Hilarious Walrus Jokes: Tickle Your Tusks with Over 180+ Riotous!

Looking for a good laugh? You’re in the right place! Get ready to dive into a collection of the funniest walrus jokes you’ve ever heard. These jokes are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and brighten up your day. From witty one-liners to puns that will make you groan (in a good way), this collection has it all. Whether you’re a fan of walruses or just looking for a good joke, these hilarious walrus jokes are sure to tickle your funny bone. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh out loud with these hilarious walrus jokes!

Whisker Whispers: Unleashing the Best Walrus Jokes!(Editor’s Pick)

1. What do you call a group of walruses singing in harmony?  A blubber-choir!

2. How do you know if a walrus is hungry?  It starts licking its tusks!

3. How do you know if a walrus is on a diet?  It stops snacking between fish!

4. Why do walruses love winter?  They can finally break out their furry jackets!

5. What’s a walrus’s favorite meal?  Anything that comes straight from the Arctic kitchen!

6. Why are walruses so good at math?  They’ve got plenty of calculator-uses on their tusks!

7. What do you call a walrus that has too much to drink?  A blubber-ized boozer!

8.  How do walruses communicate underwater?  They use tusk-talk!

9. Why do walruses love playing hide and seek?  They’re great at staying “walrus!”

10. What do you get when you cross a walrus with a shark?  A wall ark!

11. Why do walruses love movie night?  They’ve got their own built-in blankets!

12. What’s a walrus’s favorite music?  Anything with a good tusk-beat!

13. How do you make a walrus happy?  Just toss them a few tasty fishes!

14. What do you call a walrus that’s lost its voice?  A hoarse-horned marine mammal!

15. Why are walruses so popular on social media?  They’ve got plenty of flipper-tunity for photos!

16. How do you make a walrus smile?  You tell it a cheesy joke and watch those tusks curl up!

17. Why do walruses hate running?  They always end up with a lot of unnecessary blubber!

18. What’s a walrus’s favorite sport?  Whale wrestling, of course!

Laughing Along the Shoreline: Walrus Jokes One Liners!

19. Why did the walrus go to the dentist?  To get a new tooth seal.

20. What do you call a walrus with a banana?   A peeler.

21. Why don’t walruses play poker in the wild?  There are too many seals.

22. How did the walrus win the marathon?  He had a lot of blubber.

23. What’s a walrus’s favorite subject in school?  Arctic-texture.

24. Why did the walrus bring a radio to the beach?  He wanted to listen to some seal-y tunes.

25. How do walruses make phone calls?  With their cell-tusks.

26. What did the walrus say to the octopus?  Can you lend me a hand… or eight?

27. What do you call a fashionable walrus?  A well-dressed whisker-mister.

28. Where do walruses go to see art?  To the tusk-eum.

29. What do you call a walrus with a hat?  A hipster-walrus.

30. What’s a walrus’s favorite ice cream flavor?  Seal-most.

31. Why did the walrus start a band?  He had a lot of flippers.

32. How do walruses pay for things?  With their shell-fies.

33. What do walruses use to take notes?  A blubber-clip.

34. Why did the walrus go to the circus?  To see the elephant seal-t.

35. How do you make a walrus laugh?  Tell him a whale of a joke.

36. Why don’t walruses make good comedians?  They’re always telling sea-lame jokes.

37. What did the walrus say at the karaoke bar?  “I’m ready to bring the seal!”

Walrus Jokes One Liners

Riding the Tides: Daringly Dirty Walrus Jokes!

38. What do you call a walrus with a GPS?  Lost!

39. How do walruses stay cool in the summer?  They use walrus cream!

40. What’s a walrus’s favorite Beatles song?  “I Am the Walrus”!

41. Why don’t walruses like fast food?  Because they can’t catch it!

42. What did the walrus say to the dentist?  I need a tusk-ache!

43 How do you organize a walrus party?  You send out tus-tions!

44. Why don’t walruses like to play cards in the wild?  Because there are too many cheetahs!

45.   How do you make a walrus stop laughing?  Take away its happy meal.

46. What do you call a walrus with a sunburn?  A blubber-burn!

47.  What do you call a walrus that likes to play basketball?  A jump shot!

48.    What’s a walrus’s favorite ice cream flavor?  Sea salt caramel!

49. What do you call a walrus that’s good at math?  An algebraic!

50. Why did the walrus bring a suitcase to the beach?  Because it wanted to have a “seal”action!

Seal of Approval: Chuckles in the Walrus Jokes Tight Seal Edition!

51. What do you call a walrus who’s always singing?  A soprano sea cow.

52. What do you call a walrus who’s always dancing?  A ballerina blubber ball.

53. What do you call a walrus who’s always eating? A gluttonous gobbler.

54.  What do you call a walrus who’s always sleeping?  A narcoleptic nibbler.

55 .What do you call a walrus who’s always studying?  A bookworm’s biter.

46. What do you call a walrus who’s always playing sports?  An athletic amphibious athlete.

57. What do you call a walrus who’s always traveling?  A globetrotting grazer.

58. What do you call a walrus who’s always getting into mischief?  A troublemaking tusker.

59. What do you call a walrus who’s always making friends?  A social butterfly sea cow.

60.  What do you call a walrus who’s always telling lies?  A fibbing flippered friend.

61. What do you call a walrus who’s always getting lost? A directionless diver.

62. What do you call a walrus who’s always being silly?  A goofy grazer.

63. What do you call a walrus who’s always on top of things?  A brilliant blubber ball.

64. What do you call a walrus who’s always ahead of the curve? A visionary voyager.

65. What do you call a walrus who’s always making a difference?  A world-changing wader.

66. What do you call a walrus who’s always inspiring others?  A role model tusker.

67. What do you call a walrus and a seal who are best friends?  A tight seal!

Arctic Giggles: A Frosty Feast of Clean Walrus Jokes!

68 . Why do walruses go to Tupperware parties?  To find a tight seal!

69. Why did the walrus go on a diet?  Because he was feeling a little blubber fish.

70. What do you call a walrus in a top hat?  A sir-seal!

71. What do you call a group of walruses playing cards?  A blubber party!

72. How do walruses stay warm in the winter? They have fur coats AND jackets!

73. What did the walrus say when he saw his friends?  “Seal-abrate good times, come on!”

74. What did the walrus say to the toothbrush? ” I tusking need you!”

75. Why don’t walruses ever share their desserts?  They’re a little shell-fish!

76. How do walruses communicate?  With tusk messages!

77. What’s a walrus’s favorite holiday?  Groundhog Day! They love the tusk-shadow predictions.

78. What’s a walrus’s favorite movie genre?  Action, tusk-tusk!

79. Why don’t walruses use cell phones?  They’re more of a tusk-and-tell type.

80. What do walruses wear to weddings?  Tuskanis!

81. What’s a walrus’s favorite band?  Seal and Crofts!

82. What did the walrus say when he finally found a job?  “It’s about taking time!”

83. What do walruses say when they’re happy?  “A-roo-ooooooo!”

84. Why did the walrus go to space?  He wanted to be a star-gazer!

85. What’s a walrus’s favorite social media platform?  Tusk-er.

86. How does a walrus feel when it’s really excited?  Tusk-alated!

87. What’s a walrus’s favorite book genre?  A-tasking non-fiction.

Walrus Whimsy: Unleashing the Funny in Jokes About Walrus!

88. Why did the walrus go to school?  To become a blubbering genius!

89. What’s a walrus’s favorite type of music?  Seal-ingo!

90. How did the walrus start a conversation?  With a tusk-tastic opening line!

91. Why don’t walruses make good detectives?  They always end up with flimsy alibis.

92. What’s a walrus’s favorite social media platform?  Flipagram!

93. What do you call a walrus with a basketball?  A dribble-blubber!

94. How do walruses communicate underwater?  With sub-aquatic chat services!

95. Why did the walrus start a band?  Because he wanted to be a rock and tusk star!

96. What did the walrus say when it got sunburned?  “I guess I should have used more sunblock!”

97. Why don’t walruses make good comedians?  They always flub their punchlines!

98. What do you call a fashionable walrus?  A style icon with tusk-taste!

99. Why did the walrus bring a ladder to the beach?  So he could climb up on land and get a better view of the ocean!

100. How do walruses keep track of their appointments?  They use their tusker!

101. What do you get when you cross a walrus with a bee?  A blubbering buzz!

102. Why do walruses always know the latest gossip?  They’re always eaves-tusk-dropping!

103. What’s a walrus’s favorite dance move?  The tusk shuffle!

104. Why was the walrus always good at poker?  Because he had great poker blubber!

105. What do you call a walrus that knows martial arts?  A jiu-tusk-do master!

106. Why don’t walruses eat fast food?  Because they prefer slow-food restaurants!

107. How did the walrus react when it won the lottery?  It shouted, “I’m fin-ancially set for life!”

Funny Jokes About Walrus

Short & Sweet: A Dive into the Depths of Short Walrus Jokes!

108. Why did the walrus go to school?  To get his “seal” of approval!

109. Why did the walrus join the army?  He wanted to be a “tusk” force!

110. Why don’t walruses play cards in the jungle?  There’s too many cheetahs!

111. Why don’t walruses use email? They prefer to use their “flippers”!

112. Why don’t walruses like fast food?  They prefer their meals “on the rocks”!

113. What did the walrus say when he got out of the water?  “I’m just flipping around!”

114. Why did the walrus go on a diet?   He wanted to lose some “blubber”!

115. Why do walruses make bad magicians?  They always reveal their “trick or treat”!

116. What’s a walrus’s favorite type of music?  Heavy “tusk”!

117. What did the walrus say when he saw his favorite celebrity?  “I’m such a fan-tusk”!

118. Why do walruses love the circus?  They’re the “clowns on the rocks”!

119. What did the walrus say when he was late for a meeting?  “I got held up in traffic. on the ice”!

120. What’s a walrus’s favorite winter activity?  Ski-“doo-ing”!

121. What do you call a group of walruses on a beach?  A “blubber fest”!

122. What’s a walrus’s favorite type of book?  Something with a “flippant” plot!

123. Why don’t walruses play video games?  They’re more into “flipper-to-flipper” communication!

124. What do you call a walrus that’s feeling down?  “Blue-ber”!

125. Why did the walrus start his own business?  He wanted to be his own “tusk master”!

Whisker Waiting (Double Entendre): Walrus Jokes Unleashed

126. Gilded walruses make better fashion statements than burdened horses  bling blubber is the new trend!

127. A finely saddled walrus is still unmistakably a walrus  no amount of accessories can disguise those majestic tusks.

128. Judging a walrus by its ears alone is like assessing a book by its cover – there’s more beneath the blubber.

129. A walrus’s well-lived life often goes unnoticed by hunters, proving that living large doesn’t always attract attention.

130. Just because a walrus rests on a pile of books doesn’t mean he’s a scholar he might just be a book enthusiast.

131. No shame in being a wet walrus sometimes, you just have to dive into life, fins and all.

132. All that glitters is not blubber not every walrus in gold is as valuable as it seems.

133. Comfort lies in not having a walrus to groom one less blubbery responsibility!

134. Don’t hitch a ride on both the walrus and the seal  it’s a mismatched sea voyage waiting to happen.

135. Borrowing someone else’s walrus for your journey is like expecting a free ride without navigating the tusks.

136.  Don’t stop a walrus that isn’t yours  you might find yourself in a tusk-to-tusk confrontation.

137. Driving walruses with a stick is futile they prefer the ocean waves over road lanes.

138. Expecting fairness because you’re good is like expecting a walrus not to charge life’s tusks can be sharp.

Wacky Walrus Wordplay: Sea-Storm Idioms with Walrus Jokes

139. If a walrus kicks you, kicking back might lead to a slippery situation – choose your tusks wisely.

140. Not many welcome a wet walrus as a pet or mopper houseguest etiquette hasn’t reached those shores yet.

141. Seeking wool from a walrus is unwise you might end up with blubber instead.

142. A walrus’s knowledge about a nightingale’s song is as limited as his repertoire of underwater melodies.

143. Standing in front of a judge is a better choice than standing behind a walrus – there are no legal tusks to navigate.

144. Reading scripture in front of a walrus is risky blubber-based interpretations may vary.

145. Shallow waters are fine for a walrus, but not for someone dressed for an Italian party fashion first!

146. The account of a walrus differs from that of walrus-hunters perspectives from both sides of the tusk.

147. The best ornament of a walrus lies in his nakedness au naturel and proud!

148. A walrus knows many things that are good for something like being a master of oceanic wisdom.

149. Understanding a walrus requires more than just the mind eyes, bristles, and a love for the sea are essential.

150. Walruses might fly unless the age of miracles is past  who said flippers can’t catch some air?

151. We let him in, but his walrus friend tagged along – a lesson in unexpected plus-ones.

Walrus Wordplay (Oxymoronic): Flipper-Fabulous Walrus Jokes!

152. The walrus judge decided to go with the flow when the mischievous seal broke the oceanic law.

153. Balancing life and partying on the rocks was a skill the walrus mastered, leaving other marine animals in awe of its equilibrium.

154. Dominating the sea-lion business, the walrus became the ocean’s shrewd entrepreneur.

155. Joining the circus, the walrus became a master at flipperforming – the star of the aquatic big top!

156. Playing tusk-tusk drove its friend crazy, but the walrus couldn’t resist the allure of a fin-tastic prank.

157. While the seals were sunbathing, the walrus decided to blubber the limelight, showcasing its undeniable star power.

158. Venturing beyond the waves, the walrus became an astronaut, exploring the cosmic space between its majestic tusks.

159. The seal followed fin tow as the walrus’s loyal shadow, forever linked in underwater friendship.

160. To make some serious “seals” dollars, the walrus sold its weight in fur, creating a booming business.

161. Curious about the new wave of music, the walrus asked its friend, “Have you herd about the latest aquatic tunes?”

162. Unable to budge the rock, the walrus decided to flip the script, embracing a creative solution to its challenges.

163. Relying on its sealebrity status, the walrus found a unique form of protection in the oceanic limelight.

Recursive Walrus Whims: Dive into Chuckle-Tastic Walrus Jokes!

164. The walrus grappled with guilt but couldn’t suppress its shellfish desires, leading to some underwater adventures.

165. The otters thought the walrus was flippin-credible, acknowledging its incredible aquatic feats.

166. Multitasking with its flippers, the walrus showcased incodible skills, leaving other marine creatures in awe.

167. Swimming upstream, the walrus aimed to join the hearder’s club, setting its sights on unique aquatic achievements.

168. Visiting the dentist to maintain its tusks, the walrus aimed to keep its “herteeth” in pristine condition.

169. Sniffing a walrus once, it was just for the halibut an oceanic exploration of intriguing scents.

170. What is a walrus’s favorite flower? Tusk-anthus a floral preference that’s uniquely walrus.

171. Chilling like a villain, the walrus embraced a laid-back lifestyle that set it apart from the oceanic hustle.

172. Sharing a tusk and cheeky joke, the walrus kept its sense of humor sharp and playful.

173. Joining a band, the walrus played a mean “whale-tar,” showcasing its musical prowess in the aquatic scene.

174. Saying “Seal you later!” the walrus bid farewell to the party, leaving a wave of fin-tastic memories.

Walrus Jokes Wordplay: Clever Pawful (Spoonerisms)!

175. When a walrus climbs a ladder, you know he’s up to something fishy – perhaps a rooftop rendezvous with his ocean buddies.

176. Whoever plows with a team of walruses must have patience – tusks and furrows make for an interesting combination.

177. Shearing a walrus for wool is as absurd as expecting blubber to knit a cozy sweater.

178. Asking a walrus about Wednesday is like consulting a flippered calendar  timekeeping in the oceanic realm.

179. Greatness alone doesn’t make a walrus it’s about the flipper of the beholder.

180. Whoever took the walrus up should bring it down it’s only fair, even if it involves a ladder.

181. Princes might argue over who leads, but the walruses probably have their own ideas.

182. Discovering its happy plaice in the ocean, the walrus embraced the joy of underwater life.

183. Accidentally joining a whisker-y business deal, the walrus found itself navigating the tides of aquatic entrepreneurship.

184. Going legit, the walrus opened a flipperating system a business venture tailored to marine multitasking.

Final Words

These jokes, much like the majestic marine creatures they celebrate, have added a touch of whimsy to our imaginary sea. As we wrap up this aquatic escapade, may the echoes of walrus laughter linger, leaving behind a trail of smiles reminiscent of the flippered antics and whiskery wit that define these magnificent marine wonders.

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