100+ Hilarious 31st Birthday Puns

 Level up the laughter on your 31st birthday with our charming collection of puns. These clever word plays will bring joy and lightheartedness to your birthday celebration.

Make your 31st birthday a pun-filled affair with our delightful selection of wordplay. From clever puns to witty one liners, these puns will spice up your birthday festivities. 

Funny 31st Birthday Jokes

1. Why did the 31-year-old get a boat for their birthday?  Because they wanted to sail into their 30s!

2. What do you call a 31-year-old who still acts like a kid?  Forever 31!

3. Why did the 31-year-old throw a party at the zoo?  Because they wanted to feel young among all the wild animals!

4. What’s the difference between 30 and 31?  Only one year, but it feels like a whole generation!

5. How do you make a 31-year-old smile?  Tell them they look 21 and act 11!

6. Why did the 31-year-old feel like they were in high school again?  Because they had too many friends posting throwback pictures on social media!

7. What do you call a 31-year-old who still loves cartoons?  An animated adult!

8. Why did the 31-year-old start wearing glasses?  To make 30 look blurry and stay forever young at 31!

9. What’s the secret to staying young at 31?  Surround yourself with friends who act even younger!

10. How does a 31-year-old count their blessings?  One year closer to having it all figured out!

11. Why did the 31-year-old start taking up new hobbies ?  Because when you turn 31, you realize you need more than Netflix for entertainment!

12. What do you give a 31-year-old who has everything?  A reminder that life is just getting started!

13. Why did the 31-year-old start using anti-aging creams?  To keep people guessing if they have found the Fountain of Youth!

14. What’s the best thing about turning 31?  Realizing that you can still have fun without staying out until 3 am!

15. Why did the 31-year-old decide it was time for a career change?  Because they realized it was time to get serious about having fun!

16. What do you call a 31-year-old who still loves going to theme parks?  A roller coaster enthusiast who’s not afraid of a little adventure!

17. Why did the 31-year-old start going to the gym?  To keep their body in shape for all the dancing they’ll be doing in their 30s!

18. How does a 31-year-old stay calm during a midlife crisis?  By reminding themselves, “Life begins at 31!”

19. What’s the difference between 30 and 31?  At 30, you’re still wondering where the time went. At 31, you’re just excited for what’s to come!

20. Why did the 31-year-old decide to pursue their dreams?  Because they realized it’s never too late to start living the life they want!

21. What’s the best part about being 31?  Knowing that you’re still young enough to make mistakes, but old enough to handle the consequences!

22. Why did the 31-year-old start collecting vinyl records?  Because they wanted to bring some nostalgia into their newly-minted 30s!

23. How does a 31-year-old celebrate their birthday?  By appreciating all the experiences they’ve gained and looking forward to the adventures ahead!

31st Birthday Jokes Dirty

Celebrate your 31st birthday with a pun-tastic twist! Our collection of birthday puns is sure to bring a smile to your face and light up your special day.

24.  “At 31, you’re officially in your thirties! Time to embrace those adulting skills… or not!”

25.  “You’re 31? That’s like the perfect age – old enough to know better, but young enough not to care!”

26.  “Don’t worry about turning 31, you’re still three 10s and a one – that’s pretty impressive!”

27.  “Happy 31st! Now you’re officially in the ‘Dirty Thirty-Wonderful’ club.”

28. “Turning 31 means you’re one year wiser, or at least one year closer to figuring it all out!”

29.  “31 is a great age. You can still party, but you might need a nap afterward.”

30.  “You’re not 30 anymore, but you’re still as fabulous as ever at 31!”

31.  “Happy 31st! You’re now in your ‘thirty-fun’ years!”

32.  “31 is the new 21, but with more responsibilities and less energy!”

33.  “Congrats on 31 trips around the sun! Here’s to many more sunny adventures!”

34.  “31? You’re still young enough to chase your dreams and old enough to afford the good coffee!”

35.  “31 is like a fine balance between ‘adulting’ and ‘I still have no idea what I’m doing.'”

36.  “Happy 31st birthday! May your cake be as sweet as your journey so far.”

37.  “Cheers to 31 years of being awesome, and here’s to the adventures that lie ahead!”

38. “They say age is just a number, and at 31, you’re proving it true!”

39.  “Happy 31st! You’re not old; you’re just a young soul with a few decades of experience

Happy 31st Birthday Jokes To me

Turning 31 has never been more fun! Dive into our collection of humorous jokes that will add a delightful touch of wordplay to your birthday celebration. 

40. Happy 31st birthday! May your year be filled with laughter, joy, and lots of cake!

41. Congrats on turning 31! Wishing you a day full of happiness and a year filled with success!

42. Happy 31st birthday! Remember, age is just a number, and you’re only as old as you feel (which is probably not a day over 21)!

43. Cheers to 31 amazing years! May this next chapter of your life bring you even more happiness and fulfillment.

44. Happy 31st birthday! May your day be as fantastic as you are and your year be filled with endless possibilities.

45. Yay, it’s your 31st birthday! Time to celebrate another year of being awesome and fabulous!

46. Wishing you a birthday that’s as incredible as the last 31 years you’ve spent being an amazing person!

47. Happy 31st birthday! May the fun and laughter you bring to others come back to you tenfold on your special day.

48. Congratulations on reaching 31! You’ve grown wiser and more fantastic with each passing year, and there’s no limit to what you can achieve!

49. Happy 31st birthday! Embrace this new age with open arms and a big smile because life keeps getting better.

50. You’re officially rocking your 31st year! Enjoy the journey and make the most of every moment along the way.

51. Happy 31st birthday! May this year be filled with love, laughter, and all the things that make you the happiest.

52. Cheers to 31 years of being uniquely you! Wishing you a birthday filled with love, joy, and incredible memories.

53. Happy 31st birthday! Keep being the fantastic person you are, and may this year bring you endless opportunities to shine.

54. You’re not just 31 – you’re 31 years young! May you always have a youthful spirit and a heart filled with joy.

55.  Happy 31st birthday! Today is all about celebrating the incredible person you’ve become and the amazing things you’ll accomplish.

56. Here’s to another year of adventures, laughter, and making wonderful memories. Happy 31st birthday!

57. Happy 31st birthday! May your day be as bright and beautiful as you are, and your year be filled with blessings.

58. Congrats on turning 31! Remember to celebrate all your achievements and look forward to the exciting moments that lie ahead.

59. Happy 31st birthday! May this milestone year be the start of a new chapter filled with happiness, success, and fulfillment.

Best 31st Birthday Puns

Get ready to crack a smile and share a laugh on your 31st birthday! Our collection of puns is here to add a playful and whimsical touch to your special day.

60.  “At 31, you’re now officially an adult. You can no longer blame your mistakes on your ‘youth.'”

61.  “You’re 31? Time to start a ‘Things I Used to Do in My Twenties’ list.”

62.  “31 is the age when you start to appreciate a good night’s sleep more than a night out on the town.”

63.  “31 candles on your cake? It’s starting to look like a fire hazard!”

64.  “Happy 31st! May your day be as bright as the smile you had when you turned 30.”

65. “You’re still 30-something, just like your metabolism – slowing down, but not giving up!”

66.  “”31 looks good on you. It’s the perfect blend of ‘I’m an adult’ and ‘I can still have fun.'”

67. “Happy 31st! May your wrinkles only be from laughter and your gray hairs be easily hidden with dye.”

68.  “31 is just the beginning of the ‘best years of your life’ part two.”

69.  “31 is when you start receiving birthday cards that read, ‘You’re not old; you’re classic!'”

Funny 31st Birthday Quotes Puns

70. “At 31, you’re in the sweet spot between youthful ignorance and adult responsibilities. Enjoy it while it lasts!”

71. “They say life begins at 30, but I’m here to tell you that it’s just a warm-up for the awesomeness that is 31!”

72. “Congratulations on reaching 31! You’re officially in your ‘thirty-fun’ zone!”

73. “Turning 31 is like being upgraded to the latest version of yourself. Time to embrace all the awesome features!”

74. “You’re not 31, you’re just 21 with 10 years of experience. Keep embracing that youthful spirit!”

75. “Happy 31st birthday! Don’t worry about getting older – just think of it as becoming a vintage classic!”

76. “Life’s too short to be serious at 31. Embrace your inner child and have fun like there’s no tomorrow!”

77. “At 31, you’re still young enough to make mistakes and blame them on your age. Enjoy the freedom!”

78. “Congratulations on turning 31! You’ve officially entered the ‘still fabulous but also tired’ phase of life!”

79. “Happy 31st birthday! You’re like a fine wine – getting better with age and prone to causing hilarious situations!”

80. “Thirty-one is the age where you’re torn between wanting to settle down and wanting to party like there’s no tomorrow. Embrace the balancing act!”

81. “Congratulations on turning 31! May your ability to pretend to be a responsible adult continue to astound everyone!”

82. “Turning 31 isn’t a big deal – it’s just a gentle nudge from the universe reminding you to embrace life’s ridiculousness!”

83. “Happy 31st birthday! Now you’re at an age where it takes longer to recover from a night out than it does to have a night out!”

84. “They say that with age comes wisdom. At 31, I’m still waiting for my shipment of wisdom to arrive!”

85. “Thirty-one is the perfect age to start feeling nostalgic about the things you did in your wild twenties, even if you can’t remember half of them!”

86. “Happy 31st birthday! It’s time to embrace your inner child, laugh at silly jokes, and make every day an adventure!”

Funny Jokes About 31st Birthday

87.  “Turning 31 is a piece of cake!”

88.  “31 and still ‘wine’-ing about it!”

89.  “You’re not 30, you’re ‘thirty-fun’!”

90.  “31 and ‘brew-tiful’ as ever!”

91.  “Happy 31st! Let’s make it ‘grape’!”

92.  “31 looks good on you, just like ‘chocolate’!”

93.  “You’re officially a ’30-fun’-derful!”

94.  “31 candles – that’s a ‘lit’ party!”

95.  “You’re a ‘soda’ bomb at 31!”

96.  “31 and ‘brew-tiful’ inside and out!”

97.  “Don’t ‘wine’ about turning 31!”

98.  “You’re ‘raisin’ the bar at 31!”

99.  “31 and ‘rockin’ it like a ‘tune’!”

100.  “You’re ‘tea-riffic’ at 31!”

101.“Age 31? You’re ‘ex-stream-ly’ awesome!”

102.  “31 and ‘dough-lightful’ in every way.

Some Final Thoughts

Have a collection of humorous 31st Birthday puns? Don’t keep them to yourself and share your own 31st Birthday-inspired humor in the comment section below and let’s add some laughter to the celebration!

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