90+ Funny Camel Jokes

Camels are fascinating creatures that have captured the imagination of people around the world for centuries. These quirky animals are known for their humps, their ability to withstand harsh desert environments, and their distinctive personalities.

But did you know that camels are also the subject of some hilarious jokes? Here are some of the funniest camel jokes to make you laugh out loud.

Funny Camel Jokes

1. What is a delicious treat that treks through sand?

A desert-walking caramel.

2.  How do you offer tea to camels?

“Do you prefer one hump or two?”

3.  How does a camel prevent hunger in the desert?

By munching on sand-wiches.

4.  Where do camels head after dinner?

Straight to the desert trolley, of course!

5.  Why was Camel-lot renowned?

For its lively knight-life.

6.  What did the oasis hear from the camel?

“I’ll never desert you.”

7.  Why are camels so good at blending in with their environment?

They employ camel-flage tactics.

8.  What kind of tea does Aladdin enjoy?

Jasmine and camel-milk tea.

9.  What do you call a crying camel?

A humpback whale-er.

10.  What nursery rhyme do baby camels adore?

“Hump-ty Dumpty.”

11.  What sets Cleopatra and King Arthur apart?

One ruled Camelot, while the other kept lots of camels.

12.  Why did the camel cross the road?

To get to the other side of the desert.

13.  How does a chill camel greet friends?

“Hey, how do you dune?”

14.  What is a camel’s favorite day of the week?

It’s got to be Hump Day!

15.  What’s a holiday carol loved by camels?

“Oh Camel, All Ye Faithful.”

16.  What is a palindrome camel called?

A palindromedary – a camel that looks the same from both ends.

17.  How was my experience riding a camel?

It had its ups and downs – quite different from horseback riding.

18.  Where did the knight leave his camel?

In Camelot – the land of King Arthur.

19.  Is riding a camel challenging?

It’s not as difficult as they say – once you cross the first hump, the rest is smooth sailing.

20.  How do you differentiate between one and two-humped camels?

By the number of humps they have.

21.  What do you call a camel you can’t spot?

A camo – a hard-to-see camel.

22.  What do you call a three-humped camel?

Pregnant – as it’s the only possibility.

23.  What do you name a camel without humps?

Humphrey – the hump-free camel.

24.  Do you know about the camel accused of stock fraud?

He was involved in a hump-and-dump scheme – a camel with illegal intentions.

25.  What distinguishes camel riding from horseback riding?

Camel riding has its ups and downs – an experience that’s unique in its way.

26.  What do you call a camel with an attitude problem?

A drama-diary – a camel with a hissy fit.

27.  How does a camel take its coffee?

With one or two lumps of sugar – just like some of us.

28.  What did the director shout out before shooting the desert scene?

“Lights, camel-ra, action!” – a punny line for camel-related humor.

Camel Toe Jokes

29.  What do you call a camel with fancy feet?

Toe-tally Unique!

30.  Why don’t camels play Hide and Seek?

 Because they’re too good at hiding their camel toe!

32.  Why don’t camels like to wear tight pants?

 Because they get camel toe!

33.  What did the camel say when it saw itself in a bathing suit?

 “Well, this is just unfortunate”!

34.  What did the camel say when she saw a fly on her toe?

“Hey there, hitch-hiker!”

35.  Why did the camel go to the beauty salon?

To get a toe job!

36.  What did the camel say when he saw an ostrich with a huge toe?

“Talk about digging yourself into a foot-shaped hole!”

37.  What do you call a camel with two left feet?

A toe-tal disaster!

38.  Why don’t camels ever forget where they put their feet?

 Because they always have a lasting impression of their camel toe!

39. Why did the camels team up to go on a camping trip?

 So they could have two humps and one toe!

40.  What do you call a camel with curved toes?

A toe-tally unique!

41.  What did the camel say when it saw its own feet?


42.  Why did the camel cross the desert?

To get to the toe oasis!

43.  What do you call a camel with an extra big toe?

 You’d have to call him King Phee.

44.  What did the camel say when it saw its reflection in the mirror?

“Whoa, talk about a good looking toe!”

45.  Why did the camel cross his legs?

 Because he wanted to get a good toe-tally!

46.  What did the camel say when it saw an Oasis?

 “Well, I’ll be toe-ay!”

47.  What do you call a camel with two toes?

A double-toed dromedary!

48.  How did the camel get his toe stuck in the door?

 He put it there to keep the flies out!

49.  What did the camel say when it saw its own reflection?

 “Oh, look! A ‘camel toe’ is so unique and special!”

50.  What do you call a camel with an uneven toe?

Toe-tally asymmetrical!

51.  Why didn’t the camel want to share its toe?

 Because it was too sensitive!

52.  Why don’t camels have pockets in their jeans?

Because then they would get camel toe!

53.  Why was the camel embarrassed when it saw its toes?

 Because they were all out of “hoof”!

54.  What did the camel say when it saw its reflection in the toenail polish?

“Feet-y fanatic!”

55.  What did the camel say when it saw an oasis?

 “Oh, thank you!”

Jokes About Camels

Camels have a reputation for being quite funny creatures. With their humps, their goofy-looking faces, and their seemingly endless supply of saliva, it’s no wonder that so many people find them to be hilarious.

If you’re in need of a good laugh, look no further than these funny camel jokes.

56.  How do camels camouflage themselves in the desert?

They have a natural camel-flage.

57.  What is the preferred tea of Aladdin?

He loves sipping on some Jasmine and mint tea with a hint of camel-mile.

58.  Why was the camel crying?

It was a humpback-whale situation for the poor creature.

59.  What nursery rhyme do baby camels love?

Their favorite is “Hump-ty Dumpty.”

60.  What distinguishes Cleopatra and King Arthur?

One had a lot of camels while the other ruled Camelot.

61.  How does a trendy camel greet his pals?

“What’s up, how do you dune?”

62.  What day of the week do camels look forward to?

Wednesday, also known as Hump Day!

63.  What’s the go-to holiday carol for camels?

“Oh Camel, All Ye Faithful” always gets them in the festive mood.

64.  What do you call a camel that looks identical from both sides?

A palindrome day, of course.

65.  Where did the knight park his camel at Camelot?

It was parked at Camelot, where else?

66.  What sets apart a one-humped camel from a two-humped one?

The number of humps, plain and simple.

67.  What do you name a camel you can’t see?

A camo, the invisible camel.

68.  Did you hear about the camel involved in stock fraud?

The camel was caught red-handed in a hump-and-dump scheme.

69.  What was the command given by the filmmaker shooting in the desert?

“Action! Camera! Camel!”

70.  What do you call a camel that resorts to cannibalism?

A camel-eater.

71.  Which nursery rhyme is a favorite of camels?

Mary had a Little Lamb.

72.  Why do camels always leave the party early?

Because they get easily annoyed.

73.  What was the response of the ostrich when the camel spoke to it?

None at all, since camels cannot speak.

74.  What do you call a camel that has been frozen solid?

A permafrost camel.

75.  What is a camel’s preferred travel destination?


Camel Jokes for Adults

76.  What is the name of the candy that strolls through a desert?


77.  What do you refer to a weeping camel as?

A Humpback-whale.

78.  What do you name a camel that is performing Shakespeare?

A drama-dary.

79.  What do you call a plastic-covered camel that has no humps?


80.  What do you call a camel that appears the same from both ends?

 A palindrome day.

81.  What song do camels sing during Christmas?

O’ Camel ye faithful.

82.  What did the camel say to the oasis?

 I will never leave you alone.

83.  How does a camel cross the desert without starving?

With all the sand-wiches in there.

84.  Why did the camel go on a diet?

Because he had too many dessert sweets.

85.  Why did the camel cross the road?

To get to the other oasis.

86.  Why don’t camels play instruments?

 Because they can’t handle the desert heat.

87.  What’s a camel’s favorite type of music?

Camel-eon 5.

88.  Why did the camel take a vacation in the Arctic?

To experience a different kind of desert.

89.  How do fashionable camels greet each other?

Hey, hump there!

90.  How do you offer a refreshing cup of tea to a camel?

Do you prefer a single hump or a double hump tea?

91.  What made Camel-lot famous?

 Its medieval knight scene.

92.  Why are camels masters of disguise?

They have mastered the art of camel-ninja.

93.  What do you call a sad camel?

 A weepy dromedary.

94.  What’s the favorite nursery rhyme of a baby camel?

Humpty Hump-ty sat on a sand dune.

95.  What is Aladdin’s preferred tea blend?

 A mix of jasmine and Arabian mint.

96.  What do camels promise the oasis?

I’ll never abandon you.

97.  Why do camels leave parties early?

They always get the hump with the noise.

98.  What’s a camel’s preferred day of the week?

 Hump-day, naturally!

99.  What did the camel say to the desert?

Long time no sand.

100.  What’s the distinction between King Arthur and Cleopatra?

One had Camelot, while the other had an abundance of camels.

101.  Why was the camel annoyed with his partner?

 She was continually causing him to have a hump.

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Final Thoughts

Funny camel jokes can be a lighthearted and enjoyable way to bring humor and laughter into everyday conversations and social interactions.

Whether told as a stand-alone joke or incorporated into a larger conversation, these jokes can provide a moment of levity and amusement for those involved. However, it is important to be mindful of cultural sensitivities and ensure that any humor is not offensive or hurtful to others.

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