Smash the Seriousness: 150+ Funny Attack on Titan Puns

Get ready to laugh your way through the walls with these hilarious Attack On Titan puns! Whether you’re a fan of the popular anime series or just love a good play on words, these puns are sure to bring a smile to your face. From titan-ic jokes to clever wordplay, we’ve rounded up the funniest puns that pay tribute to the world of Attack On Titan. So grab your maneuver gear and get ready to giggle with these puns that are almost as epic as the show itself!

Chuckle Your Way through Attack On Titan Puns Sayings

1. “Why did the Titan go to school? To get a little ‘bite’ of knowledge!”

2. “Mikasa you didn’t know, but puns are ‘Arlert’ way to have fun.”

3. “What do you call a Titan who loves to garden? A ‘Pea-tan’!”

4. “Why did the Colossal Titan bring a ladder to the wall? He wanted to ‘rise’ above the rest.”

5. “Why did the Titan apply for a job? He heard they had ‘wall’-pay!”

6. “Why did the Titan eat the clock? Because it was ‘snack’ time!”

7. “Why don’t Titans use smartphones? Because they can’t ‘handle the touch screen!”

8. “What’s a Titan’s favorite dance move? ‘The Wall-flower’!”

9. “Why did the Titan bring a backpack to the battlefield? He wanted to ‘attack’ with style!”

10. “What do you call a Titan who’s a great singer? A ‘Rock ‘n’ Roar’ star!”

11. “Why did the Titan go to the art gallery? To appreciate ‘wall’ art!”

12. “Why did the Titan refuse to play hide and seek? Because he was too ‘tall’ to hide!”

13. “How do Titans communicate? They use ‘big’-talk!”

14. “What did Eren say to Mikasa when he was feeling cold? ‘Can you lend me your scarf? I’m ‘freezing’!”

15. “Why did the Titan take up gardening? Because he wanted to be a ‘rootless wanderer!”

16. “What do you call a Titan with a positive attitude? An ‘Optimist-tan’!”

17.“Why did the Survey Corps recruit the Titan as their chef? Because he was great at ‘grill-ing

A Titan-Tidal Wave of Laughs: Attack On Titan Puns for a Roaring Good Time

18. Why did Eren go to therapy?  Because he wanted to “Attack on Titan-ically” process his emotions!

19. What do you call a Titan with a sunburn?  A roasted colossal!

20. Why did the Armored Titan take up knitting?  Because he wanted to improve his “stitched” defense!

21. How does Levi like his tea?  Strong, just like his cleaning skills!

22. Why did Armin bring a ladder to the battlefield?  To reach new heights and strategize with his big brain!

23. What’s Eren’s favorite type of music?  Heavy Titan Metal!

23. Why did Jean become a chef?  Because he wanted to master the art of flipping, just like he does during Titan battles!

24. What does the Colossal Titan do in his free time?  He takes “Titan-ic” naps!

25. Why did Sasha join the military?  Because there’s nothing she loves more than having a “Titan-ic” appetite!

26. What do you call a Titan with impeccable manners?  A Gentleman Titan!

27. How do you spot a Titan at a party?  They’re always “standing out” in a crowd!

28. What does Hange call her glasses?  Her Titan “spec-tacles”!

29. Why did Erwin start a gardening club?  Because he believes in “up-rooting” the Titans from humanity!

30. What’s Mikasa’s favorite type of exercise?  Titan-kill-ing!

31. Why did Reiner become a plumber?  Because he wanted to “plug” the gaps in the walls and protect humanity!

32. How does Historia like her eggs?  Over “Ere-n.”

33. What’s Ymir’s favorite ice cream flavor ?  Colossal Crunch!

34. Why did Connie become a comedian?  Because he always knows how to “crack” a joke, even in the face of Titans!

35. What do you call a Titan who sells insurance?  A “coverage-lous” Titan!

36. Why did Zeke start a math tutoring business?  Because he wanted to make sure no one else fails “Titan-ometry”!

37. What’s Bertholdt’s favorite kind of sandwich?  One with lots of “toasty Colossal” flavor!

38. Why did Annie become a hairdresser?  Because she knows how to “trim” down her enemies!

Puntastic Clean Rumbles: Attack On Titan Puns That Have the Internet Buzzing

39. Why did Eren’s titan hesitate to fight?  It had colossal problems.

40. What’s Mikasa’s favorite type of weather?  Titan-ic storms.

41. Why did the Survey Corps go to the dentist?  They wanted to get their Titan-teeth checked.

42. Why did Jean become a fashion designer ?  He wanted to design Titan-tops.

43. What’s the Titan’s favorite musical instrument?  The violinch.

44. What do you call a group of Titans wearing bowties? Gentitan.

45. What did Reiner say to Bertholdt when he accidentally transformed into a Titan? “Oh no, you’re big-titan a mistake.”

46. Why did the Titans attack Wall Rose? They heard there were Titan-toes there.

47. What did the Survey Corps say when they saw the Titan wearing a hat? “Nice cap-attack.”

48. What’s Titan’s favorite social media app?  Titan-der.

49. Why did Historia start a bakery?  She wanted to bake Titan-pies.

50. Why did Sasha go to the library?  She wanted to check out some Titan-ology books.

51. Why did Levi quit smoking?  He was tired of hearing the cough-titan.

52. What do you call a group of Titans playing cards?  Full-titan hold’em.

53. Why did Annie become a model?  She wanted to be a fashion Titan.

54. What do you call a Titan who is a fan of rap music?  The Titan-maestro.

55. Why did Ymir switch to a vegetarian diet?  She was tired of eating Titan-meat.

56. What did Hange say when they found a new species of Titan?  “Wow, this is Titan-tastic.”

57. What do you call a group of Titans singing together?  The Titan-chorus.

58. Why did Erwin become a detective?  He wanted to investigate the Titan-mystery.

59. Why did Armin join a band?  He wanted to play the Titan-trombone.

60. What’s Eren’s favorite TV show?  The Titan-games.

61. Why did the Titans fail their math test?  They didn’t know how to solve Titan-geometry problems.

Garrison of Giggles: Funny Attack On Titan Puns to Lift Your Spirits

61. Did you hear about the Titan who was always on time? He was a punctual punisher.

62. What do you call a Titan who’s always getting into trouble? A delinquent devourer.

63. What do you call a Titan who’s always telling jokes? A comedic colossal.

64. What do you call a Titan who’s always singing? A soprano shifter.

65. What do you call a Titan who’s always dancing? A ballerina beast.

66. What do you call a Titan who’s always eating? A gluttonous gobbler.

67. What do you call a Titan who’s always sleeping? A narcoleptic nape.

68. What do you call a Titan who’s always studying? A bookworm’s biter.

69. What do you call a Titan who’s always playing sports? An athletic anthropoid.

70. What do you call a Titan who’s always traveling? A globetrotting ghoul.

71. What do you call a Titan who’s always getting into mischief? A troublemaking titan.

72. What do you call a Titan who’s always making friends? A social butterfly shifter.

73. What do you call a Titan who’s always telling lies? A fibbing fiend.

74. What do you call a Titan who’s always being clumsy? A klutzy colossal.

75. What do you call a Titan who’s always getting lost? A directionless devourer.

76. What do you call a Titan who’s always being silly? A goofy gobbler.

77. What do you call a Titan who’s always on top of things? A brilliant biter.

78. What do you call a Titan who’s always ahead of the curve? A visionary vanguard.

79. What do you call a Titan who’s always making a difference? A world-changing wallbreaker.

80. What do you call a Titan who’s always inspiring others? A role model inheritor.

Submarines and Titans: A Deep Dive into Titan Submarine Puns

81. Why did the Titan Submarine refuse to play hide-and-seek?  Because it was too deep for its friends to find.

82. How does the Titan Submarine say hello?  By honking its giant horn.

83. Why was the Titan Submarine feeling depressed?  It felt like it was sinking without a trace.

84. Why did the Titan Submarine need glasses?  Because it couldn’t sea very well.

85. How do you know when a Titan Submarine is angry?  It releases steam from its ears.

86. Why did the Titan Submarine join a book club?  To dive deeper into the plot.

87. How do you know when a Titan Submarine is excited?  Its propellers spin faster than the speed of sound.

88. What do you call a Titan Submarine with a sunburn?  A red sub.

89. Why did the Titan Submarine refuse to go on a diet?  It was afraid of being a light sub.

90. What does the Titan Submarine use to hold up its pants?  Sub- suspenders.

91. Why did the Titan Submarine fail math?  It had trouble calculating the depth of the ocean.

92. What’s the best way to clean a Titan Submarine?  With a loofah and a strong tide.

93. Why did the Titan Submarine go on vacation?  To soak up some sun and explore new seas.

94. How do you get a Titan Submarine to stop singing?  Give it a stop-signal.

95. What do you get when you cross a Titan Submarine with a unicorn?  A submarine corn.

96. Why did the Titan Submarine’s marriage fail?  Its partner said it was too submarine-focused.

97. What do you call a Titan Submarine that’s also a vegetarian?  A seaweed sub.

98. How does a Titan Submarine get ready for a party?  By putting on its submarine tie.

99. What’s the best way to measure the speed of a Titan Submarine?  With a deep sea radar gun.

100. What’s the most important part of a Titan Submarine’s outfit?  Its steel-toed boots.

101. Why did the Titan Submarine cross the road? To get to the other tide.

Submarine Wordplay: Titan Submarine Puns That Will Sink You into Hilarity

102. How does the Titan Submersible relax after a deep-sea dive? It takes a “depth” breath and watches underwater comedy shows!

103. Why did the Titan Submersible become a stand-up comedian? Because it’s always diving into new material!

104. What do you call a Titan Submersible’s favorite dance move? The “Depth Drop”!

105. Why did the Titan Submersible refuse to play cards with the underwater creatures? Because they always wanted to “sea” the Titan’s hand!

106. What’s a Titan Submersible’s favorite song? “Under the Sea” by Sebastian the Crab!

107. Why don’t Titan Submersibles ever get lost in the ocean? Because they always have their navy GPS turned on!

Behind the Walls: A Sneaky Peek at Double Entendre Attack On Titan Puns 

Humanity finally stands against the looming shadow. Choose to fight the Titans or succumb to their control.

Release the power within you, a power that will never exist.

An adventure beyond the high city walls and into the unknown. The mind is not clear.

Promise of protection against Titan attacks.

To the power of the mighty friend Titan.

The battle for survival begins and the brutal war begins.

Look into the unknown abyss and hold on with courage.

Let’s fight against the fate determined by the great hand.

Uncover the truth hidden beneath Titan’s surface.

Beyond the Wall: Idioms Unleashed in Attack On Titan Puns Style

Spread your wings and rise as a symbol of freedom in the face of oppression.

Master the art of titan slaying, a precision-honed skill.

Alan’s indomitability will guide his relentless pursuit of justice.

The backbone of the people proves their courage to stand in front of the Research Union flag. We walk among giants, in a world where the human spirit is dwarfed.

Fight now and move forward boldly.

Responsibility – will protect, every step is engraved with a solemn promise.

Be brave in the flames of pain.

We stand united against the chaos unleashed by the Titans.

Colossal Contradictions: Attack On Titan’s Puns Oxymoronic Laughter Riot

108. When fiction meets reality, Titan remains unharmed in this world.

109. Prepare the perfect mix when the Titans appear – Titanader is exhilarating.

110. In a showdown between Titans and Snacks, Snacks always wins.

111. Learning progress for joining the Research Corps: fixed at .

112. Listen to Levi’s clear instructions for clearing up life’s mess.

113. See the life of a titan cooked and bitten in chaos.

114. There is so much love for Attack on Titan that it puts even the greatest Titans to shame.

115. Cross the line between Titan Heart’s dreams and human reality.

116. Attack on Titan Marathon Self-reflection is a constant companion.

117. Infused kawaii titan vibes into the vast landscape.

Wordplay Wallflower: Spoonerisms in Attack On Titan Puns Style

118. Titans are showing their cute side and a cute attack is waiting for them.

119. Snuggle up in Titan-sized coolness with the Survey Corps plush toy.

120. Show how hard it is to match Mikasa’s cuteness – a high goal.

 121. Meaning of hardness from outside, shelter of comfort from inside.

122. Celebrate the anime world’s power duo, Eren and Mikasa.

123. When Titans embrace a bubbly personality, show their softer side.

124. A happy business card of AOT fans, loyal to the end.

125. Balance the scales and fight Titans with beautiful weapons.

126. How can you sacrifice to protect the people you love?

127. Unleash the dormant power within you – the catalyst of change.

Titan Within a Titan: Recursively Chuckling through Attack On Titan Puns 

128. Comparisons are made from real facts and echoes of reality.

130. Consider this mystery Why does the unknown cause fear in us?

131. Enter the Research Corps and walk through the labyrinth of manpower.

132. Dive into the depths of courage and power embodied in Attack on Titan.

133. Find out how Attack on Titan challenges culture and expectations.

134. The countdown begins The search for truth in Attack on Titan. 

135. Through the lens of “Attack on Titan” we question the nature of humanity.

136. What does Attack on Titan mean to you?

137. Uncover the many layers of Attack on Titan, a series that goes above and beyond.

138. What is Attack on Titan like in terms of your thoughts and beliefs?

Final Words

Attack on Titan Puns adds a delightful and comical twist to the intense and thrilling world of Attack on Titan. Whether you’re a fan of the anime series or just appreciate a good pun, these clever wordplays and jokes breathe fresh life into the epic battles and gripping storylines. We hope you had a good laugh after reading through all these hilarious puns.

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