320+ Best Non Cheesy Couple Captions & Quotes

If you’re looking for non cheesy couple captions, look no further! We’ve got the perfect list of captions for you and your boo. Whether you’re celebrating your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just a regular old date night, these captions will definitely make your posts extra special.

There are plenty of ways to show your love and affection for your significant other without resorting to cheesy cliches. In fact, some of the best couple captions are the ones that are simple, sweet, and to the point.

Here are a few examples of non-cheesy couple captions that you can use to show your love.

Non Cheesy Captions for Couples

When it comes to couple captions, there are a lot of different routes you can go. You can go the cheesy route and post something super sappy.

Or, you can go the non-cheesy route and post something funny, relatable, or sweet. If you’re looking for non-cheesy couple captions, we’ve got you covered.

  • We’re not cheesy, but we’re in love.
  • “We may not be married, but we’re still a great team.”
  • “We’re better together than we are apart.”
  • “We may not have a lot in common, but we have love.”
  • “We’re two peas in a pod.”
  • “I love you, plain and simple.”
  • “You’re my home, no matter where we are.”
  • “We’re two parts of a whole.”
  • “We’re better together than we ever were apart.”
  • “We may not see eye to eye on everything, but we always see love.”
  • “We’re madly in love with each other… and we’re not afraid to show it.”
  • “We’re soulmates.”
  • “We’re best friends who happen to be in love.”
  • “We’re partners in crime.”
  • “We’re each other’s biggest supporters.”
  • “We’re each other’s biggest fans.”
  • Every couple has their own “thing”.
  • We’re not a cheesy couple. We’re a cool couple.
  • Passion, laughter, and undying love for one another.
  • We’ve seen a lot of cheesy couple captions, but we think we’re doing it right.
  • Pssst, hey love. I got your ice cream right here.
  • We’re not cheesy. You’re just a little bit lactose intolerant.
  • In the end, you don’t marry someone because they’re perfect, you marry them because they’re imperfect and they’re part of your story.
  • Couples that like to eat together, stay together.
  • Love is a many-splendored thing.
  • They say you need to put on a sweater It’s cold outside. But we’re not buying it.
  • We may be hopelessly devoted, but we don’t do cheesy.

Non Cheesy Instagram Captions for Couples

320 Best Non Cheesy Couple Captions Quotes

When it comes to posting pictures on Instagram with your significant other, you want to make sure you have a great caption to go along with it. After all, the caption is what will really capture the moment and help tell your story.

But, coming up with a clever and original caption can be harder than it seems. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best non-cheesy Instagram captions for couples that you can use on your next post.

  • We’re not cheesy, but we like cheese.
  • The way you love each other is the way you have to live your life.
  • True love is when you look at your partner and all you see is their good side.
  • A couple that drinks together stays together.
  • I’m a better person when I am with you.
  • We’re the couple that posts cheesy photos of themselves on Facebook.
  • Do cheesy couple captions keep getting you down? Try ours.
  • It’s official. We’re the cutest couple.
  • Our favorite thing about these photos is that they are not cheesy.
  • If we were cheese, I’d be cheddar and you’d be parmesan because together we’d make the most delicious pizza ever.
  • We’re going to be a classy couple, but not a cheesy couple. Deal?
  • “Some people are worth melting for.”
  • We’re the most non-cheesy couple.
  • “When you’re in love, you’re allowed to kiss in public.” – Vogue Magazine.
  • The most amazing thing about this photo is that the photographer was able to capture our love without it being cheesy.
  • Nothing is stronger than the love of two people.
  • The two of us, against the world.
  • You’ll always be the right one.
  • We love you more than cheese, wine, and selfies.
  • “I could spend forever with you.”
  • I love you more than ice cream.
  • “I love you more than my favorite shirt.”
  • We’re not cheesy, we’re just cute.
  • Our lives are the greatest love story.
  • We’re always cheesy with our love for one another.
  • If you’re not a couple, what are you?
  • You’re so cheesy, you know that?
  • It’s a match made in heaven.
  • We’re still together, and we have no plans of going our separate ways.
  • This is us falling in love again.
  • We’re a non cheesy couple.
  • I just want to hang out with you.
  • We’re a non cheesy couple in love.

Funny Non Cheesy Couple Captions for Instagram

  • The only thing we do better together is fall in love.
  • There’s something about you.
  • We’re always here for each other.
  • It’s a beautiful day for being in love.
  • All we care about is each other.
  • Oh, sweet summer. How do we keep you around?
  • We’ve got you covered wherever your relationship goals take you.
  • The sun is always blonder with a cute couple.
  • We’re not cheesy, we’re just a couple.
  • Life is better with a cute couple.
  • You complete me and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
  • You can’t guess what’s going on here, but we’re happy to explain.
  • The day you stop laughing together is the day you stop loving each other.
  • Your love is not cheesy.
  • All we want is to stare into your eyes…and maybe make out.
  • We’re better together.
  • A couple that hashtags together, stays together.
  • Love is a four-letter word.
  • You’re my favorite kind of cheesy.
  • Thanks for liking me even though I’m not very cheesy.
  • When I look into your eyes I see the rest of my life.
  • “I’m not a photographer, I’m a wedding guest who brought a camera”
  • We’re all about the love. Except when we’re not.
  • The perfect blend of love and pizza.
  • “True love is when you put someone else’s needs before your own”
  • I can’t think of anything more beautiful than two best friends becoming part of the same family.
  • Love is the answer.
  • Sharing a passion for life and adventure.
  • We’re a non cheesy couple.
  • We’ve heard you’re a non cheesy couple too. We should hang out.
  • We’re so cute together we look like a tintype.
  • We asked each other the big questions. Then we asked the little ones.
  • We’re in a relationship.
  • We’re a non cheesy couple.

Cute Non-cheesy Instagram Captions for Couples

Whether you’re looking for a sweet and romantic non cheesy couple caption, or something funny and witty, we’ve got you covered. So, next time you’re feeling stuck, just reference this list and you’re sure to find the perfect caption for your post.

  • We’re a couple of people who like to eat cheese.
  • “You are my one and only, for now, and always”.
  • When you’re so in love you can’t stop smiling at each other.
  • This couple never has fights because they both agree that these snacks are the best.
  • The greatest thing about being in love is when you can be yourself with somebody.
  • There’s no such thing as too many good pictures.
  • Every day is like a new photo opportunity.
  • Happiness is when your partner feels just as comfortable in front of the camera as they do in front of you.
  • We’re saying “I do” to the laid-back vibes of summer.
  • Our couple’s pics are the best.
  • We’ve got the best couples pics.
  • Our best photos are with each other.
  • Just a couple of cute humans.
  • We’re just a couple of adorable humans.
  • We’ve got the best couple captions for your summer photos.
  • We’re not cheesy, we’re just happy.
  • And they lived happily ever after.
  • Just the two of us. * And then they kissed.
  • We’re all about celebrating in style. Cheers to another year of togetherness!
  • I can’t wait to be with you all day.
  • We are going on a date, ourselves.
  • You and me, we don’t fit in. We stand out.
  • If you’re not drinking champagne, then we don’t want to know.
  • When you ask your partner to marry you, this is the face they make.
  • We’re not cheesy, we’re just together.
  • It’s official. We’re cheddar for each other.
  • Is it cheesy if we say we’re mad about each other?
  • Cheese it, this is cheesy. But you already knew that.
  • You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  • “I love you like a fat kid loves cake”- My husband
  • “We are more than just best friends. We’re a couple that loves each other”- Me
  • “It’s not the number of times you say ‘I Love You’ that matters. It’s the number of times you really mean it.”

Best Non Cheesy Couple Captions   

When it comes to finding the perfect caption for your couple’s photos, the pressure can be real. After all, you want to find something that’s both clever and cute, without veering into cheesy territory.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the best non cheesy couple captions for all your Instagram needs. Whether you’re looking for something short and sweet, or something a little more playful, we’ve got you covered. So go ahead and take your pick!

  • You are the cheese to my macaroni.
  • Love is a pizza, and I’m a slice.
  • We are both little black rainbows.
  • It takes a great partner to see your greatness.
  • She’s the best part of me.
  • We’re almost as cute as our cat.
  • “You know you’ve found your soulmate when you can’t imagine your life without them. “
  • We’re not cheesy. We’re just in love.
  • The way you look at me is more than I can handle.
  • A moment of love and laughter with your better half.
  • Two halves that make a whole.
  • He said, she said. They always do.
  • We are Nothing alike but everything together.
  • Be our bridesmaid?
  • It’s not cheesy to love your partner.
  • Our hearts are full of love for you.
  • You’re the only one for us, you know that?
  • There’s nobody quite like you.
  • Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. – Confucius
  • Life isn’t about finding someone to live with, but someone you can’t live without.
  • He’s got her back. She’s got his heart.
  • She’s got his back. He’s got her heart.
  • We’re not cheesy, but we love each other a lot.
  • There’s no better way to spend your time than with the one you love.
  • Never forget the nights you spent in.
  • Let’s make this official.
  • We’re doing things our way. And we’re ok with that.
  • Our relationship is not a popular one. It’s just ours. And it’s pretty great.
  • It’s official. We are now a couple.
  • There’s no better-kept secret than a great love story.
  • What makes a love story great? All the unique moments.
  • From now on we’re just going to be each other’s first drafts.
Best Non Cheesy Couple Captions

Not Cheesy Couple Captions

  • We’re that couple.
  • Side by side, we got this.
  • We love being together, but we also like to be apart.
  • “I’ve been meaning to tell you… I love you.”
  • “You’re my person”
  • “You’re my favorite adventure. Let’s go somewhere.”

Some Final Talk

We hope that you have enjoyed this blog post about non-cheesy couple captions. We know that there are a lot of cheesy couple captions out there, but we wanted to provide you with some new captions that you can use that are a little bit more original.

So what are you waiting for? Take a picture of yourself and your special someone and use one of these captions! If you have any other questions or concerns about captions, please contact us anytime.

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this article!

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