120+ Corny Bee Jokes

Corny bee jokes are the quintessential source of fun for kids and adults alike! Whether you’re just looking for a few laughs or trying to lighten the mood, these bee jokes are sure to get a giggle from your audience!

If you’re looking to add a bit of fun to your day, why not try out some corny bee jokes? Bees are one of the most popular subjects for jokes, and they’re sure to bring a smile to any face. Whether you’re a beekeeper, a bee enthusiast, or just a fan of a good pun, these bee jokes are sure to please.

Best Corny Bee Jokes

1. Why do bees buzz?

They communicate through vibrations.

2.  How did the bee greet the flower?

“Hello, my dear petal!”

3.  What do you call a resurrected bee?

A bee-born.

4.  Which bee offers an alternative option?

 The backup bee.

5.  What’s another term for a wasp?

An imposter bee.

6.  What did the bee say to its misbehaving friend?

 “You’re creating a buzz.”

7.  What do bees chew for fun?

Honey-flavored gum.

8.  Which musicians are popular among bees?

 Sting, Bee-yonce, and the Bee Gees.

9.  What do bees do when their comrade moves into a new hive?

They throw a swarm-warming party.

10.  What flies at 30,000 feet and is black and yellow?

A bee aboard a plane.

11.  What’s the name for a bee under a magic spell?

A bee-charmed.

12.  Which game is favored by bees?


13.  What do you name a bee that works in politics?

 A pollinator-politician.

14.  What do you call a bumblebee that can’t decide?

 A perhaps-bee.

15.  What’s a baby bee called?

A little buzzling.

16.  Who says “zzub zzub zzub”?

 A bee that’s flying backward.

17.  What’s another term for a muddled bee?

 A mumble-bee.

18.  What’s a bee’s preferred sport?


19.  If you cross a horse with a bee, what do you get?

A neigh-buzz hybrid.

20.  Why are bees skilled at interviews?

 They know all the buzzwords.

21.  What bee hums and drops things?

The clumsy bee.

22.  What’s a honey bee’s go-to flower?

The Bee-gonia.

23.  How does a queen bee navigate through her hive?

 She sits on her throne.

24.  What would happen to bears without bees?

 They would only have ears.

Funny Corny Bee Jokes

Are you ready to buzz into some corny bee jokes? There’s nothing quite like a good bee pun to make you and your friends chortle, chuckle, and guffaw! So, don your beekeeper suit, grab a cup of honey, and check out these bee-liveable bee jokes!

25.  What do you call a beehive without exits?


26.  Where did Noah keep his bees?

 In the ark’s hives.

27.  What do you call a bee that tumbles down a slope?

 A falling bee.

28.  What’s a bee’s preferred joint?

Their hon-joints.

29.  Where do bees stash their cash?

In a honey safe.

30.  What’s a bee’s greeting after work?

Hello honey, I’m back!

31.  What do bees do with their sweet harvest?

 They sell it.

32.  What’s a bee’s favored precious stone?


33.  What’s a bee’s beloved vegetable?


34.  What TV show do bees love?

Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

35.  What’s a bee’s preferred blossom?


36. What’s a bee’s favorite band?


37.  What’s an elderly bee’s preferred band?

The Bee Gees!

38.  What’s a bee’s favored Spice Girls track?


39.  What’s a bee’s go-to snack?


40.  Who’s a bee’s preferred author?

Bee-atrix Potter.

41.  Who’s a bee’s favorite singer?


42.  What’s a bee’s preferred novel?

The Great Gats-bee.

43.  What’s a bee’s favorite dish?

Buzzle and squeak.

44.  What’s a bee’s favorite tune?

Don’t Stop Believing.

45.  Who’s a bee’s preferred artist?

Pablo Bee-casso.

46.  What do you do with an injured bee?

Take it to the hospital!

Hilarious Corny Bee Jokes

It’s time to get your buzz on with these corny bee jokes! Bees are arguably one of the most iconic insects of all time.

Their hard-working nature and the sweet honey they produce make them the perfect subject for a few light-hearted jokes. So, grab your beekeeper suit and get ready to buzz your way through these corny bee jokes!

47.  What would you call a bee at the end of a race?

A far bee-hind!

48.  Which car is favored by bees?

 A bee-tle.

49.  How do bees take care of one another?

 By taking each other under their wings.

50.  How do bees celebrate their new hive?

 By throwing a house-swarming party!

51.  What kind of bees live in cemeteries?


52.  What is the name of an American bee?


53.  What sound does a bee make when it flies backward?

“Zzub, zzub, zzub!”

74.  Why did the bee feel hurt when his love broke up with him?

Because break-ups sting!

75.  What is the best life advice?

 Just be yourself!

76.  Where do bees catch the bus?

At a buzz stop!

77.  What did the bees do when they spotted a flower?

They made a beeline for it!

78.  What’s a bee’s voicemail message?

 “Leave your message after the bee!”

79.  How do bees make cakes?

 With eggs, sugar, and flour!

80.  What do bees like to chew?


Bee Jokes One Liner

Corny bee jokes are a great way to entertain yourself, your friends, and your family with some good-natured fun.

Corn bee jokes range from short, one-liners to elaborate, multi-liner jokes and can be hilarious no matter what your age. So, here are a few of our favorite corny bee jokes:

81.  A bee soaring through the skies on an airplane.

82.  A bumblebee exploring the depths of the ocean.

83.  A chatty bee known as a Blabb-bee.

84.  A clumsy fumble bee dropping things.

85.  A bee buzzing backwards with a zub-zub.

86.  Unionized bees demand more honey and shorter working flowers.

87.  A bee in your hand means beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder.

88.  A bee styles her hair with a honeycomb.

89.  A swarm of tiny queen bees known as the royal wee.

90.  The professor bee says, “It’s on the sylla-buzz.

91.  The businesswoman exclaims, “We’re in bees-ness now!”

92.  A zoom-bee is a bee that’s returned from the dead.

93.  A politician is a bee working for the government.

94.  Pablo Bee-casso is a bee’s favorite painter.

95.  Bees never forget their Fris-bees at the beach.

Bee Jokes Funny

So, if you’re looking for a few laughs, these corny bee jokes are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face! Who knows, maybe these bee puns will even inspire you to start beekeeping.

96.  What do bees enjoy with their sushi?

 Wasa-bee, their favorite condiment.

97.  A bee’s preferred hair accessory?

A honeycomb, for the perfect look.

98.  Which car brand is popular among bees?

The Volkswagen bee-tle, of course.

99.  What do worker bees demand through their union?

More honey and shorter blooming shifts.

100.  What romantic message do bees include in their Valentine’s cards?

“Honey bee mine,” a sweet declaration.

101.  What term describes a bee that doesn’t cost anything?

A free-bee, a welcome sight for a frugal insect.

102.  Which musicians do bees adore?

Sting, Beyonce, and the Bee Gees, for their buzzing tunes.

103.  How do bees celebrate a friend’s new hive?

With a housewarming party, of course.

104.   What sound does a bee make when it flies backwards?

 Zub-zub, an unusual but impressive feat.

105.  When a bee is in my hand, what do I see in my eye?

 Beauty, as the eye of the bee-holder perceives it.

106.  Which blood type is most common among bees?

Bee positive, a fitting type for such industrious creatures.

107.  Why was the bee’s speech difficult to comprehend?

It was a mumble bee, struggling to enunciate clearly.

108.  What is a bee that has returned from the dead called?

A zombee, a strange but intriguing phenomenon.

109.  How do bees celebrate their marriage?

With a honeymoon, of course, buzzing off to a romantic location.

110.  What material do bees use to construct roads?

Nec-tar, a sticky substance that binds their paths together.

111.  Which Spice Girls song is beloved by the bees?


112.  When are the bees most well-behaved?

When they produce honey in their hive.

113.  Who is the bees’ preferred vocalist?


114.  What do bees say to each other when they share a flower?

Buzz off!

115.  What outerwear do bees wear in the rain?

Little yellow jackets.

116.  What is the blood type of a bumblebee?

Be positive!

117.  What do you call a bee born in May?

A May-bee.

118.  What is the bees’ plan after finishing their hive?

To hold a big housewarming party.

119.  What is the most unpleasant aspect of being stung by bees?

Knowing that you will have to deal with the hives tomorrow.

120.  How did the bumblebee lose its eye?

It was hit by a BeeBee gun.

121.  Who is Mama Bee’s preferred singer?


122.  Where did Noah store his bees?

In the ark hives.

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We hope these corny bee jokes get you buzzing with laughter! Have any other bee puns you’d like to share? Bee sure to let us know in the comments below!

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