88+ Jokes About Smoothies with Quotes

Make your taste buds tingle with these hilarious jokes about smoothies! From puns and jokes about your favorite smoothie ingredients to jokes about smoothie-making, you’ll find the perfect punchline for every situation.

Smoothies have become a staple part of many people’s diets, offering a quick and easy way to get a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. But not only are they good for you, they can also be pretty funny too!

If you’ve never heard a joke about smoothies before, then you’re in for a treat! We’ve rounded up some of the best jokes about smoothies that we could find, so read on and get ready to laugh.

Funny Jokes About Smoothies

1.   What was the smoothie’s excuse for being late?

Sorry, I got held up in the blender.

2.    Why did the smoothie break up with the blender?

They just didn’t mix well together.

3.   Why did the smoothie go to the doctor?

It wasn’t feeling berry well.

4.    What do you call a smoothie that’s always on time?


5.    What did the banana say when it saw a smoothie?

“I’m in a pulpy situation.”

6.    Why did the smoothie go to the party?

 To get blended in with everyone else!

7.    What do you call a smoothie that always changes its mind?

A fickle-berry!

8.    What do you call a smoothie that’s too much to handle?

 A fruity overload.

9.    What did the smoothie say after it wanted to leave the blender?

 “Time to hit the road, slushy!”

10.    What did the smoothie say when someone threw it in a blender?

“Whirl I go round, round, getting’ dizzy!”

11.   Why did the smoothie recipe become an internet sensation?

 Because it was so easy to blend!

12.   What do you call a smoothie that takes too long?

 A procrastina-smoothie!

13.   What did the smoothie say when it got caught on a curtain?

 “I’m stuck in a blender attachment!”

 14.   What did the strawberry say after tasting a smoothie?

“I’m very happy!”

15.   What did the pineapple say when it saw a smoothie?

 “Smooth sailing!”

16.   Why don’t smoothies understand people’s jokes?

 Because they’re always blendin’ in!

17.   What did the pineapple say when it saw a smoothie?

“This looks like paradise!”

18.   What did the strawberry say when it saw a smoothie?

“Looks like I’m in a jam!”

19.   What did the strawberry say when it heard about smoothies?

“Smooth move!”

Funny Jokes About Smoothies

Innocent Smoothie Dad Jokes

Smoothies are a delicious and nutritious way to get a healthy boost – but did you know they can also be a great source of humor? From funny puns to silly jokes, here are some of the best jokes about smoothies that are sure to give you a good laugh.

20.   Why did the smoothie get arrested?

 He was caught juice-only!

21.   What did the banana do when it saw the smoothie?

 He split!

22.   Why couldn’t the melon blend with the other fruit in an innocent smoothie?

 It didn’t want to get mixed up!

24.   Why don’t oranges get embarrassed?

 Because they’re perfectly juiced!

25.   Why did the smoothie drinker stay up all night?

 To stir his strawberry!

26.   What do you call a dad who always carries a smoothie?

A cool-dazzle

27.   What did the banana say to the smoothie when it saw him?

It’s looking like a good-a-peel!

28.   What do you call a smoothie made with oranges, apples, and bananas?

 An apple-banana-ange!

29.    What did the strawberry say to its Smoothie?

 “Don’t forget my seeds!”

30.    What did the banana do when he saw the palm tree?

He said “Coconut!”

31.   What did the banana say to the smoothie?

Stop, you’re making me go bananas!

32.    What do you call a smoothie with parental supervision?

 A parent-smooth’d!

33.   Why did the grape go to the doctor?

Because he was feeling quite pressed!

34.    Why don’t zombies like smoothies?

 Because they’re too “a-peel-ing!”

35.    What did the watermelon say to the smoothie?

 You better chill, because I’m juicier!

36.    Why did the strawberry cross the road?

 So it could get to the smoothie bar on the other side!

37.   Why did the strawberry go to baseball practice?

To get a better berry!

38.   What do you call an innocent smoothie that’s been sitting too long?

 A past due-it!

39.   What did the banana say to the smoothie glass?

Nothing, it just slipped in quietly!

40.    What did the banana say to the smoothie?

 “Let’s make it like whirled peas.”

41.    What did the strawberry say to the banana?

  Nothing, it just gave him a cheeky wink!

42.    What do you call a farting Dad in the kitchen?

 A Tin Whoop!

43.    What did one smoothie say to the other?

 “Let’s shake things up a bit!”

44.   Why did the smoothie dad care about proper grammar?

 He wanted to make sure that his jokes were punctuated correctly!

Funny Smoothie Quotes

45.    Kickstart your day by indulging in fruity smoothies.

46.    An abundance of berries to enjoy.

47.    Savor the flavors of summer with a delicious strawberry smoothie.

48.    Smoothies have raised my productivity expectations to an unattainable level.

49.   Rejuvenate yourself with the best smoothies around.

50.   “Post-workout green smoothie? How original!”

51.    Sip your way into good moments.

52.    Trust us to deliver the finest smoothies.

53.    Blueberry smoothies are my ultimate weakness.

54.    I never starve myself, as fruit smoothies are always in reach.

55.    Satisfy your sweet cravings with our delectable smoothies.

56.    Have you had the pleasure of trying blueberry smoothies?

57.    Blend your garden’s fruits quickly and easily with the Ninja blender from Costco.

58.    Enjoy the natural sweetness of our banana smoothie for a happier you.

59.    Discover new and exciting smoothie flavors.

60.    Celebrating National Smoothie Day with a refreshing glass of smoothie is the best way to beat the summer heat. Cheers to a happy and healthy day!

61.     Let’s raise a glass to National Smoothie Day and the endless possibilities that come with it. Here’s to trying new flavors and combinations!

62.     Wishing you all a happy and delicious National Smoothie Day! May your glasses be filled with the goodness of fruits and vegetables.

63.    On this National Smoothie Day, let’s embrace the power of smoothies to boost our health and happiness. Enjoy your favorite flavors and stay hydrated!

64.    Happy National Smoothie Day! Whether you like your smoothies sweet or savory, let’s all enjoy the unique taste and benefits they bring.

65.    Sip, savour, and celebrate National Smoothie Day with a tasty blend of your choice. Let’s cheers to good health and happy taste buds!

66.    “Sipping a smoothie through a straw is the best way to enjoy your daily serving of fruits.” – Sam Taylor

67.    “Sipping a fruit smoothie makes you feel young at heart, without sneaking sips from your mom’s glass.” – Unknown

68.   “Smoothies are a perfect summer beverage, allowing you to experiment with fresh fruits and juice combinations.” – Aarti Sequeira

69.   “Focus on enjoying your smoothie, not stressing over problems.” – Maya Angelou

Cute Jokes About Smoothies

Do you love smoothies? We’re sure you do! Smoothies are the perfect way to start your day off right or enjoy a delicious snack any time of the day.

But did you know that smoothies can also be a source of great entertainment? That’s right, here are some of the funniest jokes about smoothies that you’ll ever hear!

70.   The smoothie pleaded with the officer, “Please don’t arrest me, I’m innocent.”

71.    Raspberry proposed to Banana, declaring “We blend perfectly together!”

72.    Working at a smoothie shop would be a perfect fit for me, I’d blend right in.

73.     If someone steals a fruit drink, they’re a smoothie thief.

74.    Mr. Lahey’s preferred smoothie flavor is Orange Julian.

75.    Adding a chameleon to a smoothie might make it blend in too well.

76.    A man orders a smoothie and declines the offer to add milk protein, saying “No whey, Jose.”

77.    Smoothies made in prison are called shake-downs.

78.    The fiber is the best part of an asbestos smoothie.

79.    A banana smoothie is what you call a banana that attracts all the girls.

80.    Trump savored his favorite smoothie flavor, Peach-Mint.

Cute Jokes About Smoothies

81.    A banana with charisma is known as a charismatic banana smoothie.

82.    Mixing a horse with a cat would result in a strange-tasting smoothie and a traumatizing experience for everyone involved.

83.    A bedtime smoothie is known as Jamba Juice.

84.    My attempt at a chameleon smoothie failed miserably – it just wouldn’t blend properly.

85.    My friend’s fruit and vegetable smoothie business has gone bust, including their strawberry harvest.

86.    It dawned on me – if tomatoes are a fruit, then ketchup must be a smoothie!

87.    Despite chameleons being known for their blending abilities, it turns out they don’t make for great smoothie ingredients.

88.    At the juice bar, the man declined the Mexican offer of adding milk protein to his smoothie, quipping “No way Jose!”

Short Jokes About Smoothies With Quotes

89.”Why did the smoothie go to therapy? Because it had too many mixed feelings!”

90.”I told my smoothie it was cool, and it replied, ‘I’m not just cool, I’m berry cool!'”

91.”My smoothie said it wanted to be an actor. I said, ‘You already blend in so well!'”

92.”What did one smoothie say to the other at the gym? ‘Liquids can’t lift weights, but we sure can boost your energy!'”

93.”Why did the banana break up with the blender? Because it couldn’t find a way to smooth things over!”

94.”I asked my smoothie for dating advice, and it said, ‘Just be yourself, but with a twist!'”

95.”Why did the orange refuse to join the smoothie-making contest? Because it didn’t want to get squeezed into competition!”

Jokes About Smoothies With Quotes for Adults

96.”Why did the smoothie refuse to play cards? Because it heard the stakes were too high, and it preferred blending in lower-risk situations!”

97.”Making a smoothie is like a relationship – you need the right ingredients, a little bit of sweetness, and the ability to handle the occasional chunks!”

98.”I tried to flirt with my smoothie, but it just stared back at me with that frosty, unblinking look. I guess it’s just too ‘cool’ for me!”

99.”What’s a smoothie’s favorite type of music? Anything with a ‘smooth’ jazz beat, of course!”

100.”I told my smoothie it had a great personality, and it replied, ‘Thanks, I’m a real blend of flavors!'”

101.”Why did the smoothie become a motivational speaker? Because it knew how to ‘blend’ inspiration and wellness!”

102.”I asked my smoothie for advice on life, and it said, ‘Stay chilled, but don’t be afraid to add a little zest to your days!'”

Smoothie Puns

103.”My smoothie is so well-behaved; it never causes any ‘blend’ trouble!”

104.”I couldn’t find my favorite smoothie recipe book, but I guess it’s just ‘berry’ well-hidden!”

105.”Why did the strawberry blush? Because it saw the blender’s smooth moves!”

Smoothie Puns

106.”My blender told me a joke, but it was a little ‘pulpy’ in its delivery!”

107.”I offered my smoothie a job, but it turned it down, saying it’s already on a ‘fruitful’ career path!”

108.”Why did the pineapple refuse to join the smoothie party? It didn’t want to get ‘juiced’ into anything!”

109.”I tried to impress my smoothie by telling it I was a ‘blend’ of many talents. It just laughed and said, ‘Join the club!'”

Final words

We hope you enjoyed these jokes about smoothies. Be sure to share them with your friends and family and enjoy some smoothie fun together! And if you’re ever in a pinch and need a quick smoothie fix, just remember: it’s just a blend away!

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