105+ Funny Forehead Jokes

Discover a collection of hilarious forehead jokes that will leave you in stitches. From clever wordplay to playful puns, these jokes celebrate the uniqueness of our foreheads with lighthearted humor. Get ready to laugh out loud and share a forehead-themed chuckle with friends and family.

Foreheads are often an overlooked part of the face, but they have a unique and striking presence. Some people have big foreheads, while others have small ones, but no matter what size they are, they can still be the source of some hilarious jokes.

After all, a good sense of humor is always in style. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some funny forehead jokes!

Funny Big Forehead Jokes

1) What is a common nickname for a large forehead?  A fivehead.

2)  Why not consider joining the military?  Your forehead could serve as a helicopter landing pad.

3)  What was the reason for uploading a picture of a whiteboard?  Your telekinetic abilities won’t work through the internet, so don’t instruct us what to do.

4)  How is a sinking ship similar to a large forehead?  They both capsize.

5)  Why does Humor Nama not tell many jokes about big foreheads? They’re too long, you wouldn’t understand them.

6)  What is the dream profession for someone with a big head? Headmaster.

7)  Why do individuals with large foreheads dislike mathematics?  It’s too far over their heads.

8)  Why are those with large foreheads unlikely to go bankrupt?  They can always lease out parking spots on their forehead.

9)  What is the reason for God’s love for people with large foreheads?  He gave them one face and cleared space for another.

10)  Why do some people seem puzzled when looking at a large forehead? They’re attempting to figure out if it’s a forehead or the moon.

11)  What is a significant achievement for a mountain climber?  Successfully scaling a large forehead.

12)  Why did the blonde apply makeup to her forehead?  Someone advised her to make up her mind.

13)  Why do most philanthropists have large foreheads?  They donate them to charity as a form of shelter.

14)  What is the typical side job for people with large foreheads?  Serving as a projection screen at the cinema.

15)  What would happen if an individual with a large forehead had a stroke?  It would resemble a landslide gone wrong.

16)  What is a popular nickname for someone with a large forehead?  A fivehead.

17)  Why are people with large foreheads extremely wealthy?  They earn a lot of money from selling billboard space on their forehead.

18)  Do you remember the documentary about individuals with large foreheads?  It was titled Coneheads.

19)  Have you heard about the newborn with a large forehead?  The mother spent half of her time in labor giving birth to only its head.

20)  What would happen if a solar panel was attached to a large forehead?  It could power the entire neighborhood.

21)  What’s the reason behind chubby girls being good at giving oral?  Perhaps it’s their determination.

22)  What’s the term for an overly large forehead?  A fivehead, of course.

23)  Have you ever noticed that many philanthropists have a prominent forehead?  Maybe they’ve donated part of it to charity.

24)  How are sinking ships and big foreheads similar?  They both tend to capsize.

Funny Big Forehead Jokes

Funny Forehead Jokes

Foreheads, are the prominent part of our face that can often be the source of jokes and humor.

While some may feel self-conscious about their forehead, others embrace it and even use it to make others laugh. Here are some funny forehead jokes that will surely make you chuckle.

25)  Why did the forehead break up with the nose?  Because it couldn’t handle the pressure!

26)  What do you call a forehead with a sense of humor?  A laugh line!

27)  Why did the forehead go to college?  To get a degree in intelligence!

28)  What do you call a forehead with a lot of wrinkles?  A worrywart!

29)  Why did the forehead join a band? To play the “head” drums!

30)  What do you call a forehead that’s also a detective?  A sleuth-hound!

31)  Why did my forehead go to the gym?  To work on its “mind-muscles”!

32)  Why did the forehead get a tattoo of a calculator?  Because it’s good at adding things up!

33)  What do you call a forehead that’s always late?  A slow brow!

34)  What does a child with a big head aspire to be when they grow up? Perhaps a headmaster.

35)  Why do students with inflated egos dislike Math?  It’s beyond their mental capacity.

36)  What was the reason behind the blonde’s forehead makeup?  Someone suggested she should decide already.

37)  What’s the most notable feat for a mountain climber?  Reaching the summit of a peak.

38)  How come individuals with large foreheads don’t go bankrupt?  They can always lease out parking spaces on their foreheads.

39)  What’s a popular side job for people with sizable foreheads?  Serving as a screen at the cinema.

40)  Have you considered enlisting in the military?  They could utilize your forehead as a helipad.

41)  Why did the forehead need a vacation?  Because it was under a lot of pressure.

42)  Why did the forehead cross the road?  To get to the other side of the face.

43)  What do you call a forehead that can play sports?  A four-head.

44)  Why did the forehead get in trouble with the police?  Because it was causing a lot of forehead-al activity.

45)  Why did the forehead go to school?  To get ahead in life.

46)  What do you call a forehead that has its own zip code?  A Megamind.

47)  Why was the forehead always winning arguments?  Because it had a lot of thinking space.

48)  Why did the forehead break up with the hairline?  Because it just couldn’t handle the pressure anymore.

49)  What do you call a forehead that’s been struck by lightning?  A thunderhead.

50)  Did you hear about the guy who got a tattoo of his girlfriend’s name on his forehead?  He wanted to make sure she was always on his mind.

51)  Why did the football team recruit the guy with the big forehead?  They needed someone to block the sun during games.

52)  Why did the Cyclops get a job as a fortune teller?  Because he could read your future on your forehead.

53)  Why did the astronaut wear a helmet on his forehead?  Because he didn’t want to get sunburned in space.

Funny Jokes About Big Foreheads

Foreheads can be a source of endless amusement. From their size to their shape, there is always something to joke about when it comes to foreheads. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some funny forehead jokes!

54)  What do you call a forehead that’s been in a car accident?  A forehead dent.

55)  Why did the forehead go to school?  To get a higher forehead-cation.

56)  What do you call a forehead that’s always on vacation?  A forehead beach.

57)  Why did the forehead go to the doctor?  It had a splitting headache from all the forehead jokes.

58)  “What do you call a person with a big forehead who’s also a genius?  A mega mind!”

59)  Why was the math book sad? Because it had too many problems on its forehead.

60)  Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing on your forehead.

61)  Why did the banana go to the doctor? Because it wasn’t peeling well (get it, peeling instead of feeling?)

62)  Why did the scarecrow win an award?  Because he was outstanding in his field (okay, not really related to foreheads, but still pretty funny).

63)  Why did the chicken cross the playground?  To get to the other slide (sorry, couldn’t resist throwing in a classic joke).

64)  “Why did the forehead go to college?  To get ahead in life.”

65)  “Why did the forehead start a band?  It had a lot of forehead-slapping moments.”

66)  “Why did the forehead go to the doctor?  It had a lot of forehead wrinkles.”

68)  Did you hear about the forehead that won the Nobel Prize?  I was a real thinker!

69)  Why did the forehead join a gym? To get a more toned brain!

70)  What do you call a forehead that’s also a comedian?  A pun master!

71)  How does a forehead keep its hair out of its eyes?  With a forehead bobby pin!

72)  Why did the forehead break up with the hairline?  It just wasn’t a good fit!

73)  What do you call a forehead that’s always on time?  A punctual protrusion!

74)  Why was the forehead afraid of the hat?  It didn’t want to be covered up!

75)  What did the forehead say to the hairline?  “You’re a cut above the rest!”

76)  How does a forehead get in touch with its spiritual side?  By meditating on its third eye!

77)  Why did the forehead go to school?  To get a higher education!

78)  How can you tell when a forehead is lying?  Its wrinkles don’t match up!

79)  What do you call a forehead that’s also a detective?  A clue-finder!

80)  Why did the forehead go to the beach?  To catch some rays!

81)  How does a forehead stay cool in the summer?  With a forehead fan!

82)  What did the forehead say to the mirror?   “I’m always ahead of myself!”

83)  Why did my forehead go on a diet? To slim down its thoughts!

84)  What do you call a forehead that’s also a musician?  A forehead fiddler!

85)  Why did the forehead get a tattoo? To make a statement!

86)  How does a forehead stay organized?  With a forehead planner!

Big Forehead Jokes

87)  It’s easy to get confused when looking at someone with a large forehead. Sometimes you can’t tell if it’s their forehead or the moon.

88)  If your forehead were a solar panel, you could power up the entire block.

89)  Your face is so loved by God, he started making space for another.

90)  That’s not a forehead, it’s a forecourt, ready for some serious construction.

91)  Your forehead is so massive, it crashed into my computer just trying to load it.

92)  You could make some serious money by renting out your forehead as a billboard space.

93)  I wasn’t staring at you, I was just admiring the sheer size of your forehead.

94)  Your family could easily have starred in the movie “Coneheads.”

95)  Your forehead is so clear and shiny, I can see my reflection and my future in it.

96)  Your forehead shines so bright, it looks like a solar field on a sunny day.

97)  Thanos might have the biggest chin, but your forehead is definitely a close contender.

98)  Don’t worry, the forehead jokes are slowly receding, just like your hairline.

Big Forehead Jokes

99)  I’m not sure whether to spank you on your forehead or your backside.

100)  You must use an extra mattress as a pillow to accommodate your massive forehead.

101)  Successfully scaling your forehead is a major feat for any mountain climber.

102)  It’s probably pretty cool to be able to change the TV channels just by using your mind.

103)  Call the Europeans back; they missed a whole continent when they named you the ‘forehead explorer.’

104)  I won’t say anything about your forehead, but it must be tough to find a helmet that fits.

105)  When you pass away, scientists might preserve your skull just because of your massive forehead.

106)  Your forehead is so huge, it could provide shelter during a rainstorm.

107)  Your forehead is so expensive, it could fit a small stadium.

Funny forehead jokes for adults

Certainly, here are seven lines for funny forehead jokes for adults:

108.”My forehead is so big, it’s got its own gravitational pull. Watch out, it might steal your snacks!”

109.”I’ve decided to lease out my forehead as advertising space. Any takers?”

110.”You know it’s a hot day when my forehead starts broadcasting the weather forecast.”

111.”My forehead is like a five-head, and it’s still growing. Maybe it’s trying to achieve world domination!”

112.”I’ve got a forehead so tall, it’s been mistaken for a bookshelf. Who needs a library when you’ve got me?”

113.”I’ve named my forehead ‘The Think Tank’ because it has more space for ideas than my actual brain.”

114.”People keep asking me if my forehead is under construction. Nope, it’s just naturally this massive!”

Funny forehead jokes one liners

115.”My forehead is so big, it’s got its own zip code.”

116.”I used to have a fivehead, but now it’s a sixhead. It’s evolving!”

117.”I’m not saying my forehead is large, but it’s got more real estate than a Times Square billboard.”

118.”My forehead is so shiny, I could blind you with my thoughts.”

119.”They say a high forehead is a sign of intelligence. Mine must be a Mensa member!”

120.”My forehead is the reason I always win at hide and seek. It plays peekaboo before I even do.”

121.”My forehead is proof that ‘thinking big’ isn’t always a good thing.”

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Some Final Talk

Foreheads may be a bit unconventional as a topic for jokes, but as you can see, they can be quite funny! So go ahead, use these jokes to brighten up your day or to make someone else laugh. And remember, always appreciate your forehead, no matter its size or shape, because it’s the only one you’ve got!