90+ Funny Mouth Puns

Looking for a good laugh? Check out our collection of funny mouth puns! We’ve got puns about everything from talking to eating to kissing. So whether you’re a pun-lover or just appreciate a good joke, you’re sure to find something to chuckle at here.

Mouths are pretty amazing, aren’t they? They help us eat, speak, and even smile! But did you know that they can also be the source of some hilarious puns? That’s right, folks, get ready to have your funny bone tickled with these funny mouth puns.

Funny Mouth Puns

1. I obtained my dental job through recommendations.

2.  The dental clinic attended to the cookie chip problem.

3.  The head chef disliked the croissant batter for its floury taste.

4.  By mistake, I sprayed deodorant into my oral cavity.

5.  I managed to hook a fish with a one hundred dollar note lodged in its mouth.

6.  It’s a common misconception to assume that it’s acceptable to wear a mask that covers only your mouth and leaves your nose exposed.

7.  I used to believe I was quite witty, but I tend to say the wrong things at the wrong time.

8.  Wolverine stumbled upon Jean Grey sneezing without bothering to cover her mouth.

9.  I encountered a strange man who coerced me into taking home several horses with swords held in their mouths.

10.  During a tickle battle, my child inadvertently hit me in the mouth, but it’s alright since it was unintentional.

11.  There is a belief that shooting oneself in the mouth with a gun is not always lethal.

12.  My friend keeps making jokes about the face covering he wears while exercising outdoors.

13.  A comedian’s act includes running back and forth on the stage with their mouth gagged.

14.  Singing while showering is enjoyable until you get soap suds in your mouth.

15.  I served a pizza to a hipster, but it was too hot, and they burnt their mouth.

16.  Singing while showering turns into a soap opera once soap enters the mouth.

17.  My buddy jokes about his mouth-covering gear for outdoor workouts – it’s a running gag.

18.  I enjoy staying fit, but I also enjoy a whole pizza in my mouth.

19.  Uncivilized folks who cough without covering their mouths make me sick.

20.  I mistakenly sprayed deodorant in my mouth, giving me a strange axe-like scent when I speak.

21.  During a tickle fight, my son’s elbow hit my mouth, but it was an accident.

22.  Some individuals only cover their mouths but not their noses with masks, labeling them as mouth breathers.

Funny Mouth Puns

Funny Big Mouth Puns

Are you ready to laugh your mouth off? We’ve compiled a list of the funniest mouth puns that are sure to make you grin from ear to ear.

Whether you’re looking for a quick laugh or need some material for your next stand-up routine, these puns are guaranteed to deliver.

23.  “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. My big mouth is sealed.”

24.  I can’t keep a secret, my big mouth always spills the beans.

25.  My big mouth got me into trouble again, I said the wrong thing at the wrong time.

26.  My big mouth is always hungry for gossip.

27.  I have a big mouth, but I promise I won’t bite…hard.

28.  I can’t help it, my big mouth just loves to talk.

29.  My big mouth is like a vacuum, it sucks up all the attention in the room.

30.  My big mouth is my best asset…and my worst enemy.

31.  They say actions speak louder than words, but my big mouth begs to differ.

32.  I may have a big mouth, but at least I can chew my food.

33.  “I’m all ears… and a big mouth!”

34.  I’m not saying my friend has a big mouth, but when they yawn, birds mistake it for the Grand Canyon.

35.  My dentist told me I have a big mouth. I told him it runs in the family; we all have big teeth to chew on big ideas.

36.  My teacher said I talk too much, but I told her I have a big mouth for a reason – it’s to share my brilliant ideas with the world!

37.  My friend’s big mouth is so huge, it could swallow a watermelon whole. I guess that’s why they can never keep a secret.

38.  I heard my boss say I had a big mouth, but I told him it’s just because I have a lot of good things to say about the company.

39.  I’m not saying my girlfriend has a big mouth, but when she sings in the shower, it sounds like a choir of angels.

40.  My boyfriend’s big mouth is so wide, he could fit a whole pizza in it. Good thing we both love pizza!

41.  My mom always said I had a big mouth, but I told her it’s just because I have a big heart and I like to express my love for others.

42.  My dad’s big mouth is so loud, it could wake up the dead. That’s why we always keep the volume on the TV low.

43.  I’m not saying my cat has a big mouth, but when she meows, the whole neighborhood knows it.

Funny Big Mouth Puns

Dental Hygiene Puns

44.  “Floss like a boss!”

45.  “You can’t handle the tooth!”

46.  I’m a tooth fairy in training.

47.  I’m not a dentist, but I’m cavity-ous.

48.  “My dentist always tells me to brush up on my dental hygiene.”

49.  “My dentist says I need a crown. I told him I already have one, it’s just not made of gold.”

50.  “Cavity-free is the way to be!”

51.  “A toothbrush a day keeps the dentist away!”

52.  Don’t brush me off, I’m serious about dental hygiene.

53.  I’m tooth-fully honest, I love dental hygiene.

54.  I’m a tooth wizard, casting away cavities.

55.  I’m a dental diva, keeping my teeth in check.

56.  “I’m a big fan of minty-fresh breath. It’s a refreshing change of pace.”

57.  “Don’t be a plague on society. Brush and floss regularly.”

58.  “Dental hygiene is nothing to brush off.”

Dentist Jokes Puns

59.  What was the prize awarded to the dental professional?  A tiny plaque.

60.  What term do dental practitioners use for the images taken of patients’ teeth?  Dental snapshots.

61.  Which teeth require brushing?  The ones you prefer to keep for longer.

62.  If a child had 25 chocolate bars and consumed 22, what would be the result?  Tooth decay.

63.  What did the dentist say to Tiger Woods when he arrived for his appointment?  You’ve got a hole-in-one, but not the type you wanted.

64.  The dentist inquired about the source of my stained teeth, asking, “Do you smoke or drink coffee?”  I responded, “I drink coffee.”

65.  When a bear has a toothache, the dentist will provide it with whatever it desires.

66.  Which dinosaur does the dentist prefer?  The floss-iraptor.

66.  Have you heard about the new toothpaste created specifically for tuba players?  It’s called tuba toothpaste.

67.  What’s the term for five dwarves inside a dragon’s mouth?  A promising beginning.

68.  What do you call a blooming plant with an orifice?  Tulip – the flora with a mouth.

69.  What caused the hipster to scorch his tongue? Hasty consumption of his food.

70.  How to revive a seemingly lifeless snake?  Use the mouse-to-mouth technique for resuscitation.

71.  What’s the way to savor the taste of an alligator?  Just like you taste anything else – with your mouth.

72.  Have you heard about the footballer who had a foul mouth?  He played as an offensive lineman.

73.  Why do people recommend keeping quiet to become wealthy? Because silence can be golden.

74.  Which document did the politician duck scribe on his beak?  The bill of rights.

Mouth Puns One Liners

These One Liners mouth puns are sure to get you laughing and maybe even sharing them with your friends and family. So go ahead, spread the joy and make someone’s day a little brighter with a good laugh!

75.  If trees could talk, would they bark?  I was hoping to tell that one.

76.  Are you familiar with Pavlov’s name? No, but it makes me drool.

77.  What has teeth but cannot speak? A comb.

78.  How can you fit a whole peanut butter sandwich in your mouth?  Shove it in there.

79.  What is the mouth’s preferred exercise?  Burpees.

80.  What happens when you munch on nachos?  The chips get crunched.

82.  When does a jack-o-lantern eat? Once you carve a mouth for it.

83.  Do you know why we blow out candles on birthday cakes?  So we don’t burn our mouth while eating.

84.  How does summer appear from the perspective of an ice cream?  Too many mouths opening, consuming it without consideration.

85.  Why did the cappuccino need medical attention?  It was frothing uncontrollably.

86.  What’s the similarity between a baseball umpire and an irate chicken? Both have a penchant for profanity.

87.  Why did the equine dine with its mouth agape?  Poor stable etiquette.

88.  How did one fish advise the other to avoid danger?  “Keep mum and avoid the hook.”

89.  How to prevent a canine from devouring your book?  Extract the words from their mouth.

90.  Why did the coffee file a police report?  It got mugged.

Mouth Puns One Liners

Final Words

We hope these mouth puns had you grinning from ear to ear. Remember, laughter is the best medicine, and a good joke can always brighten up your day. If you have any mouth puns of your own, be sure to share them with us in the comments below.

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