350+ Funny Duck captions for Instagram

Whether you’re posting a picture of your pet duck or a funny duck meme, these captions will help you get the most out of your Instagram post.

Ducks are one of the most popular animals on the internet, and their popularity is only growing. If you’re looking for the perfect duck-related caption for your next Instagram post, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best duck captions for every occasion.

Whether you’re posting a picture of a real duck or a duck emoji, these captions will have you covered. From funny duck puns to heartwarming quotes about these feathered friends, we’ve got you covered. So, if you’re looking for the perfect way to caption your next duck-related Instagram post, look no further!

Duck captions for Instagram

  • A duck walks down the street.
  •  A man says, “Hey! What’s that?” The duck replies,
  •  I just woke up here.”
  •  A duck goes swimming in a pond.
  • A man says, “That’s strange.
  • ” The duck replies, “Why?”
  •  A duck sits on a log.
  •  A man says, ‘What are you doing?’
  •  The duck replies, ‘Just sitting here.’
  •  A duck stands on a dock.
  • A man says, “‘You’re not going anywhere until we get some answers.'”
  • The duck replies, “Fine.”
  •  A duck flies over a lake.
  • A man says, ”How did you do that?”
  • The duck replies, “I have no idea.”
  •  A duck swims across a river.
  • A man says, “”Where did you come from?”
  • The duck replies, “The sky.”
  •  A duck runs along a road.
  • A man says, “What are you running away from?”
  • The duck replies “I’m not running away from anything.”
  •  A duck is a waterfowl native to Eurasia and Africa.
  • Ducks have webbed feet and bills adapted for swimming.
  • Their legs are short and powerful, making them excellent swimmers.
  • They are often seen waddling along lakes and rivers.
  • They eat aquatic vegetation and insects.
  •  Ducklings are young ducks.
  • They are born covered in down feathers and blind.
  •  After about two weeks they open their eyes and begin to walk around.
  •  By three months old they are able to swim and dive.
  • When diving, ducks use their long neck and strong legs to propel themselves forward.

Duck Hunting Captions

  •  Duckweed is a type of flowering plant in the family Amaranthaceae.
  • Common names include spatterdock, pond dock, floating pennywort, and duckweed.
  •  A duck (Anatidae) is any bird in the order Anseriformes in the subfamily Anatinae.
  • There are over 90 species of duck worldwide, divided among 13 genera.
  • Most ducks are migratory, although some are resident.
  •  A duckling is a young duck.
  • In many cases, ducklings hatch from eggs laid by adult female ducks.
  • Ducklings may be kept as pets, especially if they are not intended for meat production.
  •  A duck or drake (plural ducks; sometimes called drakes) is a male member of the genus Anas.
  • A domestic duck is a domesticated breed of mallard.
  • Domestic ducks are raised primarily for food, though they are also kept as pets.
  •  A duck is sitting on a pond.
  •  A frog comes out of the water and says, “I’m going to eat you.
  • ” The duck responds, “You’re gonna have to catch me first!”
  •  A duck is walking down the street.
  • A dog runs up to him and barks at him.
  •  The duck looks over his shoulder and says, “Why do I always get the dogs?”
  •  A cat walks up to him and asks, “What’s good here?” The duck replies,
  • “Well, I don’t know, but my name isn’t ‘good.'”
  •  A duck is flying over a lake.
  •  An eagle flies up beside him and says,
  • “Hey! You’re not supposed to fly over the lake!”
  • The duck replies, “Oh yeah? Well, you’re not supposed to have feathers either!”
  •  A duck is swimming in a pool.

Duck Captions for Instagram

  •  A shark swims up behind him and bites off his head.
  •  The duck screams, “Help! Help! Somebody help me!”
  •  A duck is standing on a dock.
  •  A fisherman pulls up alongside him and says,
  •  “How’d you get here?” The duck replies,”I swam.”
  •  A duck is running along a riverbank.
  •  The duck yells, “Help! Help!”
  •  The duck is a bird species native to North America.
  • Ducks are often called waterfowl due to their habit of spending much of their time in fresh water.
  •  Most ducks have webbed feet and bills adapted for swimming and feeding underwater.
  • Young ducks may be able to swim right after they hatch.
  •  A duck is a domesticated bird of the Anatidae family.
  •  A duck (or drake) is any member of the genus Anas.
  • The word derives from the Latin adūcus, meaning “duck”.
  • In English, the term is sometimes restricted to members of the subgenus Anas.
  • Males have a long tail and a curved bill.
  • Females have shorter tails and rounder bills.
  •  A duck or drake is a male waterfowler.
  • Male ducks are larger and stronger than females.
  • Female ducks are smaller and weaker.
  •  A duckling is a young duck.
  • A duckling is also called a duckling.
  •  The duck is a bird species native to North America.
  • They have a distinctive black-and-white pattern on their bodies and wings.
  •  Their bill is long and curved.
  •  A duckling is a baby duck.
  •  It may stay with its mother until it is about three months old.
  • Then it joins a flock of other ducklings.
  • It is commonly called pond weed, water lettuce, floating heart, or duckweed.
  •  Most ducks are adapted for flight, although some are not.
  •  They are distributed worldwide, except Antarctica.
  •  A duckling is the young of a duck.
  • In many cases, the term refers specifically to a newly hatched duckling.
  •  However, the term can refer to any young bird, especially if they are still being fed milk.

Unique Duck Captions

  • Domestic ducks are raised primarily for meat production, though they are sometimes kept as pets.
  •  A duck, also known as a drake, is a male of any of several species of the family Anatidae.
  •  The word duck comes from Middle English ducche, meaning male mallard.
  •  The name drake was originally applied only to males.
  •  A duck walks across the pond.
  •  A duck swims across the pond.
  •  A duck jumps out of the water.
  •  A duck waddles across the pond.
  •  A duck flies over the pond.
  •  A duck runs across the pond.
  •  A duck’s quack is its call.
  •  A duck’s quack is not its call.
  • A duck is a bird.
  •  A duck is not a bird.
  • A duck’s quacking is not its call.
  •  A duckling’s quack is its cry.
  • A duckling is not a baby duck.
  •  A baby duck’s quacking is his cry.
  •  A duck is a waterfowl.
  • A duck is not an aquatic mammal.
  • An aquatic mammal’s quack is its bark.
  •  A duck’s quacker is its barker.
  •  Quacks are the sounds ducks make. Ducks’ quacks are their calls.
  •  Ducks’ calls are not their quacks.
  • Ducks’ quacks aren’t their calls.
  •  Quack is what ducks say.

Duck Hunting Captions for Instagram

  • Quackers are the sounds they make.
  •  Quackers are not the sounds ducks say.
  • Quackers are not the noises ducks say!
  • Quackers aren’t the noises ducks say!
  •  Quakers are the sounds ducks make, quackers are the sounds they say.
  • Quackers are not what ducks say.
  •  Quacks are not the sounds ducks make.
  • Quacks are not what ducks say!
  •  A duck’s quack is his way of saying hello.
  •  When a duck swims, he flaps his wings to move forward.
  • When he stops swimming, he spreads his webbed feet out behind him to keep himself afloat.
  •  If a duck looks at you funny, he probably thinks you’re crazy.
  •  The duck’s bill is where he eats. His beak is how he cuts his food.
  • And his legs work together to help him walk around
  •  Ducks don’t always have feathers. Sometimes they wear clothes.
  • But no matter what kind of clothes they wear, ducks still need water to stay clean.
  •  Sometimes ducks get sick.
  • Their bodies look different than normal.
  • They may not feel well, act strange, or just look sad.
  •  This duck was captured at the lake near my house.
  • He’s probably wondering what I’m doing here.

Duck Face Captions

Looking for some hilarious duck captions for your next Instagram post? Look no further! Here are some of the funniest duck-related captions we could find:

  • Then he flew away.
  •  These ducks were flying around my neighborhood today.
  •  They’re always chasing each other and fighting over food.
  •  I took these pictures at the park near my house.
  • I thought they were pretty cool.
  •  I took these pictures outside of my school. I really liked them.
  •  I took these pictures on the beach near my house.
  • A duck’s quack is different than a chicken’s clucking.
  • Ducks quacks are soft and quiet, while chickens’ quacks are loud and aggressive.
  •  The duck’s bill is its primary tool for eating and drinking.
  •  Ducks are social animals.
  • They live together in flocks called a gaggle.
  • Gaggles are led by a female known as a hen.
  •  When the eggs hatch, the mother duck takes care of her babies until they’re big enough to fly.
  • She keeps them warm and safe under her wings.
  •  Ducks lay their eggs in nests hidden among reeds and grasses along ponds and rivers.
  •  Ducks don’t swim well.
  •  Their webbed feet keep them afloat, but they can’t walk on water.
  • Instead, they waddle across land or on the ground.
  • It’s looking at the camera and smiling.
  • It looks happy.
  •  A duck is walking along the edge of a pond.
  • It’s looking at us and smiling.

Perfect Duck Hunting Captions

  •  It looks friendly.
  •  A duck is standing on the ground.
  •  It’s looking at a person.
  • It looks happy.
  •  It looks friendly.
  •  It looks calm.
  •  A duck is flying over water.
  • It’s looking at something.
  •  It looks happy. Looks friendly.
  •  A duck is swimming in the water.
  •  It’s looking towards the sky.
  • It looks happy. Looking friendly.
  •  A duck is lying down on the grass.
  •  It’s looking at someone.
  •  It looks happy. Friendly. Calm.
  •  A duck is running across the grass.
  •  It’s jumping over some logs.
  • It’s looking at somebody.
  • It looks happy. Happy. Friendly.
  •  A duck is a waterfowl species native to Eurasia and Africa.
  • Ducks have long been domesticated for meat production and sport hunting.
  •  In North America, Canada geese are often called ducks.
  • Most ducks and swans live in lakes, rivers, ponds, marshes, and wetlands.
  •  Geese are large flightless birds in the Anatidae family.
  •  Anatidae is a family of birds including ducks, geese, swans, and cranes.
  •  Family refers to a group of animals related by descent from a single ancestor.
  •  Anatid refers to any member of the order Anseriformes.
  •  A duck walks into a bar.
  •  As he sips his drink, he notices a beautiful woman sitting alone at the end of the bar.
  • She smiles and nods yes.

Donald Duck Captions

  • So they start dancing together.
  • After awhile she leans in close to him and whispers in his ear,
  • “Would you mind if I took off my clothes?”
  • He responds, “Not at all!”
  • Then she takes off her top and starts dancing naked.
  • After awhile she reaches under the bar and pulls out a bottle of whiskey.
  • Then she grabs the duck and throws him on the floor.
  •  The duck walks into an old-fashioned bar.
  • He sits down in a booth and orders a beer.
  • A few minutes later the owner comes over and says, “Sir, we don’t serve DUCKS here.
  • ” The drunk replies, “That doesn’t matter, I just want a bowl of soup.”
  •  A duck walks along the shoreline of a lake.
  •  A small boat passes by.
  •  A duck sits on a dock.
  •  A fisherman stands nearby.
  •  A duck swims across a pond.
  • Ducks fly over the water.
  •  A duck waddles down a path.
  • Ducks walk along the shoreline.
  •  A duck flies above the ground.
  • Ducks sit on the ground.
  •  A duck runs along the shoreline.
  •  Ducks stand on the shoreline.
  •  A duck walks along a riverbank.
  • Ducks run along the shoreline.
  • A duck goes swimming in the water.
  • The duck swims around the pond.
  • Another duck comes swimming into the pond.
  • The first duck swims over to the second duck.
  • The third duck comes swimming over to them.
  • Duck – A duck is a waterfowl native to Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe.
  • Most ducks live in colonies known as flocks.
  • Ducking – To dive under something; duck under a situation; duck out of trouble.

Funny Duck Captions

If you’re looking for the perfect caption for your next duck-related Instagram post, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite duck captions for all your duck-related needs.

From cute and cuddly to silly and funny, we’ve got you covered. So whether you’re looking for the perfect caption for your next duck selfie or just want a good laugh, check out our list of duck captions below.

  • To sneak away; to evade; to avoid; to escape.
  •  The platypus is a mammal native to eastern Australia and New Guinea.
  •  Its bill is a hybrid between those of a bird and those of a reptile.
  •  The platypus’ bill is covered with sensitive hairs that help the animal locate food underwater.
  •  When platypuses dig for worms, they use only the bottom half of their bill.
  • Tape used to close bags, boots, etc. Made of nylon fabric.
  •  An appendage attached to the tail of a creature, especially a bird, that resembles a plume or fan.
  • Artistic work using the technique of painting with a brush dipped in paint applied to a wet surface.
  •  Duckwallow – A natural depression in a river bank where water collects.
  •  Duckwater – Water containing large amounts of dissolved solids.
  • A perennial herbaceous flowering plant native to temperate regions of North America and Eurasia.
  •  Duckwalking – Walking while crouched down, with legs bent at the knees.
  •  Duck eating a carrot
  •  Duck hunting for food
  •  Duck enjoying a meal
  •  Duck swimming away from a dog
  •  Duck trying to fly
  • Duck walking along a road
  •  Duck sitting down for a rest

Good Duck Hunting Captions for Instagram

Duck hunting is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy some time with friends or family. If you’re an avid hunter, then you know the importance of a good caption. A good caption can make or break a photo, especially on Instagram. Here are some of our favorite duck hunting captions for Instagram:

  •  A duck comes along and eats some carrots.
  •  A duck comes along, looks at the apple, then decides not to eat it.
  •  A duck goes out to fish, catches a little bit of fish, then throws it back into the water.
  •  A duck goes out onto the field and kicks the ball.
  •  A duck rides his bicycle, and keeps pedaling even though he gets tired.
  •  A duck runs away from home, and never returns.
  •  A duck tries to fly, but falls down and dies.
  •  The duck family is well known for its ability to live underwater.
  • Ducks have webbed feet, webbed tails, and webbed bills.
  • Many ducks also have feathers called plumage that protect them from the elements.
  •  Quacks are sounds that ducks make when they want attention.
  •  In English, quacking means making noise with your voice.
  • In the story, Max wants to go to bed, but his mother won’t let him.
  • At first he pleads, then he yells, then he finally starts to cry.
  •  His mother replies
  • “No, no, no, no, if you don’t stop quacking, you’ll wake the whole neighborhood.”
  •  This phrase comes from the children’s book “Charlotte’s Web”.
  • Wilbur uses this expression to describe how he feels after he gets stuck in a spider’s web.
  •  This term is commonly used to refer to people who use their voices instead of speaking with words.
  •  To call someone a duckling describes them as being immature, inexperienced, or naïve.
  •  It also refers to a young bird.
  •  Duck with head upside down

Good Duck Hunting Captions for Instagram

  • Duck diving
  • Duck with food
  • Duck eating bread
  • Duck with friends
  •  Duck with ducklings
  • At first I thought she was really small but then I noticed her waddle and realized how big she actually was.
  •  This time my duck came from a farm.
  •  I went online and found out where they were getting their ducks from.
  • After talking to the guy who owned the farm he said that I could bring some friends along.
  •  So we drove down to the farm and saw a bunch of ducks running around.
  • We decided to get one for ourselves.
  • I picked out the duck that looked the coolest and brought her home.
  •  My third duck is named Dora.
  • When I bought her she already had a name and everything.
  •  I think that’s pretty cool.
  • Her name is after my mom.
  • He’s a little smaller than my other ones but he doesn’t look stressed out at all.
  • He seems pretty happy, almost like he’s smiling.
  •  This is my fifth duck.

Funny Duck Hunting Captions

Looking for some funny duck captions for your next Instagram post? Look no further! Here are some of the funniest duck-related captions we could find:

  • His name is Jack. He looks just like his picture.
  •  He’s probably the smallest duck in our group.
  •  My sixth duck is named Lucy.
  • She’s a little bigger than Winston.
  • She’s the only duck that I’ve seen eat food.
  •  She even ate the bread before I took pictures of her eating it.
  •  Finally my last duck is named Charlie.
  • He was the easiest to catch.
  •  All I did was run across the yard and grab him.
  •  I wanted to take this picture right away but I was afraid he wouldn’t stay still long enough.
  • Duck riding bike
  • Duck playing football
  • Duck flying over lake
  •  Duck swimming
  • Duck jumping off boat
  • Duck sitting on fence
  •  Duck walking
  •  Duck standing on fence
  • Duck running

Cute Duck Captions for Instagram

  •  A duck is a water bird native to Eurasia and Africa, and is closely related to the goose.
  •  Ducks have long legs with webbed feet, broad wings, and a short neck.
  • Their bills are also adapted to eating mainly aquatic vegetation.
  •  A goose (or gos) is any one of several different domestic and wild birds belonging to the Anatidae family.
  • There are over 30 species of goose, some domesticated and others not.
  •  A duckling is young duck.
  • When they hatch out of eggs, ducklings are called ducklets.
  • They may look very cute and fluffy, but ducklings are actually quite dirty little creatures.
  •  Once they are about two weeks old, they start to develop feathers and begin to resemble adult ducks.
  •  Goose refers to any member of the genus Branta, a group of birds from the order Anseriformes.

Best Caption for Duck Crossings

  •  To goosed means to kiss someone on the lips.
  • To goosed somebody literally means to give them a kiss.
  •  To be goosed means to get kissed on the lips.
  •  A duck walks out of a bar…
  •  A duck walks down the street…
  •  A duck goes to sleep…
  •  A duck wakes up…
  •  A duck gets ready to fly…
  •  A duck walks down the street wearing sunglasses and carrying a bag full of cash.
  • When he drinks the shot, he falls asleep.
  •  A cop wakes him up and takes his money.
  •  A duck walks down a dark alley carrying a shotgun.
  •  He sees someone running away and shoots.
  • The person falls dead onto the ground.
  •  A cop comes out of a building and asks what happened.
  •  The duck replies, “I don’t know.”
  •  A duck sits at a table eating spaghetti.
  • At the end of his meal, he looks down and notices something in his pasta water.
  •  After looking closer, he realizes it’s blood.
  •  A cop catches the duck trying to get past the cop.
  •  A duck walks down an empty road.
  • There’s no cars around.
  •  Suddenly, a car drives by and hits the duck.
  • As it tries to stop, the duck slides off the hood and lands on the pavement.
  •  A cop comes out and tells the driver to stay inside.

Duck Dynasty Captions

  •  A duck walks down another empty road.
  • While walking, it spots a dog.
  •  It starts chasing after the dog.
  • The truck rolls over the duck and kills it.
  •  A cop comes along and arrests the truck driver.
  •  A duck walks down yet another empty road.
  •  It spots a cat sitting on a porch.
  •  The duck begins to chase the cat.
  •  The cat runs back into the house and slams the door shut.
  • The duck bangs its head into the door and finally breaks in.
  • Inside, the duck finds a bunch of cats playing poker.
  •  It throws the cards down and grabs a gun.
  • The duck shoots each of the cats in turn.
  •  A duck walks down still another empty road.
  •  It sees a man sleeping in the middle of the sidewalk.
  •  The duck walks up and kicks the man in the face.
  • The man wakes up and begins screaming.
  • A cop hears the commotion and comes running.
  •  He wets a towel and puts it on the man’s mouth.
  • The duck says, “We need some privacy here.”
  • The cop nods and lets them go.

The benefits of having ducks as pets

Ducks make great pets for a variety of reasons. They are relatively low-maintenance, quiet, and can be very affectionate. Ducks can also be trained to do a number of tricks and can provide hours of entertainment. In addition, ducks can be a great addition to any backyard, as they help to keep the insect population under control.

If you are considering getting a duck as a pet, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, ducks require a lot of space. They need a place to swim, a place to nest, and a place to roam. Second, ducks are messy! They will track mud and water into your home, so be prepared to do some extra cleaning. Finally, ducks can be loud, especially when they are excited or upset.

Why ducks make great Instagram content

Have you ever wondered why ducks are so popular on Instagram? Ducks are actually a great source of content for a number of reasons. First, they are very photogenic creatures. They have bright feathers and interesting patterns that make for great photos. Second, ducks are social creatures, so they often appear in groups in photos.

This makes for a great way to show off your sense of humor or to capture a special moment with your friends. Third, ducks are often associated with water, which is another great way to add some variety to your Instagram feed.

So if you’re looking for some new and interesting content for your Instagram account, consider adding some duck photos to your feed. You’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd and you might even make some new friends along the way.

Tips for taking photos of your ducks

If you’re like most people, you probably love taking photos of your ducks. But did you know there are a few things you can do to make sure your photos are as good as they can be?

Here are a few tips for taking great photos of your ducks:

1. Get down on their level – This will help you capture their unique perspective and avoid any awkward angles.

2. Use natural light – This will help your photos look more natural and prevent any harsh shadows.

3. Get close – This will help you fill the frame and capture all the details of your ducks.

4. Be patient – This will help you get the perfect shot, even if it takes a little longer.

5. Have fun – This will help you enjoy the process and get creative with your shots.

witty captions to accompany your duck photos

Ducks are funny, quacky creatures that always seem to be up to something. If you’re lucky enough to catch a duck in a photo, you better have a witty caption ready to go. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • “Just another day in the life of a duck. “
  • ” I was going to take a selfie, but then I saw this duck and had to capture the moment. “
  •  If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the pond! “
  •  A duck a day keeps the vet away. “
  • ” Ducking around. “
  • ” Let’s get quackers! “
  • ” I’m not really a morning person, but this duck makes me want to get up and quack! “

Hashtags to use when posting duck photos on Instagram

If you’re looking for the best hashtags to use when posting duck photos on Instagram, look no further! Here are some of our favorites:

  • #ducksofinstagram
  • #ducklovers
  • #duckstagram
  • #ducks Unlimited
  • #duck hunting
  • #duck life
  • #ducks of the world
  • #ducksofinstagram
  • #duckstagram
  • #duckphotography
  • #ducksunlimited
  • #duck hunting
  • #duckdevils
  • #ducklife
  • #duck season
  • #duck dynasty
  • #duckden
  • #duck pond
  • #duck shooter

Final words

Duck captions for Instagram are a great way to add a touch of quirkiness and fun to your photos. They can also be used to make a statement or show off your sense of humor. No matter what your reason for using them, duck captions are sure to get you noticed. We hope you find the captions you were looking for and you find this post helpful.

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