90+ Funny Black Friday Puns 

Lighten up your holiday shopping this year! Find out why these black friday puns are just what you need to get inspired for upcoming Black Friday sales.

When it comes to Black Friday, the deals are no joke! But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with some puns. After all, laughter is the best medicine for those long shopping lines and early mornings. 

So, to lighten the mood and bring a smile to your face, here are some Black Friday puns that are sure to make you chuckle:

Hilarious Black Friday Puns

1. A truly grand acquisition it shall be.

2.  Every Friday holds significance for me.

3.  On Black Friday, I intend to spend a thousand dollars on a computer.

4.  The approaching day is Black Friday, bringing forth anticipation.

5.  Let us exhibit decency and civility in our conduct.

6.  I fail to comprehend the exaggerated fuss surrounding Black Friday.

7.  By maintaining a horizontal orientation while capturing any altercations on our cell phones.

8.  On this occasion of Black Friday, I have acquired an iPhone 11 for my spouse.

9.  I perceived it as a favorable exchange.

10.  Without fail, each Black Friday, I ensure waking up exceptionally early.

11.  To peruse the internet and witness the commotion.

12.  I genuinely derive pleasure from Black Friday.

13.  I anticipate her astonishment, but from my standpoint, it is an incredible exchange.

14.  Numerous marvelous shales were on display, making it an exhilarating experience.

15.  I have already finalized an outstanding deal this Black Friday.

16.  I will surprise my wife with a new Lexus.

17.  It serves as the one day when I precisely know the whereabouts of all the eccentric individuals and how to evade them.

18.  There is a Black Friday sale for Star Wars Battlefront 2.

19.  By abstaining from purchasing, you can save up to $2160.

20.  Black Friday: The day when individuals spend money they do not possess on items they do not require.

21.  It turned out to be the most momentous sailing event they ever held.

22.  The experience at the Geology Museum on Black Friday was remarkable!

Black Friday Sale Puns

23.  Retailers exclaim, behold…

24.  Silver Saturday sparkles.

25.  Black Friday shopping is my preferred form of exercise.

26.  Discover deals that will drive you wild on this blissful Black Friday.

27.  Foolish are those who underestimate Black Friday; true women shop every day.

28.  Embrace the art of shopping, for I am its dedicated artist. Show some respect, please.

29.  Anticipating an unforgettable Black Friday experience for all our valued shoppers.

30.  Sharing a collection of snapshots from our Black Friday sale.

31.  Our goal is to create a remarkable Black Friday memory for you.

32.  Black Friday: The occasion when people exhaust their funds on superfluous commodities.

33.  Personally, I shall commemorate Black Friday by utterly disregarding its existence.

34.  May Black Friday transmute not into Bruised Saturday.

Black Friday Sale Puns

35.  The finest sale on Black Friday is one accessible from the comfort of your bed.

36.  Wishing you a speedy recovery from Black Friday injuries, allowing you to operate a computer mouse on Cyber Monday.

37.  I’ve accumulated significant savings this Black Friday. I abstained.

38.  Procured a new vacuum on Black Friday. It is woefully subpar!

39.  My personal feast of Black Friday entails erasing all acquaintances from my device who dispatched a generic Thanksgiving text.

Black Friday Jokes

Shopping for the perfect puns this holiday season? Check out our ultimate guide to Black Friday jokes and get ready to have a blast!

40.  What similarities exist between eager Black Friday shoppers and a festive Thanksgiving turkey?  Both share the experience of being crammed into tight spaces and filled to the brim.

41.  What drives Americans to flock to stores on Black Friday?  They express gratitude for successfully enduring the grand feast of Thanksgiving.

42.  How did the day following Thanksgiving come to be known as “Black Friday”?  Because it aptly reflects the somber mood of countless dissatisfied shoppers.

43.  Which group gains the most from Black Friday?  Those wise enough to remain comfortably at home.

44.  Why do individuals engage in clothing shopping on Black Friday?

In order to replenish their wardrobes after Thanksgiving dinner spills and mishaps.

45.  What occurs when Black Friday coincides with Friday the 13th?  Prices are dramatically slashed!

46.  What is it that attracts law enforcement to early Black Friday events?  To outmaneuver the crowd, of course.

47.  Why do shoppers resemble cranberry sauce on Black Friday? They endure bruises, battering, and compression, all in pursuit of bargain deals.

48.  Were you aware of the individual who accidentally shot himself at Walmart on Black Friday? Media outlets are referring to it as a self-checkout.

49.  How can you identify which one of your acquaintances scored an exceptional Black Friday deal?  Rest assured, they will proudly proclaim it.

50.  Which family typically spends the most on Black Friday?  The one that earns the least.

51.  Why do Mormons choose to marry on Black Friday?  Because they receive a two-for-one offer.

Black Friday Jokes

52.  What would you call an extraordinary Black Friday special that includes complimentary cake? Undoubtedly, a sweet deal.

53.  Who gains the most on Ebony Friday?  The one who acquires the least knowledge.

54.  For what reason do citizens of America venture into commerce on Black Friday?  To express gratitude for surviving the Thanksgiving feast.

55.  Why is the day following Thanksgiving referred to as “Black Friday”?  Because it mirrors the temperament of despondent shoppers.

56.  How can one display greater thoughtfulness on Black Friday?  By rotating one’s phone horizontally before documenting the shopping skirmishes.

60.  Who reaps the greatest profits on Black Friday?  Those astute enough to remain within the sanctuary of their homes.

61.  Upon witnessing a throng of women on Black Friday, what counsel did Nala offer Simba?  “You must assert yourself like Mufasa!”

62.  Why do individuals embark on a quest for attire on Black Friday? To replenish the garments stained during Thanksgiving dinner.

Funny Black Friday Puns 

63.  Embrace the excitement, for Black Fridays reign supreme.

64.  Prepare for the imminent arrival of Black Friday.

65.  Unleash your shopping prowess like a true champion.

66.  Summon your strength, for Black Friday spares no weakness.

67.  Delighting in bringing joy to all through Black Friday’s bounty.

68.  Heed this caution, Black Friday is a realm of the robust.

69.  Black Friday, the moment that truly ignites my spirit.

70.  Happiness isn’t found in wealth, but in the joy of shopping.

71.  When uncertainty strikes, indulge in retail therapy.

72.  Clear the path, it’s Black Friday’s reign.

73.  Despite a lifetime of shopping, my wardrobe remains bare.

74.  Shopping has never been more comfortable. Enjoy a delightful Black Friday.

75.  Only on Black Friday do I embrace the morning rush!

76.  Two of life’s greatest pleasures: coffee and shopping.

77.  Friday isn’t meant for work; it’s a shopaholic’s paradise, especially on Black Friday.

78.  Left a dent in my wallet today while exploring the mall.

79.  The time has come! Black Friday dawns, igniting the beginning of a shopping frenzy and exhilarating deals.

80.  Make this Black Friday a rocking experience, shopping relentlessly without restraint. Happy Black Friday!

81.  Why do police officers eagerly join the early Black Friday rush?  To outpace the crowds and maintain order.

82.  What do you call someone who gets caught up in the frenzy of a Black Friday sale and ends up being overwhelmed?  A “Walmartyr.”

Funny Black Friday Puns

Black Friday Sayings 

Here are some Black Friday-themed sayings that capture the excitement and frenzy of the shopping extravaganza:

83. “Shop till you drop.” 

84. “Early bird gets the worm.” 

85. “Don’t be a turkey.”

86. “Black Friday is the new Thanksgiving.” 

87. “I’m in it for the deals.”

88. “I’m just here for the chaos.”

89. “Black Friday is my Superbowl.” 

Black Friday Puns One Liners

90. “I tried shopping on Black Friday, but it was just a ‘pricey’ situation!”

91. “On Black Friday, my wallet and I have a ‘serious discount-cussion.'”

92. “Black Friday: Where shopping carts become bumper cars!”

93. “Why did the bargain hunter go to therapy? Because they had ‘shop-therapy’ on Black Friday!”

94. “Black Friday: The only day when spending and saving are interchangeable.”

95. “My Black Friday strategy: Shop ’til you drop, then nap ’til you pop!”

96. “Black Friday: When you need a map to find your way out of the mall!”

Cute Black Friday Puns 

97. “Black Friday steals my heart every year! “

98. “Shop ’til you drop, then ‘wrap’ it all up on Black Friday!”

99. “I’m dreaming of a ‘discount-filled’ Black Friday!”

100. “On Black Friday, I’m ‘elf’-lessly shopping for the perfect gifts!”

101. “May your Black Friday be merry and ‘pricey-less’!”

102. “Black Friday: Where even the shopping bags get dressed up in style!”

103. “Let’s sleigh this Black Friday shopping list together!”

Final Words

Remember, these puns are meant to bring some joy and laughter to your Black Friday shopping experience. So, grab your deals and enjoy a good chuckle along the way!

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