200+ Royal Mail jokes to crown your day with laughter

Ready to add some laughter to your day? Look no further! In this blog, we have collected a series of hilarious and lighthearted jokes about the Royal Mail. These jokes are sure to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day. So, whether you work in the postal service or are simply a fan of British humor, join us as we delve into the world of Funny Royal Mail Jokes! Sit back, relax, and get ready to chuckle.

Laughs Unleashed: Hilarious Royal Mail Jokes for a Majestic Chuckle!(Editor’s Pick)

1. Did you hear about the Royal Mail worker who was caught stealing letters?  He had a postage stamp collection addiction.

2. What do you call a postman who only delivers letters in a rainy season?  A wet stamp!

3. How does a postman prevent a paper cut?  By reading between the lines.

4. Why did the postman refuse to deliver a letter to the door?  He said he’d already mailed it.

5. How many postmen does it take to change a lightbulb?  Only one, but it’ll take him a few days to find your house.

6. Did you hear about the Royal Mail worker who fell into a mailbox?  He said it was an unexpected delivery.

7. Why did the postman carry a ladder in his bag?  To deliver higher packages.

8. What do you call a postman who doesn’t wear glasses?  A see-through envelope.

9. How does a postman train for his job?  By watching the mail-train pass.

10. Did you hear about the postman who couldn’t find a job?  He was mailbox shy.

11. Why did the postman use a calculator?  To sort out his math letters.

12. How does a postman sign his name on the dotted line?  By delivering a stamp of approval.

13. Did you hear about the Royal Mail worker who only delivers to celebrities?  He’s got his own postcode-book.

14. Why do postmen always deliver letters by walking?  Because the pavement always knows where the address is.

15. How does a postman travel on vacation?  By sending his own passport in the mail.

16. Did you hear about the postman who retired after 40 years of delivering letters?  He got his own farewell address.

17. What do you call a postman who always has a hot drink in his hand?  A brew-tiful carrier.

18. How does a postman write his will?  By putting it in an unmarked envelope.

19. Why did the postman switch to a new job?  He said it was time to change his post.

 20. Did you hear about the Royal Mail worker who refused to deliver letters on weekends?  He said it was his off-duty postal service.

Striking Comedy Gold: Royal Mail Strike Jokes to Lighten the Mood!

21. Why did the postman go on strike?  Because he wanted to deliver a punchline!

22. Have you heard about the royal mail strike?  It’s really going postal!

23. Why did the letter refuse to join the strike?  Because it didn’t want to get caught up in all the stampedes!

24. What do you call a royal mail worker who is always on strike?  A rebel mail!

25. Did you hear about the postman who went on strike?  They were fed up with all the junk mail!

26. What’s a royal mail employee’s favorite song during the strike?  “Return to Postalder!”

27. Why did the mailman go on strike?  He was tired of being stuck in the post-tration!

28. What did the postman wear during the strike?  A “mail-cloth” to show their disagreement!

29. Why did the postman cross the picket line during the strike?  To deliver a punchline!

30. How do royal mail workers communicate during a strike?  They send each other voice messages instead of delivering mail!

31. Did you hear about the postman who went on strike?  He found out that delivering punchlines was way more fun!

32. What does a striking postal worker put on their sandwich?  Lots of “protests”!

33. How did the royal mail workers apologize for their strike?  They sent a letter of regret-mail.

34. What do you call it when a postman insists on delivering mail during a strike?  A loyal mail-worker!

35. Why did the postman organize a strike?  He wanted to sort out the issues in the delivery system!

36. What did the letter say when it joined the royal mail strike?   “I’m fed up with all these mail-dramas!”

Crowning Glory of Chuckles: Dive into the Best Royal Mail Jokes Ever!

37.  Why did the Royal Mail delivery driver bring a ladder?  Because he wanted to reach new heights in customer service!

38.  What did the stamp say to the envelope?  “Stick with me, and we’ll go places together, just like Royal Mail!”

39.  How does the Royal Mail stay in shape?  It practices postage!

40. Why did the letter apply for a job at the Royal Mail?  Because it wanted to be well addressed!

41. What did the stamp collector say when he found a rare Royal Mail stamp?  “I’m sticking with this hobby!”

42. How does a postman stay cool in the summer?  He finds shade under the postage!

43. What do you call a letter that’s not sure where it’s going?  A “con-fused” letter!

44. Why did the parcel refuse to talk to the letter?  Because it thought the letter was too “stamped”!

45. How do you make a postman laugh on a Monday?  Tell them a “mail-arious” joke!

46. Why did the postman become a gardener?  Because he wanted to work with first-class blooms!

47. What do you call a letter that’s always in a hurry ?  Express mail!

48 . Why did the envelope go to therapy?  It had too many issues!

49. How did the postal worker become a detective?  Because they were excellent at “addressing” mysteries!

50. What’s a postman’s favorite type of music?  “Parcel-tone”!

51. Why did the postman get an award?  Because he always went above and beyond the “stamp” of duty

Regal Wit in a Line: One-Liner Royal Mail Jokes for Quick Laughs!

51. Did you hear about the Royal Mail worker who had a fear of letters?  He was known as the Post-traumatic Stressman.

52. What do you call a Royal Mail employee who is also a ninja?  A stealth postman.

53. Why did the Royal Mail worker break up with his girlfriend?  Because she told him he was only delivering junk mail to her heart.

54. How does the Royal Mail get away with not delivering on Sundays ?  They have a letter of exemption.

55. Why did the Royal Mail worker get kicked out of the postal service?  Because he couldn’t handle the pressure and had a stampede.

56. What do you get when you cross a Royal Mail employee with a weatherman?  Someone who always delivers in any conditions.

57. Why did the Royal Mail worker refuse to deliver a letter to a witch?  He didn’t want to get put under a spell and have it haunt him forever.

58. Why was the Royal Mail worker always so well-groomed?  He was the Master of Deliverance.

59. Why do Royal Mail workers love coffee so much?  Because they have a special delivery roast.

60. Why did the Royal Mail worker need a flashlight in the post office?  He was searching for bright ideas.

61. How do you know a Royal Mail employee is in the room?  They always stamp their presence.

62. Why did the Royal Mail worker cross the road?  To get to the other post office.

63. What do you call a Royal Mail employee who doesn’t like delivering to remote areas?  A Postmodern.

64. Why did the Royal Mail worker refuse to deliver to the old haunted house on the hill?  Because he heard there was a ghost in the mail.

65. What do you get when you cross a Royal Mail worker with a chef?  Someone who can deliver a recipe to your door.

66. Why did the Royal Mail worker always wear sunglasses?  He liked to make a postal statement.

67. What do you call a Royal Mail employee who loves rock music?  A Posterious rocker.

68. Why did the Royal Mail worker get angry when someone said they were using email instead?  Because he had a package deal that he couldn’t deliver over email.

69. Why did the Royal Mail worker bring his guitar to work?  He was hoping for a postal jam session.

70. What do you call a Royal Mail worker who also happens to be a magician?  The Presto Postman.

Mailbox Mischief for Grown-Ups: Adults Only Royal Mail Jokes to Tickle Your Fancy!

71.  Why did the postman always carry a pencil?  Because you can’t pencil-cate a letter without one!

72. How does the Queen send a letter?  With her “royal mail”!

73. What do you call a postman on vacation?  A first-class tourist!

74. Why did the letter go to school?  Because it wanted to improve its “envelopment” skills!

75. Why did the letter go to therapy? Because it had too many issues to address!

76. Why did the postman take a ladder to work? Because he heard the mail was on the second floor!

77. What do you call a letter that can sing?  An “envelope-ope”!

78. How do you organize a postal worker’s party?  You stamp it with fun!

79. What do you call a postman who delivers on a rainy day? Wet-mail!

80. What did the postman say to the mailbox?  “You’ve got mail, buddy!”

81. Why did the postman break up with his girlfriend?  She just wasn’t his “type”!

82. What do you call a postman’s favorite song?  “Return to Sender”!

83. Why did the letter bring a map with it?  Because it wanted to “address” the situation!

84. How do postal workers stay in shape?  They “stamp” out calories!

85. What did the stamp say to the envelope?  “Stick with me, and we’ll go places!”

86. Why did the postman go to art school?  To learn how to draw a perfect “mail-bag”!

87. What’s a postman’s favorite type of music?  “Parcel”tones!

88. Why did the letter go to the doctor?  Because it had “post”-traumatic stress!

89.  How does a postman stay cool in the summer?  He uses “parcel”-sun

Postal Giggles: A Collection of the Best Post Office Jokes for Your Amusement!

90. Why did the postman quit his job?  He couldn’t deliver!

91. How do you know if your postman is an actor?  He keeps putting you on hold!

93. What do you call a postman who goes to the beach?  Sandy Claus!

94. Why don’t postmen go to heaven?  They’re too busy sorting through all the junk mail!

95. What did the postman say to the mail slot?  Stop sticking your tongue out at me!

96. What did the postman say when he found a piece of undeliverable mail?  “Return to Sender, address unknown!”

79. Why don’t postmen like using elevators?  It’s not a first-class experience!

98. Why did the postman refuse to deliver to the office?  They only wanted the most important documents stapled together!

99. What’s a postman’s favorite movie?  The Postman Always Rings Twice!

100. What did the postman say when he delivered a package to a nun?  “May the postage be with you!”

101. Why did the postman break up with his girlfriend?  He couldn’t deliver a proper relationship!

102. How do you keep a postman busy for hours?  Ask him to deliver a letter to the North Pole!

104. Why don’t postmen have personal websites?  They don’t want to be marked as “spam”!

105. What did the postman say when he delivered a package to the president?  “Thanks for sending us your political junk mail!”

106. Why don’t postmen have social media accounts?  They prefer the “Post” instead of the “Post-and-share” mentality!

107. Why did the postman wear a parachute?  He was on his special delivery mission!

108. How do postmen relax after a long day of delivering?  They stamp their passports to different countries in their imagination!

109. What did the postman say when he walked into a bar?  “I have a delivery for Mr. Drunk, do you know him?”

Marvels: Mailman One-Liner Jokes to Speed Up Your Smile Delivery!

110.  Why did the mailman go to therapy?  He had too many issues to deliver

111.  Did you hear about the mailbox that fell in love with the mailman? It was a classic case of “you’ve got mail.”

112. Why was the mailman always calm and collected?  Because he knew how to stay in the zone.

113. How does a mailman flirt?  He sends love letters.

114. Why did the mailman bring a ladder to the mailbox?  To check for new heights in communication.

115.  What’s a mailman’s favorite type of music?  Heavy metal – it’s all about the delivery.

116. How did the mailman feel about his job?  He thought it had its ups, downs, and addresses in between.

117. Why did the mailman refuse to play cards with the mailbox?  He was afraid it might be full of cheaters.

118. Why did the mailman wear a raincoat to work?  He wanted to stay dry on his “post” rounds.

Briefly Hilarious: Short Mailman Jokes to Brighten Your Day with Laughter!

119. Why did the mailman go to art school?  He wanted to learn how to draw the shortest route possible!

120. How does a mailman get exercise?  By bending over to put mail through low mail slots!

121. How did the mailman feel after a long day of work ? Short-handed!

122. Why did the mailman get kicked out of the circus?  He was too small to juggle all the mail!

123. What do you call a short mailman with a good sense of humor?  A little comic courier!

124. Why did the mailman carry a ladder on his route?  So he could reach the mailbox of a tall customer!

125. Why did the mailman get a part-time job at the bakery?  He loved delivering shortcakes!

126. What did one mailbox say to the other mailbox?  “I hope the mailman doesn’t think we’re too short to notice him!”

127. Why did the mailman become a comedian?  He wanted to deliver a punchline in every neighborhood!

128. How does a short mailman reach the top mailbox?  He jumps and delivers a flying mail drop!

129. What do you call a mailman with really speedy deliveries?  A little Express Post!

130. Why did the mailman become a tennis player?  He always aced his deliveries over the net!

131. Why did the mailman bring a step stool on his route?  To reach those high-rise mailbox apartments!

132. How do short mailmen keep their energy up on their routes?  They snack on “fun-sized” candy bars!

133. Why did the mailman become a trapeze artist ?  He wanted to deliver mail from above!

134. What do you get when you cross a mailbox with a short mailman ?  A mini-mail delivery system!

135. Why did the mailman join the circus?  He was always good at tightrope-walking between mailboxes!

136. How do short mailmen celebrate the holidays?  They send “vertically-challenged” Christmas cards!

137. Why did the mailman have trouble fitting all the mail in his bag?  Because he had a small sack!

138. What do you call a short mailman who loves to sing?  A tenor-tacular mail crooner!

Royal Mail Jokes: Deutsch Tree (Double Entendre )

139. Sending regal greetings, not just letters.

140. Stamps of majesty grace my royal dispatches.

141. In the kingdom of correspondence, my letters reign supreme.

142. Envelopes sealed with the elegance of a royal decree.

143. Postage with a touch of palace prestige.

144. Each parcel carries the seal of royal approval.

145. Postal elegance: where every address feels like a throne.

146. Letters, the monarchs of heartfelt communication.

147. My mail, a noble journey from sender to receiver.

148. Stately postage, turning every delivery into a royal affair.

149. Envelopes adorned with the grandeur of a royal insignia.

150. Letters, the sovereign messengers of my thoughts.

151. Royal Mail where every word wears a crown.

152. Postcards that travel with the grace of a royal procession.

153. A postage stamp, a tiny masterpiece in the royal gallery.

154. In the kingdom of mail, every package is a royal decree.

Royal Mail Jokes: German Shepherd Spoonerisms

155. Mailing moments fit for a monarch.

156. The postal service, a courtier of connections.

157. Each letter, a noble emissary of sentiments.

158. My mailbox, a treasure chest of royal correspondence.

159. Stamps that whisper tales of regal journeys.

160. Dispatching greetings with the elegance of a royal ball.

161. Royal Mail: where every postscript feels like poetry.

162. Envelopes carrying the grace of a royal waltz.

163. My letters, ambassadors of affection in royal attire.

164. Stamps that stampede with the majesty of a royal parade.

165. Correspondence, a dance of ink in royal chambers.

166. Postage, the language of the royally connected.

167. Each postage stamp, a piece of the royal mosaic.

168. Letters penned with the ink of royal sentiments.

169. In the royal realm of mail, every missive is a masterpiece.

170. Greetings that arrive like royal proclamations.

Royal Mail Jokes: Contradictions in Oxymoronic Expressions

171. Stamps, the heralds of my royal correspondence.

172. My mailbox, a regal repository of heartfelt messages.

173. Postage, where every stamp tells a story of royalty.

174. Letters, the silent heralds of my royal affections.

175. Royal Mail where every envelope is a royal decree.

176. Dispatching words adorned with the elegance of a tiara.

177. My letters, the monarchs of sentiment and connection.

178. In the palace of postage, every letter is a royal visitor.

179. Stamps, the insignia of my royal sentiments.

180. Correspondence with a touch of crown and scepter.

181. Envelopes, the velvet robes of my royal words.

182. Royal Mail where every greeting is a noble embrace.

183. Mailing moments with the regality of a royal heirloom.

184.  Letters, the noble architects of lasting connections.

185. Stamps that carry the whisper of a royal breeze.

186. In the realm of royal letters, every word wears a diadem.

Royal Mail Jokes: Idioms Unboxed

187. Greetings, the heralds of my royal good wishes.

188. My mailbox, a regal sanctuary for heartfelt exchanges.

189. Correspondence, a symphony of sentiments in royal notes.

190. Envelopes that embrace each word with royal dignity.

191. Royal Mail where every postcard is a royal decree.

192. Mailing memories with the grace of a royal dance.

193. Letters, the sovereign ambassadors of my feelings.

194. Stamps that bear the regal insignia of my affections.

195. In the royal gallery of sentiments, each letter is a masterpiece.

196. Postage, the royal currency of heartfelt connections.

197. Greetings that arrive like the footsteps of a royal procession.

198. My mailbox, a treasure trove of regal correspondence.

199. Correspondence, a tapestry woven with the threads of royalty.

200. Envelopes sealed with the wax of royal approval.

201. Royal Mail where every postscript is a poetic declaration.

202. Mailing moments with the finesse of a royal flourish.

Royal Mail Jokes: Witty Undead Spoonerisms

203. Letters, the regal architects of enduring connections.

204. Stamps that carry the echoes of a royal proclamation.

205. In the kingdom of mail, every message is a royal edict.

206. Greetings, the royal emissaries of my warm regards.

207. My mailbox, a regal vessel for precious sentiments.

208. Correspondence, the dance of words in the grand ballroom of royalty.

209. There is no regal route to mailing; no shortcut to the acquisition of any postal art.

210. I treasure every moment in my royal mailing life.

211. Behind my dignified postal facade and princely selfies, there’s a majestic streak hidden inside.

212. Don’t be a copy, be an original royal stamp!

213. Life’s royal post has so much to deliver to me.

214. We come from the postage gods, I from the mailing devil.

215. Better to be postage-strong than superficially attractive and useless.

216. Excuse me, why are you so elegantly stamped?

217. Train your postal mind to see greatness in every delivery.

218. As long as you dislike others, there will be recipients who dislike you.

Royal Mail Jokes: Recursive Romp through

219. Nothing majestic was ever accomplished without regal enthusiasm.

220. Certainly, I wouldn’t dispatch a single courier to reinstate the Kuwaiti royal family.

221. Did you descend from the postal heavens just to stamp me with your charm?

222. If your postage attitude is right, you’ll achieve special delivery success.

223. I Communicate, I Beam, I Chuckle too… but beware when I’m in silent postal service.

224. If I desire, I can possess everything that truly sends joy my way.

225. I am not your postage-stamp plaything.

226. Does my royal mail sparkle dazzle your eyes?

227. Mail matters won’t improve unless you address them with a positive stamp of thought.

228. Positive mail is always better than the negative return to the sender.

229. Awesome concludes with ME, and Unappealing starts with you, my undeliverable friend.

230. When nothing goes post-right, go postal-left.

231. I adore the postage life I have.

232. If there were an award for being leisurely, I’d dispatch someone to pick it up for me.

233. If it’s true postal love, it’s forever stamping.

234. If I delete your address, you’re essentially expelled from my postal route.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our journey through this comical realm, we’re reminded that laughter is a universal language, accessible to all, regardless of rank or title. So, whether you’re a royal enthusiast or just in need of a good laugh, These Royal Mail jokes are the perfect postage to send you off with a smile.

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