thanks for all of its speech opportunities!

64.    What did the tree say after the lumberjack cut it down?

 I would like to thank you!

65.    What did the tree say when it was done being cut down?

 Thank you stumps!

Funny Jokes About Ingratitude

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of an ungrateful response, you can certainly relate to these jokes. And next time you’re feeling unappreciated, just remember: it could be worse at least you’re not the butt of an ingratitude joke!

66.   What did the crab say when someone threw him a thank you party?

 “She wrote me off!”

67.    Why did the grateful honey

Bee gives his thanks with a roar.

 Because he was an app-pea-lous!

68.    Why did the ingrate never say “Thank You”?

 Because he was afraid someone would ask for something else!

69.    Why should you never thank your shoes?

Because they’re always below you!

70.    What did the ingrate say when they received a present?

 I don’t have enough hands to say thank you!

72.    Why did the ingrate cross the road?

 To get to the other side and complain about it!

73.    What do you call a person who is never grateful?


74.    Why did the ungrateful employee refuse to thank their boss for the raise?

They thought they deserved it all along.”

75.    What did the ingrate say when he received a free gift?

 “Don’t worry, I’ll return it tomorrow.”

76.    Why can’t an ungrateful person go to sleep?

Because they want more and more!

77.    Why did the turkey act so ungrateful?

 Because it didn’t give any thanks!

78.     What did the disappointed customer say to their waiter?

 “I didn’t order gratitude with my meal!”

Jokes About Ingratitude for Kids

79.Why did the ungrateful crayon refuse to color? Because it didn’t want to give anything back!

90.How does an ungrateful monster say thank you? It doesn’t! It just growls and walks away!

81.What did the ungrateful sandwich say to the lunchbox? “You’re not good enough for me!”

82.Why did the ungrateful teddy bear want a refund? Because it didn’t like the hugs it got!

83.What did the ungrateful computer say to its owner? “You’re not appreciating my byte-sized efforts!”

84.Why did the ungrateful tree refuse to give shade? Because it felt like people were just “barking” up the wrong tree!

85.What did one ungrateful shoe say to the other? “You’re not taking me anywhere good!”

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Final words

Jokes about ingratitude can be funny and can lighten the mood in any situation. However, it’s important to remember that gratitude is an important part of our lives and should be celebrated and respected.

Gratitude can help us to appreciate the things we have and the people around us, and to be thankful for our blessings. Therefore, we should strive to be more grateful and to recognize the good in our lives.

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