180+ Funny Gummy Worm Puns

Gummy worms are a classic candy that has been around for decades. They’re chewy, colorful, and fun to eat. But did you know that gummy worms are also a great source of puns?

That’s right, these little creatures lend themselves perfectly to all sorts of wordplay. So without further ado, here are some of the best gummy worm puns out there.

Gummy Worm Puns

Are you a fan of gummy worms? Do you love a good pun? Well then, this blog post is just for you! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite gummy worm puns that are sure to make you laugh and maybe even crave some of these delicious treats.

1. Wriggle your way to success!

2.  When life gives you gummy worms, make a worm cha-cha

3.  I’m in an endless cycle of love for my gummysaurus friend.

4.  “You’re the gummy worm of my eye!”

5.  “I beharvest your wriggling skills.”

6.  “Worm tonight like there’s no tomorrow. Get it all out in a tremendous way!”

7.  Worming your way into someone’s heart

8.  What does a gummy worm always say? Wanna make some jelly!

9.  Don’t get too sticky or you’ll find yourself in a tight Gummitsituation

10.  Gotta wriggle the night away with these gummy worms

11.  Time to shine at the Wormlight Disco!

12.  Worming my way into your heart!

13.  Gummy worms try – A delicious art form!

14.  You must be feeling’ wormaline’ for me!

15.  This friendship is full of gummity goodness.

16.  Embracing worms brings me joy.

17.  When it rains, I enjoy getting cozy by the fire.

18   Choose harmony over conflict, don’t squirm.

19.  You hold a special place in my heart, dear worm.

20.  Wormholes: A mysterious passage for time and space travel by worms.

21.  Worm me once, shame on you; worm me twice, it’s gummily true!

22.  A gummy watcher is ever vigilant.

24.  There are no wrong turns in the way of a gummy worm.

25.  Gobble up these chew-worthy treats for some worms with perks!

26.  It’s not easy being squeezy when surrounded by worms so cheesy

27.  I’m purely devoted to wiggling gummy worms.

28.  A piece of gum has a chewy story to tell!

29.  My dentist says my sweet tooth needs cavities worked on!

30.  If you go looking for gummies, be sure your search isn’t worm!

Candy Puns for Gummy Worms

Whether you’re looking to add some humor to your next Instagram post or just want to make your friends laugh, these puns are the perfect way to do it.

And of course, don’t forget to stock up on plenty of gummy worms because once you start eating them, you won’t be able to stop!

31.  As wiggle as it gets.

32.  You’re worrisome.

33.  Worming for compliments.

34.  It’s wonderfully fantastic!

35.  Dishing out sweetness like a gummy worm chef.

36.  Worm Your Way to Deliciousness!

37.  Get Wiggling with Gummy Worms!

38.  Indigestible Sweetness – Crawl your way there with Gummy Worms!

39.  So Much SWEETNESS, You’ll Squirm for More Gummy Worms.

40.  Warming up some delightful sweetness

41.  Life’s No Picnic Without Gummy Worms

42.  Get Your Squirmy On with Some Gummy Goodness!

43.  Ready, Set, Wriggle Into Good Flavorings!

44.  Flip Over to the Sweet Side and Be a Trendy Wormer!

45.  Gummy a worm and have it your way!

46.  Worm back for more gummy goodness!

47.  Wiggle into something sweet with gummy worms.

48.  Enjoy the squirmy, sugary sensations of these worminally-delicious treats.

49.  Get wriggling with some yummy worm candy fun.

50.  Wormy Wonders – “Delicious wiggles from a stirring surprise.”

51.  Sweet Squirmers -“Put some squirmy sweetness in your life today.”

52.  “Catch of the day – gummy sharks!”

53.  “Wriggle on over to grab some yummy goodness!”

54.  “Don’t work yourself into a sticky situation. Eat gummy worms!”

55.  “Gummy Worms – Not Your ‘Average’ Candy!”

56.  Tastefully Twisty: Enjoy Gummy Worms For a Unique Snack Experience.

57.  Have a ‘worm-derful’ time snacking on gummy worms!

58.  Life is better when you make it ‘gummy worm sweet’!

59.  Make sure to have your daily dose of ‘vitamins and drummies’!

60.  It’s good to be a bit wiggly and eat some ‘wriggly treats’.

61.  Don’t worry, just ‘brace yourself for formtastic times’.

62.  Wriggle into a sugar-coated world with Gummy Worms!

63.  Relish the slithery sweetness of gummy worms – they’re full of wriggly goodness!

64.  Fill up your sweet tooth cravings and hop on over to enjoy some gummy worm delights!

65.  Twist, turn, and savor – let these wiggly treats take you on an adventurous journey through flavor country!

66.  Clear away all other snacks aside – because it is time to get tangled in a pile of Goo-my Worms for when that craving hits ya’ hard!

Puns Gummy Worm Sayings

67.  Worming into your heart.

68.  Worm your way into someone’s heart.

69.  Don’t be a sour worm, always stay sweet!

70.  I think things are about to get wiggly around here!

71.  Reach for the stars – even if you can only stretch as far as the ‘mammosphere’!

72.  “Let’s be honest, worms never lie.”

73.  “I think I need a break from all these wriggling puns…they are too much for me to handle!”

74.  Don’t sweat the small worms.

75.   Escape from the worm-dangle zone.

76.  Hang in there – don’t be an eelworm!

77.  Life can get wiggly, but it’s all good if you keep on wriggling!

78.  I’m just worm-ing my way into your heart!

79.  That’s a real wiggly situation you’ve gotten yourself into!

80.  Don’t worry, it’s only a gummy dilemma!

81.  Be bold, be brave – let those worms fly free!

82.  Worms out of the woodwork when it comes to unique gummies.

83.  Gummi Bonds, because no matter what happens those bonds stay strong!

84.  Let’s get our wiggle on with these yummy treats – Gummy Worms!

Cute Gummy Worm Puns

85.  “Be prepared, this party is going to be BERRY sweet.”

86.   “It’s time to get GUMMY down here!”

87.   “The biggest wrigglers always come out on top!”

88.  You worm your way into anyone’s heart!

89.  Sometimes I like to just hang out and gummy bear the day away.

90.  Stretch your puns until they’re not even wiggly anymore.

91.  Gummy holidays are always so much sweeter!

92.  Don’t be afraid of a little pun branching or else you’ll never get anywhere.

93.  Gummies are my knotty problem solvers.

94.  Take a worm on the wild gummy ride!

95.  I’m just here to wrangle in some truth about gummy worms.

96.  The spiciest situation calls for sweet and sour gummy worms!

98.  My new hobby is making wiggly jokes with gummy worms.

99.  Life’s a gummy bear when you’re full of worms.

100.  You can make your mark with some Gummiest Worms ever.

101.  I’m so punny, I must have been wriggling around the wormy way since birth!

102.  This group of friends is definitely “gelleworm”.

103.  Let’s get verified and float along on our new mission!

104.  Gummy trust me, you won’t regret it!

105.  There’s nothing wormy about having a gummy good time!

106.  That person has been caught in a gummy sting!

107.  They are behaving really gummily lately!

108.  Wally the Worm just wants to wriggle and jiggle all day long!

109.  I have a soft spot for gummy worms.

110.  Chew on this idea: I like gummy worms!

Clever Puns for Gummy Worms

111.  It’s time to “warm” up these puns!

112.  Gummy Worms are wiggling with joy!

113.  Send a smile someone’s way and be sure to include some gummies.

114.  They’re the sweetest way to treat yourself or another!

115.  “I’m wriggingly excited for you!” and “Let’s wriggle our worries away!”

116.  The most wiggly worms are always the gummiest!

117.  Worms don’t lie, they just tell it “gummily”.

118.  All wormy roads lead to Gummy Town.

119.  People say I’m too good at pun-ishing people with my gummy worm jokes.

120.  The best things in life are always wriggly-ing.

121.  There’s no doubt that gummy worms have a real zest for living.

122.  A day without gummy worms is like nighttime: dark, dull and boring!

123.  Gummy Worms know how to make the world sweeter one bite at a time.

124.  Life isn’t complete until you’ve gone completely warm wild!

125.  If you get too many gummy worms, watch out – they’ll wiggle your wallet dry!

126.  Don’t be so sour—gummy worms are the sweetest twist on candy!

127.  Gummy Worms have a certain wriggly appeal…you just can’t resist their charm!

128.  When life gets tough, go for some gummy worm therapy–it’s sure to make things bearable!

129.  Eating lots of gummy worms will help you find yourself…on your hips and thighs later that night!

130.  Gummy Worming your way through life.

131.  Letting the gummy worms wriggle away to happiness.

132.  Sending a Gummies Age of love and support

133.  Life is about taking Jelly Steps with caution.

134.  Having Fun Gumating Memories Together.

135.  Let’s get ready for some wriggling wacky gummy worm humor.

136.  I’m sure this group of worms can’t be beat: they’re the tastiest treats on the street!

137.  “Gummiberry Juice,” said that friendly gummy bear, as he slurped away at his juicy affair.

138.  This party has gone a bit sour without your tangy sweet candy power!

139.  I’m a fan of Gummy Worms, they’re so worm-oificant!

140.  We’ve got to think outside the gummy box when it comes up with punny ideas.

141.  It’s no surprise that Gummy Worms are always in demand – they bring worms-atility!

142.  When we meet at our next event, let’s share some laughs and gummy worms smiles.

Gummy Worm Jokes

143.  Why did the gummy bear cross the road? To get to the other sweetness.

144.  A relationship built on worship? Sign us up!

145.  Want to hang out?  Let’s get our gummy on!

146.  Why did the worm cross the road?  To get free gummy bear pieces on the other side!

147.  What did one gummy worm say to another?  Let’s raisin’ hell tonight and have a wormin’ good time!

148.  Do worms have eyes? We can only guess when it comes to these chewable critters.

149.  Feeling lazy?  Crawl into bed and eat some gummies instead.

150.  What do you call someone who is always making gummy worms?  A wriggly tin!

151.  How did the grape flavoured gummy worm cross the road?  With a raisin to pick up speed.

152.  Why don’t different coloured gummy worms hang out together? Because they have wormalites!

153.  Are you looking for a wormhole in your stomach?  I hear gummy worms are awesome!

154.  Getting ready for adventure?  Put your game face on… and grab some gummies too!

155.  How did one firefly compliment the other?  You shine, girl!

156.  What genre of music do earthworms enjoy?  Subterranean tunes.

157.  Why are worms such great companions?  They always stay grounded.

158.  Who resides and reads within an apple?  A literary worm.

159.  What’s invisible and smells like soil?  A bird’s flatulence.

160.  What was the outcome of the race between two worms?  It ended up in a stalemate.

161.  Why was the glowworm instructor disappointed?  Her students didn’t shine bright enough.

162.  How can you distinguish the head from the tail of a worm?  Tickle its middle and see which end giggles!

163.  What happens when fish develop an addiction to worms?  They become addicted to the bait.

164.  What do you call a scenario where worms dominate the planet? Global vermiculture.

165.  What’s another term for an uncool worm?  Unfashionable warm-blooded invertebrate.

Jokes About Worms

166.  What’s more disappointing than finding out there’s only one cookie left?  Finding out it’s oatmeal raisin.

167.  How do you know if a joke about worms is funny?  It makes you soil your pants.

168.  What’s more annoying than a worm in your apple?  A fly buzzing around your head.

169.  What did the worm say when he went to the library?  “I’m looking for a book on composting!”

170.  What kind of worms are afraid of the dark?  Nightcrawlers.

171.  How did the worm feel after it lost its tail?  He was a little behind.

172.  What’s the simplest way to make a glow worm smile?  Tickle its belly, it’ll light up with joy.

173.  Did you realize that fish find worms irresistible?  One bite and they’re hooked for life.

174.  Where do earthworms go to play ball in Chicago?  At Wiggly Field, of course!

175.  What do you call a pair of worms in a loving relationship?  Soilmates, the perfect match made in soil.

176.  When fishing, is it ever ethical to remove the worm from the hook?  I guess that’s a matter of debate, and it depends on the angler.

177.  Why are worms so easygoing and friendly?  Because they’re always grounded and humble.

178.  Why did the two worms leave the apple before boarding Noah’s Ark?   Because they had to get in line with their pear friends.

179.  What is the name of a toothless bear?  A gummy bear. (I still have a great sense of humor, don’t worry)

180.  Which creature has the gentlest bite?  The answer is “gummy” bears.

181.  Why did the worm go on a diet? Because I was tired of being called a “wormy”!

182.  How do you make a worm happy? Give it a little wiggle room!

183.  Why do worms make terrible detectives?  Because they always get caught in the dirt!

184.  What do you call a worm that works for NASA?  A space worm!

185. What do you call a worm that plays the guitar?  A rock worm!

186.  Why don’t worms drive cars? Because they don’t have hands to steer!

187.  How does a worm answer the phone? “Earthworms, can I help you?”

188.  Why did the worm go to the gym? To work on its core!

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Some Final Talk

There you have it, folks, ten of the best gummy worm puns out there. Whether you’re a fan of these chewy candies or just appreciate a good pun, these jokes are sure to bring a smile to your face. So When you’re snacking on some gummy worms, remember these puns and share them with your friends. Happy snacking!

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