130+ Cute Blow Pop Puns

Blow Pop Puns are the perfect combination of wordplay and candy that will have you laughing and enjoying a delicious snack at the same time. For those who may not be familiar, Blow Pops are a type of lollipop that has a bubble gum center.

They come in a variety of flavors, from classic cherry and grape to more unique options like watermelon and sour apple. But what sets Blow Pops apart from other lollipops is their ability to inspire some seriously clever puns.

Here are some blow pop puns that will make your mouth water and your funny bone tickled.

Funny Blow Pop Puns

1. Lolly go lightly on your teeth!

2.  Candy shells get you over the hump!

3.  Life’s a bubble, feel free to pop it.

4.  Stick with me and I’ll rock that sucker off.

5.  Make sure to give yourself permission before you lick it.

6.  “This isn’t just a regular Blow Pop, it’s an extra-special BOOM-BANG!”

7.  “That was as sweet as my first ever Blow Pop!”

8.  “Blow Pops really know how to bubblize any occasion!”

9.  “My day is lolli-poppin’ with this delicious Blow Pop!”

10.  A pineapple Blow Pop isn’t just easy to handle, it’s also a pinch of paradise!

11.  Looking for something sweet? Try taking a “POP” quiz with the raspberry flavor.

12.  This watermelon flavored Blow Pop is far out!

13.  Nothing compares to sinking your teeth into an apple pie Blast Pop.

14.  Blowing away your competition with my blow pops!

15.  You make me feel like a kid in a candy store again when those Blow Pops show up!

16.  If life is giving you lemons, grab the nearest box of Blow Pops and turn that frown upside down!

Blow Pop Puns

17.  I’m popping on by to say hi with some tasty Blow Pop treats!

18.  Add a little sweetness to every day and stock up on some delicious Blow Pops today!

19.  I’m sure this is enough to give your taste buds a “suck-cess” story!

20.  “Starbursting with joy, that’s how I felt after eating the whole bag of candy.”

Blow Pop Candy Puns

Do you like candy and puns? Then you’re in for a treat with Blow Pop Puns! These delicious lollipops have been around since the 1970s, but their popularity hasn’t waned one bit.

And with all the fun and creative ways you can use their name in puns, it’s easy to see why. Here are some of our favorite Blow Pop Puns to make you smile and maybe even chuckle:

21.  A Blow Pop a day keeps the doctor away!

22.  Life’s too short not to enjoy every lollipop moment.

 23.  I think I’m in love. It’s Popsicle Attraction!

24.  Blow Pops – giving you something to chew on for years.

25.  No one likes a stickler, so just grab a Blow Pop and Chill!

26.   You’re a real suck-er for Blow Pops!

27.  Blowing away the competition with your awesome Pop game.

28.  Don’t be sour, chow down on some Blow Pops!

29.  Take a Break and get Poppin’ with these delicious treats.

30.  “Lick it up! Treat yourself to a tasty Blow Pop snack.”

31.   You really take the ‘blow’ off my life!”

32.  “There’s always something sweet at the end of my troubles—a Blow Pop!”

33.  Take the plunge – grab a Blow Pop!

34.  Get ready for an explosive experience with a Blow Pop!

35.  Don’t be a lollipop, get yourself a blow pop!

36.  Get your bubble blowing with some Blow Pops!

37.  Taking the plunge and trying something new? Pick up some Blow Pops for the ride!

38.  Life’s too short to suck on just one thing – pick up some different flavored Blow Pop candies today!

39.  Adding sugar and spice to life is easy, try it out with your favorite flavor of Blow Pop candy!

40.  A blow pop proves it can be done artfully!

41.  Life doesn’t always give you the beat of your lollipop, but if you stick with it eventually its flavor will be revealed!

42.  Be careful not to get tongue-twisted when eating a Blow Pop.

43.  Try using Chopsticks and have extra fun exploring that Bubble Gum!

Blow Pop Candy Puns

Tootsie Roll Puns

44.  I just rolled out of bed, must be a case of the Tootsie Roll blues.

45.  Life is sweetest when you live it in layers like a Tootsie Roll Pop!

46.  Don’t get too wrapped up in stress – remember, life is like a chewy Tootsie Roll!

47.  Keep your chin up even on tough days; with enough hard work you can make things go “Tootsie Macally”

48.  Let’s take it back to the basics – you can always count on a classic Tootsie Roll!

49.  When life gives you lemons, reach for those delicious Tootsie Rolls instead!

50.  If I had one wish, it would be an endless supply of Tootsie Rolls forevermore.

51.  Life is like a box of chocolates… but better when filled with tasty Tootsie Rolls!

52.  Give it a whirl- pop in a Tootsie Roll and see how you like it!

53.  Don’t get twisted up – just grab some Tootsie Rolls.

54.  Wrap your taste buds around this one: Go for the chewy, delicious flavor of Tootsie Rolls.

55.  Unwrap the goodness inside: Reach for a sweet twist with every bite of a Tootsie Roll.

56.  A Tootsie Roll always makes it a point to stand out in the crowd – “I take exception to that!”

57.  Life’s too short not to make a few Tootsie Roll mistakes!

58.  It’s hard making the right Tootsie Roll choices.

59.  When you experience something good it gives you that warm Tootsie feeling inside.

60.  Get into your groove by grabbing a bag of groovy Tootsies!

61.  You can always depend on Tootsie Rolls for a comforting, sweet time!

62.  I’m the king of the toots-tival; crown me with a Tootsie Roll!

63.  Tastier than Toasted Wheats but still cool enough you can be an M&M: that’s what makes these Tootsie Rolls so unique and special!

64.  Life’s too short not to take a chance on the Tootsie Roll!

65.  The world is your oyster, but don’t forget about the Tootsie Roll!

66.  Toot it and boot it with your favorite Tootsie Roll treat.

67.  Always remember that life gives us sweet rewards with a delicious Tootsie Roll!

68.  Don’t miss out – get rolling with everyone’s favorite candy, the classic Tootsie Roll!

69.  “I try never to be too Toot-ally exhausted!”

70.  When I’m feeling down, I always tell myself “It’s a”Tootsie time”!

71.  Life is full of ups and downs… let’s just make it a Toosy-Coaster!

72.  Don’t forget no challenge is TooTsy for you!

73.  If someone asks what makes life sweet, the answer is easy TuTu Sweet!

Blow Pop Puns Captions

Blow Pop Puns: A Sweet Treat for Your Funny Bone Are you looking for a way to add a little humor to your day? Look no further than Blow Pop puns!

These classic lollipops, with their deliciously fruity flavors and satisfying bubble gum centers, provide the perfect fodder for some silly wordplay. Here are just a few Blow Pop puns to get you started:

74.  You’re Poptastic!

75.   I’m So popular!

76.  It’s Cool to Be protective.

77.  I’m just popping in to say ‘hello’!$

78.  You’re the cherry on my sundae!

79.  It’s time to Pop-icle out of here!

80.  Let’s take a sugar scoop and head for the clouds!

81.  I’m so glad we can “pop” together.

82.  Life is full of sweet blows and lollipop highs.

83.  Let’s take a ‘blow’-by-‘blow’ look at this situation!

84.  This friendship is truly a-POP-preciated.

85.  “That party was a real BLOWPOPular success!”

Blow Pop Puns Captions

86.   It’s impossible not to smile when eating an delicious blow pop.

87.  I love how our relationship has been going: it just keeps getting better with every suck and POP.

88.  Pop, Don’t Stop striving for the best!

89.  Let’s get Poppin’ off this party with a bang!

90.  I have been feeling really Bubbalicious lately.

91.  Life is good when you can “lollygag around all day long!


So, there you have it, folks! These Blow Pop puns are sure to make you smile and maybe even chuckle a bit. Whether you’re a fan of these classic candies or just appreciate a good pun, these jokes are sure to brighten your day. So, go ahead and indulge in a Blow Pop and savor the sweetness of these puns!

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