110+ Best Axolotl Puns

Axolotls have become quite the popular pet in recent years, and for good reason. These adorable aquatic creatures have unique features that make them stand out from other pets.

Aside from their cute appearance, axolotls are known for their regenerative abilities and their ability to breathe through their skin. But did you know that axolotls also make for great pun material? Here are some axolotl puns that will make you smile:

Funny Axolotl Puns

1. Feed me tacos and I’ll never axolotl you!

2.  Having an axolotl as a pet is a unique and delightful experience.

3.  Axolotls are so cute and fascinating creatures.

4.  My amphibian companion is not only a great listener but also a talented jazz saxophonist.

5.  A well-fed axolotl is truly enthusiastic about its newt-tritional diet.

6.  Axolotls are the only species to have a distinct name during their juvenile stage, known as axolittles.

7.  This Axolotl is quite the investigator.

8.  Don’t be a salty axolotl and forgive your swimming buddy for splashing you too much.

9.  Wow, that’s an inundated pun!

10.  I always feel over-gillmed when there’s no good pun about Axolotls in conversations.

11.   “You’re an axolotl of a lot more than I expected!”

12.  “Let us Axolot-ly go on our way.”

13.  “I can’t believe you pulled that off. You must be one clever axOLOtLE!”

14.  Axolotls are fascinating creatures with a distinct feature – they have a different name in their juvenile stage.

15.  The axolotl is one of the rare species that possess a separate name for their infancy.

16.  My daughter was curious about the “Mexican walking fish” which is, in fact, the axolotl.

17.  Salamanders might not be the best companions as they tend to be unfriendly.

18.  There’s no umbilical con-troll with an axolotl!

19.  An axolotl started a restaurant, it was a great success; he served all the other amphibians and later expanded to peri-ponders!

20.  That axolotl is such a drama queen – melodrama toad!

Axolotl Names Puns

21.  Axololly

22.  Axolotl of Love

23.  Axolotl Express

24.  Axolotl Juice

25.  Axelrod

26.  Axolotl Beckham

27.  Axolotl Rose

28.  Axolotl Sunshine

29.  Axolotl Lina Jolie

30.  Axolotl Licious

31.  Axolotl By

32.  Axolotl McFlurry

33.  Axolotl Olivia Newton-John

34.  Axolotl Vader

35.  Axolotlbert Einstein

36.  Axolotl Berta

37.  Axolotl Ani

38.  Axolotl Otti

39.  Axolotlina Turner

40.  Axolotl-Fashioned.

41.  Axolotl of Fun

42.  Sir Reginald Gills-a-Lot

43.  Sally Siren-Salamander

44.  Dr. Amphibianator

45.  Leaping Lanny

46.  Salty the Salamander

47.  Axl the Axolotl

48.  Lottie the Lotl

49.  Amphibole

50.  Scales the Axolotl

Axolotl Jokes

51.  What do you call a lethargic axolotl?  A real axolotl, of course.

52.  What do you call a secret agent axolotl?  James Pond, the famous spy.

53.  What scientific field interests axolotls?  Newt-onian physics, naturally.

54.  What do you call an axolotl that slanders you with lies?  A slandermander, beware.

55.  How did an amphibian become wealthy?  By winning the Lottery, of course.

56.  What exclamation do axolotls make when they’re surprised?  “Oh my gillness!”

57.  What creature is the most inquisitive?  Axolotls, always ax-o-lot-l questions.

58.  Why do axolotls watch what they eat? They are newt-ritionists, after all.

59.  What do you call a pricey axolotl? A that’s-a-lotl, an expensive pet indeed.

60.  What is the inquisitive axolotl known for?

Asking a lot of questions!

61.  Why is the axolotl a curious creature?  It always wants to learn an axolotl of questions.

62.  Did you hear about the axolotl who went to school?  It got an A in Axolotl-ogy!

63.  Why did the axolotl decide to become a scientist?  So it could keep axolotl questions and find answers!

64.  What did the axolotl say to its friend who was feeling down?  Axolotl you later when you’re feeling better!

65.  Why did the axolotl throw a party?  To celebrate its unique features, including its ability to axolotl questions like no other amphibian!

66.  Why did the axolotl go to the psychiatrist?  Because it was a little lotl.

67.  How does an axolotl communicate with its friends?  Through axolotls.

68.  Why did the axolotl cross the road? To get to the other side of the water.

69.  What do you call an axolotl who’s a great singer?  Axolotl of talent.

70.  How do axolotls pay for things? With their lottery winnings.

71.  What do you get when you cross an axolotl and a cat?  A purrfectly cute creature.

72.  What’s an axolotl’s favorite subject in school?  Amphibology.

73.  Why don’t axolotls tell jokes underwater?  Because they would get water in their mouths.

74.  What did the axolotl say when it got a job as a bartender?  “I can’t wait to mix-a-lot of drinks!”

75.  Why do axolotls make great detectives?  Because they can always find clues with their little axol-eyes.

76.  What do you call an axolotl that hangs out in cool places?  A cosmoloxo-lotl!

77.  Who’s behind every doorbell prank?  Axolotl-ding Dong Dole!

78.  What do you call a smiling Axolotl? A jolly-title!

79.  Who can Axolotls trust?  Their own scale self…selves of course!

80.  Why don’t Axolotls wear pants? Because they want to keep their leg lottles free!

Clever Axolotl Puns

When it comes to puns, there are a lot of different animals that lend themselves well to wordplay. But few are quite as perfect for puns as the axolotl.

These adorable, aquatic creatures are simply made for silly word games and jokes. Here are just a few of our favorite axolotl puns.1. Why did the axolotl break up with the turtle?

81.  Axolotl that power!

82.  Don’t be shellfish, share the ax-amusement.

83.  Smiling like an axolotl all the way.

84.  This little axolotl is really quite swelliotl!

85.  The only thing better than a regular old lotl is a spectacular axelotelotlelotel.

86.  That’s whatsaxo with this guy right here?

87.  Axolotl the tables and turn things around!

88.  Don’t be a stranger, give that axolotl a holler.

89.  That axolotl’s got a major monofin-station going on.

90.  There’s no need to guess who has charisma – axolotl you!

91.  Let your worries go fintastic with this punny axolotl.

92.  “It’s no silly axolotl – you’re looking sharp!”

93.  “Axolotls are amphibiously amazing in every way!”

94.  “That’s one witty and wonderful axolotl!'”

95.  My fortune cookie said I’d have a fin-tastic day, so it must be referring to this axolotl!”

96.  ” I told him because he’s fresh outta the creek!”

97.  When I’m feeling down my friends axolotto me up.

98.  From head-to-tail you’ll find all kinds of amazing features in an axolotl.

99.  An axolotl walks into a bar and says “I’ll have an oats-o-lot!”

100.  An axolotl always has a fin up its sleeves.

101.  An Axolotl walks into a bar… with no gills to be found!

102.  Why did the Axolotl cross the road?  To get to another mexicanum!

103.  Nothing can break dance like an Axolotl – its unparalleled slimy moves make jaws drop in awe!

104.  Someone asked me what I thought was the wettest creature, so of course I said “The Axolotl.”

105.  It’s axo-lotl fun spending time with you!

106.  I’m so glad I found a real axolotl in my life.

107.   My love for axolotls is never evolutionary!

108.  Stop being such a shellfish and show some axolewdity today!

109.  “The sky’s the limit for this Axolotl!”

110.  “Axolotland: Where dreams come true!”

111.  “This Axolotl is a real floater!”

112.  “Going swimming with this axolotl in tow!’

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Some Final Talk

As you can see, there are endless possibilities when it comes to axolotl puns. These little creatures are not only adorable but are also the perfect source for a good laugh.

Whether you are a pun-lover or just looking for a way to brighten up your day, axolotl puns are sure to put a smile on your face. So why not share some of these puns with your friends or family and spread some axolotl love?

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