90+ Best Luigi Puns

Step into the playful world of Luigi with our Luigi Puns collection! These pun-tastic jokes will have you laughing, Whether you’re a Luigi aficionado or simply love clever wordplay, our Luigi Puns are your ticket to a super good time. Join us in the quest for laughter!

Funny Luigi Puns Jokes

Ready to embark on a pun-filled journey through the Mushroom Kingdom? Our Luigi Puns are the warp pipe to laughter you’ve been waiting for.

1.What does Luigi use to fix his plumbing?  Mario-tape!

2.  How does Luigi stay cool during the summer?  He uses his Super-Fan!

3.  What’s Luigi’s favorite type of pasta?  Linguini, of course!

4.  Why did Luigi always bring a pen to the kart races?  He wanted to draw closer to victory!

5.  What do you call it when Luigi tells a joke?  It’s a punch-line from the green guy!

6.  Why did Luigi become a gardener?  Because he wanted to grow taller than Mario’s shadow!

7.  How did Luigi become such a great dancer?  He practiced his “Luigi-shuffle” every night!

8.  What’s Luigi’s favorite type of music?  Jump and swing!

9.  Why did Luigi bring his vacuum cleaner to the haunted mansion?  Because he heard it was a real “sucker” for ghosts!

10.  Why did Luigi refuse to play hide and seek with Mario?  Because he was tired of being “second” to find!

11.  What does Luigi say when he answers the phone?  “Luigi here! It’s-a me!”

12.  How does Luigi take his coffee?  With a side of mushrooms, of course!

13.  Why did Luigi apply for a job at the library?  Because he wanted to check out the competition!

14.  What’s Luigi’s favorite type of art?  Mar-io-tistic!

15.  What do you call it when Luigi exercises with Mario? Plumber-cise!

16.  Why did Luigi become a detective?  Because he’s great at “piping” up on the case!

17.  How does Luigi greet his friends in the morning?  “Good-a morning, everyone!”

18.  Why did Luigi take a cooking class?  To learn how to make “super” pasta!

19.  What’s Luigi’s favorite card game?  Plumber Bridge!

20.  Why did Luigi become a race car driver?  Because he wanted to put his pedal to the metal!

21.  What does Luigi do when he can’t sleep at night?  He counts Goombas jumping over his head!

22.  Why did Luigi open a bakery?  Because he wanted to create some “super” rolls!

23.  Why did Luigi refuse to visit the haunted mansion again? Because he didn’t want to be a “boo”ring guest!

24.  What’s Luigi’s favorite way to travel?  By green pipe express!

25.  Why did Luigi get a new pet goldfish?  Because he wanted to swim with the “fin”est!

26.  What does Luigi do when he’s in a hurry?  He takes the “mushroom” cut!

27.  Why did Luigi start a gardening club?  Because he wanted to “grow” his social circle!

28.  What’s Luigi’s favorite holiday?  Green-pendence Day!

Funny Luigi Puns Jokes

Luigi Puns One Liners

Step into the playful world of Luigi with our Luigi Puns collection! These pun-tastic jokes will have you laughing, whether you’re a Super Mario fan or just love a good laugh.

29.  Just keep drifting.

30.  Mario Kart is my therapy.

31.  A race against time.

32.  Winning never gets old.

33.  I got a better score this time! I won!

34.  Super Mario Galaxy! Wa-hoo!

35.  If food isn’t pasta, it doesn’t count!

36.  Hey, leave me alone! I’m not an elephant! See?  Now split!… I said split, not sit!

37.  Okey-dokey. Mario get you next time!

38.  My name-a Mario Mario. Of course, my brother’s name is a-Luigi Mario.

39.  Oooh… ah! Luigi! You save Mario! Way to go! Number 1!

40.  Welcome. No one’s home! Now scream-and don’t come back! Gwa ha ha!

41.  Wa-hoo! One more suit, and it’s 1-Up time! I mean, level-up time!

42.  No, you don’t! No, you don’t! Come back here, you big monkey!

43.  If Toad doesn’t get us outta here soon, I’m gonna eat this mattress!

44.  Hello, popcorn? Where’s the popcorn? Yoo-hoo, popcorn, where’d you go?

45.  Thanks for playing! Way to go!

46.  Watch out for the tax man, everyone!

47.  Can I sing a song for you?”

48.  I’ve-a got it! The Stars will help us end Brighton and Twila’s fight!

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Luigi Puns For Adults

Get your daily dose of humor with our Luigi Puns. Join the misadventures of everyone’s favorite green-clad plumber as we serve up a piping hot plate of luigi puns.

49.  Thanks for not charging me too much for shopping here, Princess Peach!

50.  You’re one of the good ones!”

51.  Thank you so much! I’m a king now!

52.  A-meecal! It’s-a my pleasure! Hello, everyone! It’s-a me, Mario, wa-hoo! Hello! Hello! Ha ha.

53.  I think you mean crabby, right?

54.  Tea hea… I mean, tee hee!

55.  My mama’s-a Mama Mia Mario; my papa Papa Pio Mario.

56.  Let’s make a deal, Toad.

57.  So long, King-a Bowser!”

58.  Hey, I think I just warped! That sure was a fast trip!”

59.  Welcome, welcome new galaxy!

60.  Those ain’t wedding bells in your tower!

61.  They’re bats in your belfry!

62.  I’m not a morning person, but I’ll wake up early for a Mario Kart tournament.

63.  The finish line is just the beginning.

64.  I never lose at Mario Kart, I just let others win sometimes.

65.  Mario Kart: where banana peels become weapons.

Luigi Puns For Adults

Funny Luigi Puns

66.  Woo-hoo! Fire it away! I’m-a ready for anything!”

67.  Oh yeah Mama Mia, time’s up!

68.  Mario time… oh yeah!

69.  Yuck! I’d better scram!

70.  My castle is in great peril!!

71.  I’m tired of playing second banana to that sneaky gorilla! Fire when ready!

72.  That’s Mama Luigi to you, Mario!

73.  Here’s the problem: too many toasters! You know what they say: All toasters toast toast!

74.  Now I’m glad I dropped by!

75.  Man, that’s not exciting at all!

76.  Go, little man, go! Oh, he looks green!

77.  Toad, he’s always hanging around, giving me advice.

78.  Ha ha ha! Well, I got-a good news!

79.  I’m a-Luigi, number one!

80.  No, that’s not a swing you see every day.

81.  Starting today, I’m-a super duper excited to be taking my talents to the Mushroom Kingdom in my new game.

82.  Look, I don’t have any tonsils.

83.  Hey! That’s pretty good! But I know you can do even better!

84.  Oh, boy! Finally! I’m-a get to move on the ground!

85.  I’m a pro at avoiding those blue shells.

86.  Who needs therapy when you have Mario Kart?

87.  The only thing better than racing is winning.

88.  No one said the road to success would be easy, but it sure is fun.

89.  Mario Kart is my happy place.

90.  The only race I’m interested in.

91.  I always choose Yoshi – he’s my spirit animal.

92.  I may not be a professional driver, but I am a professional Mario Karter.

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Some Final Talk

Luigi puns offer a playful and light-hearted way to celebrate the iconic character from the Super Mario franchise. From his mustache to his green outfit, Luigi’s unique traits have become the inspiration for witty wordplay and clever puns.

These puns not only serve as a source of amusement for fans of the game but also provide a creative way to express appreciation for Luigi’s distinctive persona.

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