360+ Funny Mustache Instagram captions & Quotes

If you’re looking for the perfect mustache Instagram captions, look no further! Whether you’re rocking a handlebar mustache, a chevron mustache, or a pencil mustache, we’ve got you covered with the best mustache captions for Instagram.

There’s nothing quite like a well-groomed mustache. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and can really make a statement. And what better way to show off your fabulous mustache than with a great Instagram caption? Whether you’re rocking a full, thick mustache or a more subtle facial hairstyle, we’ve got the perfect Instagram caption for you.

Check out our list of mustache-themed Instagram captions below and get ready to show off your facial hair pride!

Mustache Instagram captions

There’s nothing quite like a mustache. Whether it’s a sleek and sophisticated mustache or a big and bushy one, mustaches always make a statement. And what better way to show off your mustache than with a great Instagram caption?

Here are some of our favorite mustache Instagram captions:

  • A mustache is a great way to turn a frown upside down.
  • A mustache is a great way to say I know how to grow facial hair but that’s about it, bro.
  • I don’t have time for a mustache, but can you spare a minute?
  • This mustache has a lot to say.
  • You can always tell when someone’s got a mustache in the room.
  • The only thing better than a summer mustache is a winter mustache.
  • There’s facial hair, and then there’s facial hair.
  • A mustache, a white tee, and all the feels.
  • Life is short. Be a mustache man.
  • The mustache doesn’t care.
  • Don’t let your stache get in the way of living.
  • Mustaches on a Saturday evening.
  • These mustaches are on fire.
  • You look so **** in that mustache.
  • There’s more to a man than just his beard.
  • Stache season is in full swing.
  • Give a mustache a chance.
  • Men with mustaches are men of action.
  • Our new collection is in. Featuring mustaches and mustachioed gentlemen.
  • Be a gentleman. Grow a mustache.
  • Mustaches are the new goatees.
  • If you can grow a mustache, you can grow anything.
  • The hair on my face is better than the hair on yours!
  • You need to have a mustache if you want to win.
  • You need to have a mustache if you want to look good.
  • The best way to handle women is to treat them like babies and keep them guessing as to whether you’re sleeping with them or their mother.
  • Life is short. Grow a Mustache.
  • It’s better to be a man with a mustache than without one.
  • A mustache takes courage.
  • May the force be with you Always.
  • Never underestimate the power of a well-groomed mustache.
  • A mustache can change a man.
  • Your stache is an extension of yourself.
  • My mustache and I believe you should always go for it.
  • A mustache is a great accessory.
  • Keep it classy with a mustache on your glass.
  • Let’s drink to this mustache that never needs a tie.

Mustache Captions for Instagram

If you’re looking for the perfect mustache Instagram caption, look no further! Whether you’re rocking a handlebar mustache, a Fu Manchu, or a simple mustache, we’ve got you covered.

  • No facial hair is safe from our tailored shirts.
  • It’s time to grow a handlebar mustache.
  • There’s something so about a man with a mustache.
  • A mustache is a gift, not a right.
  • The most interesting man in the world says: “I’d rather grow a **** mustache than have a monobrow”
  • I wouldn’t call him a hunk but if you like that sort of thing, then you’ll love this fine mustache.
  • We’re searching for the best mustaches in town.
  • This is my mustache and this is my spade. I dig with my mustache and I spade with my spade.
  • When I’m not growing a mustache, I’m growing a beard.
  • We grow ‘em. You wear ‘em. And a good time is had by all.
  • Behold, the majesty of the stache.
  • I’m so glad I have this mustache to keep my mouth warm.
  • Thumbs up if you’re dapper AF, too.
  • That’s what she said.
  • We want to grow a mustache so we can look like Inspector Gadget.
  • A mustache for a good mustache day.
  • Mustache grins for everyone!
  • The only acceptable photo op is a mustache selfie.
  • We’re big fans of facial hair here at Mustache.
  • Inventor of the mustache.
  • “I can’t mustache the feeling I’m feeling right now”
  • “Get off my mustache!”
  • Every mustache is a story.
  • It’s time to handle your facial hair.
  • Every mustache is unique because every man is unique.
  • Our mustaches are getting so popular they’re beginning to take over our feed.
  • This mustache is the best mustache you’ll ever see.
  • Be a gentleman and grow a mustache.
  • “You’re only as good as your last selfie”
  • We’re taking a break from selfies.

Funny Mustache Instagram Captions

If you’re looking for the perfect funny Instagram caption for your mustache selfie, look no further! Whether you’re rocking a full-on handlebar mustache or just a little bit of facial hair, we’ve got you covered with these clever captions.

  • The best mustache always starts with a smile.
  • How am I supposed to eat with this thing on my face?
  • The mustache is the soul of the man. Cheers!
  • Are you the manliest man you know? This is the mustache for you.
  • “Danger is the nice name for opportunity.”
  • Keep calm and have a mustache.
  • “If you don’t like my Mustache, please feel free to kiss it.” .
  • I’m not a hipster, I just have a mustache.
  • I’m ready for the weekend. You?
  • A mustache is a gift from the heavens.
  • My mustache is better than your beard.
  • Let’s keep this mustache party going!
  • You don’t have to be a dad to appreciate the awesomeness of facial hair.
  • One day, I hope to be able to grow a mustache as majestic as this one.
  • We do our best work with a good cup of joe.
  • Keep calm and mustache on.
  • The only thing better than an epic beard is…a mustache.
  • You know, a lot of people think that a mustache is like an accessory, but it’s really the soul of a man.
  • I mustache you a question but I’ll shave it for later
  • It’s about time to get it on
  • Don’t forget to get your mustache this weekend.
  • Keep it classy, keep it vintage.
  • You look better with a mustache!
  • He who has a beard must be everywhere.
  • A mustache is a work of art.
  • “I’m not a real man until I get my mustache waxed.” – Mayor McCheese
  • “I’m a cool dad.” – Me, lying to my kids
  • The first kiss is magical…the second is intimate…the third is for a mustache.
  • If you’re not growing facial hair, you’re a lady.
  • Man, I’m just trying to hold it down for the ‘stache.
  • There’s a time for everything.
  • The end of the mustache isn’t the end of the world.
  • If you can’t handle me at my mustache, you don’t deserve me at my best
  • Give a man a mustache and he’ll never shave again.
  • In the style of a true gentleman.
  • The kind of accessories every man should have.
  • Between a mustache and a smile, I always choose the mustache.

Cute Mustache Instagram captions

No matter what anyone says, mustaches are awesome. They make you look dapper and distinguished, and they’re just plain fun. If you’re rocking a mustache, you need some great Instagram captions to go along with your photos. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Never underestimate the power of a good mustache.
  • It’s not a party without a mustache.
  • Your mustache looks nice today.
  • Please don’t shave.
  • Good news! No ‘stache is required to use the promo code.
  • Have a mustache-tastic day.
  • Mustaches are the best thing you can put on top of your face.
  • “If you want to grow a mustache, grow a mustache. If you want to remain clean-shaven, remain clean-shaven.” – Tom Selleck
  • The ‘stache that keeps on giving. Happy Movember!
  • This mustache is committed to making you look epic all month long.
  • Let me guess…it’s not a false mustache, is it?
  • Your face is a gift, so why not mustache it up?
  • The simpler things in life, the better.
  • We should all start living our best lives… which means growing a mustache.
  • “You’re not a man until you grow a mustache” – Tom Selleck
  • If you’ve got it, grow it. If you don’t, fake it.
  • You’ve got a mustache And I’ve got a chin.
  • It’s like mustaches and beards had a baby, and that baby was a tie.
  • Let them eat cake!
  • Hey, what’s cooking?
  • Don’t have a mustache but got a mustache?
  • The only thing better than a mustache? More mustaches.
  • Sometimes, you just need a little more mustache in your life.
  • You either love it or you grow one.
  • All you need is me.
  • You’re a pretty cool guy, no doubt about it.
  • You can’t have a mustache without having a beautiful smile.
  • Mustaches aren’t just for hipsters anymore.
  • I’m not a hipster, I just have a mustache.
  • Show off your mustache game Don’t be a poser.
  • It’s not a party without your stache.
  • That mustachioed dude is pretty fly.
  • Mustaches are making their big comeback.
  • There’s a new sheriff in 🚒 town.
  • I’ll have a mustache with fries.
  • I’m a real man and have a real mustache.
  • Don’t forget the mustache.’’

Unique Mustache Instagram Captions

A mustache is the ultimate expression of masculinity. It’s the perfect way to show the world that you’re a manly man. And what better way to show off your mustache than by posting a photo of it on Instagram? But coming up with a clever caption for your mustache photo can be tough.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best mustache Instagram captions for you to use. Whether you’re looking for a funny caption or a more serious one, we’ve got you covered.

  • There’s a time and place for a mustache. And it’s always.
  • He was a true friend. And look, no mustache.
  • “What is the most beautiful thing in the world?” “A mustache.” -Vladimir Putin.
  • You are the real mustache man.
  • You’re the mustache man I always wanted to be.
  • Gentlemen, start your mustaches.
  • That’s what I like to see.
  • I’m not a hipster. I just have a mustache and a taste for good beer.
  • A mustache is a mustache, is a mustache.
  • Not every hero wears a cape
  • When you grow your mustache to support a great cause, you’re rewarded with a mustache t-shirt.
  • It’s the season for mustaches.
  • To all the bros out there with a mustache. Keep doing you.
  • We’re mustache proud.
  • It’s all about that ‘stache.
  • Keep calm and grow a mustache.
  • Beards are so yesterday. The trash is where it’s at.
  • If you’re not growing a mustache, you’re not a man.
  • Beards are in but mustaches are hip.
  • Don’t have a mustache but wish you did?
  • This is an ad for mustache shirts.
  • Can you grow a mustache in a day? Because we can.
  • The mustache is back.
  • What’s your mustache game?
  • I love a man with a mustache.

Final Words:

We hope you enjoyed our collection of mustaches for Instagram! If you want to make your Instagram profile more fun, you can do so with a few well-placed mustaches. All of these captions can be used on any social media platform, or even as a fun addition to your blog. We hope you found a few captions that you love! If you have any questions about the list, please contact us anytime.

Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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