100+ Funny Gift Wrapping Puns & Jokes

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, a festive holiday, or a special anniversary, our collection of gift wrapping puns has something for everyone. Find the pun that perfectly captures the essence of your gift and watch the recipient’s face light up with joy.

Gift wrapping can be a bit of a chore. And while we all want our presents to look nice and fancy, it can be hard to find the motivation to spend hours tying ribbons and cutting paper. But what if we told you that there’s a way to make gift wrapping more fun? That’s right, we’re talking about gift wrapping puns!

So whether you’re looking to add a little humor to your holiday gifts or want to make your birthday presents more memorable, Following are some of our favorite gift wrapping puns to help inspire you.

Gift Wrapping Puns One Liners

1.  “Egg-cellent Wrapping!”

2. “Tie one on, Wrap One Up”

3. “Signing and Sealing with Love”

4. “Wrapped in a Box of Sunshine”

5.  Wrapping paper is a gift in disguise – get creative and surprise!

6.  Frenching it up for the holidays? ‘Tis the season to truffle-wrap!

7.  Upcycle with dignity – wrap your presents in recycled jubilance.

8.  Shine bright this holiday season, let’s make everything glitter-wrapped like no one’s business!

9.  Wrap it up before Santa “Sleighs”!

10.  Christmas is nothing to wrap your head around.

11.  Let’s give this joke with plenty of ribbons and bows!

12.  Wrap up your gift in style – Opt for a bow-telly great surprise!

13.  The present’s complete when you wrap it with glee, A punny paper just adds to the funfol-dee!

14.  Your special something will shine extra bright When surrounded by wrappings of ‘Oh what a sight!’

15.  “Tying up the Loose Ends” – A great option for a hard-to-wrap present or an artsy friend!

16.  You put the gift in my “hands”! (using hand-shaped tags)

17.  Bowled over by this present. (wrapping paper featuring bowling pins)

18.  This is so forte-Naturally awesome! (featuring an instrument design on top of a nature background)

19.  Ready to “bounce” off the walls with excitement. (a bouncing ball theme wrapping paper)

20.   “Tying ribbons to presents? It’s really a string theory!”

21.  I have a knack for wrapping gifts beautifully.

22.  Recently, I demonstrated my gift-wrapping skills.

23.  The holiday season is always a delight for me as I excel in wrapping gifts.

24.  My spouse was in the midst of wrapping a wedding gift…

25.  It’s quite amazing how I possess the ability to discern the contents of a wrapped gift.

26.  The elves at the North Pole are competing to see who can wrap the most presents this holiday season.

27.  I always have the unique skill of accurately guessing what’s inside a wrapped present.

28.  I don’t mean to boast, but I have a peculiar knack for identifying the contents of a wrapped gift.

29.  Being a covert operative, my children never have a clue as to what they’ll be unwrapping on Christmas morning.

30.  My girlfriend’s parents are probably anticipating becoming grandparents after receiving this gift.

Gift Wrapping Puns One Liners

Funny Gift Wrap Puns

Gift wrapping can be a tedious task, but it’s also an opportunity to get creative and add a personal touch to your presents.

And what better way to make your gift stand out than with some clever gift wrapping puns? Here are a few punny ideas to get you started:

31.  “It’s a wrap!”

32.  “Tape it up and bow down”

33.  “A present-ly good wrapping”

34.  “Wrapping you in lots of love”

35.  “Gift Wrapped with Loving Intention”

36.  Wrap it up tight, don’t give them a fright!

37.  Getting gifts wrapped has never been so unwrappable!

38.  For the perfect present choose wrapping perfection!

39.  Within this wrap lies something special and neat.

40.  A bow on top is the cherry to tie it together sweetly!

41.  Don’t be a gift wrap snob, everyone likes presents!

42.  Be careful not to get yourself into too much of a ‘present situation’

43.   I hope your day is packed with lots of wonderful gifts!

44.  “Nothing says you care like a package fu-lly wrapped up in puns!”

45.  All wrapped up and nowhere to go!

46.  From bow to wrapping – there’s nothing like a present that stands out from the rest!

47.  Making Christmas gifts great again!

48. Unwrapping presents just got way more fun with these pun-tastic wrappings!

49.  Don’t judge a gift by its wrapper, show your love in style this holiday season!

50.  Wrap up some joy – it’s possibly the best present!

51.  Put a bow on it and you’ll be ready to shower your loved one with festivity!

52.  This gift would look great in holly-wrapious paper!

53.  You can wrap it all up with ribbons and glimmery glee!

54.  “Your gift is icing on the cake!”

55.  “You’ve been bowled over by this one!”

56.  “It’s time to unwrap your happiness!”

Funny Gift Wrapping Jokes

57.  Which ancient reptile is the quickest gift wrapper?  The Velociraptor.

58.  What distinguishes the paper and tape from the surprise gift inside?  One is gift supplies, the other is a delightful surprise.

59.  What kind of paper is musically inclined?  Wrapping paper.

60.  What did the armless child receive for Christmas last year?  No one knows; he’s still munching on the wrapping paper.

61.  How did Rihanna know Lil’ Wayne was a poor gift wrapper?  Lil’ Wayne’s wrapping skills gave it away.

62.  Why do cucumbers come wrapped in plastic? So they can be consumed after use.

63.  What type of paper talks quickly? Wrapping paper.

64.  Which worm is ideal for gift wrapping?  The tapeworm.

65.  Why did the gift feel sad?  Because it was wrapped up in itself.

66.  What do you call a gift that’s wrapped in newspaper?  The daily wrap.

67.  What did the gift say to the wrapping paper?  “Don’t get all wrapped up in me!”

68.  Why did the gift wrap itself in bacon?  It wanted to be bacon-tiful.

69.  What do you get when you cross a gift with a kite?  A present that really soars.

70.  What do you call Santa’s wrapping department?  The gift-wrapping elves.

71.  Why did the gift wrap go to the doctor?  It had a ribbon-ectomy.

72.  Why did the gift wrap cross the road?  To get to the other side of the present.

73.  What do you get when you cross a gift with a snake?  A gift that wraps itself.

74.  What do you call a gift that’s wrapped in aluminum foil?  A shiny surprise.

75.  Why did the gift need a watch? Because it was gift-wrapping time!

Funny Gift Wrapping Jokes

76.  What do you call a group of people who love to wrap gifts together? Wrap-tastic!

77.  Why did the gift wrap roll down the hill? Because it wanted to be all wrapped up!

78.  Why did the gift wrap cross the road? To get to the other side of the present!

79.  What do you call a gift wrap that’s been around the block a few times? Wrapping paper!

80.  What do you call gift wrap that sings?  Wrap music!

81.  Why did the gift wrap need a loan? It was a little short on wrapping paper!

82.  What did one gift wrap say to the other gift wrap?  “You’re a wrap star!”

83.  Why did the gift wrap blush? Because it saw the gift inside!

Wrapping Paper Puns

When you finally find the right gift, it’s important to make sure that it’s wrapped beautifully to add that extra special touch. And what better way to do that than by adding some fun and punny gift wrapping ideas?

Here are some gift wrapping puns that will add a bit of humor and personality to your presents:

84.  “Be a wrap star!”

85.  “Lettuce Wrap it Up!”

86.  “Merry and Bright on Reindeer Flight”

87.  “It’s a snow joke, this wrapping paper is amazing!”

88.  “Tree-t yourself to something special!”

89.  “The gift that keeps on giving sheets!”

90.  “Season’s greetings! Have a wrap-erful holiday!”

91.  Bow Down Before My Gift-y Majesty!

92.  It’s Moosical to Receive Such a Wrapped Present!

93.  This Is Wrap N’ Roll Perfection!

94.  A Stylish Yet Graze-full Way To Give Presents!

95.   Au Naturelle – Simply Unwrap & Enjoy.

96. WRAP Star: Let your presents shine just like a star!

97.  Novel-ty Wrap: Wrap up that special book with this special paper.

98.  Treezy Wrap: Give your gifts some extra pizzazz with Treezy wrap!

99.  Foil-age Frenzy: Send a festive forest of foil out into the world!

100.  Gift Hessian Hints: For hints and tips, send gift messages wrapped in hessian cloth.

101.  “Peace on Earth” – wrapping paper printed with images of stars, moons and UFOs.

102.  “Christmas Comes around only Once a Year Wrap” – wrapping paper printed in festive colors and patterns.

103.  “All Wrapped Up” – patterned gift wrap featuring unique knots made from ribbon or fabric scraps tied together to make interesting bows for packages .

104. Wrapped up in laughter – a humorous wrapping paper pun!

105.  Picture Perfection- the perfect gift wrapped with unique design puns!

106.  A Gift to Unwrap- surprising your special someone with witty wrap jokes!

107.  Let’s Get Ruffled – for something extra fun and festive!

Clean Gift Wrapping Puns

108.  It ain’t Rocket Science- a creative play on words for adding some pizzazz to gifts galore!

109.  A great gift wrap pun: “Your present is so nice, I just had to package it twice!”

110.  If your friend works at an office, a cute saying could be “Tie my love into knots and gift wrap those corporate blues.”

111.  For a creative person, try this one:”Wrap the thought of me with care tucked away inside some flare”

112.  Wrap it up: a perfect way to add a finishing touch.

113.  You’re about tastefully wrapped!: for those that enjoy gourmet gift-giving.

114.  Perfectly packaged present: no two gifts are the same!

115.  It’s all in the bow-rap: make your presents extra special with fancy bows and ribbons.

116.  Ribbon around the riddle: give them something fun to unravel!

117.  Wrapped with love: never forget how much thought went into their present!

Clean Gift Wrapping Puns

Wrapping Paper Jokes

118.  Why did the wrapping paper feel bad?  Because it couldn’t find its center fold.

119.  What did the wrapping paper say to the tape?  “Stick with me, baby!”

120.  Why did the gift wrap go to the doctor? It had a bad case of creases.

121.  What did the wrapping paper say to the scissors? “You’re cutting me apart!”

122.  Why did the wrapping paper go on a diet?  It wanted to stay thin and wrap gifts better.

123.  What did one roll of wrapping paper say to the other roll?  “I’m the wrap star!”

124.  Why did the wrapping paper cross the road?  To get to the other side of the gift.

125.  Why did the wrapping paper break up with the ribbon?  It just couldn’t hold things together anymore.

126.  Why did the wrapping paper get a job as a magician?  Because it could disappear quickly.

127.  What do you call bear-themed wrapping paper?  Fur Out The Fun!

128.  What do you call “gift wrap” that never gets opened?  A sealed joke!

129.  What do elves use to wrap presents?  Ribbon-Elf!

130.  Why did the wrapping paper cross the road?  To get to the gift shop on the other side!

131.  What did the wrapping paper say to its sibling?  “Let’s stick together!”

132.  What did the wrapping paper say to his date?   I’m so glad you rolled my way!

133.  What did the wrapping paper say when it was finished wrapping a gift?  “That’s a wrap!”

134.  Why did the wrapping paper break up with the tape?  Because it was stuck in a sticky situation!

135.  How does wrapping paper greet its friends?  With a ribbon-hug!

136.  Why did the wrapping paper turn red?  Because it saw the gift it was wrapping and blushed!

137.  What do you get when you cross wrapping paper with a calendar?  Gift wrap-dar!

138.  Why did the wrapping paper refuse to wrap a certain gift?  Because it was a wrap-off!

139.  Why did the wrapping paper go on a diet?  Because it wanted to keep its gift-wrap figure!

140.  Why did the wrapping paper need a therapist?  Because it had too many folds!

141.  What did the wrapping paper say to the scissors? “I’ve got you covered!”

Some Final Talk

Gift wrapping puns can add a touch of humor and creativity to any gift-giving occasion. From clever wordplay to punny phrases, there are endless options to make your gift stand out with a punny twist.

Whether you’re wrapping a birthday present or a holiday gift, don’t be afraid to get punny with your wrapping paper and decorations. Your recipient is sure to appreciate the extra effort and laugh at the clever puns. So, go ahead and wrap up your next gift with a punny touch!

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