140+ Funny Pac Man Puns

You don’t need to be a video game enthusiast to appreciate the humor in these Pac Man puns. Discover these witty and clever jokes that will leave you in stitches!

Pac-Man is one of the most iconic video games of all time. The character himself has become a cultural phenomenon, appearing on everything from t-shirts to cereal boxes.

But it’s not just Pac-Man himself that has captured our hearts – it’s also the puns that have been spawned from his name and the game. Here are some of the best Pac-Man puns that we could find:

Cute Pac Man Puns

Get ready to laugh with this collection of some funny Pac Man puns. From ghostly humor to maze navigating jokes, these puns are sure to put a smile on your face.

1. You can always count on Pac Man to be a super-ghostbuster!

2.  Pac Man has an appetite for cherries and pellets alike!

3.  This game is too easy, it must be child’s play… a no brainer for the Pac Man Crusher!

4.  I guess it’s safe to say that Pac Man had his day in the dot munching sun.

5.  Eat your heart out – it’s Pac Man time!

6.  Pac It Up – because that’s how to win the game!

7.  There’s no stopping a hungry Pac Man with an infinite appetite for dots and ghosts!

8.  I’m sure you can ‘PACk away at least one more level of this classic game!

9.  Put on your battle shields and get ready to go Full ‘Pac’ Mode!

10.  Power Pillage- Go out and get what you Pac!

11.  Maze It Up- Get creative with your moves, Pac Man!

12.  Wheel of Fortune Ghost Grasping – Give a spin for an extra chance to beat the ghosts, Pac Man!

13.  Are You At The Finish Line – always chomp ahead of the game, Pac Man!

14.  Catch Me If You Can Pill Chasing – Be one step ahead of those pesky pills in life, Pac Man!

15.  I’m just dotting my is and crossing my t’s.

16.  My friends all say I’m a real power pellet.

17.  This party needs some more fruit snacks – maybe then the fun will really get going!

18.  The game of life can be pretty tricky – but with the right strategy you’ll always come out on top like Pac Man!.

19.  “Keep running in circles – it’s a Pacman thing.”

20.  It’s not all fun and games – Sometimes you need to chomp it out!

21.   Faster than the Ghost menace, Pac-Man is always on the run.

22.   Life isn’t a maze so don’t be afraid to take chances.

23.   Better late than never bite twice!.

24.   Avoiding tournaments like they’re ghosts — that’s just how this Pac Man rolls! .

25.  Don’t be afraid of game over, just have a little bit of Pac Man courage!

26.  This isn’t rocket science; It’s all about being pac-tical

27.  I’m going to take a bite out of this level with my Pac Man jaws!

28.  Pac Mans got nothin’ on me – I’m the ghost buster!

29.  I’m sure you’ll make waves as a Pac Man champion: You’re Super PECuliar!

30.  Pac away your worries and keep up the chomp.

31.  It’s never too late to start playing; Go on, take on that pac challenge.

32.  Get ready for legendary rounds at the arcade: game time means it’s time to go PAC n wild!

Cute Pac Man Puns

Pac Man Related Puns

33.  Namaste Pac Man!

34.  There’s no running from your hungry goal in life!

35.  Don’t be a square-ghost, step outside the box.

36.  All you need to do is chomp it up and make progress.

37.  Be ready for any ghostly surprises along your path.

38.   I’m chomping at the bit to start playing!

39.   This game has me completely mesmerized.

40.   Ugh! This is so hard. Looks like I will never make it out of this maze alive!

41.  Pac Man is no man’s land, take it or leave it!

42.  Get ready for a power pellet party – Pac-Man style!

43.  Life isn’t all about corners, sometimes the tunes are in between the lines like our favorite round yellow guy, Pac-man!

44.  Don’t be ghostbusters if you can help being ghosts – Run away with PAC MAN instead

45.  Pac Man is always on the ghost chase!

46.  Eat your fear with a dose of Pac-Man courage!

47.  Power up and take charge like Pac-Man!

48.  Get ready to munch out some dots, it’s maze time with Pac Man!

49.  Don’t set your expectations too high…it’s all about getting as many points as you can in this game called “Pac Life”.

50.  Pac Man is an ace at navigating through mazes – he’s a real pro corner-cutter!

51.  “Pac Men are masters of maze navigation – they’ll always find their way out!”.

52.  “It’s easier to navigate the mazes when you think outside the ghost box!”.

53.  He’s a real “ghost buster” – Pac Man is always chasing after ghosts!

54.  When he’s really into the game, he goes on and on about having an “extra life”!

55.  He used to be such a square…until he discovered that it was way more fun to move around in circles instead!

56.  All the ghosts were afraid of Pac Man, such power-pac courage!

57.  The world’s greatest video game hero always has plenty of pac-titude!

58.  You could say he was a real crowd pleaser: nothing scared him more than an energizer bunching up all his pellets!

59.  That old man sure knows how to munch it – they called him “The Grand Masticator”

60.  Calling Pac Man a ghost chaser is taking “revenge” to the next level.

61.  Don’t be shy, let your “power pellet” out!!

62.  Ghosts beware – Pac Man always gets his mani.

63.  There’s no use hiding from evil spirits in the game – you might as well just face them head-on like Pac Man does with those pesky ghosts!

Cute Pacman Jokes

64.  What did Pacman say when he saw his food?  “Here comes the munchies!”

65.  What did the orange PacMan say when it bumped into a ghost?  “Ouch! It’s not Ecto-Cooler!”

66.  What did Pacman say when he was hungry?  “Waka Waka!”

67.  What did Pacman’s mother say when he came home late?  “Pac-Man, where have you been?! I was about to send a ghost after you!”

68.  What did the blue ghost say to Pacman when he passed him on the street?  “Boo!”

69.  Why isn’t Pacman afraid of ghosts? Because he’s got power pellets!

70.  What did PacMan say when he saw a ghost?  “Oh no, not again!”

71.  What did the hungry Pacman say when he ran out of pellets?  “Darn, I’m Pellet-less!”

72.  Why don’t ghosts ever invite Pacman to their parties?  Because he always brings the game!

73.  What did Pacman say when he ate a doughnut?  I’m dot com!

74.  Why did Death Row Records decide against going to Disneyland for their holiday outing?  They deemed it too pac’d for their liking.

75.  Ate too much?  Clear out of the maze with some strategic Pac management!

76.  Got your eye on a high score?  Just keep ghosting past the competition!

77.   Who are you gonna call?  Pac Man!

78.  Did Bernie Sanders’ rally have a good turnout?  There were many people present, but it wasn’t exceptionally pac’d.

79.  Why doesn’t Pacman have a Twitter account?  He’s not fond of being followed.

80.  What is Pacman’s favorite topping for his tacos?  Guacawaccawaccamole is his go-to.

Cute Pacman Jokes

81.  What distinguishes Pacman from a sausage in a bun?  One is a hotdog, the other is a dot hog.

82.  How does your child’s high score in Pacman compare to yours?  I haven’t surpassed your high score.

83.  Why do women enjoy playing Pac-Man?  They can be eaten three times for a quarter.

84.  Pac Man’s favorite pastime? Chomping around! 

85.  Why did Pac Man start playing the piano?  To get a high score.

86.  What do ghosts like to eat for breakfast?  Gho-st cereal.

87.  Where does Pac Man go when he needs some peace and quiet?  The ghost chamber.

88.   What did the baby ghost say after getting hugged by Pac Man?  Boo hoo skii!

89.  What do you get when you combine Pacman and Shakira?  Waka waka waka waka waka waka…

90.  Who needs power pellets when you’ve got moves this incredible?  That maze better watch out for the mighty munching of the titular character!

91.  What did Ms. Pac Man say when someone stepped on her toe?  “Ouch! Power Pellet!”

92.  Why was the ghost so upset with his friends’ terrible puns?  He didn’t want to be Boo’d out of the party!

Funny Pac Man Jokes

93.  What is one activity that Hillary Clinton enjoys?  Playing Super-Pac man.

94.  What is the shape of the character Pac Man?   An om-nom-nom-ogon.

95.  What do you call an angry Pac Man?  A maze furious!

96.  What arcade game does Hillary Clinton enjoy playing the most?  PAC-Man is her favorite.

97.  Why don’t arcades group Pac-Man cabinets side by side?  To prevent paparazzi from mistaking him for Tupac, man!

98.  How do women end things with Pac-Man?  They simply ghost him, every time.

99.  What’s Pac-Man’s Italian catchphrase?  Woppa Woppa Woopa, of course!

100.  Which musician does Pac-Man admire the most?  Wokka Wokka Flame is his favorite artist.

101.  What song resonates with Pac-Man on a personal level?  It’s the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

102.  When did Pac-Boy transition to Pac-Man?  He made the switch during his Q*bert-y quest.

103.  What is Pac-Man’s preferred taco topping? Guacauacauacauacauacauacamole – it’s unique and delicious!

104.  What kitchen tool does Pac-Man favor?  He can’t get enough of his trusty wok-a-wok-a-wok.

105.  What do you call a Pac Man who’s scared of ghosts?  A Chicken Pac-Man!

106.  What did Pac Man say when he found a new power pellet?  “Hey, look! A boost of energy!”

107.  What did Pac Man say to the ghosts when he was scared? A. “Waka Waka, don’t come near me!”.

108.  Why doesn’t Pac Man ever get lonely?  Because he has so many ghosts to keep him company!

109.  What did the ghost say when Pac Man broke up with him?  He said “I’m sorry, I can’t compete with your high score!”

110.  What did Pac-Man say after devouring a ghost?  “Thanks for the Boos!”

111.  What did Pac Man do when he split with his girlfriend?  He got the munchies!

112.  What do you call it when a ghost chases Pac Man?  A case of spectral pursuit!

113.  Why did Pac Man shy away from eating ghosts?  Because he was afraid of getting a sour after-taste!

114.  What did Pac Man say when he met a wall?  Woo-hoo! Here comes another challenge!

115.  How do you refer to a Pac-Man zombie?  A member of the waka waka walking dead.

116.  What do you call Pac-Man when he assists with gardening?  He’s your weed-wakawaka helper.

117.  Why don’t arcades place Pac-Man machines together?  It would attract too much attention from the paparazzi, who would exclaim, “Hey, look! It’s Tupac, man!”

118.  How does Pac-Man stay fit?  He maintains his physique by WALKa-WALKa-WALKing.

119.  If Pac-Man had legs, what would he do?  He would WALK-a-WALK-a-WALK-a-WALK-a-WALK-a-WALK!

120.  Where do you go when you want to find secrets hidden inside walls?  To the PAC-MAN Cave, of course!

121.  Why did the mushroom challenge himself by crossing the road?  He wanted to become an Ultimate Pacman Champion!

Pac Man Puns One Liners

122.  Pac Maniacs never win!

123.  Better late than Pacyver.

124.  It’s Pac Manic out there!

125.  Wakka Wakka Walk this way…

126.  Achieving success in Pac Man is no yolk!

127.  Pac Man always wants to be the Center of G-maze-ment.

128.  It’s time to enjoy some retro snaccidents with Pac Man.

129.  The only cheese needed for this game is PACtotrrella!

130.  Pac on the back: “You’ve been playing a great game!”

131.  “The ghosts, they’re coming for me”

132.  If you don’t want to ghost walk through life, just stay on the path and enjoy the fruits.

133.  Some ghosts get too scared of Pac Man and flee the scene – they’re called fleepers!

134.  You shouldn’t be afraid to power up – it’s an energizing experience.

135.  My friend said getting lost in the maze isn’t that hard, I told him it’s no piece of cake!

136.  Ghostly Gadabout – “Oh no, it’s another ghostly escapade… Time for some spectery tricks!”

137.  “If those pesky Ghosts can’t catch Pac Man they must not have their spirits up!”

Pac Man puns one liners

Pac Man Puns Captions

138.  Don’t be ghosting me! We should stay in pill-touch.

139.  I’m always up for some Pac Man and chill time

140.  Life is a maze, but at least there’s an energy pellet or two along the way!

141.  Ain’t no party like a pizza parlor party ’cause a pizza parlor party don’t stop until you’ve cleared out every level!

142.  This morning has really been extra dimensionally hectic – feels like I’ve gone through four mazes already!

143.  A pac man is always better with some fruits and ghosts!

144.  There’s a ghost in my kitchen but I’m too scared to Pac Man out of there!

145.  Be careful when your game character takes a turn into a dark maze – it might be trying to escape from being eaten by hungry PACs!

Final Words

These are just a few of the many Pac-Man puns out there. Whether you’re a die-hard Pac-Man fan or just looking for a good laugh, these puns are sure to brighten your day.

So when you’re playing Pac-Man or just thinking about him, remember these puns and share them with your friends. Who knows, you might just start a new trend of Pac-Manpuns.

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