75+ Good Friday Puns for a Hoppy Holiday

Good Friday is a solemn and important day in the Christian calendar, commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. While the day itself is filled with religious significance, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring a little levity to the occasion. 

We’ve compiled a list of some puns that you can use to lighten the mood and bring a smile to someone’s face this Good Friday.

Funny Good Friday Puns 

  • “Why did Jesus go to the bank on Good Friday? To get some ‘blessed’ savings!”
  • “What did the cross say to the people on Good Friday? ‘I’m across to bear, but I’m here for you!'”
  • “Why did the eggs hide on Good Friday? They didn’t want to be ‘cracked’ and scrambled!”
  • “How does Jesus make his coffee on Good Friday? With a little ‘sacrifice’ and a ‘cross’ of sugar!”
  • “What do you call a bunny that sings on Good Friday? ‘Hops and hymns’!”

Good Friday Dad Jokes

Here are a few tasteful Good Friday jokes and puns to help lighten the mood:

1. How did the carpenter feel about Fridays?  He always nailed the end of the week!

2. What did the Romans say when they saw Jesus on Friday? “Wow, talk about a moment of crossroads!”

3. What’s the difference between a historical event and a dairy product?  You won’t find any 2000-year-old milk, but you’ll hear about the crucifixion!

4.  Do you know who had mixed feelings about today, known as Good Friday?  Jesus had a cross on his mind.

5.  Why did the ancient Egyptians bring lemons to Cleopatra’s coronation?  To add a citrusy twist to the royal affair.

6.  Why doesn’t the Loch Ness Monster like attending maritime conferences?  It’s tired of being the center of attention, and it prefers a more secluded life.

7.  What is a person with a mummy obsession called?  A necrophiliac.

8.  What’s the difference between a pirate and a poet?  A pirate buries his treasure, while a poet treasures his buried thoughts.

9.  Why weren’t there multiple seasons of gladiatorial battles?

The audience grew tired of the repetitive swordplay.

Good Friday Dad Jokes

10.  What if the Olympics had a chariot racing event?  Spartacus would have raced to victory.

11.  Why couldn’t Zeus attend the grand wedding on Mount Olympus?  He had a thunderous headache and needed some divine rest.

12.  What’s the favorite food of ancient Greek philosophers? Socratic cheese, it’s full of philosophical holes.

13.  Why did the medieval knights start wearing cologne?  To combat the foul odors of battle, they sought to be chivalrous and fragrant.

14.  Why did King Arthur install solar panels on his castle?  He wanted to power Excalibur with sustainable energy.

15.  What should one engage in on Good Friday to relish Easter feasts? Indulge in egg-cersizer.

Funny Easter Puns 

16.  Celebrating the joy of Easter with my beloved peeps!

17.  Embrace the Easter spirit with boundless hops!

18.  Here’s to an exceptional Easter filled with endless delights.

19.  It’s the Spring Parade. Join the ranks and leap-one-two-three-four!

20.  When the boutique runs out of colorful paint sets the night before the festival, it’s a hue-or-you situation.

21.  May your Easter be truly extraordinary, like finding a golden egg.

22.  Behold the beauty of this Easter day, as adorable chicks abound!

23.  Delivering warm Easter wishes directly to your heart, as swift as a hare.

24.  Wishing you the happiest, most joyous Easter imaginable.

25.  Who else is eagerly anticipating the arrival of Easter?

26.  Don’t let the Easter excitement make you a nervous wreck!

27.  This meal is absolutely exquisite, worthy of high praise.

28.  This meal is absolutely exquisite, worthy of high praise.

29.  Anyone up for a clever Easter-themed pun to enjoy?

30.  Got a question about Easter? Just drop it in the basket.

31.  Impressive leftovers from your Easter feast. You certainly made it memorable.

32.  While chocolate may be irresistible, let’s give Peeps a chance to shine.

Good Friday Jokes for Adults

Bring a dose of humor to Good Friday with these clever jokes that will have everyone laughing. From puns to twists on popular sayings, these jokes are guaranteed to make your day unforgettable!

33.  What day does a chocolate egg dislike the most?  Good Fry-day.

34.  What’s more terrifying than Friday the 13th?  Mondays, a frightful affair.

35.  How does the solemnity of Good Friday culminate?  With the grace of ‘y’.

36.  What did the citrus inquire as the workweek concluded?  “Are you grateful it’s Friday?”

37.  Why did the gentleman from France venture to McDonald’s?  It was a day of French Fry-Day.

38.  What surpasses the swiftness of the Flash?  Friday nights, racing by. Frinally, respite awaits.

40.  Why couldn’t Friday lift the burdensome weights?  It succumbed to weakness.

41.  What console did one employee offer another who lacked motivation on a Friday?  Just a few more work hours remain, the weekend beckons.

42.  What is the appellation for the day of panic when an overdue assignment looms?  Frightay, a day of distress.

43.  What dessert harmonizes with the theme of Friday the 13th?  I scream, an eerie treat.

44.  What is the optimal avoidance on Friday the 13th?  Steer clear of superstitions.

45.  What produces the most dreadful sound on a Friday morning?  Alarm clocks, their clamor unruly.

Good Friday Jokes for Adults

46.  What does a taxidermist engage in on Fridays?  Nothing extraordinary, merely the customary routine.

47.  When does Friday discard its initial “F”?  When it exists as yesterday, today, or tomorrow.

48.  Why did the French chef remain oblivious to the arrival of Friday?  It Crêpe’d upon him, a surprise.

49.  Why did Thomas the Tank Engine cease operating on Friday? He exhausted his steam.

50.  Why do Saturday and Sunday reign as the mightiest days of the week?  Monday through Friday bow as weak days.

51.  What did the Iceberg express to the Romaine on Friday?  Lettuce commemorates a joyful gathering.

Good Friday Funny Puns 

52.  Sensation of Fri-yay vibes!

53.  Oh, beloved Friday… You’re positively the supreme catch.

54.  Friday, my ultimate f-word treasure after feasting.

55.  If my superior detected my lack of productivity on a Friday, they’d prefer my absence too.

56.  Behold, the Friday eve! Time to don the cape and rescue wine from its glass prison.

57.  Fridays are my sanctuary, exempt from toiling.

58.  Commence work on Monday, but true existence ignites on Friday.

59.  Ah, Friday has arrived, bidding farewell to any notion of contributing to society.

60.  In certain aspects, Fridays prove to be the most challenging; freedom is within grasp.

61.  I don’t labor on Fridays. I materialize.

Good Friday Funny Puns 

62.  The eve of Friday beckons, where I morph into a wine-saving crusader.

63.  Ah, the long-awaited arrival of Friday. An escape from work and all social encounters.

64.  As the clock strikes 3 pm on Friday, a remarkable transformation occurs I become 60% kinder.

65.  Friday signifies the start of true living, while Monday initiates the laborious routine.

66.  The anticipation I feel for Friday is reminiscent of the excitement from the previous week.

67.  I don’t subscribe to the notion of Friday the 13th, as I possess a touch of superstition, albeit minuscule.

68.  Recently, my bank manager inquired if my card had vanished. 

69.  Surprisingly, it remained untouched at the liquor store last Friday.

70.  If you consider Friday a sorrowful day, brace yourself, for tomorrow is Sadder Day.

71.  Food holds the crown as my supreme f-word, with Friday following closely behind.

72.  Were my supervisor aware of my Friday inefficiency, they too would desire my absence.

73.  Friday has arrived, marking the official abandonment of any plans to contribute meaningfully to society.

74.  This Friday, I was urged to pursue my dreams. 

75.  Alas, I promptly returned to slumber.

Final Words

These puns are all based on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, which is a serious event for Christians. While some people may find these puns funny, others may find them offensive. It is important to be respectful of religious beliefs, even if you do not share them.

If you are thinking of telling a Good Friday pun, it is best to err on the side of caution and avoid it. There are many other ways to be funny without resorting to religious humor.

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