130+ Best Minion Puns

Looking for a laugh? Check out our collection of hilarious minion puns that are sure to make you smile. From bananas to goggles, these puns will have you giggling in no time. Don’t miss out on the fun read our collection of minion puns now!

Minions have become a beloved part of pop culture since they first appeared in the Despicable Me franchise. With their adorable giggles, quirky personalities, and cheerful yellow appearance, it’s no wonder people can’t help but love them.

And what better way to show your love for these little guys than with some minion puns? Here are some of the best minion puns that are sure to make you smile:

Funny Minion Puns

1. The Minion quit working because the hours were too exhausting.

2.  Minions avoid watching horror movies because they find them too gruesome.

3.  A combination of Gru and a pug results in a group hug.

4.  The Russian government hired new spies to replace the old ones, according to reports.

5.  Minions love browsing Gru-gle searches on the internet.

6.  Gluten-free bread is the Minions’ preferred type.

7.  The girl expresses her gratitude to a Minion after being assisted by one of Gru’s henchmen.

8.  Filet Mignon is Gru’s preferred steak variety.

9.  The Minion gifted Gru two banana peels for his birthday, as he had requested a pair of slippers.

11.  The doctor diagnosed the Minion with yellow fever.

12.  A small, yellow onion is referred to as a Minion.

13.  The Minion was unable to yell loudly, only softly.

14.  The policeman exclaimed “Yellow, yellow, yellow!” when he accidentally bumped into Bob, Stuart, and Kevin.

15.  Minions prefer to travel in a yellow submarine.

16.  Minions answer the telephone by saying “Yellow.”

17.  Scarlet Overkill complimented her favorite yellow henchman by telling him he was one in a Minion.

18.  A magnetic Minion always points north.

19.  It’s a lesser-known fact that the Despicable Me and Minion films are actually based on the adventures of Gru.

20.  The average height of a Minion is 105cm.

21.  Minionese is the unique language spoken by Minions.

22.  The poster for Despicable Me 2 features over 10,400 distinct Minions.

23.  Minions are capable of surviving in the vacuum of outer space.

24.  Gru-pon is the go-to shopping destination for most Minions.

25.  When it comes to favorite fruits, bananas definitely have the most a-peel for Minions.

26.  Despite my initial distaste for Despicable Me and the Minions, they eventually grew on me.

27.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to call Minions “Gru-pies”.

28.  Minions absolutely adore bananas and can never get enough.

29.  In a generous gesture, Kevin and Bob left all their possessions to Stuart, hoping to make him a wealthy multi-Minion heir.

Minion Birthday Puns

30.  Have a despicably good birthday!”

31.  “Wishing you a happy birthday, from one minion to another!”

32.  “Hope your birthday is as bananas as we are!”

33.  “You’re one in a minion! Happy birthday!”

34.  “May your birthday be filled with laughter and minions!”

35.  “You’re aging like a fine wine, or maybe more like a fine cheese…either way, happy birthday!”

36.  The Minion could only yell low, not high.

37.  The policeman exclaimed “Yellow, yellow, yellow!”

38.  Minions travel in a yellow submarine.

39.  Celebrating another year, but still just as clueless.

40.  Let’s swap out coffee for champagne, it’s a bubbly kind of day.

41.  You bring the beauty, we’ll bring the celebration.

42.  The more birthdays you have, the longer you get to enjoy life’s adventures.

43.  I have a deep appreciation for large bundts, I cannot tell a lie.

44.  It’s my special day, so I’ll indulge in wine if I feel like it.

45.  Sending birthday wishes wrapped in love and joy.

46.  You radiate beauty, birthday queen.

47.  I’m overjoyed that you were born, happy birthday!

48.  To my sister from another mister, have a spectacular birthday!

49.  Birthdays are made better with the love and support of those closest to us.

50.  A perfect celebration for my perfect bestie.

51.  Don’t worry about getting older, you get a fresh start every year.

53.  Wrinkles are a testament to a life full of laughter and joy.

54.  Celebrate your special day with joy and laughter, dear minion. Many happy returns of the day!

55.  Your minions are sending you loads of love and warm wishes on your birthday. Have a fantastic day!

56.  Don’t count the tears, count the smiles. Don’t count the years, count the friends. Best birthday wishes to you!

Minion Jokes Funny

Minions are the lovable, yellow creatures from the Despicable Me franchise. They are known for their silly antics, their love of bananas, and their unique language.

But did you know that these little guys also inspire some pretty hilarious puns? In this section, we’re going to explore the world of minion puns. From classic one-liners to clever wordplay, these puns are sure to make you smile.

Let’s start with some of the most basic minion puns:

57.  How do you make a blue banana happy?  Give it a yellow friend.

58.  What is the term for someone with many minions?  A minion baron.

59.  Why do minions wear double pants on the golf course?  To keep their legs warm in case of a cold breeze.

60.  Why did the minion purchase new footwear?  To match his overalls.

61.  Where is a favorite shopping destination for minions?  The Banana Bazaar.

63.  Why was the minion frightened while watching a movie?  The film had too many jump scares.

64.  Which type of bread is preferred by minions?  Banana bread.

65.  What did the minion say to the banana?  Nothing, but he happily ate it.

66.  What were minions concerned about when onboard the Titanic? Staying afloat and saving their bananas.

67.  What was the diagnosis given to the sick minion by the doctor?  A common cold.

68.  Which classic book do minions enjoy reading?  The Little Yellow Minion.

69.  What is more frustrating than seeing a minion eat bananas?  Seeing a minion struggle to open a banana.

70.  What is the term for a small onion? A miniature onion.

71.  When was the first Despicable Me film shown in theaters?  I am not aware of the exact date, but it has been a while.

72.  What is always yellow and points to the north?  The sun.

73.  Why did the minion seek medical help urgently?  He had a severe banana allergy.

74.  What made the minion leave his job?  A better-paying job offer elsewhere.

75.  What is the cost to hire a group of minions?  A large sum of money.

76.  What happens when you mix a pug with Gru?  A Pugru hybrid.

77.  What do you call a minion’s character in a Nintendo Wii game?  A Wii-despicable Me.

78.  Why couldn’t the minion understand the Shetland pony?  The pony’s voice was too high-pitched.

79.  How did minions become the president?  They formed their political party and won the election.

80.  What is the likelihood of Gru’s henchmen having a single eye?  Rare, but not impossible.

81.  What smells like bananas and is transparent?  Minion’s special juice.

82.  What did the minion say after working out by lifting crates?  “I am building banana muscles!”

83.  How did the minion follow in his father’s footsteps?  By taking up the same profession as his father.

Jokes About Minions

Are you a fan of the adorable yellow creatures from Despicable Me? If so, then you’re sure to love these hilarious Minion puns!

Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or just want to brighten up your day, these puns are sure to put a smile on your face.

84.  The Minion kept a tuba of toothpaste in the bathroom.

85.  Minions run around their beds to catch up on sleep.

86.  The Minion crossed the playground to get to the other slide.

87.  Minions put their money in the freezer because they like cold hard cash.

88.  Minions wear two pairs of trousers when playing golf in case they get a hole in one.

89.  The doctor diagnosed the Minion with yellow fever.

90.  A small, yellow onion is called a Minion.

91.  Minions refer to their grandmothers as Ba-Nanas.

92.  Ghostly Minions enjoy snacking on boo-nanas.

93.  The Minion called for an ambulance when his banana was difficult to peel.

94.  Banana Republic is a popular clothing store among Minions.

95.  When the naughty Minion got sent to the headteacher’s office, he went bananas.

96.  Minions apply sunscreen to their bananas to prevent them from peeling.

97.  Before leaving the house, Minions say goodbye to their favorite food by exclaiming, “I’m going bananas!”

98.  Banana sundae schools are the type of schools that Minions enjoy attending.

99.  Minions apply sunscreen on their bananas to prevent them from peeling.

100.  Before leaving the house, Minions bid goodbye to their favorite food by saying, “I’m going bananas.”

101.  Banana sundae schools are the type of schools Minions prefer to attend.

102.  The Minion resigned from work because the long hours were too “Gru-eling.”

103.  Minions avoid watching horror movies as they find them too “Gru-some.”

104.  Crossing a pug with Gru from Despicable Me results in a group hug.

105.  The Russian government replaced their spies with new ones, as they “Gru” the need for change.

106.  Minions spend hours on the internet as they love “Gru-gle” searches.

Cute Minion Puns

107.  A magnetic Minion is what always points north and is yellow.

108.  Minions call their grandmas “Ba-Nanas.”

109.  Boo-nanas are what Minion ghosts eat.

110.  The Minion phoned an ambulance for his banana as it was not peeling well.

111.  To reach the ground floor quickly, Minions slide down the banana-ster!

112.  Banana Republic is the clothing shop that Minions like best.

113.  When sent to the headteacher’s office, the naughty Minion went bananas.

114.  Gru-ten free bread is the type of bread that Minions prefer.

115.  After being helped by one of Gru’s henchmen, the girl thanks a Minion.

116.  Filet Mignon is Gru’s preferred steak.

117.  The Minion gave Gru two banana skins for his birthday because he asked for a pair of slippers.

118.  Upon examining a Minion, the doctor diagnoses them with yellow fever.

119.  A small yellow onion is called a Minion.

120.  Minions cannot yell high because they can only yell low.

121.  When bumping into Bob, Stuart, and Kevin, the policeman says, “Yellow, yellow, yellow.”

122.  Minions travel in a yellow submarine.

123.  When answering the telephone, Minions say, “Yellow.”

124.  Bananas have been growing for so long, they deserve a break.

125.  Minions take their bananas to the hairdresser for a split-end-free look.

126.  A Minion going crazy is worse than a Minion eating bananas.

127.  Bananas can’t talk, so the banana said nothing to the Minion.

128.  A Minion covered in black stripes is a despicable bee.

129.  A person with a large number of Minions is a Minion-aire.

130.  The Despicable Me film was released many Minion years ago.

131.  Inside a Minion’s wallet, you’ll find Minion dollars.

132.  A Nintendo Wii character that looks like a Minion is a Despicable Mii.

133.  The Minion couldn’t understand the Shetland pony because he was a little hoarse.

Some Final Talk

Minion puns are a fun and creative way to brighten up your day and add some humor to your conversations. Whether you’re a fan of the Despicable Me movies or simply appreciate a good play on words, these puns are sure to put a smile on your face.

With so many variations and themes to choose from, we can easily see why Minion puns are so popular amongst people of all ages. So go ahead and share some of these puns with your friends and family for a fun and light-hearted time.

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