90+ Corny Anime Jokes

Make ’em laugh with these corny anime jokes! Whether you’re a fan of the classics or a fan of recent anime series, you’ll be sure to find something to put a smile on your face. Enjoy these hilarious takes on the anime world!

There’s something about anime that brings out the inner comedian in all of us. Whether it’s the unforgettable characters, the laugh-out-loud moments, or the heart-melting romance, anime has a way of making us laugh out loud and enjoy it every step of the way. And when it comes to jokes, anime takes the cake!

From lighthearted slapstick comedy to wacky puns, anime jokes are often just too good to be true. Whether it’s a witty one-liner or a silly pun, anime jokes are sure to make you chuckle and bring a smile to your face. So, to celebrate all the laughs anime has given us, here are some of the best corny anime jokes around!

Corny Anime Jokes

1. How do you convince a reluctant Pikachu to board a bus?

 You “Pika-em-on.”

2.  If you combine a watermelon with a Shiba Inu, what anime do you get?

“The Shiba-melon of Haruhi Suzumiya.”

3.  What do you call a hybrid of a Cow and a Sailor Moon character?

“Sailor Moo.”

4.  What is the similarity between the protagonist of “Death Note” and a lift?

They are both skilled at “L-evading.”

5.  Why did Saitama lose his job as a train conductor?

He had to punch tickets too often.

6.  How did Brock keep himself dry in the rain?

 He used his frying pans as umbrellas.

7.  What is Mami Tomoe’s favorite coffee?


8.  What TV show does a Whailord Pokemon enjoy?

 “Whale of Fortune.”

9.  What is a ghoul’s favorite drink?


10.  Where would a Pokemon enthusiast visit in France?

The city of “Paras.”

11.  Why would someone be in trouble if “Tokyo Ghoul” was real?

Because, in that world, you can run, but you can’t hide from the ghouls.

12.  Why are rock and ground-type Pokemon not usually joked about?

Because their jokes have hit “rock bottom.”

13.  Why is Miso feeling down lately?

Because there is no “Light” in her world.

14.  When Ash told Meowth to act like a tree and leave, what did Meowth say?

He asked if Professor Oak put Ash up to the prank.

15.  Why do people avoid hanging out with Tentacruel?

Because he used to be “cool,” but now he’s just “cruel.”

16.  Where does Kagome Higurashi wash her clothes?

In “Inu-washa.”

17.  What language do non-Japanese-speaking anime fans prefer to read their manga in?

They prefer to read in “Manganese.”

18.  What is Wall-E’s favorite anime series?

 It is “Eva-ngelion.”

19.  What type of car is typically driven by a little sister character in anime?

 A “Nii-san” car.

20.  What do you call a French anime fan?

An “Ouib.”

21.  What is the first food item that Whole Foods is promoting to encourage healthy eating habits among kids, based on an anime?

“My Hero Macadamia.”

Corny Jokes About Animals

Corny jokes have been a part of anime fandom since the start, and with series like Dragon Ball and One Piece, they have become an integral part of the culture.

Whether it’s a lighthearted pun or an outrageous one-liner, there’s something special about these jokes that makes them infinitely re-watchable and shareable. So without further ado, here are some of the corniest anime jokes we could find:

22.  Why did the duck go to the doctor?

 Because he was feeling a little down-quack.

23.  Why did the cow go to outer space?

To see the moooon.

24.  Why do gorillas have big nostrils?

Because they have big fingers!

25.  Why did the chicken cross the playground?

 To get to the other slide.

26.  Why was the cat afraid of the tree?

Because of its bark.

27.  What did the frog say when he was asked what his favorite drink was?


28.  How does a penguin build its house?

 Igloos it together!

29.  Why did the chicken cross the playground?

 To get to the other slide.

30.  Why do cows wear bells?

 Because their horns don’t work.

31.  Why did the bee go to the doctor?

Because he had hives.

32.  Why don’t elephants use computers?

They’re afraid of mice.

33.  How do you know if a cat is grumpy?

 They’re feline cranky.

34.  Why did the sloth cross the road?

To get to the slow side.

35.  When Gohan is in distress, what emotions does he experience?

 He feels like he’s trapped in a Piccolo’s shadow.

36.  What could happen if Vegeta gave up meat?

He might become a Vegeta-tarian.

37.  Which planet does Piccolo frequent to unwind?

He prefers visiting Planet Hammock.

38.  Why is the cuisine in the Dead Zone unpopular?

 It has an excess of garlic flavoring.

39.  Why were the Namekians unable to fix their planet?

The absence of a nail left them helpless.

Best Corny Anime Jokes

If you’re an anime fan, you know that nothing beats a good corny anime joke! Whether it’s between friends or online, anime jokes are a great way to break the ice and show your love for the genre.

We’ve compiled some of the best corny anime jokes out there, guaranteed to make your friends laugh and give you a much-needed respite from your day-to-day life.

40.  What do you name a Titan who cannot swim?


41.  Which anime series does Donald Trump enjoy the most?


42.  What do the Saiyans put on when they go to the beach?


43.  What sound does an anime ambulance make?

Weeboo Weeboo Weeboo.

44.  Where did Vegeta go after he died?

Into the Frieza.

45.  What happens when you combine a Sailor Scout with a barnyard animal?

Sailor Moo.

46.  What is the favorite food of a Titan?


47.  What is the price of a Fullmetal Alchemist boxset?

An arm and a leg.

48.  What is Wailord’s favorite TV show?

Whale of Fortune.

49.  What do you call someone who is attracted to French anime girls?

A Ouib.

50.  What musical instrument does Gohan love playing?

The piccolo flute.

51.  What is Mami Tomoe’s preferred beverage?

The decaf cappuccino.

52.  Why did Saitama choose Genos as his sidekick?

Because he has a nose for danger.

53.  How do you describe someone who is obsessed with anime?

An anime enthusiast.

54.  What do you call an assassin who exclusively targets anime fans?

A weeb assassin.

55.  What’s the favorite anime of the Hawaiian squirrel?

My Hero Academia (Nut) Island.

56.  Why did Goku and Vegeta start fighting again?

They couldn’t resist their Saiyan impulses.

57.  What does Monkey D. Luffy say when you want a share of his dessert?

Sorry, it’s only “One Piece” for me.

58.  Why did Petra freeze upon encountering the female Titan?

She was utterly petrified.

59.  Why was Frieza not popular in high school?

Because his brother Cooler stole the spotlight.

60.  Where does Piccolo go to relax and unwind?

The Planet of Hammocks.

61.  What anime is a chicken’s favorite?

Bok-Bok-Boku No Hero Eggademia (My Hero Academia).

Funny Anime Jokes

Corny anime jokes are just as much a part of Otaku culture as the shows themselves. Whether it’s a pun or a zinger, a good anime joke is guaranteed to get a laugh out of any fan. So without further ado, here are some of the corniest anime jokes around.

62.  What car would an anime little sister drive?

A Nii-san mobile.

63.  What do a candle and the sun have in common?

 They both provide light!

64.  What does a giant’s diet consist of?

 Raw meat noodles, or Rawmen!

65.  Which musical instrument does Goku’s friend prefer?

Gohan’s favorite instrument is the Piccolo flute!

66.  What kind of coffee does a magical girl enjoy?

 Mami Tomoe’s favorite beverage is the Decappuccino!

67.  What do you call a magical Japanese high school student?

A wizarding academy drop-out!

68.  Why did the anime character always have to practice martial arts?

 So he could punchline with ease!

69.  What did the Naruto fan say when he got a free ball?

“Kagebunshin no jutsu!”

70.  What do you call a depressed anime protagonist?

 A gloomy show-meister.

71.  What did the homicidal teddy bear say?

 I’m stitchin’ for my sanity!

72.  What do you call the anime student who always falls asleep in class?


73.  What did the anime character say when he realized his backpack was missing?

“Oh no, my waifu is gone!”

74.  What did the eggplant say when it saw its friend?

“Egg-cited to see you!”

75.  What do you call an anime fan that only watches certain shows?

 A picky otaku!

76.  What’s the worst joke an anime fan would make?

 The worst joke an anime fan could make is “What do you call a vacuum cleaner that can fly? A Dust Dragon!”

77.  What do you call an anime character who loves to dance?

Ha! That’s a great one.

Hilarious Jokes Anime

So there you have it, some of the corniest anime jokes around. We hope you got a laugh out of them. If you know of any other corny anime jokes, feel free to share them in the comments below!

78.  My friend urged me to stop filing taxes and join him in watching anime.

79.  But this isn’t even my final form.

80.  Saitama recently lost his job as a train conductor.

81.  Everything was fine until he had to punch a ticket.

82.  I’ve been watching an anime about dentists, but it’s become dull.

83.  I’m a little sick of the filler episodes.

84.  Someone who enjoys anime and only eats one type of cereal can be called a “Cereal Otaku”.

85.  A popular anime among Mexicans is “Nacho Libre”.

86.  A person who is obsessed with Japanese animation is known as an “Anime Enthusiast”.

87.  Kagome Higurashi cleans her clothes at the “Feudal Era Laundromat”.

88.  The Melon-collie of Haruhi Suzumiya.

89.  As a pre-teen, I watched a lot of anime and really wanted a katana.

90.  So when I finally got one for my birthday, I was overjoyed, but I only played with it once.

91.  The idea of practicing alchemy always intrigued me, but the cost was beyond my means.

92.  Light, the protagonist of ‘Death Note’, and a lift share a common trait – they are both experts at evading.

93.  Monkey D. Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, firmly believes in sharing only one piece of the pie.

94.  Love is fleeting, but Naruto’s story will remain forever.

95.  Suffering from intense pain during his fight with the Akatsuki, Naruto thought he should have taken some painkillers beforehand.

96.  When you combine a Sailor and a Cow, you get a unique character named Sailor Moo.

97.  The soldiers’ blades used for killing Titans in ‘Attack on Titan’ are exceptionally strong as they are made of a rare material known as Titan-ium.

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So, there you have it. Some of the best corny anime jokes out there. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or just something to break the ice, these jokes are sure to hit the spot. So, next time you’re in an anime-related conversation, don’t forget to bring these jokes out for a chuckle.

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